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Annual Survey with Hundreds of Fire Extinguishers | Life at Sea

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Manage to squeeze in some filming on quite a busy but productive day. It was time for annual inspection of all the extinguishers on the ship, it is one of the more labor intensive task for officers, yet vital to safety of the ship. Check out my other video/vlog: =====Top 6 Questions about Merchant Marine===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBpQ9Y4jEfg =====Chipping and Painting===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtbLLBDfXY4 =====Sail Through Suez Canal===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a3hLZJZmlI =====Beautiful Hong Kong 4K Timelapse:===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8cNY0GcVxA =====Tour of the Containership===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2RfyGcRVcI =====STARRY NIGHT TIMELAPSE ===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNjEZKDrcDY Music: Time Lapse - TheFatRat Kontinuum - First Rain JJD - Adventure
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Text Comments (244)
Argel Montilva (11 days ago)
Good video. Near miss sighted
Bayu 2333 (3 months ago)
Every one must can operate bridge?
Bayu 2333 (3 months ago)
Every day every afternoon in bridge ?
Joshua Caloyong (4 months ago)
In this ship is already free meal?
Juan Hurtado (5 months ago)
can you make a video regarding gmdss equipment and test.
Suhay'l Samuela Ale (5 months ago)
Hi there! Thank you so much for these life on sea videos. I am enrolling next year for Maritime here in Samoa. I just want to know if most terminologies are studied are used on ships and from your experience what are the most common ones used? 😊
Carl Masters (5 months ago)
JeffHK I absolutely LOVE your videos - the time lapse at sea was amazing. You asked if we like the videos where you talk - I for one find them very informative. Thank you for doing the videos for us!
Maj. Madan Singh Manhas (5 months ago)
Dear friend, i really like your job, very nicely presented. Please make a video explaining about SCBA in detail and it's routinely checks. God bless you.
obi_dank_kenobi (5 months ago)
What if u need the fire extinguishers but they are all in one room? I like this man. I too love to live dangerously
Trey Gowdy (5 months ago)
That food does not look too bad at all.
WeltdorfVideo (6 months ago)
What timezones are used on a ship - do you follow like UTC or the local zone you enter? Would be interesting to know how shift times are organized when you cross many timezones. Great clip - I like the timelapses most.
Prakash Kamath (7 months ago)
thanks buddy, it was a virtual tour for us... great work. God bless you.
Marius (7 months ago)
Nice video
Geometry The Navy Noob (8 months ago)
It's not just Fire Extinguishers, it includes your dinner
George Hou (8 months ago)
the food you get is better than the ones i got on a 2000$ p&o cruise ship
djcfrompt (8 months ago)
If the extinguishers are getting clogged on an annual rotation shouldn't you decrease the time between inspections so that you clear them and shake up the powder before it forms a clog?
Fescron_ (8 months ago)
Huh, the colors are reversed in Belgium. Blue is foam (newest and so the most expensive), the powder is very corrosive (can damage electronics over time for example) but the cheapest.
Richard Sheil (8 months ago)
A video on the safety systems on board .... Sprinklers, first aid, smoke detectors..... And escape plans
Jaap de Vries (8 months ago)
I'm wondering what your schedule is? 4-8 am Navigation Watch 8-4 do things on the ship? 4-8 pm navigation watch 8-4 sleep?
karlo-josip kostelac (4 months ago)
Idont know why is he on 4-8 watch cause its CO watch... Usually its 00-04 2nd off 04-08 CO 08-12 3rd off And usually 3rd off has 2 hours of overtime between 13-15hr
The Sisko (7 months ago)
Id like to know the answer too but it seems kind of a long work day with no personal time. Maybe they rotate the mid day duties.
EJS Random (9 months ago)
Are your position is 3rd officer in deck depart ??
Darius Sanchez (9 months ago)
What happens if theres a fire on the other end of the ship when you’ve got all the extinguishers in one place?
Hay love what you have don, Im sharing the vids with my squad you sailors in Australia www.sailingschool.com.au www.blownaway.com.au
范紘繼 (10 months ago)
a useful class for 3/0 and cadet as well
Neil Patrick Aclo (10 months ago)
awesome video very educational to new junior deck officers
All day Vids (10 months ago)
1am now.. watching your vid and getting hungry
Jake Johnson (11 months ago)
some of you may think over 100 fire extinguishers is overkill its really not if you think about the size of the ship.
tim r Rollenhagen (11 months ago)
Good stuff!!
firoz patwari (11 months ago)
Hey Jeff your doing great work ,buddy I will be joining soon as a third mate onboard ..so wanted to know detailed description of 3rd mate jobs onboard thanks
Royer Bompart (11 months ago)
How many Extinguishers must be Onboard? And its distribution Will depend of each Department?
gregori millan (11 months ago)
hey jeff ! i really enjoy the video it was very funny and entertainment especially the part when you said "i get paid to eat my dinner" hahaha...but i have a question , you said that extinguishe`s maintenance get the whole day, ata that time, what happen if all the extinguishes have been collected and unfortunately a fire starting? is it not dangerous?
shonuffisthemaster (1 year ago)
its cute that you have a cadet;) liked the video
Michael Dulude (1 year ago)
Awesome video! Quick question...there are a lot of shots where you are walking around the ship and it seems pretty empy...devoid of other people. How many people are normally aboard a ship like yours?
