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The Differences Between Men and Women: Paul Zak at TEDxAmsterdamWomen

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Last year he talked at TED Global about empathy. His research has shown that a few hugs a day make us friendlier. As a neurologist, he will enlighten us about the differences between men and women.
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Text Comments (443)
MrKrushgutz (12 hours ago)
This is the type of guy that gets taken to the cleaners after a divorce.
Karim Benzin (30 days ago)
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CloudAttack (1 month ago)
Beta male personified right here.
Mozart (1 month ago)
If you don't take it personally and don't lose sleep over a deal you missed or a failure, I dare you to become a successful business person. Look at successful women in high positions in business, almost all act like men, ambitious like men, take failure personally like men, confrontational like men, they stand chin up, stare right into the eye like men. And probably for this very reason, many seem to be unsuccessful in their personal relationships or have very "formal" dialog with their significant other. I wouldn't disagree with the quality of being a woman isn't really in sync with how the world turns today but saying people who don't take things personal become better in business is utter nonsense.
A.J. Studebaker (2 months ago)
You’re mooches : woman to men ; I met a guy who didn’t have a winter coat made $70k a year ....🙄
Gudtz Z (2 months ago)
93% of white males run fortune 500 corps why ? They work harder they focus more 8 times more high iq in males over 150
yerowww666 (3 months ago)
funny how women r supposed to be the ones who feel a stronger attachment yet they r also the ones that initiate 80% of the divorces, the majority for either financial reasons or arbitrary reasons. also, men r emotional when it comes to doing business? has this guy ever worked with a woman? sure, the guy will bang his chest if u tell him what to do. but women scheme and plot against each other.
Muryum Muhmoodullah (4 months ago)
I wanted to say, I personally think his research is a bit incomplete, at least according to how much he shared with us. He talked about some major differences, but I wonder if those differences in male and female brains, and mental development, has anything to do with social roles and how we raise our boys to be a certain way, vs. our girls to be a certain way. For instance he talked about IQ and he talked about attraction. I personally know smart guys and very nice ones, but it's a combination of intelligence, his character, and his physical looks that make him attractive. I know on the other hand, men might be more attracted to a physically attractive female in their lense.. however I don't think men are too different when it comes to having the combination of beauty, intelligence, and character that would make women attractive. But the way attractiveness in a society is viewed as for a man or a woman, differ according to social constructs and how various societies come to view it. For instance, we know North American Society is a hyper sexualized and Pornified One, could that influence the way men and women see attraction? I find it's important to look at societies, cultures, and religions and see how much they all play a role. Interestingly, in my religion ( Islam), women cover themselves, but interact with the world just like men, aka no difference in their lives. So when a man wants to chose a Muslim woman as his partner, he can see some basic physical attraction in her, but the rest has to come from her character and her intelligence.. I find that very interesting going back to what he said about attraction. These men who's only choice of a partner is a Muslim women, are forced to look at more than just physical attraction. That's just a point I wanted to make as cultures and religions influence us. Also, in terms of the graph he showed, depicting men and women's IQ difference, feel like global sexism and patriarchy that has limited women's expression of her intellect, which is still prominent culturally in North America, could potentially explain the difference in male and female IQ. I kinda wish he could have looked at the influence around us which do grow and shape our brain. And we know, no matter where u go, almost everywhere on earth (as far as my knowledge) men and women are viewed differently, and therefore, have social expectations that differ and even upbringings that may also differ.. I can't help but imagine how this changes the way our brain grow, develop, and ultimately alter our behaviors as both men, and women.
prince Mahesh (6 months ago)
most biased speech i have ever heard.........
Uniontera Ja (7 months ago)
Head or tail is a knowledge. Two side of coin is a truth. Knowledge give us a choice. Truth do not give us a choice. I think so. I am the Uniontera Ja.
jamieseiple (7 months ago)
This guy is a crackpot, seriously.
Hermes Trismegistus (7 months ago)
...what attracts women is his bank account, his car, his homes and his so called "bad boy attitude" which is feared based ... no woman is attracted to a man's brain!!! ...
nickopeters (9 months ago)
Yes. 100% Clueless--!
Anita Ferro (7 months ago)
I came to the conclusion that I am a man😂
Aimee Oswald (7 months ago)
Sorry, it was too harsh. You’re welcome tho
Anita Ferro (7 months ago)
+Aimee Oswald you can correct me even without been rude but I guess you are bad at life😂
De Stressfrlyf (9 months ago)
It's in the Dominican Republic This guy's presentation is "special"
Ben Young (9 months ago)
The Royal Institute of science does a much better Lecture on this from Evolutionary Science, Biological Science and Anthropology a lot which seems to contradict some of what he is saying.
asia lynn (10 months ago)
Interesting. So basically what I took from this is that men and women work together the best as a team meaning we both have our strengths and we should rely on each other for those things instead of competing and fighting over things.
aldermania (10 months ago)
I wonder how this is received today. it was clearly a hot topic 3 years ago (comments) anyone who can lead me to a good read/watch on recent studies?
