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Man Stuck In The Elevator With Girl Stripping

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Text Comments (24)
Ali Ghassan (8 months ago)
Him: oh boy here it comes i have been waiting for this Her: walks out to the pool
Edits By Nat (9 months ago)
He ugly 🤮she pretty
Funny ending
Does it really take that long for an elevater to get to its floor
FearItSelfPlayz (1 year ago)
Really wish they had sex
Robert Marsh (1 year ago)
Ok gee didn't think about that
Juail I (1 year ago)
caylee Thomas (1 year ago)
lol I don't let like the other vids but this is hilarious
Maritza Robledo (2 years ago)
llama luv (2 years ago)
haha lol
Bruce Dickenson (2 years ago)
I'd honestly just watch since she obviously wants him to watch her. I'd watch her and see how far she wanted to take things.
lol a Trol (2 years ago)
What am I doing with my life
Kimberly Cupmpian (2 years ago)
you just did tag ne tron
Itz Jordan x (2 years ago)
she is ugly
kristin muzik (19 days ago)
Itz Jordan x rude
Karl Besong (2 years ago)
he really thought he was bout to get some
Julia Partem (2 years ago)
i did not see that coming
Ameera Malik (1 year ago)
Julia Partem iI'm
Verdane Wright (2 years ago)
I did not comment on this youtube wtf
Holly Derbyshire (1 year ago)
Verdane Wright It's so wierd#####
kιᥒgjᥱ᥆ᥒ (3 years ago)
Ace_ plays (3 years ago)
take your pants off and bra
Jack M (3 years ago)
Fucking stupid
Stich & Lilo (3 years ago)

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