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CHISINAU, MOLDOVA - Chisinau often has the reputation of being the most boring city in Europe - as always I like to go against the grain and prove that it isn't! Where is Moldova? It's a country (former Soviet Republic) between Ukraine and Romania - the official language is Romanian. Chisinau is a small city (formerly Kishinev prior to the break up of the Soviet Union) part of the region formerly known as Moldavia. It's full of cool Soviet Architecture! Check out the Triumphal Arch, Cathedrals, Parliament Building and many Orthadox churches, as well as typical plain and grey soviet buildings! And of course, do not forget Moldovan Wine! Thanks for Watching! 🔴INFO - PLAYLISTS🔴 🔹Check out my Mexico Playlist including videos from Teotihuacan, Chichen Itza, Isla Holbox and so many areas of Mexico City! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoj_p-4xXUCsAW2ZG5Up3iwdsFzMYYgMi Thanks for Watching! The aim of The Tao of David (formerly First World Traveller) is to provide an honest (sometimes brutally honest) take on the Travel and Digital Nomad world which is often missing from Travel YouTube channels. I provide useful information on Long Term Travel, Solo Travel, Digital Nomad Life, Things to Do, City Basics and finally to be a role model for anyone looking to pursue a similar life, devoid of society's expectations! 🔹Don't forget to like my Instagram at the link below. Check out my Instagram - tao.of.david or https://www.instagram.com/tao.of.david/ 🔹Thankyou to my Patrons Hidhir, Tim, Cynthie, Kieran, Ian, Laura, Eva, George, Shirley, Tracy, Daniel, Luis, David & Ken for supporting me on my journey. 🔹If you would like to become a Patron, check out the link below - https://www.patreon.com/Firstworldtraveller 🔹You can also donate via Paypal - https://paypal.me/pools/campaign/110101740036663020 💲💲SAVE MONEY!💲💲 🔶Get £25GBP off your first stay with Airbnb! - http://www.airbnb.com/c/davido7156 🔶Get £15GBP off your first Booking.com booking - https://booking.com/s/1c182e16 🔶Get $10 credit towards your first Italki lesson! - http://go.italki.com/firstworldtraveller Thanks for Watching! 🔹What do I film with? Samsung J7 Nero Osmo Mobile 1 Stabilizer Wondershare Filmora Remember to like, leave a comment, share on your social media and it would be great if you could subscribe! Hit the little bell to get a notification on your phone when I upload a new video! Thankyou! 😎Business e-mail - For Accommodation Reviews, Product Reviews, Sponsored Videos, Tour Company Reviews, Collaborations and more please contact me at [email protected] MUSIC - "Close to You" courtesy of Carpenters "Round Round" courtesy of Sugababes "Hey Mamma" courtesy of Sunstroke Project #thetaoofdavid #travelvlog #travelguide #backpacker #longtermtravel #digitalnomad #mexicotravelguide #japantravelguide #onlineenglishteaching -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "🇲🇽A FOREIGNER ALONE in TEPITO - SURVIVING MEXICO CITY'S Most DANGEROUS NEIGHBOURHOOD" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_qxIycvG5w -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (405)
Ari's Gaming. (2 days ago)
At first i felt bad that im Moldovean.....NOW IM SO PROUD THAT IM MOLDOVEAN 😀🇲🇩
Troll Face (29 days ago)
don't know about the most boring city in the world, this skank is the most annoying TWAT in the world ! Stop trying to be funny, and injecting your annoying 'personality'. no one wants to see your ugly face,
The Tao of David (27 days ago)
Just checking my spam comments (you know, when bizarrely angry people leave abusive comments to alleviate their own self hatred and jealousy that go straight to my spam box and no one reads but me). I can imagine you sitting there right now, probably boiling with rage that no one likes you, you have no girlfriend and no prospects, so you just troll people's videos. You might think that abuse would have a negative effect on me, but it's laughable, or fucking laughable if I were to use your colourful language. My advice to you would be to question you attitude and life choices going forward x Thanks for making me laugh troll face xxx
CRIS /34 (1 month ago)
Moldova should be part of Romania. They are literally the same people, they share the same language, ethnicity, religion, and they share a similar flag. Moldova would be better off being a part of Romania. I don't get why Moldovans don't want reunification, they were one country until the USSR came.
Vanya004 (30 days ago)
Austria and Germany also have similar roots, does not mean the people have the same MENTALITY, you can not be one sided here and force people to join you...
Unicorn Plays (1 month ago)
Moldova is not boring just because it's small this does not matter it's borig
Maricica Boaghi (1 month ago)
Lumeee, citiți atent titlul și priviți video până la capăt. Din cauza neatenției voastre și răutății, autorul chiar dacă are o părere pozitivă despre Moldova, își va schimba opinia din cauza oamenilor netoleranți, răutăcioși și care sar înaintea căruței. El cred că nici nu mai vrea sa vină în Moldova din cauza oamenilor căscați. Înțelegeți, vă rog corect, totuși este imaginea noastră ca țară și ca popor...mai ales că el a fost nici măcar ironic, doar a parafrazat. Haideți sa le demonstrăm că totuși suntem oameni faini, pentru că într-adevăr suntem. ^^
Roman Ginga (2 months ago)
I hate to hear that moldova is romania.Moldova is moldova not romania.In moldova all the people speak russian
Vanya004 (2 months ago)
82% speak Romanian, the rest 18% speak Russian...
Account Abandoned (3 months ago)
"Nothing to do - all old buildings" That sums up almost the entire country of France.
Speedster (3 months ago)
Boring? When there's DRIFT CARS DRIFTING AROUND???
Speedster (3 months ago)
Hahaha😁😂👍 - would love to go to Chişinău some day !
The Tao of David (3 months ago)
Exactly! That's what I was getting at mate, DRIFT CARS ARE CRAZY EXCITING! Not many people understand my irony!
Carter Richardson (3 months ago)
This guy Is talking too loud In a country that Doesn't speak his language.
The Tao of David (3 months ago)
This guy fails to see how that's relevant!
