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World of Warcraft LEGION: BRAND NEW Warlock Demon The Beholder !!

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Warlocks are getting a BRAND NEW (not so new) Demon in Legion to replace (genuinely) BRAND NEW Demons!! Er?? http://www.Yactronix.com/?Click=16 (use promotional code "babyface" for a 7% discount !!!) http://www.twitch.tv/heelvsbabyface (Live Streaming) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heel-vs-Babyface/439979786044998 (Facebook) https://twitter.com/HeelvsBabyface (Twitter) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/thunderhorn/Azbats/simple (Armory) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo4XlmOC4YXw7LqHMjDs7sQ (Title Sequence and Branding)
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Text Comments (760)
Frazer Hughes (6 months ago)
That eye thing looks fucking retarded
liad joseph (1 year ago)
RIP dreadlord
Gamma Rae (1 year ago)
Update on the subject matter: no one even uses the damn thing. Most demo locks are running around with those fel rock monsters instead because they look cooler. I would have much preferred just about anything but the beholder honestly.
MrBonryu (1 year ago)
they probably changed it so people wouldn't confuse the pet to an enemy in a dungeon/ raid, Poor excuse I know, but that the only logical conclusion I can come up with.
Steve (2 years ago)
I am actually exited for the beholder
Stu (2 years ago)
Which addons are you using for your nameplate and player frame? Can't find them.
Claude Ducimo (2 years ago)
Aesthetically, Blizzard has and always will treat its players like garbage. Look at all the design things that NPCs get over us. Also, the beholder even attacks by shoving itself into mobs..so freaking dumb.
supamandatho11 (2 years ago)
I agree with you az
Dante Alighieri (2 years ago)
No the Beholder love u !
sartte (2 years ago)
Hey Warlocks!? ( To the Few Who Remain ) you want a new demon well FUCK YOU! ..... You want a Sinister and long awaited Dreadlord? HAHAHAHAHA NEVER! Instead you get this fat looking Eye Thing! What? can you use it as a mount? NOPE LOL
lmeloni78 (2 years ago)
hey blizz, Dungeons and Dragons is calling, they say that you can no longer have their beholder!
John Warden (2 years ago)
The beholder at best should be a glyph or a skin option for your observer... replacing the inquisitor and dreadlord was just another stupid move on blizzards part in them thinking they have any connection with their fan base... and their subscription numbers should be a reminder they dont...
Thrillseeker666 (2 years ago)
I like your nationalist videoes, didn't know you were a professional WoW gamer too.
Jason Zsiba (2 years ago)
They just got a new skin, new beholder looks pretty cool.
randomeuropeanguy (2 years ago)
so they replaced an awesome inquisitor then an awesome dreadlord to a pile of shit with an eye? lol hope that gets replaced
Adam Lee (2 years ago)
I don't know, it's been replaced twice already, I'm sure this pet will get replaced as well.... I hope. It is not a "nice looking pet".
Oghma Infinium (2 years ago)
hey hey hey you have the old deathmist set since vanilla? or they added into de game? O_o *jealous*
DrBXXI (2 years ago)
I think it's for D&D fans like me. Beholders are one of the most evil, itelligent and evil creatures in Dugeons and Dragons (they actually look a lot alike WoW model but on the head they have tentacles with eyes), to have one under your command makes you incredibly powerful. So yeah, the other pets are cooler, but this one makes me feel way more badass.
Grimgai (2 years ago)
+DrBXXI The nostalgia is real, for sure, but from what I remember it's not even a demon in D&D or WoW.
DexterousCobra (2 years ago)
a cacodemon!! :D
Людин Рɣси (2 years ago)
Why not a Pit Lord.... cant unerstand, Manoroth use his beams to attack players, why not use this to shoot targets with doom? i do not get it...
