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5 Outfits You Can Wear To Get Your Crush to Like You | Clothing Women Love To see Men In!

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Text Comments (1336)
Ansuman Chhetri (8 hours ago)
Who is in overcoat 😀
Leͥgͣaͫcy (13 hours ago)
Vro at 5:01 you looked like the professor from money heist 😂
THE khajiit (21 hours ago)
Damn now i need to buy black boots
Suraj Murala (1 day ago)
Bro, what about dark guys like me!! 😕😕😞😞
john psath (1 day ago)
With the all black outfit can I wear a black leather jacket?
Yowww iiiJiii (1 day ago)
what kinda nike was that? it looks so good
Jalzim Yassin (1 day ago)
Hi im fan of your channel and your the top Can you make a video for how to get a perfect shapr like my arms r cinda skeny and i prety sick of it can you gave me an advice
Dar Days (3 days ago)
And a black lambo!
James Valdez (4 days ago)
What kind of blue jeans are those
Micko Lorayes (5 days ago)
Randy2221 (5 days ago)
anyone know the jeans type at the 1:43 mark? Thanks.
Randy2221 (1 day ago)
Anyone lol?
CrazyTurnip91 (6 days ago)
How do I dress like a douchebag exactly?
Pika Pika Chu (7 days ago)
Always remember the face... 0-0
OutLawStar (9 days ago)
Great video with great tips. Where did you get that black V neck t-shirt???
Priyaanshu Mittra (9 days ago)
Why every outfit looks awesome on Jose ? Answer : because he is fit and have proper beard so first become fit and build muscles.
last one was pretty op:)
Miko Flores (11 days ago)
i am black..can i wear all black?
DELTA Jabeju (14 days ago)
but can I wear an overcoat when Im 15 years old im pretty tall 1.84meters
DELTA Jabeju (14 days ago)
for me as a watch love its unacceptable to buy and wear watches like that
Brandon Oei (16 days ago)
Jose broo i have no idea why but you suddenly look more buff pal💪🏻
alonzo calvillo (18 days ago)
That is one spicy senorita on the thumbnail.
Seng Hok (19 days ago)
Like your style 👍
Cederick Hudson (20 days ago)
Patient 11 Jordan's
Winning Vlogz (20 days ago)
Where can i get that necklace
MADADAALO STUDIO (21 days ago)
The best video u make us
Gabe Booker (21 days ago)
Bruh where did you get that blue hoodie it’s live and also I’m excited for my esntls sand hoodie to come in
Royalty (21 days ago)
I dress all black all the time. My car's all black too. 💪
K G (22 days ago)
I swear you are the best You should have your own reality show
Wally Gee (24 days ago)
It's real Zuniga hours
TheMitmit03 (24 days ago)
what kind of necklace is he wearing in this video? And where can I get one?
Aayush Sharma (25 days ago)
Where did you get that black shirt from
Nicksolojdba4 (25 days ago)
Don’t worry I like wearing ALL BLACK :)
Debarghya Saha (25 days ago)
Hey then I will look like a black power ranger If I wear full black
Frank Javier (26 days ago)
Anyone know where the over coat is from?
Karl M (27 days ago)
What brand is that overcoat from?!?!
Jason Paul (28 days ago)
Wat i can use for sunburn
Adam Nesbitt (28 days ago)
..’sell that bitch a dream, fuck her ass to sleep then toss that bitch to the side of the road!’ -AMS The girl nine times out of ten will always end up leaving the man anyway because of their hypergamy nature.
Robert Lee Alberto (29 days ago)
always a fan on how u style....can u please help me...dont like skinny jeans...juat straight cut pants and plain shirt...any advice
Judah Blood (1 month ago)
This guy is always promoting some watch brand
Soko (1 month ago)
What if i change the boots with brown suede chelsea? You think it's gonna look good?
