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Sexy Plus Size Clothing Haul!! (Cupshe, Amazon, Roswe, etc)

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Cupshe---Live Life On The Beach Shop Cupshe Official Website: https://goo.gl/6U2yYt (10% off $70 code: YTPinkMetalHead) Active from today until Jun 30 Products links: (all in size XL) black-lace-one-piece-swimsuit: https://goo.gl/GMoQX6 sweet-caramel-ruffles-one-piece-swimsuit: https://goo.gl/LHZEMM kokomo-crochet-trim-one-piece-swimsuit: https://goo.gl/yy8eUV lost-in-the-dream-high-waisted-bikini-set: https://goo.gl/5gJhXt black-and-white-stripe-one-piece-swimsuit: https://goo.gl/gP3sWZ My first Cupshe bikinis try on haul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFaFaB6hw-o&t=260s 1. Fashion Women Sexy Casual Plus Size Striped Long Sleeve Midriff T-shirt Crop Top https://www.kimcurvy.com/fashion-women-sexy-casual-plus-size-striped-long-sleeve-midriff-t-shirt-crop-top-p-19725.html 2. Fashion Women Ladies High Waist Denim Pants Leggings Oversize Plus Size Jeans https://www.kimcurvy.com/fashion-women-ladies-high-waist-denim-pants-leggings-oversize-plus-size-jeans-p-17217.html 3. Fashion Spring Summer Women’s Sexy Plus Size Floral Long Sleeve Deep Neck Dress https://www.kimcurvy.com/fashion-spring-summer-womens-sexy-plus-size-floral-long-sleeve-deep-neck-dress-p-23841.html 4. New Women's Sexy Lingerie Plus Size Long Sleeve Lace Tulle Sleepwear Teddy https://www.kimcurvy.com/new-womens-sexy-lingerie-plus-size-long-sleeve-lace-tulle-sleepwear-teddy-p-23899.html 5. Fashion Women’s Casual High Waist Plus Size Rainbow Striped Jogging Sport Pants https://www.kimcurvy.com/fashion-womens-casual-high-waist-plus-size-rainbow-striped-jogging-sport-pants-p-18765.html 6. Women’s Casual Close-fitting Lace Patchwork Leggings Pants Plus Size Oversize https://www.kimcurvy.com/womens-casual-close-fitting-lace-patchwork-leggings-pants-plus-size-oversize-p-17171.html 7. Zipper Front Top and High Waist Pants https://www.rosewe.com/zipper-front-top-and-high-waist-pants-g214134.html 8. Stripe Pattern Mock Neck Long Sleeve Sweater Dress https://www.rosewe.com/stripe-pattern-mock-neck-long-sleeve-sweater-dress-g213304.html 9.Black Three Quarter Sleeve V Neck Lace Dress https://www.rosewe.com/black-three-quarter-sleeve-v-neck-lace-dress-g198065.html
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Text Comments (343)
Rockinghorse Winner (5 hours ago)
I need a tissue....
AlienDude 30 (1 day ago)
Damn you are fine, i wanna take you to the mothership 😍
PhillipG34 (2 days ago)
Absolutely stunning! U are definitely wifey material Pink!
Terry Valdez (2 days ago)
Very sexy
Harold Ashley (3 days ago)
I think im in love.
Brian Williams (3 days ago)
Seriously, how many fellas have asked for your number after this, and can I be one of them, lol?
PinkMetalHead (1 day ago)
Brian Williams Haha 😅
Brian Williams (3 days ago)
Damn, girl. You rock that shit!
Matthew Fortuna (3 days ago)
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Matthew Fortuna (3 days ago)
My god the sexiness is overbearing
David Flores (4 days ago)
Mmmm. This Mexican man loves him some sexy chocolate. ..lol
Evan Pysher (4 days ago)
Looking sexy af
Red Rain (4 days ago)
Damn! Wasn't expecting this. Nice!
Mike (5 days ago)
Looking good🤘👍
Michael Wilson (6 days ago)
Great reactions and even better clothing haul. I've never been able to wear Chinese made clothes but you make them look GOOOOOOD. Keep up the great work! 🤘
rand0msan1ty (6 days ago)
Stunning... just beautiful. And the fact is, it wouldn't matter what you were wearing, nothing else is going to outshine that amazing smile you have :) Good for you !!
Bleah Bloobly (7 days ago)
I'd call it a, "Ridiculously beautiful girl clothing haul." Goddamn whoever your man is is a lucky mofo.
PinkMetalHead (6 days ago)
Bleah Bloobly Aww Thank you ❤️
77 Stryker Rider 77 (7 days ago)
You are a very beautiful girl.
