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Why Chinese Women Marry Black Men?

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Why Chinese Women Marry African Men?
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leo patcik (1 day ago)
at the end all human we are nothing but dust. Its about love not culture, religion or colour. love and peace from iran
Ashajit Tentha (2 days ago)
They want to know real penis
Maricalo87 (8 days ago)
I dated 6 African man before but they are not serious with me they cheat on me. 😧 Very complicated.. now currently my bf is Jamaica nw
One Man Gang (13 days ago)
This proves how low American women really are
Adolf Hitler (24 days ago)
They don't! Not mostly anyway, they marry white western men because it's more socialally acceptable in China
cho echo (27 days ago)
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MAKAKA WILLYS (1 month ago)
Hello , i need a Chinese girlfriend
Kaiyo Kenshi (1 month ago)
Lol no, Chinese women don't like black people mostly, but it really depends from their heart and the bro down there saying want BBC simple, why don't u go die and go to hell.
Linna Linnea (1 month ago)
I love Nigerian guy black mens are good heart I love Nigerians men's
movado cashmore (1 month ago)
wtf ?????????????????? dey ugly n fat AF
Harpreet Singh (1 month ago)
Becoz Chinese have small penis and their women’s have small ....... . So Chinese Asian Asian women’s prefer black when they moved to different countries .i have seen so many Asian Chinese looking girls are more into black or white guys . They don’t like their peoples . They wanna feel big dicks up to stomach. And when Asian women’s speaks English it’s like they hiding something or they lying loolll
eltahar1ooo (1 month ago)
Why Chinese Women Marry Black Men? some are into bestiality.
Elizabeth Anthony (1 month ago)
How old are these Chinese babes marrying black Men, Wode I understand Chinese women above 29 years are seen as left over could it be that they love and see the blacks as an escape from singlehood
Olay bsaysol (1 month ago)
ONLY HOES & WHORES and ignorant BASTARDS think about BBC is the reason for marriage or dating...this is how low you think about yourselves 🤷‍♂️..typical SHORT sighted answer and thinking...🤝....
Sarah Sarah (1 month ago)
Haha they are making milk coffee
Tahnn Ju (1 month ago)
Do they have any children?
ramesh kumar (1 month ago)
when black guy inserts hairy 10 inch long dick and then you remember of chinese guy
jay martin (2 months ago)
They love African men lol
maat sankara (2 months ago)
These are not the pick of the litter, the equivalent to poor white women who love BBC.
Lucci Gucci (2 months ago)
Can you say who let the dogs out. WTF.
Mubarak Alsaleh (2 months ago)
Why are videos like this keep being produced? Look as Human man from any race whatsoever, You can marry any woman from any part of the world, so why does it feels like it has something to do with race? Do you guys have inferiority complex? Do You have low self-esteem that you constantly need videos to affirm your wanted? These men married chinese women because Chinese women relieved themselves from Harsh standards of their culture and honor code that puts so much pressure and scrutiny on women and not on men because Chinese society is clan based and which focuses heavily on chain of male lineage, so they expect women to behave and act and think certain which most of these women do not meet requirements of beauty and behavior and age and thus may never get married, so they throw themselves at closest foreigner they can get, and they find all love and care they never received from their own parents and society. So Chinese women feel more free from mental shackles of their culture with foreigners.
Cerone 747 (2 months ago)
Those Chinese men beat a Zambian black man to death with iron poles on Monday for dating a Chinese woman.
d campbell (2 months ago)
Good sex and multiple orgasms. I love my black man!
马嘉益 (2 months ago)
Fuck you black people
Flor anderson (2 months ago)
Neville Boone (2 months ago)
Damn I like this channel. Your awesome!