Vanguard (3 months ago)
Love the sugababes great vid
The Tao of David (3 months ago)
lol classic, sugababes are the best! Keisha watched my Insta story the other day!
Aoife Byrne (3 months ago)
This guy did not plan any of the video
The Tao of David (3 months ago)
'This guy' can read your comments. Of course it's not planned, it's not meant to be, so I'm glad you noticed x
FreeSpaceChannel (3 months ago)
Moldovans are the most confused people in the world. They don't know who they are and what language they speak. When a nation faces this identity crisis, how can they unite and build a strong country? The communist propaganda and brainwashing was strong in this region. Moldovans have an unexplained hate for Romania but that doesn't stop them to eagerly apply for the Romanian citizenship and for maternity alimony and other benefits from the Romanian government. They eagerly apply for the romanian schools/universities and the free college housing. The hypocrisy level is insane. Moldovans are people with no pride, they let the government steal every dime from them, they are sheep and blindly follow everything. They never try to better themselves or the country, the living conditions. They encourage cheating in school exams, they pay their exams in universities. Corruption is at home there. All they do is work abroad, benefit from the foreign country economy WHILE criticizing that same country and claiming that Moldova is a better country. If you go to Moldova you can see the living conditions in the rural areas : horrible. Why? Because some corrupt party bought their votes with 2 kgs of sugar and flour. The only people who live well in Moldova are government families, who steal from the sheep, and corrupt people who own all kind of shady businesses, corrupt professors and doctors.
Vanya004 (3 months ago)
Suna frumos, insa e cam greu de obtinut un trai decent cand Romania si Rusia dezbina si divizeaza societate in diferite categorii, nu poti construi un stat functional in asemenea conditii, doar prin schimbarea radicala a relatiilor internationale putem obtine o viziune clara a viitorului acestui "stat", daca vom reusi sa formam din Moldova un punct important de tranzit international, atunci succesul e de partea noastra... o tara mica ca Moldova poate sa se inbogateasca instantaneu, daca ne uitam la Elvetia, Austria, Israel, Qatar sunt foarte multe exemple de urmat si pentru noi.
FreeSpaceChannel (3 months ago)
+Vanya004 Bine, asta deja suna a science fiction. Eu cred ca imbunatatirea nivelului de trai al populatiei se poate face si fara roboti si cloni, sau punti intre imperii. Daca noi ca stat suveran si independent nu suntem capabili sa oferim un salariu si o pensie satisfacatoare oamenilor, un trai cat de cat decent, atunci degeaba mai existam.
Vanya004 (3 months ago)
daca e sa vorbim de artificial, atunci intreaga economie globala e artificiala... intreaga sistema va trebui schimbata cand robotii vor inlocui tot mai multa forta de munca, atunci treptat va trebui aprobata o economie bazata pe resurse, cu totii stim ca Rusia e bogata in resurse (aprox. 30% din intreaga lume) alaturi de China, (care apropo incearca sa cumpere intregul continent african) care de asemenea e foarte bogat in resurse, noi ne aflam la mijloc intre doua puteri imperiale, trebuie sa jucam acest joc "ba cu estul, ba cu vestul" pana cand se va determina invingatorul... sau Moldova va deveni o punte, un hub international de business, atunci se va moderniza intr-un ritm foarte rapid, trebuie sa ne uitam la intreaga imagine...
FreeSpaceChannel (3 months ago)
+Vanya004Vanya, te rog frumos, amageste-te cat vrei, dar realitatea tot asta ramane. Moldova se duce de rapa, cu sau fara criminalitate. Cum adica nu exista criminalitate cand toti hotii si coruptii conduc tara, iar toti moldovenii tac si accepta ca niste oi. Ce s-a facut cand s-a furat miliardul? Nimic, moldovenii sunt oameni pasnici si "lasa, mai rau sa nu fie". Fa o vizita prin sate, sa vezu cum traiesc pensionarii cu 500 de lei, fara apa sau veceu, fara incalzire in case, taie lemne si fac focul la 70 de ani. De aia si sunt pasnici, pt ca li se da 1 kg de zahar si voteaza, de foame si saracie. Nu e cazul sa ne mandrim acum, ci sa actionam, sa schimbam viata pt oameni macar putin, pt batraneii nostri de prin sate. Nu compara Vestul cu Moldova, pt ca jumatate de Moldova aduce bani in tara din Vestul cela pe care tu il critici fara rusine. Moldova e o tara parazita, chiar nu intelegi? Noi lucram prin alte tari si trimitem toti banii in Moldova, ca sa sustinem aceasta economie artificiala. Ce traditii avem noi? Craciun si Anul nou de doua ori pe an? Betie pana la coma? Si suntem noi vinovati, pentru ca nu stim sa gandim/analizam/votam! Noi ne mandrim cu valori imaginare, iar restul fura si vand tara in ziua mare, stii vorba aia : "casa arde, dar baba se piaptana". Dar asa e la noi, fudulie goala, tipic moldovenesc.
Vanya004 (3 months ago)
Bunch of nonsense, at least they're welcoming and hospitable, the crime rate is much lower than in US for example, just because they are calm/peaceful doesn't mean they are "sheep"... if that's so, then today's system has failed big time, we should teach humans how to be human again, where is the so called humanity traits in the "civilized world" the compassion, respect, tradition, hospitality, mystery... all of this is gone in the west, only greed and materialism is thriving over there, a bunch of wage slaves to big corporations, now that's pathetic.
Adi Vlas (4 months ago)
I live in Chisinău and i love it
Pokymonn (4 months ago)
You've got people a bit confused with the title, don't see why though, but the video itself is great. Cheers, mate
Jake Dean (2 months ago)
Pokymonn Some people don't know what a question mark is for.
The Tao of David (4 months ago)
Lol the confusion is hilarious! Thanks!
John G (4 months ago)
Republic of Moldova not Moldova. Just Moldova is something else.
Christopher Bayne (4 months ago)
If its a city, shouldn't there be people walking around? Almost seems like a ghost town. The country itself seems very pretty though.