Serknight GMedic (2 years ago)
im just gonna stick with my wrathguard
Laurentiu Firicel (2 years ago)
And here we go again ;) , everytime i see a legion update i try to hype myself with the new's, but the reality is as people say it and i have to agree with them Legion is not even close to save wow ;). and wont in my opionion, but hey who know's ;) there's plenty of time to change untill the exp arives.
Dalek Sec (2 years ago)
WoW WAIT a sec, THAT Badass thing will be my new Pet??? Ok Inquisitor was awesome and those Dreadlords would be cool...but one of my very fav Videogames EVER is Baldurs Gate - Dark Alliance for the Xbox and THAT thing looks almost exactly like a "Beholder" from that game!! Looks Awesome! Childhood memory comes back, so I like it =)
Richard Munford (2 years ago)
Honestly blizz what are yall doing the inquisiter was awsome if it was a aoe thing u could have made the inquisitor shoot aoe bolts this is just sad yall looked like yall were doing so good then this.
Lennic (2 years ago)
I can make the logical link between Fel hunter -> Observer > beholder , If its in that anti-magic pet-tier, makes more sense than a dreadlord imo... if its like a doomguard and infernal, yeah thats kinda lame.... but hey ENSLAVE DEMON in legion will be absolutely overpowered when leveling, just enslave everything and have a go at it!
Korean BBQ (2 years ago)
I feel like Blizzard just fucking hates Warlocks.
Nejiro Obake (2 years ago)
It's ASS UGLY! Give me my fekken Dreadlord!
Pandinus (2 years ago)
Honestly, the beholder looks coolest of the three to me.
Max W (2 years ago)
oh look an observer on steroids, nobody cares blizz. inquisitor is cool, dreadlord, hell yes but its more or less a more cunning doomguard.....
James White (2 years ago)
Makes sense not to have a Dreadlord since they're the most cunning demons in the Legion, but since Inquisitors are new I can't really say. It does feel like a downgrade, though, definitely.
Atrocious Alex (2 years ago)
The Inquisitor was the best looking of the three by a long shot.
Kaleb Hnatiuk (2 years ago)
i love how the beholder head butts enemies
James Gordon (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who is really bothered by the fact it hovers too low and it's tentacles are phasing through the floor?
Neko Sai (2 years ago)
not a fan at all about the new choice of pet with being a warlock main
Cybilybil (2 years ago)
Aaaaand I hate it
Littlepaw01 (2 years ago)
That thing is hideous. -_- I hope they change it.
Ricky Kejriwal (2 years ago)
i think the constant change in demon skins indicates that blizzard cant find a new demon which keeps the theme of spec, stay within the lore and keep locks happy:)
Maurizio Batella (2 years ago)
i like the fucking beholder screw the others
Spartucus101 (2 years ago)
I get it. Inquisitor was new & cool looking. Theme wise? kind of shitty. Whoooo baby KT frostbolty thingy...boo. Then they turned the dial up to DREAD LORD rawwaaarrr.. Then they had visions of a WC3 super fan mouth breathing into a mic at blizz con about dread lord lore...I guess Eyeball-Butthole demon is the middle ground? They want the player to feel powerful without getting into Wilfred Fizzlebang territory.
Manicca (2 years ago)
To be honest, not using a Dreadlord makes 100% sense. It'd be like a commoner asking a president to tie his shoes. You just won't make sense out of it without the president being "Oh I know this person and I like him" OR "For some reason I am very inclined to be extremely kind to this person". Smacking the first skin / demon, the inquisitor, was poop tho. :)
Nate D (2 years ago)
I can understand reusing Dorumu as a demon, but it's kind of weird that he wasn't a demon to begin with. At least, not mechanically. I'd like to know if Dorumu is supposed to be the same thing, or just sharing a model.
Cindy Lewis (2 years ago)
Sure, it looks impressive floating there, but then it starts ramming into mobs with its open, exposed, bare, eyeball. Shouldn't it be shooting lightning out in front of itself or something? It's like mobs are dying, at least in part, from the sheer gross out factor of being smushed into this giant eye.