凡尘随风 (2 months ago)
Same as everyone big dick
Joze Butinar (2 months ago)
Black slave dont lie ok coz that isnt true moust if not all chinese love WHITE not BLACK only small % of them but they nead to sacrifice everything like to be exiled of her own family chinese dont like blacks that is the truth
Richard R (3 months ago)
They want to destroy China with ape genetics
Vinche Christine (3 months ago)
But in Hong Kong some African man marry Chinese girl just for survive living in Hong Kong, yeah isn't all... but it is happen to me when am dating with African guy, am asking him, do you have girlfriend in HK? He said yes, he do have ex girlfriend Chinese, but he lie, isn't ex girlfriend, in fact he have wife, he told me that he will not forever with that Chinese girl , it is just for survive living 😏 Am not want dating with a marry man😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Uffffffffffffff I do like him.... But he have wife, he said he can handle all by him and no worries about it. Hummmmm many times he asked me to meet with him, I told him am felt bad dating with a marry man and than he said, no to worries Chinese isn't forever... #Go_move_on_😁
Bantze Hotep (3 months ago)
White racists attempt to paint the Chinese as they. The Chinese are an old civilization. They are far more complex than people purport them to be.
mustafa masuud (3 months ago)
also we love them Chinese people so thank you 😍
Emmanuel Onyekwere (3 months ago)
It's just because of dick ,if they mistakenly chop the black banana , no going back
Arami Chong (3 months ago)
Chinese are generally racist. They will marry any race for benefit especially moneys, not loves.
Arami Chong (3 months ago)
raddar001, Chinese especially their Leader's should stop insulting other race as devil, barbarian, running dog, pig, primitive, ape, snake, inhuman etcs.......as it will definitely hurts their feeling deeply. I belief Nanjing Massacre allied war against your country and other incidents in China is the result of retribution. Although my comment is actually helpful to user's. I can see your feeling is hurt as a result of the truth.
raddar001 (3 months ago)
everything changes but i see that you are a bona fide expert
Yolanda Adams (3 months ago)
because their men are too small
raddar001 (3 months ago)
? is that a problem with you
Dazuka Himori (3 months ago)
Also, who is the married couple at the beginning?
Dazuka Himori (3 months ago)
Yo, I'm pissed to see even fellow Black people in these comments talking trash about the Black guys marrying Chinese women. How many times do I have to tell everyone genetic diversity improves the human race and we are all HUMAN. Fuck these labels. Seriously. You love who you love. Skin color should not make a difference.
Dazuka Himori (3 months ago)
Yo, I'm pissed to see even fellow Black people in these comments talking trash about the Black guys marrying Chinese women. How many times do I have to tell everyone genetic diversity improves the human race and we are all HUMAN. Fuck these labels. Seriously. You love who you love. Skin color should not make a difference.
Elhadji Faty (3 months ago)
Oh very nice God bless one love 😍😍😍😍😍❤
TRENDING VIDEOS PROD. (3 months ago)
Hahaha this dude obviously never been to / grew up in China before, go check out how low the ratings are on Black Panther in the country. 90% of this nation is anti-black get your facts straight!
raddar001 (3 months ago)
? such nonesense, are you saying chinese should flock to see a film about black people? get real. white people dont flock to see it so why should chinese
Google the card titled "self-esteem" in the illuminati card deck and you'll see why! You self-hating n---a boys will always be your European slavemasters bitch. He owns and controls you.
Eltipoquevisteayer (3 months ago)
Filthy degeneracy
raddar001 (3 months ago)
thank God for degenracy
Ronald Adams (3 months ago)
Rhuv u rhong time, thy so horney.
raddar001 (3 months ago)
are you someone with learning disabilities?
Ronald Adams (3 months ago)
Rhuv u thong time!!!!¡!
raddar001 (3 months ago)
go back to school. you need english lessons
Ronald Adams (3 months ago)
Homeboy u like ugly women, thy all hoes bruh
Gorr Yumbul (3 months ago)
Because Chinese men are weak and easily intimidated.
raddar001 (3 months ago)
like bruce lee!
