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Sim Girls Craft: Minecraft & Sims!

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Build & design your own dream home. Interior design simulator app helps decorate your house with 3D furniture and other items. Fashion and design sim game!. Game for girls and boys! Create & build the house of your dreams using blocks. Craft, mine and design for girls! Dream house interior design with blocks and cubes! Creative exploration lite mode! Design & decorate kitchen, living room, bathroom with lots of fashionable furnitures. Simulate a house of your dream in a 3D view, from the first person perspective! Design garden with trees and flowers! Cute girls craft design & exploration lite! Build & craft princess palace, fill it with cute fashionable furniture. Serious game for serious girls! Fashion sim game! Design a baby room with toys & dolls. Custom wallpapers, carpets and furniture. Build a house for your cute pet! Interior and exterior decorator! Great game for girls and boys. Game for kids and adults! Creativity & fashion! Great creative game for kids, girls and adults who love design, style and fashion! Best home decor app to design your home and garden in voxel/block style! Craft your own dream King’s Castle or Princess Palace. Be a top girl and design Nail Salon or pet shop! Build SPA or Hair salon. Be a top model girl and create your own fashion show! Invite your boyfriend or girlfriend to your own new dream house. Show the style! Cook and bake a strawberry pie in perfectly designed kitchen. Play with pets in a pet house! Show your kittens, puppies or unicorns how you love them! Build a great 5 star hotel, restaurant or sweet baby girl daycare room. Crafting game for girls and boys for free! Build your City island sim,craft & explore! Girls craft way! Play “Dream Home Craft: Design & Sim” - planner app. Feel like a pro interior designer! Boys & girls craft: story mode! Best home simulator game in the store! Decorate, rotate, resize and move the interior design elements! Also you can talk to NPCs (chat craft), date (date craft) and ride the animals (horse, cow and piggy). Fashion adventure! Great story game for free! Start being a superstar interior designer! Design the house for a rockstar or popstar! Or even BECOME ONE! This game gives infinite possibilites! Exploration of the cube world! Build houses and design the rooms! Baby room, or your dorm room! Make a biggest pool party ever! Invite friends and show them your new dream house! Preapre the wedding party, create a restaurant (restaurant craft) and serve best strawberry cakes ever made! Designer simulator at its best! Free adventure game with story of a superstar house designer! Its not another MCPE mod! Prepare the plans, get the items and build! Level up and build some more! Girls and boys! Impress your girlfriend or boyfriend with your new colorful fashionist design! FEATURES: 3D interior models Sandbox world Rotating and saving Custom wallpapers, carpets and furniture Exterior design - gardens, pools, flowers, parks House planner mode Cute pink and colorful textures Coloring book and sketch book COMING SOON: Multiplayer Exploration Mode Blocky craft Mode Girls craft Mode Princess craft extension pack (Cute Castle Interior Design) Build Craft Exploration extension pack (custom houses + extra furniture) Enigma adventure mode Pixel texture pack Please see our other games: Free crafting games for boys and girls. Archery and coloring book games for adults and kids! All games for free! Free games for boys and girls! Design your own dream house! Become a pro designer! Decorate interior & exterior!
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oyun savaşçısı (4 months ago)
Xiomara Padilla (1 year ago)
Xiomara Padilla (1 year ago)
Karol e suas amigas (1 year ago)
muito legal
Karol e suas amigas (1 year ago)
e verdade
Pepita hermosa (1 year ago)
It's Vanilla (11 months ago)
SIBELUNA :v Rola v de Veludo
I_Am _Alive_Inside (1 year ago)
Linh Vũ Thị Thùy (6 months ago)
I_Am _Alive_Inside j
круто лайк
Prang_g2149 (1 year ago)
가장 잘 생긴
Jeon Jisu (1 year ago)
nop Sorry but the app is stupid
Noe Cañete (1 year ago)
Vannesa Battah (1 year ago)
alright I guess I'll have to download it
little jillianne (5 months ago)
Vannesa Battah download the real minecraft
Vannesa Battah ұщ
Rostic get (1 year ago)
Linh Vũ Thị Thùy (6 months ago)
Rostic get

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