Planet Blooper (11 months ago)
Society continues to regress. Racism is on the rise - again. And, of course, so is sexism. There was a brief window, late eighties, when there was a social compact - not to judge people based on race or gender. That didn't last long.
I W (1 year ago)
I'm a girl myself and I studied 15 years with girls, I don't agree with this dude at all...if someone doesn't cooperate? Girls will also get angry and aren't nice at all, also they take EVERYTHING personally!
niceslug (1 year ago)
there are no female presidents because it has taken years for women to get through the tough hypercritical environment that is US politics, look how Hilary started to CRACK when she was under pressure. Even Bernie took it better than Hilary did.
whisperingsage (1 year ago)
I bet if we tested the soils in those two villages, we will find a deficiency OR a toxicity of some mineral. Iodine perhaps for girls or zinc perhaps for boys, these are important in livestock. Klinefelders have identical symptoms as zinc deficiency. Iodine deficiency can cause girl livestock to be underdeveloped.
Tay Kyles (1 year ago)
None of this talk takes into account socializing Nurture is just as potent as nature, if not moreso
Frances JAMES (1 year ago)
As a Woman I personally don't think that Women are 'nicer.' Anyone that has been raised by a Narcissistic Mum will vouch for that or who has had to put up with bitter, twisted envious friends and sisters. Both genders have their strengths and their weaknesses and human beings are too diverse to simply say that one gender is 'nicer' than the other. Just my opinion.
Kim Lk (1 year ago)
Difference between Men and Women they both have different parts of body Period. Topic Ended.
lockandloadlikehell (1 month ago)
Exactly; body and mind are both very different.
vsleboss cacakaka (1 year ago)
Before buying on gearbest, know that it's thieves. They do not repay, on google search for "Thieves Gearbest".
TofuDream (1 year ago)
Some insensitive wording there.
Mali Malou (1 year ago)
Sorry Paul Zak but I don't like your presentation one bit! The claims made about women being nicer and better than men are problematic to say the least!
Milosz Sieczka (1 year ago)
The x in TEDx immediately tells you its gonna be a bad video
mannnax (1 year ago)
Woow I love the comments! They just prove it so well that he is so right
deludeddesktopalien (1 year ago)
To me and i am a woman this is my thoughts on men and woman personalities Woman: horrible, mean and just not happy Men: happy, kind and overall great to be around To me i strive to be like men they aspire me to be a better person i hope i am not the only one thinking this way.. Dunno why people think the opposite..mcause its not like what he says that or i live in a different world
Neth M. Koepke (1 year ago)
Wait, so us bald men are more manly? OK, I don't feel so bad about losing my hair. LOL
Christina Masotti (30 days ago)
I'm a fan :) especially when combined with facial hair. On men that is. :D
Mag Nificent (1 year ago)
The difference is simple: women feel more emotions than anger, envy, and shame---men do not.
Mohamed Ali (1 year ago)
Where does he get from this garbage
The Ikon Channel (1 year ago)
This video has 1000 likes? Unbelievable. The human race is in a downward spiral.
Okaro X (1 year ago)
8:07 The guy the woman wants to be when she ovulates is not the same she wants to be normally. Women are better negotiator as they are nicer? Is this a joke? If women are better negotiators then why are there plans to ban salary negotiations as they discriminate against women? You see the key issue in negotiations is not to reach a compromise, it is to get wat you want. There is no difference on the average IQ as the tests are normed so. Men do remember things, they just remember the important things. The idea that men fear more is nonsense.
Bro dy FUlk (1 year ago)
*Lonely guy clicks video to try and understand women a little better. *Video tells him to stop being a little bitch. *guy gets pissed and leaves a funny comment.
Purvi Patel (2 years ago)
interesting talk...don't know how much I actually believe. I think in certain circumstances, men can be more aggressive and in others women can be more aggressive. I see it as men and women complimenting each other's strengths and weaknesses. we need balance and a respect for both in order to have a healthy society. For example, look at india, where there are 1000 men for every 990 women and while this may not seem like a big difference, do remember that India's population is 1.25 billion. The uptick in violence against women has been attributed to this imbalance. I'm sure violence against men was probably the norm in amazonian society (though I haven't studied ancient Greek societies so I can't speak with any authority there). Anyway, my point was that both sexes have their strengths and weaknesses, but that doesn't make one sex superior or inferior to the other.