John AsherFarr (2 years ago)
Radiationwow (2 years ago)
Having a dreadlord doesn't make too much sense lorewise, but inquisitor is 5/5. Beholder can suck my ass
Nossieferatu (2 years ago)
Redesign it and it'll be fine. As is, it looks like garbage dick.
Antonio Montano (2 years ago)
pointless! great videos btw heels =)
Dhag (2 years ago)
Ehm as a main warlock since TBC, i think this "Beholder" is garbage..... Long enough we waited for new pet models and new pets and with this new expansion Legion you would think that with all those awesome demons showing off we should be getting something really cool..... ehmm i was very exited about this expansion because WoD was terrible but uhm this makes me think this will be exactly like WoD just making us play because of nostalgia and not because good developers choices..... so sad
Dankina (2 years ago)
Beholder?Really?!NO! NO! Legion is gonna be like WoD - This are my Feelings about the incoming Expansion!
zurran00 (2 years ago)
its a trash pet , blizz is trying to make people give up on locks i guess.
Taylor Latta (2 years ago)
The Beholder is also a rare boss in wod if you kill (witch is hard)you get a battle pet
Anestis Papadopoulos (2 years ago)
activeshitzzard forgot he is not even a damn Demonnnnnnnnnnn http://wow.gamepedia.com/Durumu_the_Forgotten
Ice Bird Gaming (2 years ago)
Aren't Beholders technically not even demons? This makes even less sense.
Lord Inquisitor (2 years ago)
... Why Blizzard? WHY?!! I would have loved the inquisitor as a minion! Hell, even a dreadlord would have been awesome! But the beholder?! It looks so... Dull. >.<
Raggieee (2 years ago)
The reason could be that they don't want (lorewise) a single warlock controlling a live Nath'rezim, a Dreadlord. Which are immensly powerful demons as it is. Even if we hold a powerful artifact. Or then they're simply saving the inquisitor and dreadlord skin for later so they don't have to create more skins for mobs most likely. They can tweak the models a bit to be bigger and boom, they have a raidboss. Easy content.
Michael Parham (2 years ago)
They said in Blue posts that they moved away from the Inquisitor because it dealt shadowfrost damage and they didn't think that held with warlock class fantasy. Why they can't change the damage type is beyond me, but that is their explanation and I am willing to accept it. As for the Dreadlord, they said in a Blue post before that version of the alpha dropped that the Dreadlord was just a placeholder, so it was never intended to make it to live anyway. I personally prefer the Inquisitor and would rather have it's damage type changed so that it made sense lore-wise. I suspect Blizzard is trying to pay homage to fantasy gaming's D&D roots by including the Beholder, which is fine- I just wish there was a different (and smaller) model they could use.
deeimon (2 years ago)
and they nerfed it to 12sec lol they should leave that talent point empty, or just give us permanent inquisitor/pitlord/dreadlord, not this 12sec aberration trash
Sad that the BEHOLDER has to BEHOLD blizzards HORRIBLE choices in their game development.
The beholder looks horrible, appears to be a acorn.
D33tly (2 years ago)
つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Gib Inquisitor Blizz つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
ChaosNightshde (2 years ago)
Might be possible that they might make a new model
Péter Kovács (2 years ago)
i like how the beholder when he attacks, he rams his big-ass and presumably delicate eye against a creatures's horn :)
Wavorn Snowber (2 years ago)
Is the beholder even a demon?
Robert McGehee (2 years ago)
Why can't we just enslave demons permanently like hunters do with beasts? Maybe make contracts with demons. Bargain with them to keep them as your pet. Collect x souls/gold/food to keep them for the next month. Nothing extreme per pet if they expect you to keep a bunch.
