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Create 1st Report with BI Publisher

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This clip shows how you can create your first BI Publisher report that connects to a database to get a data and allows you to interact with the data that is presented in the report, wish simple 3 steps.
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Text Comments (39)
Adrian Alanis (7 months ago)
Thank you!!
RAMESH RATHOD (11 months ago)
This is my first video watching about BIP. Its very clear to understand .Thank You ..!
Excellent, Thanks so much to get us started.
hakim akkache (1 year ago)
Good introduction for beginner. thank you
Ronald Borgonos (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for Sharing this video..
karthik damamker (1 year ago)
Very nice video. Appreciate if you can demonstrate us the usage of the flex field and triggers in the data model. Thanks in advance.
Somnath Sinha (1 year ago)
Its Awesome
Andrew So (1 year ago)
Great tutorial! Thank you
S Lee (2 years ago)
Sanjay Gehija (2 years ago)
Good One thanks
phani kanth (3 years ago)
this is helpful for newbe , thank you
small fish (3 years ago)
thanks !!
Gauri Chaudhari (3 years ago)
thanks a lot Kam... another easy to understand video... superlike!
Rajasekhar V (3 years ago)
Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sevinunu (3 years ago)
thanks a lot!!! but how to place those reports into oracle siebel crm views?
Mauricio Mora (3 years ago)
good tutorial thanks
Darkhorse (3 years ago)
Thanks for this very informative video. What a great tool. I didn't know you could access an RDBMS directly, bypassing OBIEE.
Ajai vadivelan TV (3 years ago)
Good Link for New Learn's
Bob (4 years ago)
good tutorial
Mohammad Omari (4 years ago)
a very great introduction , thank you so much, 
Ayesha I (4 years ago)
When you joined the tables, this was a inner join right? because we only see products that were ordered/have an order ID/etc....
Kashif M (4 years ago)
I conduct online training for OBIEE 11g and OBIA Regards Kashif M http://mkashu.blogspot.com
Sajib Nandy (4 years ago)
Thank you for your tutorial.
Dan Bernard (5 years ago)
Is there any way to be able to modify an already existing data set? Looking to have the ability to easily drag and drop additional items into a set. Thanks
Prasad Sunny (5 years ago)
jesus veliz (5 years ago)
alguien me puede decir donde encuentro, manual en digital de este tema que me interesa mucho.........................
My Sunshine (5 years ago)
Awesome Brother...Thanks a lot...
Francisco Rojas (5 years ago)
Teja Gogineni (5 years ago)
very useful
tsanks29 (5 years ago)
four thumbs up!!! :)
W. Carey (5 years ago)
This was excellent, and thank you.
Linda Besh (6 years ago)
Thank you very much for this tutorial, it was very well done.
Amjad Sohail (6 years ago)
Interesting and good report
Kalpesh Potghante (6 years ago)
very nice tutorial.. plain and simple..a perfect way to get started for newbees...
123321Baba (6 years ago)
Amazing tutorial.., Thanks paal..
Akbar Qureshi (6 years ago)
Perfect. Very Good Tutorial.
FinalCounterStrike (7 years ago)
Nice Tutorial :)
Just wonder when we filter the table.Charts do not change?

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