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Fashion: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Trendy clothes are cheaper than ever. That sounds great for the people who buy them, but it's horrible for the people who make them. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (6887)
Nick Bull (1 hour ago)
"Eat this wagon full of mystery chickens" is one of the best sentences ever uttered by a human being.
David S. Hasanli (2 days ago)
Banana republic killed it😂😂
Some Guy (2 days ago)
NYC, where a $46 lunch is considered suspiciously cheap.
Bart Brannigan (2 days ago)
The average person bought 64 garments in a year? I've bought 30 garments in 5 years. Those clothes are so inexpensive because of child labor or unfair wages.
Wojtek Tolsdorf (3 days ago)
Ashamed to admit but I would definitely eat rotisserie chicken for $7.99 no questions asked.
Lashrito (4 days ago)
When I finally start a band, 'Wagon of Mystery Chickens' will be our first LP.
Raechel Jackson-Ward (8 days ago)
We are responsible for the sick industry of cheap, disposable clothing. No one needs to change out their wardrobe every few weeks. "You don't want to spend a ton of money, because you're going to spill something on it." Really. Really?
If we just got rid of the tradition of wearing clothes. This wouldn't be an issue, along with many many other things that we as human beings do to hinder actual prosperity/progress
Clackson Chisi (9 days ago)
Its a pattern of reckless behaviour
Andrew Earl (11 days ago)
If those countries were not corrupt shit holes it wouldn't be our problem.
LouistheHedgehog (11 days ago)
You see? This is why we NEED regulations.
jammadamma (12 days ago)
Ugh, sad. We're all guilty of this. But unless you buy only 80 dollar locally made hemp t-shirts, chances are it's from a sweatshop of some kind.
Paul Cwalina (13 days ago)
I hate that I love your anti-jew jokes
Jordan Toth (13 days ago)
I own a copy of the last Sears catalog from 1993: It's true, the vast majority of clothing was made in the USA.
Mihail Mihaylov (14 days ago)
A write on that show has a cocaine problem, every other how features someone or something snorting. Either that or El Chapo is secretly sponsoring the show.
erestube (14 days ago)
Child labor. Deforestation to plant cotton. Noxious factory fumes from synthetics. Dyes running off into local water supplies. CO2 from an unimaginably huge transportation network (Resupplied daily!). Gosh, we gotta thank those impoverished countries for our lifestyle.
Brian Argo (15 days ago)
Sad fact is... I'd eat all that food. Cause I'm that broken and broke. Sniff test first, for sure. Beyond that, that food would feed my family for a month, as far as meat goes.
Wheels Lifts (15 days ago)
Jean's are clothes for work, not for fashion. It's incredible. Everything is fucking backwards these days.
Tyler Hunt (15 days ago)
Nicole Champeau (15 days ago)
Talks about Gap while wearing a suit that I presume is pretty expensive. Wow John, you're a cunt.
James S. (15 days ago)
Whose fault is it? The "greedy" factory owners? The discount stores undercutting the competition? Celebrities toting around their $3000 purses that cost $5 to make (by 12 year old slaves making a dollar a week)? OR IS IT the American consumers that are INSISTING on clothing that's cheap even by 1970 standards?
Elon Mush (15 days ago)
0:16 Dan Gurewitch in da house!!!!!!!!! Now that I have your attention: stop buying cheap, unethical cloths!
Rohan Sharma (17 days ago)
That girl in the end is so adorable
Riri (18 days ago)
I have a gift card accepted only at fast fashion brands like Zara and Gap. Great, guess I’ll just die
RhodosGuard (20 days ago)
Clothes are in high-demand, everyone needs them, very well including low income and middle class households. They are vitally important to a persons social perception and may influence their chances to succeed in their job. You can grow out of them rather fast and they are quite vulnerable to wear & tear as well as staining, sometimes requiring clothes to be purchased in quick succession repeatedly. You also need an acceptable supply, as you need to wait for some of it to be cleaned, before you can wear it again. So while all of this criticism is definitely true, you can't ignore that some people simply can't afford to not go for cheap options. You dont want to be known as dirty steve, the dude wearing the same, way too small, Shirt, that reeks of BO and has stains all over 3 weeks in a row.
Scott Dormani (20 days ago)
I'm 37 and the majority of my clothing I've had since highschool. Fuck fashion trends
Freddie Ellis (22 days ago)
How to make something instantly lame..... Call it “trendy”! Ugh!
