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Free Download issuu books and magazines as PDF in high quality

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This is how to use our online script to download any publication on issuu website. script url: http://issuu-download.tiny-tools.com/
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Text Comments (80)
Tiny Tools (1 year ago)
the new link for the tool: http://issuu-download.tiny-tools.com/
Un Known (2 months ago)
you can download and convert issuu files from http://docdownload.net
999,999 görüntüleme (5 months ago)
Devatdeen Gautam (7 months ago)
Bhai awaz nhi hai Kaise Koi, samjhega, Faltu hai na, ya fir link bhejo
crystalnucleus (10 months ago)
Perfect <3
Pramod Arote (1 year ago)
Best Way to download ISSUU magaize from this link. http://utilidades.gatovolador.net/issuu/ Superb link
Mike Jude Mcinerney (1 year ago)
I would prefer to read a PDF on a 42 inch TV. The text would be much easier to read if it filled the screen
Akash Revawala (1 year ago)
i cant find "print pages to pdf " plug in or any extention. i just want to download http://issuu-download.tiny-tools.com/pages.php?doc_id=161012201545-9b830592036806f18af5b75b26427176 reply me as soon as possible
G.co/recover Herndon (1 year ago)
Akash Revawala
Tiny Tools (1 year ago)
you can use any virtual pdf printer to the print out the page, i recommend using the one which comes with foxit pdf reader the free version :)
satsarup singh (1 year ago)
I want a book please can u help getting it its fashion from concept to consumer
Laura Maza (1 year ago)
Please help me!!! 404 page not found. :( http://image.issuu.com/170609140948-fecf5bf322320bd5e88aba96597d11e5/jpg/page_3.jpg
Laura Maza (1 year ago)
I followed the steps but I cannot download the book, please help me, dear @Tiny Tools!
Tiny Tools (1 year ago)
you are entering the image url :) not the document url, here is the document you are looking for http://issuu-download.tiny-tools.com/pages.php?doc_id=170609140948-fecf5bf322320bd5e88aba96597d11e5
Marco Lorenzoni (1 year ago)
It's been one month without any chance to download issuu documents, they must have changed something in their codes.
Tiny Tools (1 year ago)
you welcome :)
Marco Lorenzoni (1 year ago)
Sir, You're a Boss, thank you!
Marco Lorenzoni (1 year ago)
Tiny Tools (1 year ago)
Could you give me the link you are trying to download?
MRINMOY KUNDU (2 years ago)
404 not found
MRINMOY KUNDU (2 years ago)
Tiny Tools (2 years ago)
Could you give me the link you are trying to download?
DaPulNihGer (2 years ago)
The pages are scrambled when using foxit pdf printer is this a copyright protection?
Abdullah AL-Salameen (2 years ago)
hi i need help with this https://issuu.com/opalubka-lesa/docs/psk_katalog_2014__________-________/4?ff=true&e=9410760/11289510 cant get it done
Tiny Tools (2 years ago)
Hi, this is it http://issuu-pdf-downloader.tinker-tools.com/pages.php?doc_id=140716095106-0411dedce3d31b5e34eeef58fe523a0c
adventureboy78 (2 years ago)
it does not work, I just got a page with many small images, how to get them printed in one single pdf? thanks
crystalnucleus (10 months ago)
Scroll till the end
Ranjan (2 years ago)
there is no option showing print page to PDF what to do
Batka Erik (2 years ago)
PLS HELP ME, i do not search print pages to pdf
oy arjun (2 years ago)
superb. thnx a lot mate..
ali yasser (3 years ago)
its still work ?
Miron (3 years ago)
This isn't high quality at all... The amount of compression on those jpegs gave me cancer. Anybody know a better tool that uses pngs or less compressed jpegs?
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5 (2 years ago)
Bro, I am sorry but he's right. Download a legitimate Mag through issuu then download with this way and you'll see a difference.
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
+Miron Andrzej This is not caused by the tool itself, the tool just give you the original photo on the server :)
Stephen Tek (3 years ago)
Hi Abu, Why last time can print one pdf page per page. Now8 pages to a page. Did u change the scripts ?
MrDcofjapan (3 years ago)
+ABU OUDAY button doesn't work but I can just download them 1by1 at least
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
you welcome. don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel
Stephen Tek (3 years ago)
+ABU OUDAY Oh! I see. Mucho Gracias I think better put on top rather than at very bottom. Thanks!