PinkMetalHead (6 days ago)
77 Stryker Rider 77 thank you ❤️
Paul d (8 days ago)
No girl. I have. 22 year old daughter. No. Men are creeps... I was one years ago. Keep the clothes on and review rock. If men old enough to be your dad compliment your body.. they are creeps. Fact. I’m as man as they. One but I draw a line at girls young enough to be my daughter
headybud (8 days ago)
God damn
Mario Pantoja (8 days ago)
The swimsuit destroyed me.♥️👀
rickyricardo430 (9 days ago)
PinkMetalHead (6 days ago)
rickyricardo430 thank you!
Damn 😈
Sancho Lōw Era (10 days ago)
Lord... Or Whoever, Whatever.... Hear My Plea.... Deliver Unto Me A Sexy, Thick, Smart Woman Like Her. 🙌
Salvatore Peritore (11 days ago)
Absolutely gorgeous 😍😍😍
AdraTheMetalOutlaw (11 days ago)
Your a beautiful human Pink. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us.
Nanotick1 (11 days ago)
I gave you a big thumb up 'cause you gave me a big....
PinkMetalHead (6 days ago)
Nanotick1 Haha
Shannon White (12 days ago)
You are a beauty
Chaz Lazer Falcon (13 days ago)
Oooooo darling <3 Let me take you out for the primeiest steak and show you off down Park Ave <3
PinkMetalHead (6 days ago)
Chaz Lazer Falcon Haha ❤️
Tattooed Dragon (13 days ago)
Confidence and beauty wrapped up in a smile.
Steveo Gregg (13 days ago)
If you can make that coat look good. You can make anything look good.
Steveo Gregg (13 days ago)
Amalia Grassi (13 days ago)
Oh god, when will designers get real and stop calling sizes 'plus size.' They're just a size. We don't need that stupid label. As always you look fantastic.
Jim Piper (13 days ago)
Daaaaaaaaang! 8^()....... Spectacular!
gabriel venegas (13 days ago)
New subscriber.Do a bikini try on haul.
Irving Brownstone (13 days ago)
Daaang girl! I knew you had a beautiful face and great taste in music, but you also have a super sexy body! I love gorgeous, thick women, and you're basically the definition of that. If you have a man, he's lucky as hell, because you're obviously super pretty, you've got a bangin' body, and to top it off, you're sweet, you're smart, and you're into badass music. Oh, and you had the same exact reaction as I had to my favorite song in the world, aka, the Live/Unplugged version of "Nutshell" by Alice in Chains! Anyhow, thanks for all your reaction videos--I really enjoy them--and while I wasn't expecting to see a beautiful woman trying on sexy clothes, well, thanks for that, too, and in general, just keep doing your thing, girl!
Irving Brownstone (5 days ago)
+PinkMetalHead You are very welcome! And thank you!
PinkMetalHead (6 days ago)
Irving Brownstone Thank you so much ❤️
The humor 😂 "...and he finds out you don't even have Netfix" "What in the Keanu Reeves..." 😂
2:35 best one yet
1:19-1:32 I respect the hell out of the honesty tho 😂 Most bikini haul channels...the chicks won't admit they try on bikinis for the dudes to get views lol It's like...we all know what's going on, it's okay to admit it 🤣
In the wise words of Meghan Trainor: "Boys like a little more booty to hold at night..."
living_dead_guy_222 (13 days ago)
You just made me love your channel 100% more, good lord in heaven you're freakin gorgeous. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
bigmike8997 (14 days ago)
Dang girl ur so cute I jus don't know what to do with myself gettin cutter cuter everyday heck you can even do ugh side show or somethin and do good in it and or start up this series as your base of goddess sytle-/way bein yourself by yourself like no other and these vids i think will be and can be your base combined with serious hardcore metal stuff things reactions whatever I know it is so jus keep keppin and let it contiune don't stop never ever give up with determination no matter what your ugh cute goddess and these are good and you jus keep gettin gooder better everyday and cut(t)er everyday
VanillaCakez (15 days ago)
Why must you turn me on so much?
McLovin it (15 days ago)
😍😍😍😍 im in love. I need a girl who like metal ,but where 🤔🌎
Glenn McBurney (15 days ago)
Beautiful hon 😍
Glenn McBurney (15 days ago)
Damn girl 😍 proof that beautiful comes in all shapes 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 do love me some thickumz
Amex Black (15 days ago)
you are so cute :)
You know why I’m here
Tormund (16 days ago)
John Doe (16 days ago)
Now this is a REAL woman!!
Carlos Garza (17 days ago)
You have a great body do more videos and your boyfriend is lucky to have you
Brandon Lay (17 days ago)
Thank You. ....Wow. You should react in this attire lol ..kudos. more woman need to be comfortable with there size ... thick or skinny, tall or short.
Nick Langille (17 days ago)
Like the orange
Nick Langille (17 days ago)
Looks great on you
Nick Langille (17 days ago)
Love that green
Nick Langille (17 days ago)
You need a better boyfriend girl
Nick Langille (17 days ago)
Your gorgeous any wayz
PinkMetalHead (6 days ago)
Nick Langille Thank you ❤️
justin nance (18 days ago)
Here come the thirsty niggas... Lol
Joran Moore (18 days ago)
The people who hit dislike don't even like gorgeous, curvy women. Or metal.