Steam Punkster (28 days ago)
It's now 2019, did these companies improved or is it still business as usual?
Johanna Geisel (1 month ago)
I'm sitting here, sewing worn-out cargo pants into a skirt. Recycling, yo.
N Marrs (1 month ago)
Fashion is subjective. People who buy into the morning show bullshit and buy clothes for fashion over function are fucking stupid. Not that, that it excuses these companies.
Dylan Noah (1 month ago)
My mom used to work at Walmart in the early-to-mid-nineties They even treat their retail workers badly
carguy (1 month ago)
I love John Oliver, but on about a fourth of his shows or maybe a bit less the one week of research they do in their internal bias combines to be a total miss. Actual in-depth research into this subject versus five days of people in New York looking on the Internet has led to a very complicated situation being brought to light, for example in gap laid off those children in Cambodia it’s very likely send them to hell, and possibly their death. Many children laid off from these factories end up dead on the street or prostitution to stay alive. Shockingly in the ground these jobs in these were Americans call sweatshops are actually the equivalent of working at Microsoft if your Cambodian. The Cambodian people wept when the Americans shut down their factory as children’s lives are destroyed by the American out rage. Because Americans are so selfish and self focus would rather feel good about we did and do very little research.A sweatshop Would be terrible if there was better opportunities but in those countries aren’t going home to loving parents and a great school system you’re going on the street to the right and possibly die of starvation, or to work outdoors for half as much money in the Fields. It’s on this one John and one for your part of the problem and fortunately you’re taking these children’s best opportunities to not be prostitutes away you’re taking away their chance to eat food and not be tortured in the hot sun doing manual labor at 12 years old in the field if you’re lucky enough to even get a job. If you want to help them push more work to other countries in the wages willAnd working conditions will improve. My grandfather worked in the coal mine as an American he was 13 years old, and look how different America is after just two generations.
Damn Phone (1 month ago)
Walmart in the 1990s and early 2000s marketed itself as a place focused on American made goods. People were encouraged to go because it supported American jobs. Slowly they phased out everything American made and now most products are from Asia with questionable backgrounds. Yet many people still shop there thinking it's somehow patriotic.
Cpt. Raccoon (1 month ago)
this is all funny until you realize that all the food is so cheap because of the horrors for factory farming
Dylan Richard (1 month ago)
Our child labor laws don't exist in other countries. Those children have to work, nothing wrong with providing jobs.
Taipolar (1 month ago)
Meanwhile, Queens niggas are still wearing baggy jeans, tall tees and Timbs
Shahari Pudding (1 month ago)
Buy secondhand when possible! Support indie and local brands! But remember that the blame goes to corporations, not you
xtension xward (1 month ago)
these episodes are funny while you watch them but the ultimate result of watching is a disappointment in humanity and a long term depression
Jordan Lewis (1 month ago)
How dare yall do my man Dan Gerwich like that
Wayne Fitch (1 month ago)
I'm the plaid guy.
Speedbird (1 month ago)
I forced my parents to never shop at GAP until I realized pretty much every outlet does this
Lauren Christie (1 month ago)
Random about the Gap owner Old Navy But... Does anyone remember those ‘Old Navy’ sleeveless, zipped up, fleece vests that were sold in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s? They were extremely popular in my school.
KohinaREC (1 month ago)
And it is also difficult to find good quality these days. Fast fashion is not obly cheap, it is usually of subpar quality. I mostly buy military surplus and older second hand. Socks and underwear are a different story, of course. Still, my wardrobe is too full with military surplus and second hand. I don't need all that stuff. But for example: a pair of 30€ shoes is usually a piece of shit. 300€ you might get a pair that lasts a lifetime.
Lord Jonas (1 month ago)
Why is it so easy to just say "Ee didn't know"??! Thats the most stupid excuse for a company
Juan Fernando Montes (1 month ago)
They place an asian w the bill covering the penis lol
jrfeil23 (2 months ago)
Capitalism is exploitation pronounced differently.
Dylan Jesus (2 months ago)
According to Brazil 2019, capitalism isn't the reason those kids are enslaved. In fact, it is stated that socialism is the cause and capitalism is the solution. Due to meritocracy, some people argue that those kids "didn't work enough".