Garantia COBIA (2 years ago)
This is not a circus... why a clown?
Milo Savage (2 years ago)
hope stupid feminists hear this
Elmira Navab (2 years ago)
Funny how so many men are offended by this video. Nothing is more weak and sensitive then a mans ego. Women have been told they are less then( even though they are equal to even better). Finally they decide to stand up for them selves, while also making sure men don't feel excluded. Now a man is finally speaking up about how great women are and men are so offended. Men constantly complain how feminists are easily triggered but once a man sees a women doing better, their weak egos blow up.
Gail Batty (25 days ago)
I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be speaking for guys.
lockandloadlikehell (1 month ago)
Better at what? Not grammar or sentence structure, based upon your little self-aggrandizing essay. Keep trying, kiddo; you'll make something of yourself one day. Oh, the irony.
Susanna van Andel (2 years ago)
I find when my husband gets angry when he is stressed and I communicate with him it may not help but when i give him a hug instead of arguing with him , he calms down. thanks, your argument does make me realise it must be hormones..
René Henriksen (2 years ago)
One could wonder why nature hasn´t done a better job on making it easier for the two genders to connect. To have created them more spiritually and mentally equal so to say.
Daniel Roberts (2 years ago)
I only got halfway through this video before I turned it off and started watching something intelligent.
Oliver Williams (2 years ago)
Bad boy = Skydiving? This guy appears to be intelligent and clueless at the same time.
Solace Creat (2 years ago)
"Isn't that great?" That males are more aggressive and emotional and women are perfect peaceful wonderful goddesses? Um. I'm going to go with no. I wonder how much feminist bias exists here.
Alisha Kennedy (2 years ago)
oooookay. Was enjoying the video until that just REALLY awful, and like, pretty offensive , description of Klinefelter syndrome. Seriously?
Filipa Seabra (2 years ago)
it annoys me how internet men get so triggered about this shit. you guys are worst than feminists themselves, gosh I can't listen to you people anymore, honestly! the dude says that women are more compassionate! ofc they are, they've been in charge of taking care of children for milenials! does that bother you? he also says that men are more emotionally stable! we have good and bad things about us, there is a need for balance! please just stop complaining or playing victims and gets some balls, or confidence idek.. remember when women were underestimated? they did something about it, if you think the world is that unfair to men then you have every right to go out there and stand for it, just don't whine online
Suzie Park (2 years ago)
he is ridiculously annoying
kim warburton (2 years ago)
try cultural conditioning and shame as to why females behave better than men.
kim warburton (2 years ago)
also found him mildly condescending
melovescoffee (2 years ago)
Very interesting! Thank you.
AngstVision (2 years ago)
I just read the comments and I didn't even watch--he's a bitch nigga. In thefirst 10 seconds.
Papiringo (2 years ago)
I think this guy is ok, great speech! but this public sucks. there is no spark in the public, no fun at all...
Mark Portel (2 years ago)
damn this guy is such a mangina
Felipe Alcala (2 years ago)
This comment is just one huge tom fuckery of men and women who have no fucking clue what they're talking about. All of them.
Manuel Robledo (2 years ago)
The girls at 3:57 are trying very hard to understand
Lightning And thunder (2 years ago)
Oh my gosh 😱 who is he 😮
Met Man (2 years ago)
When he said that women don't take things personally I had to laugh so hard. Women take everything personally, especially at work. Tell a guy off and he will be fine a few minutes after, Tell a woman off and they will resent you for the rest of the month. Ever worked in an office full off women? It is a nightmare. Even most women I know hate working with other women.
Jay McD (9 months ago)
Yep, women brood and percolate and wait for the chance to get revenge.
I W (1 year ago)
This is so true! I'm a girl myself btw
elfootman (2 years ago)
WTF the comments the guy is just narrating observations from his research, calm down.