Steveo Gregg (13 days ago)
Yeah wtf. She's GORGEOUS
Fabian North (19 days ago)
Hey, I'm still waiting for that twerk to "Walk" lol remember?
PinkMetalHead (15 days ago)
Fabian North Haha yes I remember 😂
Chris C (19 days ago)
well, not the normal reaction vid i watch, but damn...its about time someone with confidence and beauty like yourself showed off what u have, in a tasteful way. you have the curves, some of those outfits fit perfectly too. i imagine 99% of men love them on you. so any haters will be bitchy women, or blind men. well done :)
Alcohalligan (20 days ago)
I like these videos you do the best. Cuz plus size is best size and you have me obsessed with sweater dresses too
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
Night baby
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
Boo we need to get together.
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
Goodnight beautiful boo;)
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
Fuck white girls or Mexicans and asians. Once you go black you never go back:) this white boy loves his black girls
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
Yes baby you are rocking that body.
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
Omg that ass;)
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
Ok shit I just nutted
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
Off course I love asses ;)
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
Baby I love all your vids
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
Baby you rock
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
Omg that ass. You know I love it
funyun maker (20 days ago)
😍👅❤ and your into metal I think I'm in love
Armon Conley (20 days ago)
Beautiful melanin
Armando Suarez (21 days ago)
Woow ¡¡¡ Apart You Are Beautiful And Intelligent You Are Rocker I Send You Regards And My Respects From Monterrey Mexico ¡¡¡¡
Johnny Ram (21 days ago)
I first found u on that AIC nutshell reaction video n just loved ur personality ...seen all ur other ones after that..but this one..WOW! U are gorgeous..n u know how to dress to compliment ur figure.. If u have a man he better appreciate u cuz ur a dime
SCOOBYDO (21 days ago)
I would love to photograph you and I don't mean that in a sexual way, your face and eyes are amazing.............................the rest ain't bad either ;-)
Jason Atkins (21 days ago)
She makes my eyes smile...👀
Harry Hastings (21 days ago)
you are a very beautiful woman!!!
dadonigian (21 days ago)
you could wear a potato sack and still look beautiful , with those eyes and that smile and that body DAMN!!!!
PinkMetalHead (20 days ago)
dadonigian aww thank u
Happylee (21 days ago)
oh mama! So damn sexy @5:05 very sexy you are exactly like my ex, she always said that plus sized womans clothing always seemed like it was designed by someone who has never been a plus size woman. And i always felt empathy and a little sad that she could never find something cute and how you are describing. I am glad you have found something that you like AND look good in :)
Dre (21 days ago)
Only real ones would know this but Rico Strong would take GOOD care of this thickums ;)
Greg Johnson (22 days ago)
William gonçalves (22 days ago)
Que linda!
greg bennett (23 days ago)
OMGosh! The forest green at 4:00 was absolutely amazing on you. Had to back it up twice ☺️
Chris C (19 days ago)
only twice? pfft :)
ron blessed (23 days ago)
I'd love to take you out for dinner...
Tony tha tiger Hill (24 days ago)
Omg boo you made me nut again:)😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Steven Ries (24 days ago)
The black and white one....very very nice..:)
vlamaestraIII (24 days ago)
Beautiful in and out.!!
Ethan M. (24 days ago)
Tony tha tiger Hill (24 days ago)
How about a thong or g string oneday:) I'll be watching.
Tony tha tiger Hill (24 days ago)
Swimsuit please vid. You keep us guys happy girl. Love ya
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
I done got you a diamond ring.;)
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
Mmmmmm I'm hungry
Tony tha tiger Hill (20 days ago)
Please baby
Tony tha tiger Hill (24 days ago)
Damn baby that sexy body and that ass. I want lick that booty and everything else:) please more bikini vids pink. I'm in love.
Tony tha tiger Hill (24 days ago)
Damn boo you got me rock hard. Hotttttt baby
ctguitarguy (24 days ago)
The bigger the cushion the sweeter the pushin.
John Mills (24 days ago)
So beautiful!
nicolas (24 days ago)
youare pretty... good choice for the clothes ....
PinkMetalHead (24 days ago)
Thank u
Chris Nelson (24 days ago)
As beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Keep rocking out
PinkMetalHead (24 days ago)
Thanks Chris!
Paul Doerwang (24 days ago)
WOW! You Rock that wardrobe!
PinkMetalHead (24 days ago)
Thanks Paul!
josh staley (24 days ago)
Baby you are so Beautiful. Come be my lady😘😘😘
Adrian Carrick (24 days ago)
Omg , is it hot in here or is it just me....
Pidur Rincewind (24 days ago)
WOW! Lady you are so pretty as a 🌹.
PinkMetalHead (24 days ago)
Aww thank u <3

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