The Tao of David (4 months ago)
I think this was a sunday morning so it was pretty quiet
thanos chatz (4 months ago)
I've been in Moldova filming for a week, its great to see the city again through your lens! feel free to check out my Moldova Vlog too :) https://youtu.be/6amo21tlVag
Moz (5 months ago)
Hey, I see you credited the music on your video in the description, but seems to have removed it. What is the reason for the removal? Nice video.
Moz (4 months ago)
Oh, got it now. Thanks so much for the info. I've learnt a lot from your feedback.
The Tao of David (4 months ago)
+Moz when you get the copyright claim it gives you the option of removing it
Moz (4 months ago)
Oh, wow, that's crazy. So anyway how do you remove audio after you already uploaded the video? How did you do the post edit?
The Tao of David (4 months ago)
+Moz i've used the same song throughout a video with bursts of 29 seconds each, but it's not an official 'fair use policy', with some music ive had a copyright claim for 1 second!
Moz (4 months ago)
Oh, that's good to know. So does that mean I can use a mix of copyrighted music of not more than 29 seconds long each?
Vadim Malisev (5 months ago)
Aller aussi voir ma vidéo sur la Moldavie 😉https://youtu.be/ikJ_bloPS5s
Viral (5 months ago)
Cheeky fucker ))) I am from Moldova
The Tao of David (5 months ago)
I love moldova! Really want to come back! You watched the video right?
bae yuri (5 months ago)
Thank you for coming to our country! I hope you had a nice stay. I see so many uneducated people , from my country, in the comments section, it honestly makes me cringe. Please do not pay much attention to them! And yes, Romanian is our official language, all the russian speakers came here during the soviet union and now act as if we were part of Russia all along. If y'all love speaking russian so much, why don't you go to Russia? And for those who claim we speak moldovian, y'all just dumb peasants from a shithole village (probably Orhei) .
The Tao of David (5 months ago)
haha thanks! it does make me laugh that people don't even understand the title and don't even watch the video before bombarding me with a poorly spelt homophobic comment, it's hilarious!
Sterian Burghelea (5 months ago)
Moldova is Romania.
Jake Dean (2 months ago)
Sterian Burghelea Don't think do, it's is own country? Moldavia is a province in Romania though.
Daniela Cernit (6 months ago)
You should change the title because it's misleading
Jake Dean (2 months ago)
Daniela Cernit Retard alert.
The Tao of David (6 months ago)
Daniela Cernit how? I am asking the question "is moldova the most boring country in europe?". Emphasis on the question mark. The video then highlights that it is not. Please explain how it is misleading instead of just leaving retarded comments without anything to back them up
kitisabuebos (6 months ago)
Boring your fucking mother.... stay inside your fucking country you idiot...... ,😡😠😡😠
The Tao of David (5 months ago)
Excuse me? When did I say it was boring? Watch the video you fucking idiot
tadic nebojsa (6 months ago)
... i ovde svadja kao kod srba i hrvata
Juan2003gtr (6 months ago)
Hey dude...you are being very rude...we welcomed you in Moldova and you insult us with calling us boring?...Go fuck yourself dude!!
The Tao of David (6 months ago)
what are you talking about? At no point did I say Moldova is boring. Didn't I block you before? I'm glad you are so obsessed with me you feel the need to come back on a different account!
Patricia Ungurean (6 months ago)
Dude. Thats just rude. Im from moldova and its not boring. Iys acc so much fun. U only stayed in the capital city . If u go to the villages and stuff its so much fun especially if u have family there. And its the same as other countrys
Reghina Dirtu (6 months ago)
Patricia Ungurean ____Yah he should have visited Orheiul Vechi its very pretty and im from Moldova too.
The Tao of David (6 months ago)
what's rude? I never said Moldova was boring. The video is extremely positive. Read the title again, there's a question mark, ie I'm disproving the common opinion that Moldova is boring when it isn't. Do you not have indirect speech and irony where you're from? lol
Ianis Birliba (7 months ago)
Boring is is a term that's very relative to each individual, if you live in bigger cities in western Europe or anywhere else around the world and you come to Chisinau, then I will agree with you it is boring. There are a few things to do in town but as someone that grew up and lived in Chisinau you really don't need more than 3 to 5 days and 5 days is still a lot in City
Anastasia (7 months ago)
It’s definitely not boring i wish i could move there
Anastasia (6 months ago)
The Tao of David (6 months ago)
Anastasia awesome! I'll be back in Europe later this year so you may have convinced me to revisit Moldova! Have a great time!
Anastasia (6 months ago)
You should there are interesting villages to visit i’m going next month i’m too excited😆
The Tao of David (7 months ago)
yeah i would love to go back and spend longer there, maybe head out of chisinau
Daniel Cuce (7 months ago)
Porco diooo
Andrei Tudor (8 months ago)
How is gay night life there ? Positive experiences ?
The Tao of David (8 months ago)
Andrei Tudor that probably explains all the death threats I get in the comments LOL
Andrei Tudor (8 months ago)
Just kidding, I wouldn't suggest talking about this subject in that area of the world...
The Tao of David (8 months ago)
No idea I'm afraid, I was only there a couple of days sorry
Gabor B (8 months ago)
My Chisinau video is from a rooftop.
Gabor B (8 months ago)
Sorry, I meant my video, not yours. I think I filmed it from a taller building.
The Tao of David (8 months ago)
to be more specific, just the ending is, which I explained the reason for in the video
Ray Charlestone (9 months ago)
Well winter in Chisinau suks ass ,remaind you, of URSS era
Ray Charlestone (9 months ago)
Dont smokd the contraband tigars ,becouse ar made with Cernobãl tabaco,and smoking a few tigars ,you will get the best lungh cancer ,you will ever have😂😂
Kaiser Wilhelm II (9 months ago)
It's indeed very boring,but we the romanian people considered that Jassy (Iaşi) is the capital of Moldova because Moldova is a sovereign country as well as a province of Romania. By the way,Iaşi is way more cool.
