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TEDxBerkeley - Carl Bass - The New Rules of Innovation

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Carl Bass is president and chief executive officer of Autodesk, Inc. Autodesk is the leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Formerly he was Autodesk's chief operating officer, responsible for worldwide sales, marketing, and product development. Earlier roles included CTO and EVP of product development. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Alexa Bacoanu (7 months ago)
I enjoyed it to the point where he said: "computing is becoming ubiquitous..it's in our phone, our cars, it's in our buildings, soon will be in our clothing and it will probably end in our bodies" That makes me say that innovation is great until a certain point. Innovation and technology will destroy the human being, all the planet and its beauty, and that it's sad and scary because it's also about our children, thinking in the future that they will have to live it's just horrendous.
Rosangela Andrade (9 months ago)
Thank you young man. You inspire me to listen to the silent moments between my thoughts. thank you again. I Love Humans
harveybruh (1 year ago)
ayyy nice video
steau1 (1 year ago)
Not bad but is he simply regurgitating what's happening? I would've fell asleep if I attended this talk.
haping1 (1 year ago)
Innovation for AutoDesk should be better integration in the production process?
Stand up for GOOD (1 year ago)
We, as a specie, are the most important era in the history of humanity... We have the innovation and ability to provide EVERY person a life of abundance in all things. And, we have the capability to wipe out every living thing on the Earth. We are it !!! Paradise or Oblivion the choice is yours. The Venus Project has a blueprint of how innovation and technology can be put to use to provide abundance to all peoples of the world. Intelligent management of the resources, not a bunch of polititians stuffing theirs, and their buddies pockets full of your "blood, sweat and tears" hard earned money. Automation will replace the work force by 50% by 2050. Self driving big rigs are poised to take 1 million truck drivers jobs by 2020. J.P. Morgan is using 1 program that can do 230,000 hours worth of financial computations in seconds. At only $10/hr, that's $2.3 million out of the employees wages.
Stand up for GOOD (1 year ago)
ALL innovation is only held back anymore. The reason is because of Money. Why does a toaster only last 3 years? or 6 months? or even if you buy the best one on the shelf, maybe 10 years. The reason is called "planned obsolescence " which is a marketing tactic so they can sell you another one sooner. We, as a specie, should be able to make a toaster last 100 years by now. But there are profits to make. More of your money going to big corp, more often. This goes for every product across the board. You heard... "They don't make em like they used to " There's a reason for that, and its not lack of innovation. It's greed for more money. They pay farmers not to grow, and pour milk out, in order to hold market value. This is a complete waste of the resources that we have on this finite planet. Please explore... The Venus Project !!
Virtual Sales Network (2 years ago)
I love this! I couldn't have said it any better! Some people will not get excited about this video. If you do share Carl Bass's vision and ideas then you have already shared a glimpse into the future.
ufoengines (3 years ago)
Cool! Hey dig this old digital computer patent 3190554 that used air to compute instead of electricity. Bet you could build one using a 3D printer.
TheCHUR86 (3 years ago)
Your talk contradicts itself and what you do
gary gliver (1 year ago)
Stephahahan (3 years ago)
tl;dw: Innovation is happening at an unprecedented pace and it's going to continue to accelerate due to 5 trends: 1: Selling experiences 2: Business unusual (The way businesses are doing businesses differently)  3: Digital Fabrication 4: The rise of information 5: Infinite computing.
Paul Alava (1 year ago)
james miller (1 year ago)
thank youuu
johnnielawson (3 years ago)
Carl, thank you, that was a wonderful talk. I see innovation every day as I develop my online project of sending a few moments of peace and calm out into the world. It's amazing to see how ordinary 'extraordinary' people are making up new and exciting rules on how to do things as they go along and because of the immediacy of the internet their effects can be measured rapidly. Thank you for this, and thanks to TED for having the foresight to put together this resource. Johnnie Lawson
April Klimley (4 years ago)
One of the best talks on innovation I've heard in a long time, even if a while ago. His trends still hold true!