Tristan Harmsen (1 year ago)
Hello from the Great Lakes!
Nick Hogenberg (1 year ago)
that's some inappropriate footwear anyway how often do you guys do fire drills? also shouldn't you already be on the bridge before your shift, so your eyes have plenty of time to adjust to the low level of light.
otowise (1 year ago)
So what happens if there is a fire when you have collected all the fire extinguishers? or do you do them in batches ? This is a great channel
worlds best (1 year ago)
What exactley is your job title
InSeRt — (1 year ago)
Instructive video!!!
Mark Harrison (1 year ago)
How about a feature on your chef and galley? Your dinner looks delicious! My office window overlooks our harbor, now every time I see a container ship I think of your videos. Thanks for making great ones!
Saurabh Narvekar (1 year ago)
Try bringing in an engineer in the video and let him explain one of the technical aspects or just something about his daily life.
Saurabh Narvekar (1 year ago)
Would b better if you work on your technical terminologies. Eg it's not a rubber o ring, it was a teflon ring.
RealLuckless (1 year ago)
Collecting all the fire extinguishers at once for inspection seems like a bit of a health and safety issue. Typically I would suggest switching to a store of spare-stock that can be inspected and used to replace units of the next batch being inspected so as to never have an extinguisher station sitting without a unit installed. As a bonus you get to play a sort of leapfrog game with the fire extinguishers! Inspect the stored units, then swap them with those in test plan Group A, test group A, then swap them with group B, test group B, then swap them to C, etc.
Sir It's really Awesome.. Cau u plz help us by uploading Chart Work & Clestial Terrestial Navigation Procedures!! It's very helpful for us to learn something from ur videos :) Thanks!! :) AAM Shihab
Brian Wyters (1 year ago)
Any automatic fire extinguishers on your ship like WWII planes?
Make a video on ballasting and deballasting
Hammad Hammad (1 year ago)
Hey jefff make video on feul storage ship use......
Al Giovano (1 year ago)
i'am so very proud of your video..please make a new video about job 3. mate ...Sure your video give a new lesson for me. ..we will waiting your video jeffrey. hk
Good, very good, I really liked your videos.
Harjuna Sabathino (1 year ago)
I want to ask about the dry powder fire-ex inspection. Does the bottle have pressure inside? How can the cadet disconnect the top parts without any pressure release shown on 1:23? Does the bottle have some pressurized catridge inside it?
Gideon Schwalbe (1 year ago)
intro looks dope, buut typo ^^
Jan Pulido (1 year ago)
The life at sea is wonderful and challenging.
Felix s (1 year ago)
04:14 socks and sandals - hahahahahahahahaha!
Justin Byerley (1 year ago)
JeffHK, Thanks for these videos. A fascinating look at the world of merchant mariners. We would love to have you visit, if you ever want to spend some time in your ship's name sake city, Atlanta you have a place to stay.
William Victor (1 year ago)
(Thank you. ). (subscribed)
William Victor (1 year ago)
Great Information. Question; have you ever had an experience or warning of pirates in any of you travels? If so, can you share. If not can you tell us of drills or preparation for such.
Sarthak Moudgill (1 year ago)
Has anyone noticed the spelling mistake at 0:02. It says "Annaul"
Влад Мишин (1 year ago)
Please, make more videos abt navigation watch and cadet training
ashu sharma (1 year ago)
do glasses are allowed for navigation officer on ship
kailen cummings (1 year ago)
What is theirs a fire when all extinguishers are in one place
Zultchy (1 year ago)
Why do you collect them all at once? What if there is a fire in the engine room and all the extinguishers are 3 minutes away?
Scottish Osymandus. (1 year ago)
I always think it's funny when you say you have a cadet
ophello (1 year ago)
Anthony Roan (1 year ago)
those fire extinguishers are heavy, pretty much will give you a good work out
Arnofel Yu (1 year ago)
What’s your vision? Mines 100/20 and i do wear eye glasses too onboard
falcon X (1 year ago)
Very knowledgeable vedio first time sow inside d 🔥 fire Extinguisher
Jeff Core (1 year ago)
You might enjoy this 10 part story (featuring a maritime captain) https://youtu.be/RSCOqyqNNMs
Evan (1 year ago)
You speak English extremely well
What do you do if theres a fire, while the extinguishers are all in for inspection?
