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Girl Walks Around NYC With No Pants!

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Follow me on Instagram ► http://instagram.com/cobypersin ➤ Subscribe: http://goo.gl/HJUYN2 Music produced by: DJ Pygme - Ravers Land Body Paint By:http://thebodyofart.com/ @thebodyofart - Twitter /Instagram thebodyofart on Facebook As featured on:http://pranksters.com/ , http://damn.com/ and http://boredombash.com/ Follow Leah on Instagram:http://instagram.com/leah_jung Talk to me I will respond ;) Facebook ►https://www.facebook.com/coby.persin Twitter ► https://twitter.com/coby_persin For permission to use this video or other media / business inquiries/interview request email me here: - [email protected] check it often
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Text Comments (50358)
Rasa Strazdienė (58 minutes ago)
0:20 ? why her front is smoooth?
Rasa Strazdienė (59 minutes ago)
3:11 he is a big old creeeeeeeeep and whu her front is smooth?
Jack Lewis (1 hour ago)
Her bum twerked every second
Coolspygirl (3 hours ago)
3:10 the whole scene is hilarious and then her reaction was priceless.
Roman Reigns (4 hours ago)
Sali chadi pahan le kule dikh rhe h sexy girl
Когда кончились средства на одежку
Natalia S (4 hours ago)
Oh my god when the guy took a pic of her butt 😂
Minerva Lobato (13 hours ago)
Wait she's naked 😨
TRUTH GAMER (14 hours ago)
Why torcher the girl
Lucy Small (14 hours ago)
So they had to like paint inside her butt
Sxpreme. Ayanna (15 hours ago)
He looked at her at the end
Sxpreme. Ayanna (15 hours ago)
Ya do do
Epic shark dude (19 hours ago)
Epic shark dude (19 hours ago)
She was walking around with no pants on?
MEME LORD911 (1 day ago)
Technically this video should be demonetised and plz NO CHILDREN
Joshua Oliquino (1 day ago)
So she's not wearing undies? It's just her cunt and ass?
Øøf_ Pëäčhÿ (1 day ago)
Marcos Madin khdi (1 day ago)
Bonjour je vous souhaite une bonne soirée et bon weekend à vous
Infinite Puppers (1 day ago)
Just imagine how weird it would be for someone to have to paint those pants 😂😂
Da queen (1 day ago)
2019 anyone?no one are perveted in these days
Maddie David (1 hour ago)
Da queen except R kelly
DJ Myang (2 days ago)
YaiYT (2 days ago)
Eww The Guy Is 👽
Oblivion GR (2 days ago)
3:10 best part
Lol Videos with hazel (2 days ago)
A guy literally took a pic of her butt when she wasn’t looking
Lol Videos with hazel (2 days ago)
I wonder if people are thinking that she got a mad weggie
It was jiggling, sorry I'm staring
Cyan science (2 days ago)
OMG he took a pic of her butt
R1 gaming (2 days ago)
So she's basically walking around naked
Alexander Funes (2 days ago)
Hella thicccc
naruto uzimaki (2 days ago)
The man started to take pictures 😂😂 Like if you laughed 😂😂
Katie Marie (2 days ago)
Was I the only one thinking *what if the paint comes off?*
ETD ETD (2 days ago)
plot twist she wasnt really naked
Name Here (2 days ago)
I wanna wear those jeans. (Whispers) this means I hate jeans
Maheen Faizan (3 days ago)
Hate you
Maheen Faizan (3 days ago)
Fuck you bitch boiiii
Maheen Faizan (3 days ago)
Maheen Faizan (3 days ago)
WTF this is jeans land
Maheen Faizan (3 days ago)
roseyyxvibess (3 days ago)
3:13 DEAD 😭😂😂
Cynthia Mendez (3 days ago)
Did a man take a pic of her butt???.
Mommy Dragon (3 days ago)
0:14 That is A Nice ass
Austin N (3 days ago)
Her ass was jigglying so hard and everyone in the city was checking out her ass😂
jett cruz (3 days ago)
that butt though at the beggining
Kelly Johnson (3 days ago)
Jade is dumb (3 days ago)
Literally no one can deny that they looked at her butt.
