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Crazy Old Women Crashes After Reckless Driving!!!!!!!!

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He my dad and I go and chase a women the looks like she's drunk until the cops get to her. But they don't get there in time. (No One May Use This Video Without My Permission First)
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NWAZ flatEarther (4 days ago)
Video of a lifetime! Wow!
Matthew Kaczer (25 days ago)
stupid americans, she asked where they were like 3 or 4 times. she should have dispatched someone.
No More Honor Killings (1 month ago)
The only thing missing was her left turn signal being on.
Fuck you (1 month ago)
Tampa Fl. Full of degenerates. And senile old people.
The Unnamed (1 month ago)
Hopefully the "non-caring" passenger is charged too. Arm out the window just chilling during the whole ordeal. Too bad the passenger didnt lose the arm...
Dave G (1 month ago)
911 please hold
Kyle Tibbetts (1 month ago)
Elderly people need to be re evaluated for their drivers license rather than just being able to renew their license before it expires. I live in a rural town in Maine and it's astonishing how many elderly people would never pass a drivers test let alone stay in their own lane......
vikingsmb (9 days ago)
we have the same problem here in the uk mate
Adam Baldwin (29 days ago)
Elderly people? No, EVERYBODY. It's absolutely ridiculous that drivers aren't required to re-test to prove their driving skills at the very least every 2 years. I get so tired of having to share the road with people who don't know basic driving laws, how to use multi-lane highways, right of way, etc.
Garrett Smith (2 months ago)
That was not even close to a 40 MPH collision
fbody984life (2 months ago)
Doesn't sound like 911 wants to get off their lazy ass. Looks like the guy recording the video has to do all the grunt work for them. I guess next they will want him to arrest and give her a sobriety test as well.
Peter Gilbert (2 months ago)
Just proves to me even more how great 911 is.  I've had way dumber operators before.  There was a guy in Syracuse with a huge pickup harassing cars (including us) by running them off the road, then getting right behind and flooring it so black smoke would come out of the exhaust so you couldn't see a thing.  The operator did not know how to respond to the situation.  After they "said" they would contact local units (heading down I-90) we passed like 5 speed traps and none of them went after them.  Then, about 45 minutes later I get a call from Albany asking me if they should start going after him.  I was so pissed at the system because he was probably long off the road by then.  Also, to make matters even worse the way he was doing it it was like he knew 911 was too incompetent to do a thing and didn't even care when I (the passenger) took my phone out and started focusing on his license plate.
No More Honor Killings (3 months ago)
This has been a stupid idiot old people production
No More Honor Killings (3 months ago)
Need I say more? Elderly drivers are a menace!!!
No More Honor Killings (3 months ago)
It's not just about how incompetent, inconsiderate, and downright dangerous elderly drivers are, it's worse how arrogant they are about it. Elderly drivers are a menace.
EASTCAMDEN4LIFE (3 months ago)
Should've told them she's running away
dimmkah (4 months ago)
What it feels like to chew 5 gum.
EliteSnowWolf (4 months ago)
dimmkah stimulate the senses
New User (10 months ago)
That's not just being old, That's STRAIGHT up drunk driving
albert7139 (11 months ago)
I'm more disappointed with how long it took for the 911 dispatch to answer.. when I've called 911 in my town it takes less then 10 seconds...
Mr steal yo memes (4 months ago)
albert7139 ya but some cities take longer then others because how busy the Police station is and plus all the other calls coming in. More dangerous cities take longer because the amount of bad stuff happening
biscuitninja (11 months ago)
911 took 2:45 to do anything... Great job guys.
Dave G (1 month ago)
Fail. The dispatcher must have been taking a dump
Jakob Kvorning (1 year ago)
Why didnt he try to stop her by himself
New User (10 months ago)
Safety, old lady driving recklessly would've hit him and not notice
Try Thinking For a change (11 months ago)
Get real. He did the right thing. Kudos to him.
EliteSnowWolf (1 year ago)
Jakob Kvorning he could get arrested for interference
Kitana Kojima (1 year ago)
What the hell is with your local emergency dispatch service? You sat for how many rings waiting for them to pickup and then the phone operator handled it like that??? Seriously??
Dave G (1 month ago)
EliteSnowWolf (1 year ago)
bambi raptor ridiculous ain't it
Kitterz (1 year ago)
What happened at the end? Saw this vid in a compilation and many had questions of who else was in the car and was she drunk?
Kitterz (1 year ago)
EliteSnowWolf Yeah, I listed the link above and it shows up around the 8 min mark.
EliteSnowWolf (1 year ago)
Not much to know about the passenger but what i did know is that he had some sort of brain thing that made is so he wasn't able to communicate nor move. (no story on it in the local news either)
EliteSnowWolf (1 year ago)
Links possibly?
Cole Johnson (1 year ago)
EliteSnowWolf A road rage/accidents compilation.
EliteSnowWolf (1 year ago)
Kitterz G. What compilation? And we later found out that she had a stroke that caused her to loose control of her entire left side. Makeing her drowsy and unable to communicate clearly

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