Jak Skellington (10 months ago)
yeah his "research"
Cackling Muse (2 years ago)
idk in my 34 years of being alive id definitely have to say that it has been way easier dealing with men than women...its like they all have a passive aggressive sarcastic way of talking to people and they seem to almost be proud of it in a way....now if u compare all the bitchy cattyness to all the crimes men commit u might have a better understanding as to why so many men are in jail for domestic abuse...men are nice...until u push them too far
Mariana Rojas (1 year ago)
Cackling Muse honey I really hope you never meet my father, he'd beat some sense into you with little to no provocation. Then I'd like to come back and ask if you still think that all men are nice 😉
RedTango (2 years ago)
Doesnt sound like female pandering to me. I've heard this information years back. Everything he's said is backed up by decades of research. If someone finds any of this "offensive" they need to learn to accept that this is simply how nature made us for optimum survival. It's not a battle to prove "who is better"..if that's your game, you'll always lose.
gametops on (2 months ago)
+RedTango you act as if your all wase perfect and gods on your side but your not All you are is a fimanist
RedTango (2 years ago)
You're not an original. Just another male beta virgin, following the pack. However, I invite you to come meet me in person, and we'll talk. Brave enough? Didnt think so.
Mark Portel (2 years ago)
Lol I guess I hit a nerve
Mark Portel (2 years ago)
RedTango You mean it was backed up by some freak tranny or some fat bull dykes lmao at you
Annie McCarthy (2 years ago)
well this is kinda sexist against men
0795920s (2 years ago)
Annie McCarthy I agree. Very sexist against men.
Christopher (2 years ago)
How the fuck is this sexist against men?
Jordan Disorder (2 years ago)
What a pandering simp. I wonder when the speakers gender reassignment surgery is happening.
PMeursault (2 years ago)
this is a master class in female pandering, I wonder if any of the women were smart enough to recognize his bullshit
Chris Cardinelle (2 years ago)
Solace Creat he is at a woman's conference, so he is just speaking to his audience.
Solace Creat (2 years ago)
The issue is that there is undeniably a Western tendency to *deify* women and demonize men, and this man's talk falls exactly in line with that. "Women are so amazing, but men are so aggressive and emotional." More, he goes to an extra effort to console the women or express rationally how their emotional behavior is normal and fine; but doesn't go to the same extent with the males. He effectively goes, "Men, you're aggressive dicks," and acts like they should be completely fine with that, without explaining the instinctual basis and reasoning for that. But, he does explain with the women, over something like ovulating making them more emotional. "Well of course you're more sensitive during that time." Everything he's saying is basically "Women are Goddesses and men are violent, hateful monkeys." This is the Western tendency. Deifying women and demonizing men. And really, men are nicer than women. Everyone should know that. That's why women hate women so much and prefer to be around guys. Because guys are chill. Women are often bitchy and passive aggressive. Am I wrong? This bias towards stroking the female ego (which males have to do, as, like he said, women are the "choosers" when it comes to sex--therefore, men seek to flatter women to become attractive to women.) This bias muddles "facts" and presents bias in the examination of those fact. The brain is highly uncharted territory. We know extremely little about it. So, while you might call something a "fact", we really haven't got a clue on how all the pieces work together. If nothing else, this bias needs to be examined. We care about women. We don't care about men. It shows. Breast cancer awareness receives tremendously more federal funding than prostate cancer, even though they kill around the same amount of people. Breast cancer awareness is also through the fuckin' roof. Did you even know prostate cancer kills as many men as breast cancer does women? Point being, this tendency of the West to deify women and demonize men need be addressed in examining data. Particularly when it's so obvious that the man is pandering to women.
Project AcuHope (2 years ago)
The angry response from the individual above only proves the speaker's point. Anything that challenges the male self concept of superiority automatically creates anger. Totally proving the speaker's point.
Queen of Thorns (2 years ago)
Apparently citing facts is "female pandering" You triggered?
PMeursault (2 years ago)
+oc lt how does it feel to make wild, inane accusations about complete strangers?
Susanna O'Brien (2 years ago)
Are you interested in helping further research into gender inequality in education, which is often driven by sexist ideas about what men and women can/can't do? Well I want to do this research in my Masters in Psychology and Education at Cambridge next year but can't afford the £22,000 fees! Please consider donating to my Crowdfunding project #SupportSusanna in which I'm trying to raise £6000 to help me study, research and add to this incredibly important area! More details here: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/support-susanna
So, since above average intelligence is required for STEM, more men than women will be in STEM.
D.E.B. B (2 years ago)
I knew there was something fishy when he started talking about impotent testosterone.
davidfbaxter (2 years ago)
@foog guckle. How do you know to what comments I was referring? Pointing out your belief that someone is a quack is not misogynistic - some of language being used to insult both him and women suggests an attitude. Example from one poster  '.. didn't explain why some women are bitches and destroy each other at times. they don't turn into men.the term "backstabbing cunt"doesn't exist in a vacuum." ' No matter what you believe about him the language used by this poster suggests a dislike of women. I swear all the time, but I generally do not use it to abuse anyone else (I use the word generally because I think I did call my ex-husband a few choice names on a few occasions, of which I am not proud and am sorry). I have always thought that when people use abusive language to insult someone they reveal more about themselves than the person they are insulting.
harry Grant (2 years ago)
warning: speaker has never met a human being before.
