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Oracle Weblogic 12c Thread Monitoring

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Oracle Weblogic 12c Thread Monitoring. Reference article & Java source: http://javaeesupportpatterns.blogspot.com/2013/08/weblogic-thread-monitoring-tips.html http://javaeesupportpatterns.blogspot.com/2013/09/oracle-weblogic-stuck-thread-detection.html
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Giri Babu (1 month ago)
Thank you Pierre, If you have time reply to Jagadish Reddy issue.
Nethaji (5 months ago)
Good and explained with real time examples👌👌👌👌👌👌 Please prepare some more videos on jdbc jms topics
Bad Boy Ram (1 year ago)
Hi, Is there any way to kill stuck threads. I have web logic server 11g and frequently the server went to warning state due to stuck threads, until the server restart the threads are not being released. Give me the solution how can we avoid this..
sudhir king (1 year ago)
Great! Simple! but very Effective. Thanks a Lot:)
Dipak Muduli (1 year ago)
@Pierre-Hugues , I am facing application slowness due to one hogging thread issue.How to resolve hogging thread issue,
Nitin Chauhan (1 year ago)
awsome...Nice Explanation, nice presentation , good pace...loved it
Jagadish Reddy (2 years ago)
A very good presentation, but it would have been good, if you have explained a bit further, how will the thread go backs to ACTIVE status, atleast on what scenarios? offcourse restart of server, will make the thread to ACTIVE, but on what scenarios, does the thread come backs to ACTIVE, without the restart.....?
natraj prabu (2 years ago)
Hi Pierre, very good presentation of thread monitoring. I have a scenario where i don't see hogging threads, execute thread counts are steady but the idle thread count have dropped to zero. This behavior is for almost an hour. During this time, pending user requests are increasing and my weblogic server have received no requests. Any pointers on how i can start debugging would help. Thanks.
natraj prabu (2 years ago)
Hi Pierre, Thanks for your time. Unfortunately i am not available this weekend. Will any weekday work or next week saturday (Sep 3) ?
Hi Natraj, please target Saturday morning Aug 27 (7 AM - 9 AM EST) for a YouTube chat. thanks.
natraj prabu (2 years ago)
+Pierre-Hugues Charbonneau perfectly agree with the webserver analogy. The idle thread count on the weblogic server was down to zero and there were no hits seen in the access logs of the weblogic server for almost an hour. whereas I did check the web server access logs and I could see requests hitting webserver during the issue window. I have given you a request on YouTube chat. please accept when you get are free..
Yes, please share what you see. It is also possible the requests are getting delayed from the client-side e.g. Web Server tier etc. WebLogic kernel will not assign a Thread and process the request until all the "bytes" are received from the client via SocketMuxer.
natraj prabu (2 years ago)
+Pierre-Hugues Charbonneau I noticed NIOsocketmuxer in the stack trace. Also I did read that we have three types of muxer - Java, native and non blocking io muxer. I do have couple of screenshots which I can share with you about various thread counts. I have a pattern which I am not able to explain. possible to check it over YouTube chat?
Richard Langlois (2 years ago)
Excellent presentation Pierre-Hugues, Richard Langlois P. Eng. Java Solutions Architect @ Alithya, Montreal.
Thank you Richard, I am glad it helped.
Kalyan Nandula (2 years ago)
good explanation
Ziaul Haque (3 years ago)
Excellent .. infect I'm really struggling Hogging and struck thrad problem.
muthiah sm (4 years ago)
Hi, very good video. It is very informative. Can we the demo program's ? If so we can use it for hands on learning and further research. Thanks
chaitanya kiran (4 years ago)
HI The presentation is very good and understandable and usefull.Thank you soo much.
gyanpsingh (4 years ago)
nicely explained...
Subbarao Duggisetty (4 years ago)
Really a very good presentation. But i have a small doubt... How to solve the struck threads?? What is the solution to remove struck threads and make thread health is FINE. 
Anoop Singh (5 years ago)
hey Pierre-Hugues Charbonneau. very good presentation
Svijanskej (5 years ago)
Nice demonstration, keep up the good work!
Oracle WebLogic 12c Thread Monitoring...Oracle Weblogic 12c Thread Monitoring

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