Raju Kumaran (3 months ago)
I have noticed, that given a choice, black men will marry anyone other than a black woman, black men don’t dig black women
hazman abral (4 months ago)
Black men have a big & power.......
raddar001 (3 months ago)
Ayuba John (4 months ago)
Nice one
The Fight (4 months ago)
Bcause Big Cock
samdee sam (4 months ago)
i hate black man...they are dirty
samdee sam I hate Pale Skin Chinese woman.....they look like dead body
The AJ harris (4 months ago)
Chinese are african.. Duh
The AJ harris (4 months ago)
Fushion Myst (4 months ago)
These chinese are real ugly comparing to other chinese I’ve seen
raddar001 (3 months ago)
no woman is ugly
MIKE MASON (4 months ago)
Good fight
Gregory Warren (4 months ago)
Chinese women marry black men because black men are blind and don't understand what he's doing cuz God tell you clearly at a Chinese a Arab or european or the rest of the nation besides that is real Nation or lock a drop falling out of a can on a pile of sand they are nothing so other words they know who you are that's why he marrying you
raddar001 (3 months ago)
go to school and learn english grammar
Joseph Cole (4 months ago)
brothers are getting snatched up by those chinese women !!!
raddar001 (3 months ago)
raddar001 (3 months ago)
so what!
Joseph Tv (4 months ago)
Any China single woman who is interested marry me she can add me on my FB wall account name Joseph Nduvu.
hi hi hi
Kuna Tham (4 months ago)
raddar001 (3 months ago)
you are speaking from personal experience
Nikola Romanos (4 months ago)
Reason is she needs huge black dick, Africans are ugly and scamers.
Hello MoTo (4 months ago)
Why? because Chinese men have the smallest dick and women want big black dick like a big snake going into a tight hole..
Gold Silver (4 months ago)
Their kids with an IQ of 80 won't do well in Chinese schools. I guess god is fair. An adult black is as smart as a 12 yrs old Chinese boy.
Sherri Solomon (4 months ago)
WOW! They sure far from skinny. Just a Black man's type.
Upasuhut Jurnal (4 months ago)
Part of LOVE. I think it's because black guys have bigger TORPEDO. HAHAHA
raddar001 (3 months ago)
why do you think that? are you speaking from personal experience?
raddar001 (3 months ago)
you are speaking from experience
Halimah Majied (4 months ago)
They are doing this to bye land in Africa
raddar001 (3 months ago)
so , whats wrong with that?
getatme boyboy (4 months ago)
It's simple. They're planning on taking over the African countries.
raddar001 (3 months ago)
better them that they take the african countries from the europeans
raddar001 (3 months ago)
well in this day and age if the african lets them take over so be it
spideken (4 months ago)
this man is so lucky to have her.. very beautiful chinese woman.. maybe the man has a lot of confident and maybe money thats why she marry him
raddar001 (3 months ago)
? what does it matter?
Stop making exaggerations. Other races marrying black people is exetremely rare!
Joaquim Gonsalves (4 months ago)
Because Chinese Woman love BIG DICKS thats why they Marry them. But they will not admit it. hahahahhahahhahaha
Paul Leow (4 months ago)
African men are big strong and friendly in every sense of the word. Mainland Chinese males should buck up and take up the challenge.
Shemuel Roget (4 months ago)
Indian women are cool. I dated 5 of them while in the military. I once dated a beautiful woman from Nepal. The most gorgeous women that I dated while overseas was a Russian and Chinese national. The Indian women living overseas are not that racist.
Sb Sb (4 months ago)
Cause black man so sweet
Khadija Abdalla (4 months ago)
Destiny. ...I love that
obrien (4 months ago)
I think this is a stupid interview. The one-child policy implemented in China over the years made Women geometrically more than men. In China, once a women get to the age of 30, she is considered as a leftover. China men are not confident enough to marry educated, independent, rich working-class women. Finding a husband in a Blackman is great for them. The reasons should be personal and not a world group discuss.
Rui Tamele (4 months ago)
This is a stupid question. If they do not married black people they are racist, if they do, black people ask why. This is so disruptive.
Adam Sahr (4 months ago)
Chinese women, like all other women, can marry any man, even a faggot, as long as he can provide security...
Murad Khan (4 months ago)
bcoz of big black anaconda
Harbi Subia (4 months ago)
Kind of this question is stupidity
raddar001 (3 months ago)
Y.C.O.D Blue Fin (4 months ago)
This is beautiful video!
Timoteo4 (4 months ago)
China has been making heavy moves into the African continent in terms of investment and building infrastructure. That might have something to do with why more Chinese women are being exposed to African men and vice versa.
