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College girl in yoga pants big booty shaking twerking

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Her booty shaking video is just awesome. - via http://GirlsInYogaPants.com Updated list of the 24 hottest yoga pants .GIFs ever → http://www.girlsinyogapants.com/the-20-hottest-yoga-pants-gifs-of-all-time/
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Text Comments (115)
Leanne Reya (1 month ago)
Ugh omg damn this vid is turning me freaking bisexual holy crap that ass can’t be real
Snazzy Mcdaddy (1 month ago)
Whats her name?!
Dezmal Dezmal (2 months ago)
i want to feel her boobs pussy and dat ass
Dezmal Dezmal (2 months ago)
i want to fuck this girl real hard and hope she calls me daddy and i hope it feels really good.
harold lhedigbo (6 months ago)
King Kamose (8 months ago)
All that ass damn 😍🍑
welp that happened (8 months ago)
analher (9 months ago)
Fake ass and a tranny.... aka Blaze
Jobani Mendoza (11 months ago)
Anthony Mathews (11 months ago)
Best booty on the internet.
briggs92420 (11 months ago)
Holy sh**. She's amazing
Tral Morrow (1 year ago)
2k Goat (1 year ago)
You cute😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😜😜😛
Douatson Paul (1 year ago)
damn she good
BEASTramen (1 year ago)
does anyone notice her friend in the background
Tail Lights (1 year ago)
longer videos
Mandi Schnider (1 year ago)
Antonio Adams (1 year ago)
Da Best (1 year ago)
Ca I fuck you
Amiyah Ramirez (1 year ago)
good butt
Bredy Cruz (1 year ago)
Irving 2015 (1 year ago)
Andrew Sarles (1 year ago)
I want her to fart on me and jiggle her booty on my face
Quisha Gilmore (1 year ago)
Looked real fun to play wit.
Jay K. (1 year ago)
Stopmotion Kid 27 (1 year ago)
Jay K. O
Bryan Morales (1 year ago)
Abstract Dash (1 year ago)
I want her to get a dildo I'll wear her leggings twerk for her. I'll give her a lap dance. Then I'll pull down the leggings bend over and she'll fuck me with the dildo. Then I'll scream her name while she's fucking me
CAMЯON (1 year ago)
You're Hot
Matthew Menzies (1 year ago)
Abstract Dash Kik?
Your Mom (1 year ago)
Abdul Maxamad soooo funnny😂😂😂👌
Abdul Maxamad (1 year ago)
Abstract Dash you better be a girl lol
Damonte Johnson (1 year ago)
I wanna buss a nut in her so good
Shawdow Ninja (1 year ago)
I want her to do that on top of my dick
Umbra Eques (2 years ago)
college girls are great :)
xLilKevGamerx HD (2 years ago)
Buck Nasty (2 years ago)
wow that looks very nice
Sniper killer Death (2 years ago)
I Wanna Hump her REAL HARD
Erica Jackson (9 months ago)
I like you like more videos
Erica Jackson (9 months ago)
Sniper killer Death x is the sad boy I know you probably think I'm a girl but that's just why my sister so I can watch YouTube I like you I'm a boy
Erica Jackson (9 months ago)
Sniper killer Death I like you
aj ketterling (2 years ago)
i wanna fuck u pls
Christopher Berry (2 years ago)
2 5
jeffrey lane (2 years ago)
nice juicy ass
Goratchthemule (2 years ago)
Cute butt
Tomy John (2 years ago)
i agree!!!!