Reghina Dirtu (6 months ago)
Its not boring....and you Romanian snob you only care about what Romanians have to give. Moldova and Romania are pretty much the same. What happened with it when Moldova became its own country happened a long time ago so GET OVER IT! And stop saying this is Romanian land because clearly the name of the country is MOLDOVA
Tamir Aronovitch (9 months ago)
So sad we can't hear the music i love this song so much
The Tao of David (9 months ago)
Tamir Aronovitch yep it was originally on the video but about 2 months later I got a copyright claim so had to delete it...sorry!
Supreme 12191 (9 months ago)
One day It will rise
Supreme 12191 (9 months ago)
No it's not
TonyTonyG (9 months ago)
I'm a Brit who lived in Chisinau for 3 years. It's not the most interesting capital city in Europe, but it's a long way from being the worst. While i don't miss the city that much, I do miss the people that I met and the friends that I made. Tara minunilor!
TonyTonyG (7 months ago)
Robert, I don't know if you would be interested, but I keep my own travel blog, and I have just started writing about my time in Moldova there, including being illegal and how I escaped the country several times. https://megliovivere.com/2018/06/06/2016-as-an-illegal-immigrant/ . To the guy who posted this video. I hope it's okay for me to put this link here. If not, let me know and I can remove it and send it in a PM instead.
Robert ! (8 months ago)
TonyTonyG All that would happen is if you overstayed if your EU or US citizen is a fine of a few hundred dollars and you would have a few days to leave you couldn't return for 6 months. No a big deal!Anyway,all you do is go and get a new fresh passport they wouldn't know.I have known a few people who have done this.I don't know if they have updated there computers and information sharing but 10 years ago information from different departments in Moldova was not good.
Robert ! (8 months ago)
TonyTonyG Also Ukraine is now very intolerant of Transnistia because of a pro Western governments coming to power and the fighting in Eastern Ukraine,not forgetting the annexation of Crimea.So when i was first there Ukraine didn't really care who was who but now they may send you back if they inspect passports property and see no Moldovan exit stamp.
Robert ! (8 months ago)
TonyTonyG The only problem with using Transnistia to get round over staying is you have to get an exit stamp first then go back into Moldova if you want stay longer than 90 days:)Then leave through Transnistia.If you over stay and go out through Transnistia without Moldovan exit stamp,you may be refused entry to Moldova by land and air through official immigration points for up to 5 years.
Robert ! (8 months ago)
TonyTonyG Well i understand what you mean about using Transnistia as a way round over staying your visa:)Is useful.I registered a company there and as long as you pay certain fees and taxes you will be issued with a green little plastic resident card every 12 months.So you can enter and exit stay as long as like as long as you renew it in time.I had a good lawyer with good contacts so anything was possible,if you see what i mean:) You don't have to trade after you register a company just make the right payments:)If you marry a Moldovan it's even easier.All is needed is a certificate from your country saying your not legally married and a criminal record report.Minor offences are ok. Then you will receive a larger yellow plastic permanent resistance card. As for Transnistia,yes has been described as an open air museum to the former Soviet Union.Not as bad as 10 years ago but still has some of that feeling about it.Strange thing is Transnistia is half of Moldova economy.I personally liked being in Transnistia and there is things to do eating out and good night live in Tiraspol.
andreikilla (9 months ago)
only boring is you got get robbed
Daniel Bergqvist (9 months ago)
At 2:17 the girl to the left carried a gun in her hand and looked like she was gonna shoot you ! Not so boring city !
Armin Slisans (4 days ago)
Sasha 13 (10 months ago)
it is not boring bitch im from Moldova
The Tao of David (10 months ago)
Sasha 13 I never said it was boring. Watch the goddamn video u idiot and you'll see it's a positive video about Chisinau
Balint vaness (10 months ago)
I'm from Romania (: but still I think Moldova is kinda boring (not to be rude)
The Tao of David (10 months ago)
Balint vaness Hey, I have some Romanian friends who have told me alot about your country, I definately want to come when I'm back in Europe!
ukrop123 (10 months ago)
So you told us that Chisinau is not as boring as people say, yet all you can show us is a Gopnik racing his car down the street? :)
no ideas for a name. (10 months ago)
First World Traveller You can't argue with that. YouTube's algorithm is unpredictable. And I think I might check them out, thank you, but, after I search more stuff about this country in particular .. Overall nice video. Good Luck visiting more countries.
The Tao of David (10 months ago)
no ideas for a name. Unfortunately I have no control over Google and YouTube search rankings. My Japan ones are more informative
no ideas for a name. (10 months ago)
First World Traveller Well, I got what you mean. But if you could, please get me as well: I searched the capital of my country and the top video on YouTube is yours. Kind of expected a really informative video about the country which would intrigue most of the people curious about it. But your situation is understandable. Well, hoped you liked it even if you stayed so little.
The Tao of David (10 months ago)
no ideas for a name. If you read the comments you'll see I was only there for 1 day on the way to italy
no ideas for a name. (10 months ago)
Yeah well what is interesting for you? We had mass protests, festivals, marathons, artist performances, also if you'd actually be interested you could search a lot. But I admit that he didn't quite cover the little amazing things that are there ...
The Tao of David (11 months ago)
I am going to explain this ONE LAST TIME after responding to MANY abusive and unintelligent comments from people who haven't even watched the video. The title is Chisinau - the most boring city in Europe? EMPHASIS ON THE QUESTION MARK. Many people 'believe' that it is in fact boring. HOWEVER, you will see from watching the first 20 seconds of the video that it is clearly not, and my opinion of Chisinau was completely positive. So, before you feel the need to write a poorly spelt, abusive comment, I suggest you engage your brain and actually watch the video first. Thankyou
Winchestah (15 days ago)
It looks boring. I just skimmed the video and I can't tell what's supposed to be interesting. All the grey?
Jake Dean (2 months ago)
The Tao of David Lots of retards on the internet. Wish they could be banned.
Alex Flora (3 months ago)
+D R L fuck you shit
D R L (3 months ago)
But u r wright! It fucking is!!!
Anant Abhyankar (4 months ago)
Why can't you just change the title
OMGodVideos (11 months ago)
cheap sex? here we go!! 😃😃😂😁
Дичь ТВ (11 months ago)
Gabriel RK (8 months ago)
Rusnac prost
Gabriel Ivan (11 months ago)
Moldova isn’t booring! Also Moldova is Romanian land!