Ollanm1 (1 year ago)
So if you work 2 4hour shifts, is the other 16 hours free time? And is it 7 days a week at sea? I saw some videos where you where singing karaoke , is it hard to get enough rest?
Ollanm1 (1 year ago)
JeffHK Thanks for the quick reply
JeffHK (1 year ago)
yup but ofcourse you gota sleep ~8hours, so about 8 hours free time
Eric M (1 year ago)
Arrrgh Matey!
James Laneyy (1 year ago)
I find that interesting as onboard all of my vessels 3/O keeps 8-12 2/O keeps 12-4 and C/O 4-8
Billy Joe (1 year ago)
What if there's a fire when you collected them all. And the fire is in the other end of the ship :P
ThinRedLine (1 year ago)
I work with fire protection and i believe it is called maintenance and service
ConfiDebt (1 year ago)
In international waters, do you have to meet NFPA standards for Canadian ships? I imagine the kitchens and engine rooms have special supression systems in place too
Sourabh Kumar (1 year ago)
Please make a video on Electrical engg on ship
You and your cadet are so cute. Wish you lots of fun ;-)
Krzysztof Hepner (1 year ago)
Yes please, anything you have to show.. yanno what to do😉👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻, love your videos man, have a nice shift👍🏻😂🤞🏼
Squad Fam (1 year ago)
Is it cloudy in the middle of the ocean?
FF71 (1 year ago)
Actually... that's illegal. You should at most remove the fire extinguishers of one deck or compartment, inspect them, and then move on to the next deck or compartment.
Aspieproject.com (1 year ago)
The food looks good doh
DriftingMunki (1 year ago)
As a safety chairperson, I would suggest changing your procedure. Check on section at a time, you do not want all your fire extinguishers centralized in case a fire happens during inspection.
Stephen M. Stouter (8 months ago)
They have a backup for each one, he checked the backups first then replaced the ones around the ship
Marcus (9 months ago)
I saw a comment from someone who saw a comment from Jeff that said they have double the number of extinguishers, so they just swap them - I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned in the video because I had the same thought as you
furyofbongos (11 months ago)
I was wondering about that, seems like a safety issue to me.
Nikhil B (1 year ago)
How come 3rd mate is keeping 4-8 watch? Thats a chief mates watch.
Steve H (1 year ago)
Title Frame says "Annaul Inspection"
SEKCobra (1 year ago)
Taking a large amount of extinguishers out of service at the same time while at sea. I think that's a good way to lose your license.
panda campbell (1 year ago)
If you smoke on a cargo ship is it allowed if so we're can you go to smoke
What, me worry? (1 year ago)
Keep powder extinguishers on their sides, with the outlet tube above the powder. Then the tube would always be empty & powder souldn't harden in it.
Chuck Boyle (1 year ago)
Nice, how about a video of your ship's Damage Control Rodeo to present the skills, knowledge and commitment of your fellow crew members to effective casualty control practices underway?
JeffHK (1 year ago)
+Chuck Boyle thats a complex one aha
Do you encounter pirates?
JeffHK wow. Cool/scary. Do they let you fish?. I am trying to get a welding carrier to go on ships.
JeffHK (1 year ago)
+STAGING & LIGHTING SensatioN yea seen them around somalia
paul jackson (1 year ago)
Great videos, would like to see some of the paper chart work done on the bridge, that's if you guys still do that paper chart work.
Prasad Chavan (1 year ago)
Sir can you please share some video about work of an ETO (electro technical officer)
zeckmon3 (1 year ago)
Wow its like a hotel in there. I have a question have the ship has a close call flooding or fire once or more?
zeckmon3 (1 year ago)
🙀🙀🙀🙀 So u take these seriously? Also how did u escape?
JeffHK (1 year ago)
+zeckep1 zeckee rare but it happens
Done Sanchez (1 year ago)
Michael Moldovan (1 year ago)
What were the settings on the gopro in the timlapse at the start of the video?
Umesh Chaurasiya (1 year ago)
What is the normal working hour for everyone ?and who is incharge for the night ?
juha (1 year ago)
Great vid! Fun to see sailors life. Thx for shearing!
Hansh yadav (1 year ago)
sir how much is the working hours on ship ; plss tell me sir about the recreational activities onboard
Truly Infamous (1 year ago)
The stars must be so beautiful at sea. No light pollution for miles.
jordy piejord (1 year ago)
The only pollution is from the ship's exhaust
danny sulyma (1 year ago)
Clean air too.
Luis Avila (1 year ago)
Haydar Al-ali (1 year ago)
Try fishing of the boat
Utkarsh Tripathi (1 year ago)
u r so cute and so good boy
climax (1 year ago)
make a video on the engine alone

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