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How to Fix Dll Error when Installing Software (Windows 10,8,7)

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This is the solution of "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." Link to paste in file explore: C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Local If all the check boxes in the security column is ticked, delete all stuff in the "temp" folder. Pls sub n like!! I use hamichi as an example, not "this solution" only for hamichi Song: Nightcore - You're Gonna Go Far Kid [ NCS.ESP ] Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lda-MbeBldA Original Version: The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_LxyhCJpsM
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Text Comments (135)
Erik Tomba (14 days ago)
Thank you
Chandree Buatista (23 days ago)
totalmente funcional
Elizaris Lika (1 month ago)
ok.... it`s very simple. but it doesen`t work
VEGUETTO 203 (1 month ago)
Gracias men eres el mejor fue la única solución que me funcionó tienes un nuevo subscriptor
Henrique Reis (1 month ago)
Funcionou aqui. Obrigado.
Germán Cabrera (2 months ago)
no me sirvió
Santiago Olmedo (2 months ago)
Thank you ❤️
Marina Rajilic (3 months ago)
where was file explorer
harkiameloc (3 months ago)
Worked also, Thanks!
Akrem Dembele (4 months ago)
i dont have ^security^ Tab pls help
Tây Tattoo (4 months ago)
Thank you very much <3
Kartikey Mishra (5 months ago)
Just format the PC otherwise No body can solve this issue I was doing R&D since one year but at last i have to format..
Kartikey Mishra (5 months ago)
only Solution is formatting of PC
Kartikey Mishra (5 months ago)
Permission was already allowed so I can't do this. only Solution is formatting of PC
Gildevan (5 months ago)
Congratulations, it worked ...
Saw Dragon (5 months ago)
thank you I was already dying to find a solution
Mr. personlizer (6 months ago)
thx alot
티오피 (6 months ago)
Best of Best!!!!!!Thank you~~~
jeffry nathanael (6 months ago)
Windows can't find C:\Users\Cracktorials\AppData\Local. Check the spelling and try again
Elizaris Lika (1 month ago)
Cracktorials - name of his pc. you must write your nsme
Mr.Darrel (7 months ago)
Muchas gracias, si funciono.
Pía Aschieri (7 months ago)
This is great! Tks!!
sachin meena (8 months ago)
bakwaas video
Shabeer Mohammed (8 months ago)
awesome man, it worked......Keep up the good work
mark 974 (8 months ago)
Не помогает, промах даже не поменялась. Появилась из-за неснятой галочки от другого установщика.
Elizaris Lika (1 month ago)
а можно поподробнее? а то у меня тоже не посодействовало...
AdiL oSaFi (9 months ago)
another kiss
AdiL oSaFi (8 months ago)
Cracktorials (8 months ago)
WTF is work ?? OMG HOw ???? i really thx your mom for give the life of u thx legend
Cracktorials (8 months ago)
Thx man for that compliment :)
AdiL oSaFi (9 months ago)
Júnior Costa (9 months ago)
fix to me. Thanks, man!
Joseph Puma (9 months ago)
eres lo máximo.
Sodbayar Nyambayar (9 months ago)
Tnx bro love u
D SAAB SHARMA (10 months ago)
thats not working
Ghost Plays (10 months ago)
Mine doesn’t have a everyone tab
SonicSceptileWarrior (10 months ago)
Is "delete everything in temp folder" true?
Semih Aksoy (10 months ago)
All of these checkboxes are signed in my computer but I still get the same error.
Von (10 months ago)
thank you.... helped me alot new like new sub
Dennys Paulo (10 months ago)
It worked :) Thank you
snokful (10 months ago)
This worked for me, thankfully! Now I guess I take the permissions away again...?
RoM Azlan (11 months ago)
Wow, it worked.
Cracktorials (11 months ago)
Glad it works for you!!
NYGGA CZ (11 months ago)
does nothing for me
Josué Sanchez (11 months ago)
Funcionó Gracias!!
Cracktorials (11 months ago)
Bienvenido!! :)
Vanne Galvis (11 months ago)
Thank you!!! :D
Cracktorials (11 months ago)
Welcome!!! :D
jason dalton (1 year ago)
worked great! Thanks!
Cracktorials (11 months ago)
Glad it works for you! Welcome!
Dante Passone (1 year ago)
ohhh mannn, gooooddd
Cracktorials (11 months ago)
love you..thanks
Cracktorials (10 months ago)
Love you too! Welcome ! :)
AdiL oSaFi (1 year ago)
i love you
Cracktorials (10 months ago)
i love you too
Trabadoj (1 year ago)
OMG!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCCHHH! (edit) 2018 btw!
Cracktorials (1 year ago)
Welcome!! :)
Alvin Chow (1 year ago)
Thanks You !
Cracktorials (10 months ago)
Welcome !
ZacKaLy (1 year ago)
Thank you
Cracktorials (10 months ago)
gg offissima (1 year ago)
@cracktorials help me bro my all ckeck boxes were ticked, then i deleted them all but still instaliing is not working at itunes
DsaadV (1 year ago)
Thanks alot! It worked for me.
jaymin soni (1 year ago)
Cracktorials (10 months ago)
epiNoesis (1 year ago)
Why did this even happened? It used to install anything before. Now why do I need to do this change?