Derby Nuel (3 months ago)
Marten Dekker (2 years ago)
fab M : ?
harry Grant (2 years ago)
+fab M oh yes
Lightning And thunder (2 years ago)
harry Grant that he never met a human 🤔
harry Grant (2 years ago)
+fab M what?
Caitlin Flavell (3 years ago)
I think this guy talks crap and science is wayyyy too obsessed with finding neurological differences between men and women like go cure cancer jeez
StarDust (2 years ago)
you have no idea how science works. That's like saying science is obsessed with the anatomy of bees. Different scientists work in different specialised areas. Some are trying to cure cancer, you fucking idiot.
Foog Guckle (3 years ago)
+Caitlin flavell Science isn't obsessed, only identity politicians and other assorted sexists are. As a latent gay man in a household full of women, this poor man has no choice but joining in in the sexism and misandry.
John Thomson (3 years ago)
@ 7:00 Women are nicer than men because they release more oxytocin? So oxytocin is the basis for morality? Move over Susan Neimann, philosophy has been wasting our time for three thousand years. Correlation is not causality! Women are defined as "nicer" (No explanation why.) and since they the release more oxytocin while doing nice things, therefore oxytocin is a "moral substance" and that explains why women are more moral? It is a closed loop. Moreover, the real moral challenges are not so simple or "feel good" the examples of his testing. @ 9:40 Evolution dictates that because there are males with elevated intelligence, that the other men are condemned to lower intelligence? Is this because the "God of Evolution" knows and adheres to the Law of Averages? Is there logic hidden in there? Causality? It makes no sense, and there is no discussion on the way "intelligence is measured" which likely would offer more insight. He has set up normal to be XX. Not one example gives XY the edge, because his baseline is that XX is the purest form of humanity. He probably learned this from his mom. In the end, you always find what you are looking for. This guy is not objective, he is a pandering schmuck. The diffferences between men and women are way overblown, and his ridiculous graph of the intelligence between the genders is a prime example.
Fix emGold (2 years ago)
+John Thomson  Your ex wife probably has too much testosterone. The cons of marrying a woman with male traits.
John Thomson (2 years ago)
Anyway, Fix emGold, I will bow out now. Tomorrow I will be going to court. I was the primary caregiver to my daughter for the first eight years of her life. My ex went to the police, and made groundless allegations about me, none of it has stood up in court, and I still only get to see her 4 days a month, despite a bunch of my daughters letters letters asking for 50/50, it hasn't happened... and she is almost 16 yo. To say women are kinder than men has real world implications. And yes, if I were a stay-at -home mother, this could not have happened. Nice that you stopped calling me a "dipshit."
John Thomson (2 years ago)
"To say women are kinder than men is in no way misleading any more than saying men are taller than women. " There are several reasons why this is not equivalent. The unit of measure for height is meters. (unless you live in USA, Liberia, or Myanmar) This is simple, and objective. There is no such measure for "kindness." Kindness is completely subjective... I have over the last two decades asked dozens of people to name as many feminine virtues as they can in 30 seconds. They will spill out dozens. Then ask them to name a masculine virtue--just one--and they are offended at the possibility... We live in a culture that defines virtue as feminine. So to say women are kinder than men does not even need science. We accept it as truth because that is how we are socialized. More importantly, what generalizations are you draw from the statement "men are taller than women?" Now regarding women in traditional care-giving roles. Many of these roles exclude men. Men are not elementary school teachers because society is suspicious of men in this roles, and while "male jobs" have been open to women, "female jobs" are not open to men. There is no such thing as gender equity for men. So that arguement about roles is mute.
Fix emGold (2 years ago)
+John Thomson  This isn't about you or your own subjective experiences with women. To say women are kinder than men is in no way misleading any more than saying men are taller than women. When something is in frequent occurance in one population it is okay to generalize. Kind men? I literally can't picture it. I mean the Santa Claus picture comes into my head but he is a fictional character. Kind is warm hearted tender helping behavior which is usually stereotypical with female maternal personality for a REASON. Phillip Zimbardoos experiments involved BOYS. Individuals with high agreebleness have higher harm aversion and do not engage in harming others even when put in such situations. It's okay to generalize women are kinder than men simply based on the scientific data, volunteering, occupations in health care and all sorts of things combined. I mean this is both a cultural and scientific fact. No one is saying women individually are kinder than every other man, but simply that in the general distribution there are far far more kinder women on average than there are kinder man. And that on average when you randomly meet a female vs a male, the female will have a higher sensitive agreeble mindset over the guy who may appear uncaring and less attentive.
