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College Booty Shake

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College girls get wilder by the minute on cam.
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Text Comments (381)
Splash King (1 month ago)
They are highscgool teachers now
Ninja Hombrepalito (2 months ago)
Anyone see that old tv? Imagine from what year this video is.
Wileishka Calderon (2 years ago)
Nana Hovanos (5 years ago)
That was just ugly..
CJ Gemini (6 years ago)
parents must be so proud.....college money well spent
Cyan1902 (6 years ago)
are you gay?
macchilli1 (7 years ago)
boooo this video sucks
Duke (7 years ago)
gotta love sluts
ericknyamu (7 years ago)
Geoff Crenshaw (7 years ago)
See what shitty music makes people do...?
BlackWing (7 years ago)
"This video has been age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines" YOUU DOOONT SAAAY !!
redneckgunowner2 (7 years ago)
oooo yes college,were every one did some gay things
Bossrah (7 years ago)
WTF??? the bitches just stopped and started kissing, it wasn't even hot it was random as fuck
Cody Lee (7 years ago)
omg o.0 they don't look like college girls lol
MrEcito (7 years ago)
@freedomfromguilt y r u talking about god a stuff wen i bet u were lookin 2 comit sin with ur hand? and if u r a really holy person then y r u lookin this up?????????
Damnatis Sum (7 years ago)
@freedomfromguilt shut up ugly bitch
TheComputerGiant (7 years ago)
GrassyNinjaStealth (7 years ago)
Haha college gets all the guy going xD.
Quriou7zGB (7 years ago)
0:18 is when the video began!
MRGRIMM89 (7 years ago)
these girls are from southern connecticut state university. i remember when this when down in wilkinson hall
CaptainMcCloud (7 years ago)
now i really cant wait until i go 2 college
David Hatcher (7 years ago)
i almost came lol
Nerefurian (7 years ago)
Alright! Skanks are the best!
David G (7 years ago)
@fuukmeh lmaoooooooo
Da Don (7 years ago)
409 people didnt get up to 0:17
GucciChanel (7 years ago)
lol at how fast the guy turns the camera
The Black Cyde (7 years ago)
god bless america
tomicide20 (7 years ago)
at 13 seconds u hear the guy say: "now make out"
molliepress (7 years ago)
I THink i kno Them Hoes
shikay aku (7 years ago)
O_O me gusto el besote k se dieron
subscribe 93 (7 years ago)
Guillermo Curiel (7 years ago)
I love it when girls make out, makes me proud to be born a man
sal gloria (7 years ago)
TeDdY_ SAMA (7 years ago)
lol tht sht was fukin random
temporaryonesix (7 years ago)
da fuk?
Kenneth Pineda (7 years ago)
Why doe they look like HS freshmen?????
Spiderhead (8 years ago)
worst sh!t on the tube.
Isidro Gonzalez (8 years ago)
im going to that collage
MadCityTech (8 years ago)
Well I didnt see that coming...
Adrienne Bailey (8 years ago)
ummm im confused now but CHECKOUT MY LIL VIDEO _"CLEVELAND NEW DIVA"_
liam chlada (8 years ago)
hot damn
Thomas Owens (8 years ago)
So damn Fuckable
TJ Jonez (8 years ago)
xX2TuNasty2Xx (8 years ago)
damn I never thought Crank Dat Soulja Boy would bring the freak out of these girls. I'm banging that in my car tonight!!!
iwin18 (8 years ago)
your video sucks
DJay123455 (8 years ago)
dat was random
TrueYujiro (8 years ago)
Jimmy B Jones (8 years ago)
Wow I didn't expect that :-o So cool! haha
dzznuts83 (8 years ago)
Drink much?...
dzznuts83 (8 years ago)
Drink much?...
theycallmeMichael (8 years ago)
Best version of the soulja boy I've seen so far.
