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The Patriot - Battle of Camden HD trailer 720p - 2000 ( German Eloy )

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Battle of Camden: This is the battle that Gabriel Martin and Benjamin Martin watch in dismay from the window of the abandoned plantation. The battle was a rout as shown in the movie. Benjamin Martin even criticizes Maj. General Horatio Gates for his strategy in facing the British in traditional military style. General Cornwallis and Colonel Tavington, who was inspired by Banastre Tarleton were shown on the battlefield. However, the movie depicts a force of mostly Continental regulars (blue coats) being routed. In truth, about two-thirds of General Gates' force had been comprised of militia. As a result, the movie is incorrect when the movie depicts Continental regulars fleeing. It was the militia that formed the left and middle of the line that fled quickly, although some units of regulars did follow the militia in fleeing. Gates' error was in lining up his most skittish troops, the militia, on the left against General Cornwallis' most experienced troops. Military tradition of the time dictated that the most experienced and celebrated troops would line up on the right. So Gates had his most experienced Continental regulars on the right as was tradition, but that left the militia to face a bayonet charge from the most battle-tested troops that Cornwallis had. The Continental regulars led by Baron de Kalb at the right of the line continued fighting on, because the smoke of the battlefield was so think that they were unaware that their flanks were unprotected. It was a still day with no breeze to clear the smoke away from the field. Obviously, if the visibility were that bad on the field itself, then no one would have been able to survey the battle from a distance, as Gabriel and Benjamin do in the movie. The wounded and demoralized men that Gabriel and Benjamin see as they make their way to Colonel Burwell's tent are the casualties from Camden. Burwell himself refers to Gates' last being seen riding hard to the north with his officers trying to catch up, which was the case in reality. Gates was said to have ordered a retreat and quickly started riding north, not stopped riding for thirty miles. He then continued on north to Charlotte, North Carolina, when he realized that the army could not be reformed.
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Estella Skywalker (11 months ago)
With the Fife and Drummer playing amidst the Cannons Firing and Cannon Balls, Wheezing and Exploding, Did any of the Continental Soldiers suffered from PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ) from the Battles they were involved ? If yes, how did they cope with it ?
Pan Z (1 year ago)
For a movie that's so historically inaccurate, it's surprising to see such an accurate representation of line warfare. That's the first time I've ever seen a movie portray the way a cannonball works correctly, and proper use of cavalry as well; which was that of a force used to flank and cut down routing troops, not mindlessly charge.
HATER !!! (2 years ago)
Scheiß Engländer
ffrk1986 (2 years ago)
whats the name of the march?
Wick (2 years ago)
The British Grenadiers
LONE_WOLF75137 (2 years ago)
LONE_WOLF75137 (2 years ago)
+Evan Blewitt all up you could hear is the great Brits! FUK up
Evan Blewitt (2 years ago)
+Isaiah Miller your insane! You must be an American.. American textbooks portray the Americans as an unbeatable country Which is why your American textbooks say you won. The truth is America would not have won their independence without France's help and realized this after they declared war on a far superior country. When they started the war of 1812 they did not have the foreign support like they had 35 years earlier and were beaten because of it. Let me say it the this way, the war began with the Americans declaring war on Britain to take the land which is now Canada. We defended our land and burnt down your White House. America gave up. We win!
Isaiah Miller (2 years ago)
+Evan Blewitt you could not be more wrong. we won the war of 1812. history says so. what the fuck book are you reading but its not accurate
Isaiah Miller (2 years ago)
+Evan Blewitt you could not be more wrong. we won the war of 1812. history says so. what the fuck book are you reading but its not accurate
Evan Blewitt (2 years ago)
+Isaiah Miller if you are referring to the war of 1812 you could not be more wrong. As a Canadian I can tell you we must certainly won the war of 1812. The whole war started by the USA declaring war on us. We proceeded to dominate you guys even through it was a miss match in numbers. In 1814 we burnt down the White House. 1 year later peace was given to both sides with no territorial changes. You could say that this was a draw, but if we're picking winners the British won that war
Kerberos (3 years ago)
Imagine WW2 would be like this. Or WW3
Kerberos (2 years ago)
What if they liked to see their enemies deep in the eyes, so that the anger in every one of the soldiers is enflammed? Or maybe they were just stupid and didnt knew anything about camoflague, ambushes and laying down? Or maybe they fought like this because the weapons were pretty shit, inaccurate, long reload, reload while standing. Maybe a historian can tell us why.
Doge Maverick (2 years ago)
Im pretty sure this is exactly the reason why they gave the F-36 Lightning vertical hovering ability's so in WWIII they can hover directly in front of the Chinese VTOL jets to wait for their command to fire coming from a guy 20000ft under them on a horse... uh wait they should also remove all weapons from every 3rd one and these jets comes with a huge flag so everybody knows where the front lines are. No srsly can anybody tell me why anybody had the idea to behave like this? I mean this is nothing about pride or patriotism, this is beyond stupid and even the guys from medieval where more creative when it came to battle tactics. I am pretty sure there where smart guys in this decade and they must have come to the conclusion that laying down, digging foxholes or artillery guiding "hey, you fuckers just missed your 5th shot on a giant hostile army doing no shit to stop you, raise this barrel already!" would have been really smart ideas witch would have made everything way more effective. I mean ok, that can be all movie... but if it isn't this was really dumb.
Biram Achoo (3 years ago)
We won. At least on paper. Piss on great Britain fuck off redcoats and burn the bank of England to the ground. lymie asstards
SalvadorElSan (3 years ago)
Rule Britania , rule Redcoats. Doom those ungrateful American traitors !
Isaiah Miller (2 years ago)
those "traitors" whooped your ass. twice
IVAN Hernandez (4 years ago)
Because of this movie I got a A+ in my Revolutionary war test !
Sergant Panther (4 years ago)
vielleicht wollte stalin das toppen die sind ja fast genauso blöd und verheizen alle leute
Noah Bako (4 years ago)
Or wie es dem die Birne wag schprengt
jannis emig (5 years ago)
Barry Lyndon Soundtrack - British Grenadiers (Traditional)
Flo gervinho (5 years ago)
GB loooooooosers !!! Hinten kackt die Ente
Adrian (5 years ago)
Yay Brits
Vocherito (6 years ago)
one of my fav parts in the movie, ty for posting
dakar rfe (6 years ago)
Such a nice video and description. and no one even leaves a comment? Wonderful video, I liked it.

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