Apollo Oregon (3 days ago)
why would a dude walk up to her and take a picture of her BUTT 3:08
- WizardSlayer07 (3 days ago)
How many guys r here?
a Kano (3 days ago)
What is the background music
Nolan reigns (3 days ago)
That's my sister LoL
Wrechity (3 days ago)
Little Wolf (3 days ago)
If it was a he people would have knowdes it ..
Sandy Pusineri (3 days ago)
OMG 3:12!!😄😂😂
Luiz Vinícius Thomaz (4 days ago)
Could anybody here, please, explain to me why those men in video don't look at her ass? Here in Brazil we used to look at women's ass almost always.
Tle The TiTan (4 days ago)
Who watching on 2019 Like!!
Makhi Williams (4 days ago)
Holly Gilpatric (4 days ago)
Mr.CuriousKid (4 days ago)
What a purv lol
Mr. Narwhal (4 days ago)
Legal much?
Sena Dalkilic (4 days ago)
I probably sound like a perv
Sena Dalkilic (4 days ago)
I was waiting for someone to take a picture or look at her ass
What you think how its to drawers i need to be there lol
dentuço do amanhã (4 days ago)
Who what in 2019 likee
OxO lion (4 days ago)
Lets delete our history
Ashraf ** (5 days ago)
Her butt was bouncing🤣
Leandro Nascimento (5 days ago)
0:14 😘😘😘
Cattle (5 days ago)
That is present obscene. Means crime.
Arlaks Laureen (5 days ago)
a guy literally just pic her butt
Megan Holm Nicolaysen (5 days ago)
It would kind of be awkward to paint on her if you were called over to paint on a girls legs.
모바일개구리 (5 days ago)
모바일개구리 (5 days ago)
+fdgdfg rf 뒤지고싶냐?너 일베보고왔지?
fdgdfg rf (5 days ago)
unicorn bluefire (5 days ago)
Natalie Tang (5 days ago)
who's watching this in January 2019?
nick null (5 days ago)
Feminist: woman should not have to be use as sex symbols Also feminist: we should be allowed to walk around almost naked
surya aji (5 days ago)
wow amazinggggggggggggggg
pls send vegana (5 days ago)
I was wondering what gonna happened if he need to pee and what gonna happens to the paint...
Anthony Antoine (5 days ago)
The camera dude
Anthony Antoine (5 days ago)
Guy took a photo maybe like no somethings about that ass I can’t wrap my head around but yea
Nic_323! (5 days ago)
The last guy is a true alpha man
angel marquez (5 days ago)
Perfect ass
Giannis Gezos (5 days ago)
alessandro rossel (5 days ago)
How did they do the vigina
Jonelle85 (6 days ago)
The word is "suBscribe", not "suScribe”.
Jonelle85 (6 days ago)
This is NYC. People mind their business here and don’t care about things like this lol
Jonelle85 (6 days ago)
Those body paint artists are amazing!
yuval cohen #1 (6 days ago)
Ahhhh my dick is kinda dead right now
Dreammer Smriti (6 days ago)
I am just so amazing by her confidence .Man!!! I mean even though they are painted. she knows she is walking in practically naked... I know she is wearing underpants but still a public place... And not any place it's New York freaking city.....just woah just woah .....any body 2019
Allen Stanford (6 days ago)
Do that in Pakistan, India, Senegal... Just for laught.
Electro_ Wolfie (6 days ago)
IDK who would be that comfterble being naked..
Mareodes Agaga (6 days ago)
sabaele TV t (6 days ago)
3:12 omgggggggggggg this boy
Awesome Mans (6 days ago)
I’m watching in 2019☺️👌👌
Chronic Sanders (6 days ago)
What is she walk with shorts though
Erin Berry (6 days ago)
No elllen
albert boi (7 days ago)
Look at those ass
Mia Sara (7 days ago)
Jagwire (7 days ago)
Her ass is nice!
Abid Ali (7 days ago)
If any one touch
MIKE mike (7 days ago)
If he fapping na ah I be the 1 fapping
Mystic Gamer girl (7 days ago)
BlueFlameGamer94 (7 days ago)
Tori C (4 days ago)
+kiara Mejia not everyone they get. Cus not everyone gets the cramps
kiara Mejia (4 days ago)
No all girls know when it starts
Tori C (6 days ago)
Omg that would be bad

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