Deano (8 years ago)
@lenny43210 your name is lenny? or are you one of those guys with the thongs and ass-less chaps?
killafrommanilla6 (8 years ago)
o dam lol
Ras Croix (8 years ago)
was gonna switch of ma laptop whn 0:17 happened!
love sosa (8 years ago)
Adams Omede (8 years ago)
@CapitanKurosaki madd funnnnyyyy.lol!
doom2050 (8 years ago)
Fucking Disgusting...LOL
WTFWJD014 (8 years ago)
holy shhiiittt.....hahaha did not expect that :)
chiptopher1986 (8 years ago)
ugly ass bitches
Izanagi2021 (8 years ago)
back in my day....we went to collage to learn O.O
banderdash (8 years ago)
The videos people have been sending me are very interesting. upload some to my hangout spot seket.us so I can easily share them. lol
French John (8 years ago)
Hey yoo I'm immigrating to USA!!!
Just The Good Parts (8 years ago)
I like how the guy fixes the camera really fast after they moved out of frame. Nice work!
Travis Hinton (8 years ago)
I remember college. We had a party ans two girl made out. It was for my birthday. I miss high school and college
youngamofo (8 years ago)
ok. this is my motivation to stay in college
Pedro Rodriguez (8 years ago)
already fucked
sandiego lilbam (8 years ago)
GLASGOWKID1 (8 years ago)
sweet as
kaptaincocopuff (8 years ago)
white girls. haha
Hecks Gamez (8 years ago)
much better tan the original soulja boy video
B Braun (8 years ago)
I will go superman someone now lol
masbientv (8 years ago)
cha pura demenciaaaa... jajajajaja
arxerisdam2 (8 years ago)
@gii0 i agreee!!! he should jump over them and spank those girls!
hotmae1 (8 years ago)
Jason Marks (8 years ago)
thats wassup... gotta love college
kingzflames (8 years ago)
Almost 2 million veiws....
michael r (8 years ago)
@gii0 its very obvious one of the two parties are gay
DPhysicalMusicInc (8 years ago)
check out my beats
Arlando West (8 years ago)
@gii0 right ill be fuckin the shit outta dem
jay dubb (8 years ago)
naw he need 2 leave da camara on & lay n da middle of dem hoes & fuck'em til dey asses can't walk
jack amiegbe (8 years ago)
camera guy must be a homo
TheZmann16 (8 years ago)
@gii0 cuz why do u wanna see the guy in there who gives a damn
Martinandxxx (8 years ago)
@godandybogard Nooo Leave the camera ON :D
Richard Smith (8 years ago)
Okay you got me what college and where do I sign up....
stonedog23 (8 years ago)
College girls, huh? Wait until they graduate and have to go find a job... they will regret this video
MsKay (8 years ago)
ugly bitches attempt at being labelled HOT
Johnny Ortega (8 years ago)
only white people will do sum like this...lol
inbetweenthemirror (8 years ago)
@xenocrist no, but i'm sure the guys they fucked are. lol
xenocrist (8 years ago)
I'm sure their fathers are proud
MsNena44 (8 years ago)
oh wow..
UllNeverKnowWho (8 years ago)
and this is why i couldnt be gay
ldrumma2002 (8 years ago)
all that ass
Raylet2 (8 years ago)
@gii0 sex lasts 5 mins, video will last for ever :o
MakeSumCake (8 years ago)
dude aint tryna get a threesome goin must be scared of the pussy especially white girls
redtop91 (8 years ago)
Neither of those girls need apply to graduate school. I'd give them a Ph.D
Wamuigi (8 years ago)
@superhotb4bes1: NO. Check our THIS website instead: hunnidew[DOT]com/blog. It's actually a blog where you can download tons and tons of pictures of sexy booties! I'm not sure how it works, but they have those "albums" in wich you can find A LOT of pictures of plumpuous women. Plus, it's totally FREE! ... Seriously, it's a great blog. And don't worry, I don't like to lose my time SPAMMING anything so you can be sure this is not a link to a virus or anything like that.
De'Onte Wade,Sr (8 years ago)
man i'll be putting my dick in them girls
noiradoue (8 years ago)
WTF ? no lil mama , you need some ASS to do this dance . Leave that up to us BLACK&MEXICAN qhurlies . Hahaa .
kingofdasouth07 (8 years ago)
im turned on
Tyler H (8 years ago)
lol not bad . id hit it ,

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