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Bruno Mars - 24K Magic [Official Video]

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Get the new album '24K Magic' out now: https://brunom.rs/24kMagic See Bruno on the ‘24K Magic World Tour’! Tickets on sale now. Visit http://brunomars.com for dates Stream ’24K Magic’ Spotify: https://brunom.rs/24kMagicStream Apple Music: https://brunom.rs/24kmagicAM Download ’24K Magic’ iTunes: https://brunom.rs/24kMagic Amazon: https://brunom.rs/24kmagicamazon Google Play: https://brunom.rs/24kmagicGP Pick up the 24K Magic World Tour Collection in Bruno’s Official Webstore: https://brunom.rs/brunomarsstore Connect with Bruno: http://www.brunomars.com http://www.instagram.com/brunomars http://www.twitter.com/brunomars http://www.facebook.com/brunomars
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Today is your (25 minutes ago)
19 December 2018
Bobby Bieber fan (1 hour ago)
サイボーグ (2 hours ago)
beesprimetimenetwork (6 hours ago)
Sponge Bob (7 hours ago)
This is never going to die Just like MJ
Jose Perez ber (7 hours ago)
I keep getting it mixed with finesse
Marlon Magaling (7 hours ago)
danilo maghanoy (8 hours ago)
0:25 Sun and MOON!!!!!!!!!!!
hernan rodriguez (8 hours ago)
hernan rodriguez (8 hours ago)
gulumbo (8 hours ago)
this is me and my homeroom when my teacher steps outside
Anabell Vasquez (9 hours ago)
I love him so much😍😭😭😭😭
Chloe Furgerson (9 hours ago)
Micheal Jackson is dancing on the clouds to this
Jillian Angel (9 hours ago)
They aint ready for me 💕
Diana Lima (10 hours ago)
Que padre🎖🔎🔍
Wesley Gamer tv (10 hours ago)
Storm curse or my mom will not let me listen to you ever again
Nizelle Figueroa (11 hours ago)
I like all your song
donald ooten (11 hours ago)
merry cristmas and happy new year to everyone 12-18-2018
danilo maghanoy (12 hours ago)
I Will Play this in Christmas and New Year 2018
John Athley Chan (13 hours ago)
anyone knows the brand of his sunglasses?
Jorge c (14 hours ago)
Jamile Uzumaki (14 hours ago)
Dracula dance
Angel Sauceda (14 hours ago)
That's a beast
Hillary Ngeno (15 hours ago)
December 2019?
shaiduz zaman (15 hours ago)
PES 18 players who miss this song?
El Boti (15 hours ago)
PES 2018
Roxz_YT (15 hours ago)
Who is from transylvannia 3
T GCAX (15 hours ago)
at least he doesn't follow where mainstream goes and keep his style
Till Darius (16 hours ago)
instagram @eliezerquevedoo ;)
Reiss Oliver (16 hours ago)
One of his best songs, one of his worst music videos.
Katie Sosa (16 hours ago)
It Tuesday
Gordon Fiala (16 hours ago)
i have always hated this guy
Pes 18 mobile 😉
Jill Helin (17 hours ago)
Mm bra är i Spanien den påminner mig om den! 🌴🌴
Hermione Granger (17 hours ago)
December 2018
Gamezzle (17 hours ago)
I was listening this in gta 5 east coast classics radio
KEN (18 hours ago)
i guess there is too much after all
Bubys Olaciregui (18 hours ago)
KEN (18 hours ago)
Herbert Abraim (18 hours ago)
Cadê os BR nessa porra ???
Jason Layon (6 hours ago)
dixit gajjar (18 hours ago)
Dat asssss man....
BD Street Views (19 hours ago)
Who will continue watching this video in 2019?✋
Isaiah Lowrance (19 hours ago)
This dude is so underrated in my opinion😔 LIKE IF U AGREE🙏😢
fabian pineda (19 hours ago)
es la mejor cancion que he escuchado por bruno mars
Ash 7 (19 hours ago)
You are the future Micheal Jackson
Ash 7 (19 hours ago)
I love this song
Jolly GAMING (20 hours ago)
What im trying to do is never hear this stupid song again
Marcos Antônio Alves (20 hours ago)
Música do feriado
Red (20 hours ago)
The king of pop
muso tan (20 hours ago)
Udah jgn sedih semuanya dong.. party dong beibeh.. !