Aegean Castaneda (2 months ago)
Lol it’s Gurwich from CH in the plaid
sean callahan (2 months ago)
I like these ones a lot. Wish you'd expose Democrats like you try to do with Republicans to show balance(you could absolutely do one on Clinton and have plenty of material).
kuro kokoro (2 months ago)
wait, is he missing a tooth? O_o i just noticed that was he always like that? he 's still lovely anyways
Esteban LV (2 months ago)
1.75usd a flauta is PREPOSTEROUSLY expensive. Source: I'm Mexican.
Idellle (2 months ago)
But I like H&M 😢 I also buy from thrift stores
chuck u farlie (2 months ago)
"Rubs balls" on food and sends it to through the mail to rot for a comedy bit about the starving third world. Does a whole show on food waste and the starving third world.
Aneesh Anil (2 months ago)
Can anybody help me find out if the food was indeed sent ?
Snowy Ginger Ale (2 months ago)
Yo is that alex hirsch at 0:15?
emily hesterman (2 months ago)
why would you buy the clothes from the brands your not wanting people to support for the fashion show at the end?
svenm sandity (2 months ago)
i cant remember the last time i bought anything such as a shirt or whatever and im 27 like probably when i was 22 at max own 40 ish shirts and 20 somthing pants
Julina Baldwin (2 months ago)
It kind of makes you wonder if he actually sent the food to the owners and if they actually ate it.
Empire Cases (2 months ago)
Don't blame the factories, those children that do work in the garment industry may not enjoy or want to have to work but the key point is "Have to". That may sound insensitive but I have spent 15 years in Vietnam where I have seen children having to work just to help the family's total income be enough to afford to eat, and perhaps school their youngest or one of the children so that child has a better chance to get a better job. In some ways forcing factories not employ children only makes matters worse and besides the children will still work but as a contractor in their home where the factory can deny employing children if you think the large brands don't realize that you are fooling yourself to excuse supporting them. Anyone buying clothing that is so obviously so cheap it's hard to believe the price you have to know people somewhere are being treated like slave labor, working long hours, working in not very good conditions. Who's to blame, the consumer! In fact, often the fabrics and shipping costs leave very little room for profit so the only way for brands to make money is with sheer numbers and cutting the only costs that are flexible which is labor. Brands use the excuse of not being the manufacturer to be able to avoid the labor laws in a country and to distance them from the atrocities that go on but are always FULLY aware since they do have staff often located right in these factories for QC, quality control. You the consumer won't pay more or support smaller brands just so you can throw away 10 shirts instead of 2 that might actually last longer, be more carefully purchased for quality and have better fabrics which would kill 2 birds with one stone by helping to make it a little easier to not have to use sweatshops plus save the insane amount of waste that is growing from fast fashion. Don't even try to excuse that with recycling either because that's all horse shit as well. You want change, then change because you're too blame. Don't believe me, go buy some fabric and see what it costs you to make a garment even though you will pay roughly 3 to 4 times as much for the fabric at the retail level. Western culture always wants to pass the buck to excuse it's greed, over-consumption and self-entitled right to get what they want. We forget that it wasn't that long ago when children in North America had to work to help put food on the table so put the blame where it really belongs because you should be smart enough to know that the numbers just don't add up. Might not need so many walls if you didn't want your slaves kept out of sight.
Minerva Li (2 months ago)
That's what the US trillion dollar war machine is for
Moncrief (2 months ago)
Your middle name is “One Free Topping” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 man I am cryyyyin
kathryn McElroy (2 months ago)
America is worse than the old mobs used to be.
kathryn McElroy (2 months ago)
Love your show! So insightful!
Xellos Kaczor (2 months ago)
I wonder if people realise that despite what me may think are violations of worker rights and ethically sketchy manufacturing processes, many people who actually work for the H&Ms and Zaras are actually extremely thankful because where they live, this is the best thing that could and will happen to their community this lifetime. We are so concerned with never criticizing non-white cultures for the despicable things they do because "thats just their different culture", that we forget that things that would be illegal and evil here, count as good miraculous deeds overseas. Say in india, in some places if not for scumbag clothes or IT or whatever companies "exploiting" underaged population, said population would have an alternative of starving to death. Now making clothes 18 h a day does not seem so bad, does it? Not saying its perfect. Im saying its not simple. So remember to focus on improvement, not abolishment. Think before you outrage. Your moral grandstanding can kill people you claim you want to save.