Lloyd No (2 years ago)
+Robert McGehee cause people complained about difficulty for years, you can't just reverse the train now. You used to have to go and quest to get your demons as you leveled up, you used to have to go quest and grind to get your warlock mounts. We now just get them. That train sailed a long long time ago
Jason Carto (2 years ago)
Could make it customizeable too. you could get a number of "slots" by which you can fill from demons of your choosing, and then gain additional depending on your level. make each demon unique in their use and utility. That way each warlocks arsenal is unique to their likes and playstyle
Mr Zark (2 years ago)
No idea why they did this. I would rather see the inquisitor instead of this floating blob. Like you said it's just a re-skin of the observer and it really doesn't feel new.
James C (2 years ago)
Eyeball in a nutsack
Sethdarkus (2 years ago)
Most likely a placeholder, Can we just get a Pitlord or something more bad ass looking?
John McClane (2 years ago)
Class Fantasy(tm).....
Sapurass (2 years ago)
NO...just NO!!! give me the inquisitor, or even the dread lord! but please no not the beholder!! puke
tenjek (2 years ago)
it will be done too and will be replacd by the vanilla alpha imp
Ice Wolf (2 years ago)
+tenjek Warcraft 1 semideveloped daemon pixel
tenjek (2 years ago)
Warcraft 1 Daemon
Ice Wolf (2 years ago)
You mean the warcraft 3 fel hound
Tom Tennant (2 years ago)
No really
Lykaion (2 years ago)
lets be frank if Blizzard is going to do shit like this to every class.....Legion will be a fuck up..........Blizzard just be cause they have HotS, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 and soon to be Overwatch doesnt mean you can give zero fucks about WoW which lets be honest is and was the only reason ppl know Blizzard.....not everyone was around for Warcraft 1,2,3 or Starcraft. Yet it seems like they cant be bothered with WoW anymore
Warrior of Light (2 years ago)
Blizz needs more flash to keep up with other MMOs
Aslak Røkke (2 years ago)
I'd just like to point out that Blizz recently have history with fucking up cool things from an alpha/beta...........
Keith (2 years ago)
My thoughts are new model needs new animations new spell animations and so on, where as the old one the code already been done lets use the old model re skinned and save some costs on programmers having to create this. dollars dollars dollars cant go past that $ saving sign.
David Fioravanti (2 years ago)
Okay so it's just an esthetic thing so don't you think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
autolysis (2 years ago)
i really think a pit lord should be in play. if i can not get perma green wings or a demon form anymore let me use the other 3 tricks of kanrethad. big ass cataclysm, pit lord, and massive chaos bolt
Eddie Munster (2 years ago)
Personally, I am glad that they did NOT go with a Dreadlord. I kind of feel like there are a few demons that can't be permanently bent to the warlock's will; Eredar, Dreadlords, and Pitlords. Those three seem to be of a caste of demons that rule over other demons and would have too powerful of a will to be taken on as a slave to a warlock. Those are the guys that corrupt warlocks to begin with (though, I do feel like the temporary enslave demon and banish is fine... just not a permanent thing). That said, I see no reason why an inquisitor couldn't make the cut. They don't have as deep a place in lore, and even if they were of a higher tier than most demons, a master warlock should be able to get the job done.
JoJo EZmode (2 years ago)
the beholder...the most depressed looking npc ive seen in wow
Dank Memes 420 (2 years ago)
A lot of people are saying Pit Lord, and I have an even cooler idea. Pit Lord should be a talent, and you can only summon it if you sacrifice at least 3 fel doggies, 5 or so imps, your fel guard pet (maybe, maybe not), etc. The Pit Lord will also gain bonus damage for any extra pets you have, so if you have say 11+ pets, you're going to summon a massive fucking Pit Lord that absolutely wrecks shit. I think this would be both a badass idea and give you a new way of playing your spec that revolves around skillfully sacrificing your pets.
Callum (2 years ago)
it looks absolutely shite, just give back the inquisitor.
