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Kissing Pranks Hottest Girls Edition - Longest And Best Makeouts - Making Out With Hot Girls

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Kissing Pranks Hottest Girls Edition - Longest And Best Makeouts - Making Out With Hot Girls ►Subscribe to Pranks Tube for The Best Daily Prank Videos!: http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=prankstubeyt ►Please share, favorite, like, and comment for more! Subscribe to PrankInvasion: youtube.com/prankinvasion Subscribe to Chris Monroe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChWDrFKuzLFhBJjIIsMuaFw?&ab_channel=ChrisMonroe About the prank: In this Kissing Pranks Hottest Girls Editon, Pranks Tube features the hottest kissing pranks, game and challenges from the best kissing prankster on Youtube PrankInvasion (Chris Monroe). In this compilation he is kissing the hottest girls and having the best and longest makeouts. He is making out with girls by playing games like rock paper scissors, finger game, belly button poke, staring contest, coin game, guessing name, and sometimes no game at all. Prank Invasions is a master at picking up girls and getting kisses. In this video he is making out with hot girls and some of the pranks go sexually wrong. He is grouping, grabbing ass, and getting flashes from girls in public. In one prank he even gets a blowjob (OMG). Let us know what you think in the comment section below! Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8sv_swuC7w Check out our popular prank videos: Top 3 Kissing Pranks (GONE SEXUAL) August 2015 Part 3 - School Kids OMG Makeout Compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=873y0Vl2eRw Ultimate Fame Digger Prank Compilation 2015 - Gold Digger Pranks - Girls Exposed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98MkjUwVexQ Asking Black People "Where is NIGGA?" - GONE WRONG - IN THE HOOD - Niga Prank (Viktorcrazytv): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzgoYDHydBs ¿hablas español? Subscribete a Tubo De Bromas para las mejores bromas en la calle: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjlSnH59ycifcRMvkATYDRg?sub_confirmation=1 Want to submit a video?: [email protected] (please see the about section on our channel) Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/prankstubeyt Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PranksTubeYT Add us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/100371821301469791565
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Text Comments (4706)
Kyle North (41 minutes ago)
Delineated history
Knightley Safi (17 hours ago)
3 3 9herr buttt
Tori Bnn (1 day ago)
Selamat anda menang banyak
Mehdı Mehdı (3 days ago)
No no nooooooo stopppppppp
Domingo Rubies (5 days ago)
Goes straight for the butts xd
It’s Venom Gaming (5 days ago)
It really does work. Money really can get girls to kiss you
katie m (6 days ago)
Sounds like he's chewing gum
Rupend Kumar (6 days ago)
Your crazy making out with girls
Ka'Liyah Mitchell (8 days ago)
I think you are 😇😇😇
Im Di (9 days ago)
Is this man getting girls pregnant
Kalif Taher (9 days ago)
Reminder:Delete your history’s
Jason Thoroughman (10 days ago)
you are stubed
Burnt Doughnut (11 days ago)
you suck and you gay youtube flag him who would enjoy this crap
Paul Lawrence Navarez (11 days ago)
9:20 the boy is ugly
Sandra jones (11 days ago)
it’s all fun and games until your girlfriend is kissing this guy 😒
ashton cooper (12 days ago)
He gets hot girls
Amy Duchitanga (13 days ago)
They want a kiss because to touch there butt
Amy Duchitanga (16 days ago)
4:43 her underwear is green
Amy Duchitanga (16 days ago)
Sandra Joseph (7 days ago)
Tenzin Choezom (15 days ago)
Vanessa McKenney (16 days ago)
this is so degrading and what about the diseases that are spread by kissing so many girls??? Sh*t
Kellen Khan (17 days ago)
9/10 gets slapped 1/10 gets kiss
Franci Luciano (20 days ago)
Jata a tie
Amy Duchitanga (20 days ago)
Edit:thank you
skarlette Sanchez (22 days ago)
Can you do one were you say never mind let's fuck and actually do it and no blurring
anmol54 (22 days ago)
I don’t get how they all expected and that he just grabs their ass
Caysen Scott (22 days ago)
i love you
Tashfain RATHVI (23 days ago)
13:33 she is beautiful.
young filly (23 days ago)
Bro you need gum man
ddc ccd (24 days ago)
i wonder how many girls went back for seconds
LyTe_QuannQuann M (25 days ago)
There are 19 people and the 8th person was weird.
Uli Santii (26 days ago)
Do one with 👙 off please do one
Felicia Anopong (26 days ago)
Are u mentle?
Tariq Benammar (27 days ago)
what state is this
Tuffe Legaspi (1 month ago)
This is not a prank this is closer to porn
Fortnite with NVUS (1 month ago)
How is this a prank
Vincent Soiter (1 month ago)
Can you do a sex prank
Sarah Vincent (1 month ago)
We can do whatever we want if we get married then we definitely have babies
Sarah Vincent (1 month ago)
Yes I did that
Mark Melendez (1 month ago)
7:11 that girl was hot
thorn riddle (1 month ago)
Your so hot I wish I was your girlfriend!