Sam O (1 month ago)
I have watched your video for yes.. and I know you mentioned you lost some money from previous business attempt. Question is who were your mentors or book you read to get out of that.😊
Luis Sanchez (1 month ago)
You said all black but you have dark blue jeans!! Lol
You need to start leaving the ig of the women you use in your thumbnails
jee last (1 month ago)
denim on denim - what was the sneakers he was wearing
Akshay Joshi (1 month ago)
give me the link for the watch you were wearing first
Tony manzo (1 month ago)
What color is the hoodie?
T h (1 month ago)
You've taught me everything I know to become a better man
Dani BOI (1 month ago)
What kind of shirt is that at 2:40?
Th4448 (1 month ago)
Where'd you get that blue turquoise hoodie from? Love your videos Zuniga 🙏
Peedy (1 month ago)
I know you need to earn money, but seriously all this mvmt and other fashion watches advertisement... blegh... not my cup of tea.
Sensei Chino (1 month ago)
Whose the chic in the thumbnail tho?
Ammarootheguroo (1 month ago)
“Super sharp jawline...” 💀🤣 idk why but I cracked up. Someone tell me.
suchit patil (1 month ago)
I subscribed you when you have less than 50k subscriber and now you have 3.3m+ subscribers that's awesome dude....👍🙏🙏🙏 love from India 🇮🇳
nouman majeed (1 month ago)
Why you move so much while talking ? 😂😂😂
Balysric 04 (1 month ago)
First we have to got a body like you😂😂
Jonathan Komberec (1 month ago)
Where is that overcoat/ trench coat from?
jonas palm (1 month ago)
1:28 i Think my Black apple watch looks good to😝.
Shoutouts&Gaming (1 month ago)
Actually Rolex is the 2nd most expensive shitty watch the Apple Watch is more expensive n better
Shoutouts&Gaming (1 month ago)
Outfit 1 ugly asf I would never wear all black
Ttt Yyy (1 month ago)
Michael Dietz (1 month ago)
Did anyone else catch the two pairs of Thursday Boots in the video?
MKK (1 month ago)
Lades & Gents, he said women think black is sexy. How true is this? What other colors besides black and red are attractive to women?
TnPGmBH (1 month ago)
all blakk is for pussy niggas
damzzz mac (1 month ago)
But at one of ur video u said to wear red
Jorge Jair Moreno (1 month ago)
No te entendi ni mmergas
Hyenage (1 month ago)
I followed this advice, No girls cared... But every Gay Dude in town was starring at me.
hugo guzman (1 month ago)
Steven Rerani (1 month ago)
At least this video's sponsor segment was not too long!
Linkster IsHere (1 month ago)
I don't think wearing black is good tbh, it makes you look skinny, and when you are in the sun, it will burn you.
Sayon Biz (1 month ago)
I have a question. I recently got a overcoat. It looks dope and super classy, but its like knee length like the proper ones. I'm in Italy and it gets super chilly over here, so I just wanted to get a good looking useful overcoat. Its a dark grey checkered one. Do you think it will rock it or not?
Afiq Zakwan (1 month ago)
mvmt watches are crap , save money and invest in real watches from seiko etc
Jared Stahli (1 month ago)
First outfit makes you look like a douche
Doubleaemmanuel (1 month ago)
Jose is too damn fresh
Jesus Mora (1 month ago)
What all white sneakers are those?
Poplover 14 (1 month ago)
Honestly you just have to have a good face
Divined Zero (1 month ago)
This video should be called "movement watch"
The Eagle Of Hope (1 month ago)
first outfit nigga looked like a megamind character
Anas Elabbas (1 month ago)
Workout tips?