Idea Gym (4 years ago)
Learn to evaluate your business idea in a simple way at https://www.udemy.com/idea-generation-and-selection-methods/?sl=E0ISc1dRRxMALBoeCRAcKBM%3D
driss elhajy (4 years ago)
some nice aspects - and some good dieas for a talk - thanks for that - but have we not heard all this before, decades beofre, and is it not a little borong and a tad patronising - and we still have billions of people dying of hunger and poverty and  it seems like we can't sustain this level of power just for a small segment of people who are not looking beyond california- all this thinking and ideas need to redirected to people and countries where it is all needed - we are wasting a whole lot of all we invent in just entertaining and amusing ourselves
Nicholas Webb (4 years ago)
Excellent talk. However I have a point of contention albeit prejudicial and self-serving, there are innovation consultants that make innovation more complex for enterprises and there are also innovation consultants... myself included, that help find the innovators and provide the infrastructure for them to succeed. Also, thank you for putting an image of my book The Innovation Playbook on your slide I can't tell however if it's a compliment or an insult. I do know one thing however I have a lot of respect for Carl Bass and the amazing work he does.
Leonard Goh (3 years ago)
bhangman (4 years ago)
Innovation to me is having access for all humanity to the best of what technology is capable of acheiving given our present knowledge both public and private.  What prevents access is funding, which is money which is debt...please view my vid.  WHERE CAN INNOVATION TAKE HUMANITY.
Squishy Robot (5 years ago)
THAT was a great talk!
mushy (5 years ago)
Autodesk why are your products so expensive? ]= And I will break the rules thank you for your permission to get those products free
orangedac (5 years ago)
great lecture
Ilya Vensky (5 years ago)
The process by we change the world. Its practical application. Taking risks and breaking the rules. brilliant.
Zen Honeycutt (5 years ago)
While you are out there breaking the rules..make sure to check in and look at the reality of the consquences. Synthetic Biology is now making vanilla out of a computer and growing it in yeast. Scientists want to put this completely untested foreign,computer made substance in our CHILDREN's ice cream and cupcake mix. UNTESTED. There is innovation and then there is just plain stupid. Don't make our kids the guniea pigs. Play in your labs, but not with our kids lives.
YaoUNB (5 years ago)
Infinite computing???!!! Wow, I hope I had such power. He is talking from a businessman perspective, not an engineer...
Almost Cat (5 years ago)
What are you, fifteen or something?
Randy Marsh (6 years ago)
SLAP Company (6 years ago)
The heart of a company’s performance is hardwired to the hearts of its managers. Your values are your essence: an undistorted mirror showing you at your pure, attractive best. Check us out at slapCompany
RapidParts (6 years ago)
we can help anyone innovate its really just up too you get on it !!!!
Anthony Perez-Rubio (6 years ago)
who the hell dislike this video???
@polumenol если не мы то это сделают другие :)
Ricardo Sosa (6 years ago)
Isn't Autodesk going against these five trends?
Jack Mosel (6 years ago)
Encore... Autodesk in Education...? >>> !!! >>> Virtual Reality + Hybridized education initiatives for both Secondary and Post-Secondary. We have options to GO BIG... OR to stay home. THIS is the VERY mind-set I employ as a High school Earth Science teacher in NYS. JAIL BREAK >>> EVERYTHING... Get out of the box (Break the rules) .. LOVE IT! I just installed Xubuntu side by side with Windows on my laptop.. I am FLOORED, Do yourself a favor.. Watch some Youtube videos about it and Second Life.
oker59 (6 years ago)
SpaceX is reducing costs by doing everything "in house".
MRLarchitecture (6 years ago)
The new rule is break the rules!
Sandy Adam (6 years ago)
was something edited out at 4:10? odd transition
Logical Mayhem (6 years ago)
"the power of the cloud and the crowd" so good :D

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