Gabriel Ivan (25 days ago)
Timurlane100 sa mori tu ca esti roman si mai lasat sa ma chinui in Engleza :)))
Timurlane100 (25 days ago)
+Gabriel Ivan - La revedere.
Gabriel Ivan (25 days ago)
+Timurlane100 aham.. Good bye
Timurlane100 (25 days ago)
+Gabriel Ivan - That participation trophy doesn't mean you're competent in mathematics, Gabe. The numbers I gave came from reliable sources; yours came straight out of your ass.
Gabriel Ivan (25 days ago)
+Timurlane100 mathematics is my best ability. So you say 11% I say 40% because I was there. I know people and I know their wishes. The Republic of Moldova has 900 mayors included Transnistria. 200 of them vote a unification act. It's a symbolical act but is reflecting their wish
Glamfam 401 (11 months ago)
The Tao of David (11 months ago)
Carina Balanuta then you can clearly see my opinion was that it is NOT boring
Glamfam 401 (11 months ago)
I am from moldova but you can’t just say it is boring because Moldova is a poor country and they can’t improve
Reghina Dirtu (6 months ago)
Carina Balanuta _____Im from Moldova and its not that poor and he only stayed in the capital....there are many pretty and fun things to do he just didnt do them
The Tao of David (11 months ago)
Carina Balanuta who's saying it's boring? Did you actually watch the video?
petru grati (11 months ago)
I go to a school called Spiru Haret that's just between everything u saw. Some things are cool but the population is retarded. I hope you tried Mamaliga.
rada ursu (1 year ago)
Did you do the whole trip alone?? You should've asked some Moldovans around you to show you how to party Moldovan style!! :D
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
rada ursu hehe I was just stopping over between Ukraine and Italy. Next time!
Проклятый город Кишинёв! Тебя ругать стиль утомится. Когда-нибудь на порочный кров Твоих запачканных домов Небесный грохот естественно грянет, И — не найду твоих следов!
Stefan Botezatorul (10 months ago)
Русский Человек Ты педрила совершенно охуевшии, приходи в Молдове москаль ебаныи
Sinan Mitria (1 year ago)
Hou Moldova îs bune You ediece
Sarah Solomon (1 year ago)
i love romania (been twice) but from this video you've just proved to me that moldova is extremely boring lol
Reghina Dirtu (6 months ago)
Sarah Solomon _____No its not he only stayed in ths capital but there are lots of pretty and fun places like for example ine of them is Orheiul vechi...so dont say something is boring if you havent experienced it yoursels
Vitaly V (1 year ago)
e mai frumos Chisinaul ca Iasiul?
Vanya004 (5 months ago)
acum se modernizeaza foarte rapid, in opinia mea as spune ca e mai frumos, are mai multe parcuri, si in general e mult mai verde respectiv aerul e mai curat...
iulia gri (6 months ago)
Oricand (7 months ago)
Bender Ostap (1 year ago)
I love visiting Moldova, my place of birth. It could have been little Switzerland if only you could change peoples behavior.
Пётр Пётр (8 months ago)
Bender Ostap I
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Bender Ostap awesome. I love Moldovan wine. I'm on Japan at the moment and should be back in Europe in april
Bender Ostap (1 year ago)
First World Traveller I am planing to visit also in July. A long flight from Australia though. You should visit cricova wine cellar.
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Bender Ostap I may go back later this year to do more videos and do the country more justice as I was only there for a couple of days
Efim Sirbu (1 year ago)
was not able to finish the video in Moldova? something tells me that it was not boring at all
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Efim Sirbu yep that's kinda the point of the video, that's it's not boring. Yeah I got drunk so had to film the ending when I got to Italy lol
Gorilo (1 year ago)
well what did you expect...we are the poorest country in europe.
Chief Niki (1 year ago)
Love the fact someone gives this country a chance! How did you get around in Moldova? (:
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
+Chief Niki hey, I was only in chisinau a couple of days. I just needed somewhere to edit the huge video I did in Pripyat before I headed to Italy!
Hi 👋 I loved your video
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
+Nitesh Kumar thanks nitesh!
Cristi Gamer (1 year ago)
The official language of Moldova is romanian
Boss Jhon (1 month ago)
full shits is Moldovin language no romanian .in romanian speak gypsy language
Dennis (5 months ago)
+Kaiser Wilhelm II ummmm we use the â not î
bae yuri (5 months ago)
Reghina Dirtu ESTI PROASTAAAAAA. Moldovian isn't a language. With your dumb logic, people from America speak american, not english. Sit yo dumb ass down.
bae yuri (5 months ago)
Kaiser Wilhelm II what the fuck. We have been using 'â' , by the law, for like 2 years now. And even if we didn't, that doesn't make it a different language. Cât de prost poti fi?
Juan2003gtr (7 months ago)
Moldavian is in Bruce Willis imagination
Diana (1 year ago)
Moldavia is the English word for the North-eastern region of Romania, so probably that's why you've heard it before. In Romanian, we call that region "Moldova", like the country. It can be confusing for foreigners so that's why there is a different translation in English for the region. :)
Lordofall Infinite (6 months ago)
Juan2003gtr Shut up Russian
Juan2003gtr (9 months ago)
who the fuck cares diana...really
Ahmed Raza (1 year ago)
Boring city but I like
MoldovaTravelGuide (1 year ago)
My beautiful city! If you're planing on visiting Chisinau you can send me a message at https://www.facebook.com/MoldovaTravelGuide/ and I can arrange everything for your visit!
rtert merna (1 year ago)
rtert merna (1 year ago)
hi Ladies I like to bring some fun to Chisinau by visiting and tasting good wines. I am from London please help me. e-mail: [email protected]
Anna Russu (1 year ago)
Moldova has on the the largest wineries in the world. Did you know that? You are so poor mannered and educated that you make yourself look like a fool. The way you speak and how you behave yourself speaks very poor of you and your country. And the funny part is that you have no problem to show the entire world how stupid you are, but probably that's what they teach you where you are coming from.