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
+Stephen Tek these images are for exploring each image alone if you click on one of them it will open in the original size, so if you want to browse all the images for printing all of them together, you will find a button at the bottom of the page "Print and download as PDF" if you click it it will show all the images in original size for printing all of them. best wishes
Stephen Tek (3 years ago)
+ABU OUDAY Your video shows Science Ilustrated pdf pages pages by pages from top to bottom. However now if I use yr download pdf pages appeared in tiles 4 x4 pages format. So the pages are 1/8 smaller. No good
Mark Power (3 years ago)
Excellent. Used your site and it worked perfectly. Greatly appreciated, my friend
no1raniuk (3 years ago)
Is this add on still available? Can't find the icon within Chrome or Firefox??
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
+no1raniuk hello, instead of using the plugin you can install any virtual printer like the one which comes with the free foxit reader, then you can print out the page as pdf using the foxit reader virtual pdf printer !
Boitshepo Sehlabela (3 years ago)
Well done Abu, I will spead the word and try get some traffic your way so you can reap the rewards of your hard work.
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
+Boitshepo Sehlabela just done that for you, you can download it from here https://www.dropbox.com/s/8d0wa0vf3cfd8wx/South%20African%20Business%202014.pdf?dl=0
Boitshepo Sehlabela (3 years ago)
+ABU OUDAY, My problem is that for large publications the convertion is not able to handle it properly using the below link : http://issuu.com/globalafricanetwork/docs/southafricanbusiness
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
+Boitshepo Sehlabela Thanks alot brother, :)
Brandon Lainez (3 years ago)
Federico Kulekdjian (3 years ago)
I can{t find the add-on you showed in the video
plazmatix XPRmental (3 years ago)
the header makes image splited
Mike Trakas (3 years ago)
Hello bro I need help pls reply back!
Mike Trakas (3 years ago)
+ABU OUDAY Thank god finally you have replied, I really need to talk to you concerning this but in private please email me on [email protected] as soon as possible, bro please please I really need your help. Thanks a lot (y)
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
+Mike Trakas How can I help you?
frankie sanchez (3 years ago)
did not work
yoray Wong (3 years ago)
Hmmmm, firefox for macOS is NOT supported
Fai (3 years ago)
I got The service is unavailable. please help?
G.co/recover Herndon (1 year ago)
myoriginalname ,
myoriginalname (3 years ago)
+Ripe Apple pasty.link did the trick for me, thanks for sharing!
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
if you get that message then the tird-party pdf pronting is not available right now, But you still can download the pdf using the classic method described in the video by printing the page as pdf using firefox-chrome pdf plugin which has been described int he video :)
Fai (3 years ago)
+ABU OUDAY when I click to pdf button to get the pdf file directly. I got The service is unavailable. you know?
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
+Fai Ahmed maybe the server was down, you can try it again because i have checked the site and it works !
Parth Bhatt (3 years ago)
The problame is the page are divided in two page ...means the image are divided in two page..and a header and footer comes in this image....pls help
plazmatix XPRmental (3 years ago)
+Parth Bhatt same shit
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
+SANJAY NEUPANE +Parth Bhatt I will try to solve it
SANJAY NEUPANE (3 years ago)
+Parth Bhatt :Facing same problem.....plz help
Violet Zenobia (3 years ago)
Thank you very much! this means heaven of books <3
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
+Violet Zenobia you welcome
tacrit (3 years ago)
Does it work with Mac?
skellez83 (3 years ago)
Thank you. I don't know about that because the quality drop is obvious, comparing the version online and the extracted one. Also, the legit downloads are HQ while the extracted ones are not. I mean, still a pretty good service! However I wanted to dowload music scores and they tend to be quite small and detailed so it is a bit of a turn off hehe
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
+skellez83 this tools just extract the original scanned pages and it depends on the quality of the document saved on issuu server.
skellez83 (3 years ago)
+ABU OUDAY it does but…it's low quality. Or am I doing something wrong? Thank you!
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
+tacrit yes it does :)
Wale Babi (3 years ago)
that's really amazing thank u :)
G.co/recover Herndon (1 year ago)
waleed mohammelll
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
+waleed mohammed you welcome :)
kwstas parakis (3 years ago)
Fucking yea i love you my brother..:P
Tiny Tools (3 years ago)
+kwstas parakis you welcome bro
altavistasfo (4 years ago)
genius! the best method for downloading prints from issuu.com! thank you very much! 
Livepano (4 years ago)
+AL Absi Mahmoud рекламу бы свою не запиливал в скачиваемый образ, было бы совершенно отлично

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