Jack Mutindaz (4 months ago)
I am also looking for Chinese lady. Any interested hit me on here
kunsang552 (4 months ago)
Is that a trick question?.....why does anyone one marry anyone...could it be “love”....
raddar001 (3 months ago)
in the context that it is not a common everyday thing that most people see
Richard Crosby (4 months ago)
why would anyone white be concerned about this if you hate blacks, it doesn't concern you, unless your just here drinking hateraid. It's about blacks and Asians, if your white and you got so much negativity in your comments about it then your just butt hurt period. #trollalert #hatersgottohate
Michael Morris (4 months ago)
Damn that Canton girl is hardcore😐😐😐
km (4 months ago)
island women on the continent.
WODE MAYA (4 months ago)
nwaf alnwaf (4 months ago)
In my opinion, tell you why? both eat dogs meat.
nwaf alnwaf (4 months ago)
well some Nigerians and Chinese
tshireletso kholofelo (4 months ago)
nwaf alnwaf you are a fool dumb ass Africans don't eat dog idiot
Yass Friend (4 months ago)
BBC for starving China.
raddar001 (3 months ago)
china is not starving. richest country in the world
Moise Nash (4 months ago)
fyi, so called negroes and Africans are not the same ppl, your so called negroes Latinos and native Americans are the biblical Israelites!!!!
Victor Das (4 months ago)
Dennis Williams (4 months ago)
it does matter which race or culture one person's of different skin colour loves and respect each other that's a couple of key thing in a relationship. they can get married if they choose to.
Evangalist Ernie Ramos (4 months ago)
The Lord Jesus Christ is the King of Kings n Lord of Lords, Jesus said, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be damned...Mark 16-15-16... Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and baptized every one of you in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of Sins, and ye shall receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost....Acts 2: 38-39...You Don't Want To Go To HELL..."He that believeth on me "JESUS", as the scripture hath said, out of his Belly shall flow Rivers of Living waters...thats the..... "Joy of the Holy Ghost Fire".."And that Repentance and Remission of SINS should be preached in his Name among all Nations, Beginning at Jerusalem"Luke 24: 47... I am the Door, by me if any man enter in, he shall be Saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. The Thief cometh not, but for to Steal, and to Kill, and to Destroy; I am come that they might have Life, and that they might have it more Abundantly.I am the good Shepherd; the good Shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. John 10:9-11 Isaiah 40:11 Hebrews 13:20-21
Ernie Ramos (1 month ago)
+raddar001 you are right I don't have a opinion of my own... I believe the word of God is the truth in history in the present and in the future.... Heaven and Earth shall pass away but Jesus said my words will never pass away.... Your problem is you believe in a dead Faith experience you don't know the love of God... You need to be baptized in the wonderful sweet powerful Holy Name of Jesus Christ in order to be saved from this untoward generation... Repent of your sins iniquities drunkenness fornification and perversion repent in the name of Jesus Christ... Take that to the Grave, I hope you repent of all your Dirty Deeds and Iniquities.
raddar001 (3 months ago)
??why are you quoting scripture from something someone wrote thousands of years ago...have you no opinion of your own?
Sac Ing (4 months ago)
R they parents of girls who marry black men
raddar001 (3 months ago)
Manzambi Andrè (4 months ago)
Why do Chinese people have two names.
raddar001 (3 months ago)
most races have 2 names
Tamang Joti (4 months ago)
money money
Takunda Mupambo (4 months ago)
It's rare to see an attractive Chinese girl with a foreign lover
WODE MAYA (4 months ago)
Yishaii Dreamer (4 months ago)
the answer is: because she like rap and her fav. tv show is the kardashians.
raddar001 (3 months ago)
they are your favourites..go on , tell the truth
jesus7es7dios7 (4 months ago)
you will always have repulsive sexually profane people talking about sex and big body parts.... these are not just immature people, but quite perverse ....... they have nothing to say about sentiments.... imagine these are many of the types of people that roam the united states... and their kids behave the same way.... and they are at your jobs...... wherever you go you find them and they are full of what they talk about... the Bible says, "For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of"....
Roger Nguyen (4 months ago)
hanad gigis (4 months ago)
We.all humanbeing no one is better no one we bleed the same colour no one is perfect humans beings are human beings we need just love each other not hate each other when you hurt som one then you hurt your self tooo greet from the world

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