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Voices from the Diaspora: Studying in Croatia

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By definition, cultural identity is one’s feeling of belonging to a group, one’s self-perception. In the active form of shaping cultural identity, one can select aspects of a specific culture—language, food, style of dress, beliefs—to shape and define who they are. Thus, we can activate and guide this process to our liking. While mass emigration of Croatia’s residents in recent years brings into question the preservation of the Croatian identity, opportunities for Croatian diaspora to connect to their heritage through study programs can offset this anthropological catastrophe. Through the voices of ZSEM's students from the Croatian diaspora, this video illustrates how the choice to study in Croatia by its own nature serves to preserve the cultural identity of one more generation of Croatians. The Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM), an internationally (AACSB) accredited and top ranked business school, has connected many of its students from the Croatian diaspora to their roots. Throughout their studies at ZSEM, these students have confirmed that the choice to study in Croatia played an influential role in their Croatian cultural identity. Not only has this choice been impactful for the students, but their experience and career success has made an impact on the greater community--most notably the small but far from insignificant Croatian community.
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