John Thomson (2 years ago)
I didn't get your post "If you don't know..." until after I posted my other response. It is not my response to this post. No, I don't know the methodology, and I am not objecting to the study you posted. I object to the way the speaker of this talk has taken something studied by science out of context, to make politically correct, social engineering statements. It is done primarily to give him "scientific" credibility, and not as a means to inquiry. Moreover, you missed my point. Averages don't really mean much. Most things like "kindness" arrange themselves on a bell curve, and those bell curves are largely overlapping, making the average difference pretty minor. To say women are kinder than men is simply misleading. In my life, men have been more empathic than women, and I have known some pretty ruthless women... and some pretty amazing women as well. The same is true of men. You seem to identify agreeableness with kindness, and I certainly do not. From a philosophical point of view, kindness is very complex. For example, when in a situation of injustice perpetrated by the majority, being agreeable is not kind. See Phillip Zimbardo...
Dona Maiello (3 years ago)
very insensitive.lost my father too sky diving accident. too sensitive.
Vada Vada (3 years ago)
This video was like political speach. There is no value in it just some disconected half truths with over the top conclusions. It reminded me a lot on that bogus alien UFO series on History channel... Really bad
Artsy Tyger (3 years ago)
Men: dangerous, hateful, abusive, controlling, dominating and EXTREMELY THREATENED by women.
Foog Guckle (3 years ago)
+Artsy Tyger - Closet gay scientists with a household full of women: sexist, hateful, biased, insulting, manipulative, pandering, groveling and EXTREMELY THREATENED by women.
Andy Wilderness (3 years ago)
+Artsy Tyger I was expecting something more witty as a come back, you have disappointed me. Although I am sure you're used to that by now, you know, after disappointing your family?
Artsy Tyger (3 years ago)
Oh, you must be referring to yourself. How incredibly accurate! HAHAHAHAHAHA
Andy Wilderness (3 years ago)
+Artsy Tyger You: bigoted, sexist, annoying, disdainful, completely lacking in critical thought, and AN INCREDIBLE piece of shit.
Max (3 years ago)
Oxytocin doesn't "encampsulate" the golden rule, it's simply a single tool and factor in a whole nervous system. Making conclusion based on a single element in such a complex system as that of the brain is extremely lousy science
Shadow0013 (7 months ago)
What is so "lousy" about it. The only way you can assess any part of any system, is by testing it, and drawing conclusions based on the data you collected. That's exactly what he has done.
Max (3 years ago)
Has a diapo image which is just a big picture of himself holding a seringe. What the fuck??? He really consciouly put a diapo there to match the part where he would talk about his credentials... Ok
ToshAroundMac (3 years ago)
This is impressive. It is like listening to a racist person explain why people from X race are violent, inferior defects from the pure master race, and immoral, using pseudoscience. Except it is a sexist, explaining why men are inferior and immoral, with pseudoscience. Congratulations for all that man-hating propaganda. It probably took alot of time to craft.
Kyle Dean (3 years ago)
Why is no one in the comments talking about the incest part?
The Generalissimo (2 years ago)
+Foog Guckle ...Same thing.
Foog Guckle (3 years ago)
+Kyle Dean I think you meant inbreeding.
Polarbi Anarchy (3 years ago)
The reaction to this video is as interesting as the video itself...  Wow, men sure feel threatened easily and have a extreme emotional reaction that lashes out to attempt to destroy their learned idea of dominance...  Oh wait, isn't that what this talk explained?  lolol Guys, men and women make this world together, and look at how fucked up this world is, from men forcing their lead and reacting all emotionally and aggressively to any perceived offense to their ego,,,  You all just totally validated this talk
Mal Cromwell (3 years ago)
+Foog Guckle Don't bother arguing with her(I was stupid enough to try). I think she's just a twelve year old that has read too many tumblr posts.
Foog Guckle (3 years ago)
+Polarbi Anarchy No sweetie, these men (and women, ahem) are just objecting to him spouting falsehoods, disinformation, one-sided perspectives, and generally being a misandrist.
Mal Cromwell (3 years ago)
+My Pineapple Gets WiFi I think you're completely right.