NickBeef1963 (10 months ago)
Indeed - I thought it very complimentary. Good video, David. I think I will give it a shot myself. Thanks.
Candice Hatake (1 year ago)
Just block Anna already... jeez she gave me a headache with her nonsensical ranting
Tereza Vanura (1 year ago)
Anna Russu another keyboard warrior. This channel is called FirstWorldTraveller. It is suppose to be sarcastic, cocky but still informative and I do not see David failing in any of mentioned points. For people that do not take them self too seriously it is informative and hilarious watching that I personally always enjoy. I would recommend seing some of his other videos. He is great at what he does. #teamdavid
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Anna Russu And just to clarify, I'm not young, I'm 35! I am highly offended that you think I do not respect other countries as this is my number 1 priority when travelling. Perhaps you should check out my other 140odd videos? The tagline on my channel banner is "The Traveller That Tells The Truth". Which I do. I am not a YouTuber that sugarcoats every destination and I give an honest overview of the short time I am in that country, which obviously I will never be an expert on. I will also not sit back and take abuse from ignorant people such as yourself. I'm still waiting for your examples of when I described Chisinau in a negative manner??
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Anna Russu hi again Anna, could you clarify when exactly in this video I spoke ill of Moldova???? Perhaps you misunderstand as I was clearly very positive about Chisinau. If you are referring to the title re 'boring city', I used this as the title as many people online refer to Chisinau as the most boring city in Europe. I think it's pretty clear in this video I am implying that it is infact NOT the most boring city in Europe. For example, I deliberately showed the car section at the start as it was something 'exciting' that a viewer wouldn't expect in a video with boring in the title. It's called irony! I'm watching as I write this, I am very complimentary about churches (which I saw many of in Ukraine), the architecture (I enjoy architecture in this area of the world), and I talk about Moldovan wine which I absolutely LOVED. The irony of this video is that viewers may think it's boring, BUT I LOVED IT! And I want to go back! I've just finished rewatching and I cannot locate any points where I was derogatory towards Chisinau or used inappropriate language. You have to understand I am from London with a typical London accent and way of talking. To foreigners this can often seem coarse, aggressive and language used can often seem inappropriate. The bloopers at the end are called humour!! I look forward to your examples and hope you understand the message behind this video a little clearer.
Florin Niculescu (1 year ago)
The language is Romanian, simply because in the past, current Republic of Moldova was part of Romania. During soviet/ comunist era, you would have seen chirilic writing and hear Russian. As there are quite a few natuve Russian speakers, you can still hear it nowadays. Hope that helps.
Lordofall Infinite (5 months ago)
Reghina Dirtu yes but i meant that Now the official Language is Romanian in the constitution
Reghina Dirtu (6 months ago)
Lordofall Infinite Dude its literally the same thing, same language, same words used they have no difference(also Wikipedia can lie)
Lordofall Infinite (6 months ago)
Reghina Dirtu Nope Look at Wikipedia Moldova Now speaks Romanian
Reghina Dirtu (6 months ago)
Florin Niculescu ____If you are trieng to say that Moldovuans speak Russian thats not true. We speak Moldovian which is pretty much Romanian but with an accent
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Florin Niculescu hey florin, thanks for the info. Moldova definitely has an interesting history!
Beppe Sapone (1 year ago)
" Fall " is the " right " word by the way ( though both are in use ) "autumn " is a French affectation ..popular in Regency England. The Americans stick to original English.
NickBeef1963 (10 months ago)
Chaucer somehow used American spellings...amazing anticpation.
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Beppe Sapone regardless, you would never hear an English person like me say fall
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Beppe Sapone interesting stuff
Beppe Sapone (1 year ago)
“fall” for autumn was formerly used in Britain and then largely abandoned. The OED shows 19th century usage by Sir Walter Scott and Thomas Carlyle, for example. Are they British enough for you ?
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Beppe Sapone lol 'fall' never has or never will be used by British English speakers. A bit like 'grilled cheese sandwich'. It's a toastie
Panda Girl (1 year ago)
Why is Moldova so boring? ...maybe bc we are peaceful and we don't have a lot of crimes here ..I am from Moldova and I can say we don't love the scandals and we like to be friendly and helpful! ... Hello from Moldova 😘
Timurlane100 (26 days ago)
Not only are the Moldovans whom I've met friendly and helpful, but Moldova is also not boring. Hello from the US.
binu emu (2 months ago)
It looks beautiful but is racism a big problem in this country and against whom it goes? Because I'm dark-skinned and would love to visit Moldova but I'm not sure if it's a good idea...
The Tao of David (11 months ago)
Ernesto cortazar ill be in CDMX next month 😉
Ernesto cortazar (11 months ago)
Hello panda girl. I'll visit your country in september. Im from Mexico.
Panda Girl (1 year ago)
+First World Traveller ,thank you for your response!
Elena Mamaliga (1 year ago)
Moldova is very beautiful. I know that because I live here
Timurlane100 (26 days ago)
+Juan2003gtr - I see the child Juan2003gtr needs to have its diapers changed.
Timurlane100 (26 days ago)
+binu emu - Why would you think racism would be a big problem in Moldova? While it should be no surprise that the population is predominately white, I saw several different ethnicities there as tourists when I visited, and by all apparent indications, they were being treated as warmly as everyone else.
Timurlane100 (26 days ago)
+Beautiful Faces - What a jackass comment, but then it apparently is coming from a jackass. By the way, when you make a comment trying to challenge someone's education level, make sure you proofread before you post.
Timurlane100 (26 days ago)
+Jerome ! - Well, puddin', I've been to lots of other countries and nonetheless found Moldova to be quite charming. Maybe you should someday venture out of your mother's basement.
Timurlane100 (26 days ago)
I had the pleasure of visiting Chisinau last spring and loved it. And now I'm looking into a return visit to be able to explore a bit more outside the capital to such places as Old Orhei, Soroca and Bender. I found the people to be so delightfully friendly.
Nina Ol (1 year ago)
Poor country!!