DIRTY DAVE210 (2 years ago)
Silver Knight XYONKO (2 years ago)
whose typing with one hand
shadow_killer0p (8 months ago)
Silver Knight XYONKO me
Drink Me (1 year ago)
Silver Knight XYONKO not me I need more
Hgtgc Xcgjn (1 year ago)
Silver Knight XYONKO hahahaha
ElEmEnTiZeD (1 year ago)
Silver Knight XYONKO me
Cāmrōn Dā Vīncī (2 years ago)
not me
Harley Watson (2 years ago)
if I woke up next to that big ass I would be in heaven
Harley Watson (2 years ago)
if I woke up next to that big ass I would be in heaven
Leah Whitney (2 years ago)
I would fuck you
victor stokely (1 year ago)
Steve Gilbert (2 years ago)
I in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sniper killer Death (2 years ago)
I'M IN LOVE WITH THE COCO. Guys check that song out its awesome
Jernius Joseph (2 years ago)
u have it my girl
sunye sung (2 years ago)
Hilmi Irsyasd (2 years ago)
Corey Cates (2 years ago)
you know filming someone that way is against the law. like out in public
ElEmEnTiZeD (1 year ago)
Corey Cates as long as u dont get caught
Corey Smith (2 years ago)
I love you bae
I can imagine if I woke up with that ass on my dick..
TroytheGamerHD (2 years ago)
What's her name or instagram?
big slang LA ron (2 years ago)
IMA lick DAT pusy then IMA beat that booty back tell u don't need it anymore bitch
emteyswagboy101 (2 years ago)
how u did that?
emteyswagboy101 (2 years ago)
is that really real
Taiokolo _ (2 years ago)
+Eli Russell that's,you
Eli Russell (2 years ago)
I'm really real! Really real! I'm really real!!!! Really real! Yeah!
Homer Simpson (2 years ago)
yes yes it is
Junior pena (3 years ago)
do that on my dick!!!!!!!
Emperor X (3 years ago)
Shania Abrams (3 years ago)
That. Is. One. Asome. But 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 u got
Suu Da Goo (3 years ago)
it's freaking amazing
Suu Da Goo (3 years ago)
......to much
Malikah Crutchfield (3 years ago)
thats something u dont see everday
kk jj (3 years ago)
hhhhhh... lol
Lamine Fofana (3 years ago)
ho Lord
Dwayne Thomas (3 years ago)
sexy asf
Dwayne Thomas (3 years ago)
sexy asf
SuperMCBoy1 (3 years ago)
That is a bootiful booty
Ron Uzumaki (3 years ago)
I know.her so hahaha
Taiokolo _ (2 years ago)
her Instagram please
Christopher White (3 years ago)
Thanx 4 f-in up my draws
Prohecity (3 years ago)
Why only 13 seconds.?
Cāmrōn Dā Vīncī (2 years ago)
AlisaBosconovich (3 years ago)
Oh                    my                          god......
Benny Padilla (3 years ago)
Diamond Dupree (3 years ago)
Dam her ass fat .u kno what i do to that?
Jim Jones (3 years ago)
Need a source
James Peter (3 years ago)
Damn orgasm
Haitian Dunkn (3 years ago)
Look up , Haitian Dunkn (on YouTube), Money Hunta Recordz.....
Maurice Pink (3 years ago)
larry mcgriff (3 years ago)
Fuck all that What he name,IG page,[email protected]#$& that shit crazy
SuperMCBoy1 (3 years ago)
+Daniel roque thats not her name
paradroidx (3 years ago)
+Daniel roque  damn man you know your asses lol
Cicada 3302 (3 years ago)
Valentina Rodriguez
Edward Walton (3 years ago)
man i watch these girl shake ass but none of them ansewer, when we say put that pussy so we can get we see you shake ,just share it
iam Otis Tuyh (3 years ago)
Haha; can yuh sit on my dick pls😣😜😍😍😙
Marquise Dycus (3 years ago)
Give me a lap dance with that boor
Rojaz Tamla (3 years ago)
She gotta big booty..love u Honey
mas hidden (3 years ago)
I need a NAME
Christopher adams (3 years ago)
Fat ass
DezzNutzz (3 years ago)
Madre de DIOS....
christian flores (3 years ago)
I need this to be a GIF and on repeat forever..... Praise the lord for he is good lol

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