My Pineapple Gets WiFi (3 years ago)
+Polarbi Anarchy I think the information given could be interpreted more to say that men/women didn't so much create the world as did biology and how societies genetic makeup was influenced by evolution. I think the talk was valid before the response of dislikes from someone group (one could assume men, but making assumptions would be rash no matter how likely one believes they are). However if we view the talks information without the conclusions drawn one could argue that they stereotype typical women's behavior just as much. The picture of women having to be the one who holds everything together, who has to stay quiet and well behaved. The women who is more or less made to be a mother (oxytocin is key in bonding with one's offspring), and who aren't ever going to be the smartest in the world, because only men can be the greatest geniuses. The truth is it's neither of those things, it's just one professionals observations as to where our current level of understanding is as to how the genetic differences in men and women affect their behavior. Obviously he does take the extra effort to interpret the information for us, which because of the focus on oxytocin happens to paint women more favorable by our modern sensibilities. What I think is important to keep in mind is that the scope is limited, which is a good thing. If he expanded the scope to all the genetic differences in men and women he would have written a two thousand page book that far fewer people would have learned from; even in that scenario he still wouldn't have been able to do justice to the subject, and today's knowledge on the subject isn't even advanced enough to back up that claim. The only issue here is that the title makes people think when clicking on it that they are going to get a complete answer as to how men and women are different. For future notice when one is about to click on a video, if the claim in the title is massive and the length of video is 13 minutes, assume it's an exaggeration.
Polarbi Anarchy (3 years ago)
I see this a an interesting study of biology, my one complaint is that he did not factor in culture and its influence on the development of our chemical biology.
ToshAroundMac (3 years ago)
He also failed to factor-in half of the effects of hormones that were inconvinient to his ''men are bad'' picture. For example, testosterone increase makes men more fair when they bargain. I think we can all agree that fairness is a valuable quality.
Adegboyega Oduyemi (3 years ago)
...... LMAO! Even the women in the crowd felt uncomfortable, cringing their way through his man hating speech
Be/ rose Maryminati (1 year ago)
Adegboyega Oduyemi women were enjoying like almost having orgasm...dunbo deaf...hear again
Foog Guckle (3 years ago)
+Caucasian African He's very obviously lying. THAT's what makes it hard to trust his assertions.
Caucasian African (3 years ago)
Yep. He's sucking up which makes it hard to trust his assertions.
brontewcat (3 years ago)
Interesting how many misogynistic comments there are here.
Foog Guckle (3 years ago)
+brontewcat - Interesting how you see all of the comments here pointing out that this man is a quack and a misandrist as being misogynistic.
ToshAroundMac (3 years ago)
Who knew a misandrist video would bring misoginist comments? Totally unexpected.
Cape EniEer (3 years ago)
"this guy didnt praise men enough so he is a white knight bitch."
Werebereus (2 years ago)
Alan Harries (2 years ago)
Look at his audience.
ToshAroundMac (3 years ago)
This guy basically called men defective, immoral corrupt females using pseudoscience. I let you imagine the outcome of such speech if he instead used the same arguments to villify blacks.
N (3 years ago)
Does anyone ever notice that these progressives never have any arguments? Just their hopes, dreams and their fucking hankies.
Anamaria H. (3 years ago)
Persimmon (3 years ago)
Good vs. Evil. Sounds like a legitimate scientific study. I'm sure that his assessment of women as generally good and men as widely bad was based on objective criteria.
Foog Guckle (3 years ago)
+Persimmon Yeah, I'm also sure that he had to talk on TEDx instead of TED because he was just too big a name for the real event. :D
Reindert (3 years ago)
Paul Zak badly misrepresented oxytocin and I have a hard time believing he doesn't know this. Goolgle for example "Oxytocin still not the moral molecule". Oxytocin impacts moral behavior but does so in both positive and negative ways with the negative possibly even more prominantly.
Kay A. (1 month ago)
Wow, great comment!
ToshAroundMac (3 years ago)
+killer4hire : yeah, it was so cringy to listen to him misrepresent practically everything about hormones in his speech. It was ideologically-driven bias, not science.
Chase T (3 years ago)
whats wrong with these negative comments? this guy made complete sense?
Kaepora Gaebora (7 months ago)
So men are agressive and women are kind?
Shadow0013 (7 months ago)
Ikr... He just stated the obvious.. And feminazis just went absolutely nuts... As they always do...
jean-pierre mercier (3 years ago)
i thought it was ok. didn't explain why some women are bitches and destroy each other at times. they don't turn into men.the term "backstabbing cunt"doesn't exist in a vacuum. i woulld have liked to hear what the collective behaviour would be like if the world were all or predominantly women. i wonder what the backstabbing molecule is called.
Foog Guckle (3 years ago)
+jean-pierre mercier Please read up on some neuroscience and biology. You'll find that almost all of what he said was completely unscientific, and most of it evidently false.