Reghina Dirtu (6 months ago)
Nina Ol _____Its not a poor country. For a country to be poor people would be wearing rags and the buildings would be breaking down. Also if you have ever been to Moldova Chișinău they have lots of concerts for free. I think they would need money for that soooo
Panda Girl .That's interesting. I've never thought of Moldova as a wine producers country. Now I'm kinda wanting to taste some Moldovan wine lol
Panda Girl (1 year ago)
.hm... it's poor right :\ but if you only tasted our wines and champagne ..which was seen at some international TV channels ..you would forget about the country and only think at the taste ... 😍
I m a romanian , just finished watching the video , never been to moldova , i feel sad when i read everything on building tops in my native romanian , pple write ,speak romanian !! whats wrong with this moldova ,we are the same!! im no nationalist , but over there are romanians with diferent accent, that s all
모치꼬기 (5 months ago)
+bae yuri you're telling me about it. it looks like she was completely brainwashed bu USSR. USSR has done so much damage to moldovians. theu took our country, they took moldovians and sent them to concentration camps in siberia. spending weeks with hundreds of other people in one wagon being fed with scrumbie without being given any water. they sent russians to moldova and gave them houses and jobs while moldovians couldnt even get a piece of bread. Whenever moldovians would send food and fruiys to russia so the could gain a bit of money, the russians would throw everything and step on it.its just horrible to think what russia has done to us. moldova is a VERY beautiful country but communism has completely destroyed it. I think all the people that say USSR and russia arr great, should inform themselvees and its a shame that they would say something like that. btw ( i like your profile picture my fellow k-popper) Românā:mie îmi spui. se pare că URSS-ul a stricat-o la cap. URSS a făcut atât de mult rău moldovenilor. Ei a luat țara noastră, au luat moldoveni și i-au trimis la lagărele de concentrare din Siberia. au petrecut săptămâni cu sute de alți oameni într-un vagon fiind hrăniți cu scrumbie fără a li se da apă. au trimis ruși în moldova și i-au dat case și locuri de muncă, în timp ce moldovenii nu puteau obține nici măcar o bucată de pâine. Ori de câte ori moldovienii trimiteteau mâncare și fructe la rusia, astfel încât să poată câștiga un pic de bani, rușii ar arunca totul și le-ar fi cālcat în picioare. E oribil sa vezi ce au fācut URSS-ul din noi. moldova este o țară foarte frumoasă, dar comunismul a distrus-o complet. Cred că toți oamenii care spun că URSS și Rusia sunt Incredibili, ar trebui să se informeze singuri și este rușinos să spună ceva de genul asta. cu Dodon la putere, sa prostit cu totul lacap tara asta. (Îmi place imaginea ta de profil)(ฅ’ω’ฅ)♥
bae yuri (5 months ago)
Caesar Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus parc ai 5 ani, serios. Limba moldoveneasca nu exista. Rusismele si regionalismele nu constituie o alta limba. Mai treci pe la scoala.
bae yuri (5 months ago)
Dark cloud500 eşti proast(ă) . Limba moldoveneasca nu există. I hate the fact that people think all moldovans think like this dumbass right here. Please disregard their words.
Reghina Dirtu (6 months ago)
no ideas for a name. ____Preach it. Youre so right
Reghina Dirtu (6 months ago)
Miners cat (1 year ago)
Boring video. You know nothing bout moldova, clown.
Office? No thanks! (11 months ago)
Did you actually saw the video entirely? He actually made free commercial to your country and most probably your city. I don't understand why you guys have to be so hateful, when there is no need for it.
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Miners cat of course I don't, I was there for about 3 days. Do I say anywhere I'm an expert on Moldova? Before you start leaving wimpish hate comments, perhaps u can post videos that aren't about a parade in Brussels and have more than 3 subscribers #micdrop
Dragos Z (1 year ago)
Dude! Why not travel in Romania too, especially in Transylvania? It's one of the most amazing places in Europe!
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Dragos Z thanks for the tips man! And thanks for subscribing! Check out my friends channel, Office No Thanks. Tara is czech but Silviu is Romanian!
Dragos Z (1 year ago)
It really is! Transfagarasan road has been labeled as the most amazing road in the world by Top Gear. The scenery is beyond breathtaking. If you'll ever go there, don't forget Brasov, Sibiu, Sinaia, Sighisoara... and if you have time, the Turda Salt mine. I guarantee you will have a mind blowing experience. Best wishes from Romania ( new subscriber too :D )
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Dragos Z hey man, I definitely want to in future, I have some friends from Romania. I was only really in chisinau as a stop off while I editing my massive video from Pripyat. Definitely want to visit Romania in future, I didn't realise the scenery was so amazing!
Zita Salah (1 year ago)
Did you Visited Cunichea city in Moldova ? If yes tell.me.if its beautiful and not boring
Zita Salah (1 year ago)
First World Traveller , i really love travelling ,someday i will visite Chisinau InshAllah . Thank u for video
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Zita Salah hey zita, unfortunately not as I was only there a short time. I'd love to go back tho so thanks for the tip. I really liked chisinau. It's a shame people think it's boring
Tamu Audwodia (1 year ago)
I can hear the starting of "Hey Mama" by the Sunstroke Project, but it just stops 0.25 seconds after it started
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Tamu Audwodia yes, read what I wrote as the pinned comment
W1SDOM (1 year ago)
How did you made the transitions on the drifting part???
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
W1SDOM simply used the basic warp and whirl transitions available on filmora
12389thebestgamer YT (1 year ago)
Yo i live in moldova look eu sunt moldovan eu nu folosesc google translate
Lordofall Infinite (6 months ago)
hmm oare dece nu folostesti translate? hmmm poate ca noi suntem Români
Reghina Dirtu (6 months ago)
12389thebestgamer YT _____hmmm eu asa te cred. Nici eu nu folosesc google translate. Eu tot îs din Moldova
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
****PLEASE NOTE**** The music from 2.47 is currently removed due to a copyright issue. SORRY! (3rd Nov 2017)
paradox13052 (1 year ago)
You England man be careful with Moldova vine:) buy the way if you want some i make some i California:)
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
+paradox13052 haha I might take you up on that one day!