Cyrine HD (20 hours ago)
2019 💕 Anyone?
Power Track (20 hours ago)
This song is very cool......🤠
ilouane . com (21 hours ago)
sano nema (21 hours ago)
Linda Veiga (22 hours ago)
Dezembro de 2018 💕
Nathalia Andrade (23 hours ago)
Michael Jackson 2
Frane Kapić (1 day ago)
Shidia Martinez (1 day ago)
Congrats on 1billion views!!!
SPK_ Melon (1 day ago)
When You get yo first win in Fortnite
SPK_ Melon (1 day ago)
December 2018 ????
Laboni khan blog786 (1 day ago)
Burj Khalifa new video https://youtu.be/BhQsBhFOkyw
It'sKat's Life (1 day ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE4GryUzVJmyyf9fvClGX8A subscribe to my YouTube channel pleassssssse thankssssss😘💐🌼👊🏾💖❤️✌️🤟🏽👍🏼
THE SICK GAMER (1 day ago)
20% real voice 100% auto tune in the start
phorest (16 hours ago)
that's not autotune that's a talkbox.
Hungry Shark (1 day ago)
You need singing lessons serious
Paige Treadwell (1 day ago)
alper K (1 day ago)
🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 TURKEY
Phobos :v (1 day ago)
bruno mars is ryder lmao
Sarai Vidal (1 day ago)
MOBILE KH (1 day ago)
Dog Mal (1 day ago)
Algum BR por aqui?
Ruan Coutinho (1 day ago)
Alguém brasileiro?
Jason Layon (6 hours ago)
Lucas Lobo (1 day ago)
This is one of the most beautiful mixes i've heard, simple and highly effective
1:17 Put yo piggy in your pants
Alsaadih Mm (1 day ago)
Who's listen this song in pes 2018?
Atletix _ (1 day ago)
Is that rafa from Narcos Mexico ?
Karl Becker (1 day ago)
lil bigmsp (1 day ago)
Decfebnary 6018 anyone?
Katiane Maria (1 day ago)
Será que tem brasileiro ouvindo 👂???
good music
Peter Palotas (1 day ago)
Me. In last day of school
Fernando Escobar (1 day ago)
Es. El. Rei. Del. Rap
shano gamer (1 day ago)
Desember 2018 Anyone ?????
Vam Vima (1 day ago)
Bruno Mars, got my shit in his mouth, they should take her cup and shit in it and eat it like the Brazilian porn Two Girls and a Cup, they eat shit out of the cup then puke it out and eat that again, and again, their cup to get filled with shit, that Brazilian shit, Bruno Mars, and his children, mother, father, aunts, uncles, grandparents, family and fans, got my shit in his mouth, ugly, smelly, dirty, lame, flunky, filthy, savage woman, family, and fans. Caucasians now in this racist world are like the old negro slaves, bitch give everything.
nikhil thadathil (1 day ago)
Music is exactly like uptown funk
Stefan Hannerstål (1 day ago)
Love this song your best Bruno mars ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Master Guy (1 day ago)
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Perfect song for a vacation in my opinion.
Luis Perez (1 day ago)
Con que robando el beat de ice cube
Vandos Santos (1 day ago)
This generation we only got Bruno❤
muso tan (1 day ago)
Aku inspirasimu kan? Maka ini inspirasi utkmu lagi.. kau emas baby.. 24 K, kalifahan sebentar lagi, maka posisimu pun kan menggunung, aku tdk akan terlihat lagi olehmu.. Kau tinggi melangit, harapanku, tariklah aku si pendosa ini ke bawah panji rasulullah.. Aku mohon
muso tan (1 day ago)
24 K langka.. yg ada skrg emas 70 % campuran, Aku apa?? Yaaaahhh.. ga usah di carilah 😨
muso tan (1 day ago)
Temen2 habibi tetep ceria ya.. jgn ikutan sedih 😊💖💖💖💖
muso tan (1 day ago)
Kau adalah emas 24 K habibi jangan kau bermain dengan sampah seperti aku 😊
Pes 2018♥️

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