Nightmare Core (2 months ago)
The irony of gold, By the way those styles are cheap and are made by peasants for peasants.
Goodbrew84 (2 months ago)
Pfft.. I'm not paying an extra $2 for a shirt to improve labour conditions! I need that for half a latte!
hbeachley (2 months ago)
Goodbrew84 Um, I need that for gas, or vegetables for my kids.
Michael Moffitt (2 months ago)
What’s sad is I’m currently wearing a plaid button-up
thou ist (2 months ago)
I generally only buy new clothes if my old clothes no longer fit or break.
Glasses&Mouthplates (2 months ago)
Should this make me want to respect hype beasts who refuse to wear cheap clothings?
puspita (3 months ago)
Sad to say nothing changed
kirby march barcena (3 months ago)
Yeah,ironic isn't it? Companies like these make their product cheaply at a poor country to "save" more and profit because they know they can play the lives of those poor people.
PinaritasiStudios (3 months ago)
this jew is funny!
Derek Magruther (3 months ago)
$7.99 is kinda expensive for rotisserie chicken I'd be happy if that showed up for my lunch. I'm I wrong?
Kaffohrt (2 months ago)
I was exspecting something like 4.10$ or 4.80$
TheVeganZombie21 (3 months ago)
So....they bought the clothes and supported the companies fiscally? What?
DwwwD (3 months ago)
Sweatshops are actually a good thing and if you are genuinely interested in how then watch Yaron Brook's answer on Sweatshops. It helps poor people who don't have an education to rise up, learn a skill and provide for their family. Yes, 5 bucks a day isn't a lot for you and me but it is for the people who receive it because without it they would receive zero.
Sean Bennington (3 months ago)
I’m shocked by the lack of anti American sentiment in this comment section... pleasantly surprised
Xap Ete (3 months ago)
I would eat those lunches if they were free
MsAgnostica Goes Quantum (3 months ago)
0:48 looks like a red potato sack.
gokul balagopal (3 months ago)
Child labor is happening because poor family does not have money to live
Mikayla Stewart (3 months ago)
Zara? Cheap? Whherrree????
lucyluna00 (3 months ago)
Those people suck... poor children -smdh-
Gabriel Esparza (3 months ago)
As a mexican, I find those flautas very expensive at $1.75 usd, actually.
Jonathan Montgomery (3 months ago)
Other than missing the fact that child labor is a result of the poverty of the parents, he also missed the fact that these factories are regulated not by US law, but by the laws of their own countries. If you want to change those conditions, getting angry at H&M or Walmart doesn't do anything. Get mad at the Bangladeshi politicians. They are the ones who can help their people. By not buying those products, you are hurting those people more by reducing what income they have in the first place. Serious misfire by John.
Funkopedia (3 months ago)
A big part of the problem is how little the lower class here makes, as well. They not only have to buy the cheapest clothing that can find, perpetuating this cycle because the stores see real profit, they also eat the shitty food you showed off and the audience laughed at because haha, who would ever touch that cheap food? Those were $5.99 Kroger chickens, 711 "tacquitos" and sushi, and the same people that buy that clothing eat that food. They buy Walmart clothing, because they make Walmart wages.
KDTV (3 months ago)
... but that food is the food I would buy...
Gabriel Leyba (3 months ago)
I know you are not going to read this but making comedy of all this while it can look as accusation it is psychological relief for the viewer and you are part of the very same system you condemn
Johannes Franck (3 months ago)
and you wunder why the world hates you
Md Abdur Razzaq Riyadh (3 months ago)
From Bangladesh: this is still happening and a large portion of our economy is based on this. Only pros is that those of us who can't afford local brands clothing can buy rejected items of international brands such as GAP, H&M etc. They are generally 5-7 bucks.
Wizard Tim (3 months ago)
Our society measures moral values based on itself... Those kids don't have schools to go to and need work. FFS the girls in the first factory lied to get their jobs, and the girls interviewed in the 3rd GAP factory were smiling. Yes safety standards and pay need to be addressed (as well as ensuring they get proper breaks and the like) but those kids need an income and that income can help the country's economy. We need to stop comparing how other countries do things to our own standards. We aren't necessarily right...