Deathknight1700 (2 years ago)
Yeah really I think inquisitor should have stayed...
jessey vellinga (2 years ago)
having a dreadlord doesnt make sense from a lore point because they are basically one step below pitlords idk why they changed the inquisiter but tbh i perfer the beholder though i think it would be better as a replacement to an observer whos model needs an update
RocknMetalbitches (2 years ago)
Give me a Pit Lord Blizzard but seriosly the dreadlord would have been the best of the 3 then the inquisitor and personally i think durumu is the shittest looking pet a warlock can have out of all its possible pets i mean shit imho the IMP looks better
bibity74 (2 years ago)
its fucking ugly
Kris Lastname (2 years ago)
Is the beholder even something that can be summoned? The thing in throne of thunder was just some monster that was there for ages and ages. Then you kill it and baby eyeballs fly away, so maybe this thing is one of those grown up. But I thought it's gotta be in the nether for us to pull it out, like void walkers aren't really demons but we can yank them out cause they're in there.
Valeera Lewdguinnar (2 years ago)
tibia kurwa
Amber nln (2 years ago)
i feel like it's possible the inquisitor and dreadlord will be added as minor glyph reskins but still, the massive ugly thing that already looks similar to another of our pets as baseline? no thanks
DJ MX (2 years ago)
blizzard hired a bunch of dumbshits as of late
Daniel Rowland (2 years ago)
change your channel name
The Nothing Man (2 years ago)
might be able to glyph in a dreadlord or a inquisitor. since they're gonna be cosmetic.
Rondeu (2 years ago)
What if they switched the models, so that they could use the Inquisitor model for something else in the future, for example a boss or something like that. Sounds kinda stupid but wouldn't surprise me.
theclubvids (2 years ago)
Hate it. Think Destro will de-emphasis pets like they are doing with marksmen?
Thrall079 (2 years ago)
+theclubvids That's a good question
Ramondorez (2 years ago)
I think I figured it out. Blizzard isn't capable of improving the game to the point that it's better than it was at it's peak. So they have taken an approach of making the game purposely shit so that when they improve the game from that point it seems like a large improvement in comparison to how shit the game was shortly before that upgrade as they purposely put a low in front of a high. Like warlords of draenor is shit to make legion seem really good in comparison, so too will they introduce shitty warlock pets so the improvement to better looking pets seems all the better. This could even apply to waterstriders and the long wait in between expansions just to make the start of the next expansion seem really good in comparison.
I actually like the beholder. Before WoW I played lots of D&D games, so it would kind of be a throwback to that era :pA bit of an update on the skin would be fair thow, I kind of dislike the tentacles going through the floor.
That doesn't really resemble the beholder as it doesn't have the big single eye. Just check the game trilogy 'Eye of the Beholder' and you'll get it :p
autolysis (2 years ago)
+Iron883Man current observer is more appealing really
Frosty WoW (2 years ago)
Honestly, with its size and all... and the way Blizz loves to troll. Its probably a joke lol
Daniel Alvarez (2 years ago)
I like it because the Beholder is classic. I've always thought Warlocks have needed a Beholder. Though the currently existing demon that's name escapes me kinda filled the void.
Nicholas Westover (2 years ago)
I think that this is a better choice... It's nice and chunky like you said and you feel like you have a more hefty army behind you now maybe?
Ryan Scanlon (2 years ago)
I think they changed it because inquisitors and dread lords are leader type demons that would only be a part of the legion, they wouldn't team up with a warlock against the legion. but the beholder isn't one of those commander types, they are a lesser demon that doesn't care who it fights for. That said i agree with you i think the inquisitor was cooler, although the dread lord i think would be the coolest. maybe they will make a glyph that lets you change which demon u summon with that ability or something?
Anestis Papadopoulos (2 years ago)
+Ryan Scanlon the point is the beholder is not even a demon http://wow.gamepedia.com/Durumu_the_Forgotten
omar sameh (2 years ago)
this pet looks really stupid , we need pit lord or atlest dread lord or atleist the first one they put but this one looks sucks
1trevor30 (2 years ago)
I'd rather have the damn Dreadlord. now that's fuckin' cool. this is just... lame.

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