Braa website (9 months ago)
run an antivirus, a virus can cause this
Mega Flux (1 year ago)
I solved it by running the .exe as Administrator
JesusLovesUsAll777 (7 months ago)
i really thx your mom for give the life of u thx legend
Cracktorials (1 year ago)
Glad that it is working for you!! :)
Czyrus Zamora (1 year ago)
Cracktorials (1 year ago)
Welcome :)
eva geceova (1 year ago)
Mohamed Shahul (1 year ago)
cool tks
Cracktorials (1 year ago)
Welcome ^_^
Ekung Edition (1 year ago)
It work !!!!! Thanks.
Cracktorials (1 year ago)
Welcome ;)
Amine blk (1 year ago)
thnx meeeeen it works for me i intalled the itunes thnx thnx
Cracktorials (1 year ago)
Welcome ;)
Andrius1115 (1 year ago)
Saved my nerves. Worked for me - thank you very much
Cracktorials (1 year ago)
Welcome :))
Zhong Chenle (1 year ago)
Help me for me it's not work 😥.....it can't click allow all blur
Zhong Chenle (1 year ago)
Cracktorials okkk ...i'll try again if i can't i'll ask u again
Cracktorials (1 year ago)
Make sure you are using administrator account
Dora Slasher (1 year ago)
It worked thanks
Muchas gracias, que Dios te compense tu gran ayuda.
K1000a (1 year ago)
Thanks it works at first... :)
THE nignaz (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!! This perfectly worked
Kazuki Mafufafu (1 year ago)
work :)
Luvjoy Choker (1 year ago)
worked for me. Thanks (y)
Pixie Dust (1 year ago)
God bless your wonderful soul
Ariel Jacob (1 year ago)
Funcionó en w10, y con un problema de instalar una actualización de Adobe Acrobat Pro
butterfly ri (1 year ago)
Gary DH (1 year ago)
Software Installed - thank you very much for this! January 9th, 2018. I have been fighting to install the software update for the last 6 months by bypassing the DLL Error. No one at the software making company was able to help except for telling me that" "your PC probably needs the newest windows update" or "we have issued a trouble ticket. Now software is installed and updated! In gratitude, I just subscribed to your channel. :)
Vaber Boom (1 year ago)
У меня галочки не ставят :(
Benjamin Games (1 year ago)
Mil gracias amigo (traductor)
viet (1 year ago)
Thank you very much!
Cracktorials (1 year ago)
BGM screwed up due to copyright issue, sorry for that :/
David D Ortiz (1 year ago)
Thank you
TheWiz (1 year ago)
its the same like you but it dosnt worked for me :((((
Philomena (1 year ago)
Thank you so much. Worked beautifully.
Javier Rodríguez (1 year ago)
Que grande! It works Gracias!
Gerber Solìs (1 year ago)
it worked! thank you!
SharvamPlays (1 year ago)
help i have windws 7 and they are cheked but grey plzz help
RadioTrefoil (1 year ago)
Thanks, this solved the problem for me!
Emre ÇEÇEN (1 year ago)
It worked for me
BDA Smith (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot!!! Worked for me - August 30th 2017.
Game Hay 24G (1 year ago)
thank you
karl marthyn espiritu (1 year ago)
i have done this.. but it still appears.. is there any option in repairing my dll? tnx
xdfgdgdfgdfgdf (1 year ago)
Thank yoooouuuu
Chaitanya Modi (1 year ago)
good it works fine. thanks
MrButtsworth (2 years ago)
mine was already allowing full control sooooooo didnt work
Raymond Long (2 years ago)
Mine were all checked but grayed out.
Roshan Jadhav (11 days ago)
mine too...did you find any solution
Állan Toledo (2 years ago)
Funcionou perfeitamente.
Hector Chavez LaReDo (2 years ago)
It works thanks
Alan Escba (2 years ago)
you are a fucking master,!!! thnks despues de mil intentos e instalar mil reparadores dll y no se que tanto,, esto lo soluciono , gracias
ArtsyCam (2 years ago)
aaaah D: i need the code in spanish ;-;
Carlos Figueroa (2 years ago)
working windows 8
Diego Navarro (2 years ago)
mr viper (2 years ago)
thanks man. ur solution worked for me.
Sar Vannak (2 years ago)
yes thank now i can install itune :D
Funlexse (2 years ago)
im resive ,,this installation package is not supported by this processor type. contact your product vendor what shoul i do
Frankenthe3rd (2 years ago)
Can you please show all the security settings at their default state so you can revert back to how it was after??
Cracktorials (2 years ago)
+Frankenthe3rd U should take a screenshot before you change yrs. Anyway, it doesnt matter if u didnt change it back to default.
Eddy Ezzy (2 years ago)
my permissions were already allowed...
Leonardo Lima (1 year ago)
and how did you do that? My permissions are already allowed, but I can't change it
_Moha_ Is_Here_ (1 year ago)
just make it read and write i just did that and it worked for me idk why xD

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