Wizard Tim (3 months ago)
@Stanley Marsh Wooo someone else who proves my point. Look cupcake, I can see the smile on that last girls face. Yeah the safety conditions are appalling but ever wonder if maybe that's OUR fault? We spend so much time yelling at these clothing stores demanding lower prices but higher quality, then sneering at them for outsourcing labor to children's sweat shops because we don't know how industry works. Well I do, you don't seem to have a clue. The fact is child labor was a thing until fairly recently. Our school system really is the product of our abolishment of child labor and THAT only happened when we hit the industrial age. So~ judge me. I don't care. You're just another 1st world millennial who can't imagine a world without cell phones but judges others from decadence. And yes you are rich. If you have electricity, can choose to eat meat every day, have access to clean drinking water, and no rational fears of predatory animals eating you, you live in f*ing decadence. Your entire lifestyle has been built on the blood, sweat, and tears of others you worthless little cupcake. And yes "others" includes children.
Stanley Marsh (3 months ago)
I think you're saying that so you can sleep at night... sleep tight my mate and remember the poor bastards who died making your PJs
Wizard Tim (3 months ago)
@Pious Palfrey Because I'm educated enough to realize child labor is practiced around the world including the USA. We give our kids chores, and pay them "allowences" for those chores. Some kids offer to mow lawns or walk dogs for other people for money. That's all child labor. So what's the difference? If a 12 year old can land a job sowing jeans at a shop for 25 cents (US) an hour in a country where a US quarter is worth 15$ equivalent in local money, why not let them? The ONLY factor that needs attention here is their treatment, and that can be questionable since they ARE kids and may not be fully aware of rights and regulations. Beyond that, kids need structure and an activity, their families need the money, and they don't have a school to go to. Frankly school was created because child labor was "abolished". Without child labor, kids run rampant since parents are too busy working to care for them. Gangs are formed as a result of that, which escalates to criminal activity. So schools were founded as an attempt to care for and control child populations. Educate yourself. Yes child labor *can* be abused, but that is a "but sometimes" argument. It can also significantly help poorer countries on an individual basis.
Pious Palfrey (3 months ago)
You're really out here defending child labour, huh?
Lunacy Snap (3 months ago)
Hector Amaya (3 months ago)
Sara Wilcker (3 months ago)
What's wrong with sweatshops? Those people making a few dollars a day would otherwise be making nothing a day.
Emma Terry (3 months ago)
These CEOs and their companies are so filthy rich that they have absolutely no excuse for not providing adequate working conditions. A multi-billion dollar company should not be employing 12 year old Bangladeshi girls for 18 hour shifts.
Omar Mahfouz (3 months ago)
Banana republic?? Thats racist
Harry Eichelberger (3 months ago)
Elliot is my spirit animal with that thumbs up and shifty brows lolz!
David Brown (3 months ago)
If 1100 people were killed in a factory accident of any kind of any cause in the US, Canada or Europe, it would be a leading headline and we'd be hearing about it for no less than two weeks. But we never hear about it when it didn't... you know... involve any english speakers, celebrities or white people of any kind...
Smoove BB (4 months ago)
LOL! 90's problems we are a still dealing with like Mark Walburg...he says what I feel
Shato Nyruami (4 months ago)
It´s easy to oppose the thought of sweatshops, but actually, it´s a way more complicated question than that. The reason why there are so many people working in sweatshops aren´t armed guards making them, but the economic reality of the countries they are in, it´s simply the best job you can get there. People line up three times around the block when sweatshops are hiring. There are children working there? Yes, so what. If they wouldn´t work for GAP, they would work on farms or in other factories for way less money and absolutely nobody concerned about their safety. Our press tends not to freak out when a few dozen farmworkers die in a landslide, no matter how old they are, if the farm isn´t connected to a company in our countries. Then there´s the problem that sweatshops actually do measurably raise the living standards in the countries they are in. They pay better wages so the workers of sweatshops are able to spend more money, giving rise to a completely new service industry. That's why sweatshops are traveling, the country they are in today will eventually be too expensive for their needs in a decade or two, predominantly because of their own ventures. So, sure, you can take the easy way and just oppose sweatshops as the incarnation of evil, but even when all sweatshops are gone, there will be children working in this countries, and there will be children dying in this countries, they will just get paid way less for it.
Martin Drkoš (4 months ago)
Clothing for kids by kids.
BorisaRed (4 months ago)
selling shit to empty zombies
warheadthrashmetal (4 months ago)
you missed the obvious joke about the ceo of h&m being the richest person in the world to actually be named "persson"

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