Jay Williams (1 year ago)
I'm going here soon how did you get there because I'm getting in by train from Kiev witch is hard and long any tips?
Jay Williams (1 year ago)
First World Traveller thank you 😀 I'm there for 3 nights and many more cities but I am going in January so I hope its not too cold haha
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Jay Williams totally! I loved the marshrutkas in Kyrgyzstan, love anything ex Soviet! Apparently there's good night life in chisinau but I wasn't there long. The Moldovan wine is gorgeous! Have a great time mate!
Jay Williams (1 year ago)
First World Traveller oh ok thanks I'm getting an overnight train because it takes so I would still want to get a old Soviet train to Chisinau Just to say I done it lol
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Jay Williams hi Jay, I flew from Kiev with alitalia, was gonna go to odessa and get the bus from there but was cheaper in the end just to fly direct
Alisa Bucarciuc (1 year ago)
It's many place nice with life music its wonderful
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Alisa Bucarciuc I agree alisa, I really liked it. Nice quiet city with a great atmosphere. If i go again I will need to try out the night life. Moldovan wine is absolutely beautiful!
Curious Pavel (1 year ago)
more wine please
Cian Maher (1 year ago)
Glad you liked it. Wifi while on the road in South America makes YouTube a weekly event for binge watching whenever it's strong enough 😂👌🏻
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Jos Rijnders yeah totally Jos, I wouldn't bother subscribing otherwise you'll have to listen to talking a whole lot more!
Jos Rijnders (1 year ago)
He talks to much....
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Cian Maher haha I remember it well!
Pa Ma (1 year ago)
Moldova and Ukraine are the poorest countries in Europe, poorer than the average AFRICAN country ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_European_countries_by_average_wage
Natalia Turcanu (1 year ago)
Pa Ma take a look on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOJMX1nuSAY it shows the real countryside and how "poor" we are but in the same time how reach we are ;)
Pa Ma (1 year ago)
Well i'm a lot richer than the average moldovan, ukrainian or russian, i can tell you that.
lilia lozovanu (1 year ago)
Pa Ma can we take a look how do you live ,show us how rich you are personally?
Pa Ma (1 year ago)
Vanya004 This video was made in the capital of the Rep of Moldova, did you see how the country side looks like ? The country side looks like Europe in 1500. 65% of the population lives in the country side not in the capital !
Vanya004 (1 year ago)
well then... judging by these chisinau videos, afrika has gotten really rich huh?? x_X
marius parcur (1 year ago)
Super cool
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
+marius parcur thanks man 😉
andre dubois (1 year ago)
your videos are never boring and there is always interesting to discover new things...good video and facinating city.
Office? No thanks! (1 year ago)
Moldova was part of Romania until the Soviets took it at the end of Second war two. Definitely the Moldovan wine is one of the best in Eastern Europe.
Lordofall Infinite (6 months ago)
Huup Baa taci din gura ne faci Tara de rusine cu prosti ca tine! Noi suntem Români!
Chaveth (7 months ago)
Bro you need to learn the history of Moldova
Stefan Botezatorul (10 months ago)
it is the best in the world motherfucker
Tina Andreea (1 year ago)
+Blood Squad...Ba..sa crezi. Mai sunt și din ăia.
Oricand (1 year ago)
+Tina Andreea Nu cred ca un moldovean poate sa fie așa de prost  încăt sa creadă ca există o limbă moldovenească iar rușii sunt frații lor.
haha I didn't expect a drifting BMW after your intro! 👍👍 - Thomas
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Chasing a Plate - Food and Travel Channel haha it was the only thing I could think to liven up the video! But I did like chisinau, apart from the accidental alcoholism lol 🍸🍸
TVL (1 year ago)
How was the Moldovian food?
Vestitorul Primaverii (1 year ago)
TVL...traditional food is the same as in Romania because the "moldavians" are romanians. I am from Bucuresti but sure you'll find "sarmale" , "mititei".."ciorba de burta"... etc etc ...very loved by romanians and foreign tourists.
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
I B hi I B, I was only there a few days editing my lengthy video on pripyat so it was a case of eating while I worked! I'm the world's fussiest eater so I don't see native food as important as others when it comes to travel. I remember seeing it though, what does it consist of?
I B (1 year ago)
Kind of the defeats the purpose of travel if you don't indulge into the native cuisine. You've missed out on the mamaliga.
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Terry Lollback I cooked for myself in the hostel so unfortunately didn't have any
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Hello! Check out Chisinau in Moldova! Much cooler than expected! 😉
Igor Popa (1 year ago)
Im Moldovian.Eu is moldovan
Cosma Silviu (1 year ago)
Dark cloud500 it’s interesting how you call us. Let me remind you several things: 1) Your territory was taken by force by USSR. 2) USSR emphasized the difference between Moldovan’s and Romanians. 3) you study for free in Romania, I wonder why? 4) You make big queues at our embassies to take the Romanian passports, for the purpose of free passage and work in EU. Judging by the way you talk your are Russian which cannot prove his “Romanian” heritage, therefore cannot enjoy the benefits of being of EU citizen, therefore you will rather mock us because is more convenient.
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Dark cloud500 thanks! I really wish I could have spent longer there as i literally had 1 day to explore lol. There's been alot of fighting in the comments about Moldovan history probably for the reasons you say!
Dark cloud500 (1 year ago)
Soo glad that enjoyed Moldova! Love the positive vibe you spread! hope you visit again and explore the biggest wine celler in the world and the second biggest (both in MD). We speak Russian and Moldovain, Romanians say we speak Romanian but this is simply false. Most Moldovain hate Romania because of ww2 as we fought with the red army and the Romanians with the Nazis (MD-1 Rom-0😂) the also try to say that OUR famous rulers (stefan the great), poets ( Ion Creaga) were Romanian. But we hate them mostly for their personalities, two faced, stingy, ect.
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
Mark SB I wish I was there for longer to experience the nightlife and learn more of the history. Next time!
David Ellis (1 year ago)
Wasn't that the Moldovan entry to this years Eurovision song contest?
The Tao of David (1 year ago)
David Ellis yes! Lol

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