Michael Gestrin (1 month ago)
How would he know if all the girls that he is kissing are single
Kian Tan (1 month ago)
2:29 her legs!
Elena Mabutol (1 month ago)
God i actuly kiss somebody
jonah mae morales (1 month ago)
I like the 11:11 part
Goku Black (26 days ago)
jonah mae morales what’s her name?
grace Johnson (1 month ago)
To hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhot
Le Smith (1 month ago)
hazel nut (1 month ago)
i would never do that he’s so ugly i can’t lmao and omg you’re not my boyfriend get your dirty hands off my ass freak
Rohaan Rashid (1 month ago)
The kisser just needs to grab their fucking ass
The Best Gaming (1 month ago)
This guy looks like he’s on drugs. 👀
Rex Shojol (1 month ago)
wow you so lucky man
n z (1 month ago)
So so hot and sexy
Marco (1 month ago)
Does anyone have the last girl’s ig?
Ellie TubeHD (1 month ago)
The boy and girl: →Making out.← Me yelling: *gEt A rOoM.* Who would yell that to someone when they make out in public? 😂
lina azman (1 month ago)
You were
Ayden Kay (1 month ago)
The second one is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty
P acify (1 month ago)
This is good master batting material
Brooke Johnson (1 month ago)
Can I hire you?
Billie Dutton (1 month ago)
I wish I could do a video with you
Marvin Crawford (1 month ago)
Pussy pussy pussy pussy
Marvin Crawford (1 month ago)
Come fuck me and eat my pussy
paupau _aurelio (1 month ago)
your hands broo
balakutak balahum (1 month ago)
Cikal bakal aids
clash with destroyer (1 month ago)
It shows the culture of this people.. so we can say Indian girls are more sanskaro than this
Dummy Cascade (1 month ago)
The girl 8:20 is rlly hot ngl
Dummy Cascade (1 month ago)
8:02 i meant lol
Joshua Velazquez (1 month ago)
She is hooooooooooooot
Joshua Velazquez (1 month ago)
Raks Channel (1 month ago)
Fucking desperate cunt
HeavensGotWifi (1 month ago)
I wonder if he’s broke yet from hiring all these prostitutes
Wolvez _Playz (1 month ago)
XD I'm 3:40 u see her ass it's hot
Edgar Rubio (1 month ago)
God damn this nigga said a quick kiss 💋 not a whole fucking 1hour
Fortnite Knights clan (1 month ago)
D.J. Nelson (1 month ago)
He likes there butt
D.J. Nelson (1 month ago)
He's cheating on all of them
blackjesusyt (1 month ago)
What the fuck is going on you are lucky
Khalid Bennani (2 months ago)
Joy Stephens (2 months ago)
1:13 he says a quick game not quick kiss
ibrahim hossam (2 months ago)
The question is how did he pay them
ibrahim hossam (2 months ago)
Nah fucking paid them
XxajplayzxX rathe (2 months ago)
These girls got paid
Matthew Trowbridge (2 months ago)
Rajeev Uniyal (2 months ago)
What a quick kisss
king gta (2 months ago)
He got a get aids
ItsYa BoyKKYT (2 months ago)
I love how the other guy is so short
Victor Martines (2 months ago)
MADARA KODORASHI (2 months ago)
I try this on 89 girls and all of that slaps me :'( Edit: I wanna kill this guy and I'm da one who will change it hahah
ZmBz Replayz (2 months ago)
He paid them money
Victor Martines (2 months ago)
Amy Duchitanga (2 months ago)
Why this
Angelo Bobadilla (2 months ago)
Kisses and the other day and age of 0
Amy Duchitanga (2 months ago)
Why does chris change his oufit with ever girl
Sherry Lane (2 months ago)
bc they are all @ different times :)))
Amy Duchitanga (2 months ago)
When the guy on the bike made the camera lens clear
Amy Duchitanga (2 months ago)
Making out with hot girls
Amy Duchitanga (2 months ago)
Longest and best makeouts
Amy Duchitanga (2 months ago)
Kissing pranks hottest girls edition
Amy Duchitanga (2 months ago)
None of the girls blinked at the boy that was kissing them
APerson (2 months ago)
Every kiss his hand is on their ass the whole time lol
Aramis the gamer (2 months ago)
He is cheating on his girlfriend
Aramis the gamer (2 months ago)
Yes +Epic Gamer YT
Epic Gamer YT (2 months ago)
You mean his damn 100+ girlfriends he has on his phone
jackson obiagwu (2 months ago)
Quick it said longest
Yaakeen Ramjiawan (2 months ago)
5:16 she was into it
Ryan Sink (2 months ago)
Does he put tounge into it
Joy Stephens (2 months ago)
Marvis Fame (2 months ago)
All planned😋😋😋 With cheap bitches 😂😂😂
Roberto Lorenzo (2 months ago)
The girls but is so big I just want too squish the but cheek
Normahbi Awaludin (2 months ago)
Surendar Ogha (2 months ago)
😲😲😲😲😖😖😖😖😖😖I think girls are so mad shameless fellows chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii💩😧😝😝😤😤😤😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠👎👎💣💣

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