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How to Connect Tableau with Oracle Database

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This video shows how you can connect Tableau with Oracle Database
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Imad elmouden (4 months ago)
Is this software a free version ?
Raihan Shafique (4 months ago)
Imad elmouden it is not free, but they allow students to use it for free.
Deborah Collins (6 months ago)
Worked perfectly, thank you!
Sweta Dani (10 months ago)
can i connect tableau to oracle express edition? it is asking me t give server name , what do i have to input for server name ? I have installed the driver as well
Raihan Shafique (7 months ago)
Sweta Dani not sure. do u access the database through sql developer or any other system?
Sai Krishna (1 year ago)
Hi, I tried to connect SQL Developer in Tableau 10.4 but for me it is not getting connected. can you please help me on this
Raihan Shafique (1 year ago)
Sai Krishna Have u downloaded the driver before trying to connect? without a proper driver it doesn't connect.

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