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Safety of Life At Sea || Tug & Tow || Accident on Ship || Crew Member Died || Seamen || Life at sea

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An accident took place while doing tow operation. It coused him his life. Safety of life at sea.
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Dev Ost (2 days ago)
@0:48 he knew knew he was in trouble @0:49 he knew he was going to die. Didnt ever make it to 0:50.
Roshan Menezes (6 days ago)
He had to do some work on that huge shackle and he thought the rope was getting more tight from the ship side. Both of the persons have not seen that the rope was getting tight from the other side (seaside). Which caused the rope to surge. Rip
Nord TheUnclean (1 month ago)
Stupid on so many levels
Joost Ides (1 month ago)
don't touch him morron!
Ahmad Hasyim Al Awami (2 months ago)
Fatal improper plan!
marsenmoon (4 months ago)
Fucker rolled him over , dumd stupid move , dont ever move him !
JACK ROSE (5 months ago)
JACK ROSE (5 months ago)
DerEntscheider (5 months ago)
just because the N**** could not do his job right and the white one had to help :/ R.I.P
ExcaliburGaming YT (1 month ago)
+DerEntscheider you moron
DerEntscheider (3 months ago)
+ddd iii are you a woman a child or both ?
ddd iii (3 months ago)
Or maybe the white one didn't do his job right that's why he died? Lol.
muhamad novi kusnindar (6 months ago)
RIP. God bless him,,,
Is he still alive?
DerEntscheider (5 months ago)
No,but the black one is :/
Kathy Calderon (6 months ago)
" Crew Member Died" in the name of video....
The Bama Boyz Gaming (6 months ago)
Hell no

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