TAN2 (1 month ago)
Can you get a video for kids because im like 12 and im intresting in style but im not gay but it would be Nice if u make a video for kids (pls like so he can see)
alpgiray nyan (1 month ago)
And i watch rick and morty whic is make my 500 IQ jupmps to 999
SlatterboxGOAT (1 month ago)
This dead helps ode cuz the fabric looks amazing and I’m dead buy a black overcoat,any of ya know any good places or website that have affordable overcoats
Felix Blacksher (1 month ago)
Literally all you have to do is be attractive. It's as simple as that. If you are good looking (and you'll know it because they'll tell you), then all you have to do is just be in their presence so they can initiate a conversation or give you the “I want to bone you” eyes. If you are NOT attractive (you'll know because women WON'T ever tell you that you're attractive nor will they maintain eye contact with you in conversation), then you better make 6 figures. Women want a good looking guy first and foremost and if you are, then literally almost nothing else matters. You could be dumb as a brick with a personality of a potato and still be successful with women -- especially if her friends also think you're attractive. It's very important that her friends think you're hot too. However if you are just average or below average, but you do make a lot of money, then you just gotta make women know that by wearing nice clothes, driving a nice car and owning your own house. They may never love you or feel passionate about you but they will still date you. Just don't be surprised when they never initiate sex. If you are just average or below average and do not make close to 6 figures, you're pretty much screwed. Even below average women date up because they can. So many men are thirsty AF and these women feel like they're better than they actually are because of how often thirsty guys chase them. Lastly is the subject of hairloss, which affects 1 in 4 men at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, hairloss means you immediately become undateable unless you are either attractive or have money. And because there is no such thing as an average bald guy, you're either hot (think Statham, Willis, Patrick Stewart) or absolutely disgusting when and if you go bald. You might as well just die at that point. What more is there to live for except maybe winning the lottery. As a bonus tip, always remember that the term "be confident" is really an analogue for "be good looking" when a women says it. It's how they avoid sounding shallow when they say they want a guy who is good looking. Often times they don't even realize what they are trying to say when they tell you that confidence is the most important quality in a man. But what they're really saying here is to be attractive and don't be unattractive. There you have it. It's not as complicated as these videos make things out to be. If you're here, it's probably because Google and YT know you are single. I mean, I don't know why else these videos would constantly pop up in my recommended list. And if you think about it, who else but lonely single guys are gonna watch this? I mean, if you're already with someone, you don't need these videos. But these sort of channels bank on the fact that lonely men are desperate. Understanding human attraction is just as easy as understanding natural selection. Women and men alike are still creatures of habit and follow the same principles as all life does. They want the best mate they can possibly attain and frankly, some women and a whole hell of a lot of men just won't make the cut.
Kirby AirRider (5 days ago)
Incel alert
Menprovement (12 days ago)
This is bullshit.
Johnhae P (1 month ago)
Wow sir! You got it down to a T. Truth hurts
Moe Raggad (1 month ago)
Man if u got money u will get everybody's attention like of u agree
Jonathan Galvez (1 month ago)
Wait what happened to vincero 😆
King Keto (1 month ago)
AcePlayz (1 month ago)
whats this fuckery
Daddy Flux (1 month ago)
hey how was your day
DannysJourney (1 month ago)
4:07 -4:21 - wheere did you get that hooodie !!!!?
Hish Aam (1 month ago)
That hanging hair held my attention throughout the video!
your company (1 month ago)
Black is awesome
krishna P. Rajbhar (1 month ago)
Lov u bro
Gabriell Dumitru (1 month ago)
no vincero watches??? i thought vincero is his fav
JesseCont (1 month ago)
Jose I really love the videos but do you have to make them 50% ads
George Ourfalian (1 month ago)
who is Jose to tell us what a try hard is when he himself is
Matt McDonald (1 month ago)
I wanna know where he got the teal hoodie from, anyone know???
ZachTaylor (1 month ago)
The all black outfit does anyone now where he got those at
B L (1 month ago)
Never seen someone like Jose who’s hot but not arrogant
ROTTEN KILLER (1 month ago)
302k views wow 302k virgins
Brandon Steel (1 month ago)
Wanting to up my clothes game and get with my crush for real
Noel Nation (1 month ago)
What if you are 14 and poor af and dont know nothing about girls and have no conversations skills
Johnny Ayala (1 month ago)
how tall do you have to be to pull off an overcoat?

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