WOLF STAR (3 years ago)
Why is it that feminists want to treat women as if they were children?
Pirooz Pejman (3 years ago)
Fuck you maaan! What the helll ya talking about! Guess he pimped some chicks afterwards LOOL
ummm... what? some girls turn into boys around the age of 12 in very remote vilages with high cases of inter breeding?Well, i am going to go out on a limb here and say that... maybe nature was correcting itself?
Gene Holmann (3 years ago)
Its obvious that Paul was very careful what he said about sex differences in front of all these women. If only 3rd wave feminism read the scientific literature on sex differences, then maybe, just maybe, ignorant folks like Gloria Steinem would stop quoting their 1970s feminist philosophy textbooks about how sex differences are a cultural construct.
Greg Dobson (3 years ago)
Better longterm memory my ass. Yes, women have a better verbal memory than men, but certainly not a better spatial one. Women are more likely to forget how to navigate an area they were in a long time ago than men. They're also less likely to remember patterns of things or numbers.
Simon D (3 years ago)
I can't stand feminist stupidity, spitting in the face of intelligent reason, but this video was good. I didn't hear anything bad in it. Why on earth are all the comments so against it? It makes me angry, you sound like the stupid men he we talking about.
Simon D (3 years ago)
+ToshAroundMac This video is from 2011, understanding of oxytocin has improved since then I think.
ToshAroundMac (3 years ago)
Oh, I don't know, it might have something to do with all of its lies and misandry? For example, oxytocin spike in men makes them more competitive, not more caring and friendly. So why is he trying to assing moral values to hormones? The speaker villifies testosterone like the devil. He totally ignores what is inconvinient to his narrative. For example, testosterone makes men more fair when they bargain. Fairness is enhanced by testosterone.
Viridian (3 years ago)
You love the smart guys. *dumb found looks from all the women in the crowd* *internal monologue* "wait oh yeah we tell all the clueless guys that to screw them over and mislead them so we can manipulate them" *girl laughs in background* wow this guy doesn't know.
Foog Guckle (3 years ago)
+LegoSwordViedos - The cuck is always the last to find out...
DownsviewD (3 years ago)
What a bullshit talk! Bitches ain't shit. Fuckem n dip!
Mariana Rojas (1 year ago)
DownsviewD wow, what an angry comment, who fu!*d you deep?
EdmacZ (3 years ago)
"Women are good and goddesses please have sex with me."
Charlotte Fairchild (3 years ago)
WE see colors differently. Men have a group of 8% completely color blind. Women are .05% (or is it .5%?). WE don't even see the world the same.
Charlotte Fairchild (3 years ago)
Men see the world differently. Men are colorblind much more than women. Don't ask the blind to choose colors!
Thalia I (3 years ago)
That's because color blindness is a recessive X chromosome trait. Biosex females with XX chromosomes need the mutation on both of their xs to be colorblind, while biosex males with XY will color blind if their single X chromosome has the mutation. That means for females, her father and mother have to have the mutation on at least on of their X chromosomes for her to get the mutation. On the other hand, a male only needs his mother to have one mutated X chromosome to be colorblind. In other words: for a female to be colorblind, her father must be colorblind and her mother must be colorblind or a carrier. For a male to be colorblind, his mother must colorblind or a carrier. This makes it much more likely for males to be colorblind. It's not a "men see the world differently" thing.
Charlotte Fairchild (3 years ago)
Really? Or do STEM? That is being address. I know when I was young none of my teachers would teach me math because I was blonde and beautiful. (as a child, ok?) So I failed algebra 1/2 of one semester, and took summer school classes and did all the problems in the book in 6 weeks. I scored higher in math than I did English, and I majored in English. We live in a man's world.
TheMelisUp (3 years ago)
It's funny how all the coomments I've seen so far are from butthurt men, seriously you're giving the guy a point by being so mean and agressive
Shadow0013 (7 months ago)
What was said in the video is true. It doesn't villify men. Nor does it villify women. It doesn't villify ANYBODY It shows how F-ed up feminism is. There are significant differences between men and women. For a reason. Both genders required different traits in order to improve their chances of survival. Men needed to be strong to fight off other species, while women needed to be social and fight with numbers against others. The fact that this needs to be explained in today's society, is itself explains how much damage feminism has caused.
jamie (7 months ago)
Of course they did. Hint hint..... obvious sarcasm
jamie (7 months ago)
+Aimee Oswald 😂😂😂
Aimee Oswald (7 months ago)
Men are the ones who started gender inequality
The Avenging Artist (2 years ago)
+ToshAroundMac Feminism = Equality Equality =|= Vilifying men

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