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Contortion vs HipHop vs Ballet (Sofie Dossi, Matt Steffanina, Kylie Shea)

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This is the most fun I've had making a video. Contortionist and icon Sofie Dossi takes on hip-hop superstar Matt Steffanina and viral ballerina Kylie Shea for an epic challenge on Venice Beach. Comment below your favorite photo, and if you screenshot it and tag us on Instagram we'll shout out a few of you. Subscribe to Sofie: https://www.youtube.com/user/SofieDossi Subscribe to Matt: https://www.youtube.com/user/MattSDance Follow Kylie: https://www.instagram.com/kyliesheaxo/ Pre-order my new book, "Born to Dance", for a chance to win a shoot with me: https://woobox.com/z58dcu Video by Sandy Chase Additional Camera: Soorim Lee Follow Jordan Matter: Instagram: https://instagram.com/jordanmatter/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JordanMatterPhotography/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jordanmatter Website: https://www.jordanmatter.com/ Buy my first book, "Dancers Among Us": https://www.dancersamongus.com/store Watch More Jordan Matter: 10 Minute Photo Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQ92ikeVApc&list=PLGUsVjD5UIqTZMq49mKDuou_X4UXTiSQO Dance Moms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bSTwQvpI3I&list=PLGUsVjD5UIqTVDZaw_8Uwc8WcTwyZmdCM Dancers Among Us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOTsxpLIZ-w&list=PLGUsVjD5UIqQerQD_LWGq3gcjIj57SXMD Business Inquiries: [email protected] About Jordan Matter: I'm Jordan, a professional photographer with a passion for capturing some pretty amazing dance moments. On this channel you'll find us working with dancers such as Sofie Dossi, Anna McNulty, Rybka Twins, Nia Sioux, and more. Stick around for some awesome 10 Minute Photo Challenges! Music licensed through Epidemic Sound: Competition Events 5 by Magnus Ringblom Rumble in the Jungle 6 - Jan Chmelar Beat Them Up 4 by Jan Chmelar Butterfly Chase 1 by Henrik Nagy Trip Battle 1 and 2 by Andreas Jamsheree Speak EZ by Matt Large High Altitude 1 by Jack Elphick Pulp Noir 03 by Hakan Eriksson Too Many Cooks 4 by Gunnar Johnsen
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Text Comments (19763)
Jordan Matter (2 months ago)
Hi everyone. I couldn't stop laughing this entire shoot. What was your favorite part? Mine was 4:40 :)
9:48 😂😂😂😂❤
Hayley Hiskey (10 days ago)
Jordan Matter What was a fab time
selda zalmai (11 days ago)
Matt won😁💜
Alyazya Al Kaabi (15 seconds ago)
Sofia dossi is the winner
Mia Cat girl (4 minutes ago)
My love is sofie
Gianna’s Vlog family (26 minutes ago)
I like Sophies best
Maria Grigorean (27 minutes ago)
10:53 is wow. Live it
Jinny Le (40 minutes ago)
xXlaUgHingCooKieXx (54 minutes ago)
I donr knkw the ballleyeyeyey gurl but O know the two: eeekk!!!
Itz_ Octavia PLAYZ (1 hour ago)
I personally think that all of them are good
Gachagirl009 xoxox (1 hour ago)
Sofia dosssa wins wh ageed
Dance fever (1 hour ago)
Mat is always best
Dance fever (1 hour ago)
Mat won
Michael Mihasan (1 hour ago)
Sophie win win
Leanne Wasleski (1 hour ago)
Sofie Rossi wins
Aggeliki D (1 hour ago)
Sofie wins.
Kalony LIN (2 hours ago)
Soffi Dossiiiiiiiii
Magdalena Tankoska (2 hours ago)
Soffiie dossi is the winer
trinty neale (1 hour ago)
1.Sofie 2.Kylie 3.Sofie 4.Kylie 5.Sofie
Vitalijus Visockas (2 hours ago)
Sofie dosie. I am your fan
Jean Dacaya (2 hours ago)
Sofie dossie
Greg Sandberg (2 hours ago)
Softie won.
Angel Custodio (2 hours ago)
CONTORTIONS sorry I'm not hating on them I just like sofie better MKAY
Farida Dawoodi (2 hours ago)
sofie dossi !!!!!!!!!
Dina Nassar (2 hours ago)
Sharon Erasmus (2 hours ago)
Oddur Hannesson (2 hours ago)
Sofie dosy
Ava Roach (2 hours ago)
At 10:49 it was so funny I was crying
The Real Arabella (3 hours ago)
Renee Wee (3 hours ago)
I think Sofie Dossi won and my favourite shot was when the man jumped over sofi and landed on the skateboard
Contortion was 100% my fav
Scarlett Ormond (4 hours ago)
Sofie should win
Glitter Unicorn (4 hours ago)
Sofia I’m trying your moves I’m close to getting it
The Zee Club (4 hours ago)
Um sofie definetly won
Inge Kamper (4 hours ago)
Sofie dossi 😁
Willam Almeida (5 hours ago)
Mia Hall (5 hours ago)
Soffie dossi everyone
Jake Brown (5 hours ago)
Sofia won by alot
Priya Darshini (5 hours ago)
The 3 of them I love them
Cutey Catanddog (5 hours ago)
Sofie Dossi
MeowX wonderland (5 hours ago)
I love th3 photo at 8:42 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zoe Coggle (5 hours ago)
I do pointe ballet and I rock it 😂
Charline Baestroey (5 hours ago)
Woow I love sofia's foto's 💗💗💗💖💖
Audrey HUANG (6 hours ago)
My favourite part was 11:05
Phung Ly (6 hours ago)
Um,I can’t pick I have just have to pick a ‘option’.... all of them
Isabel Del rio (6 hours ago)
SOPHIE. DOSSI i think you won your the best i love you:)
Brealyn T (6 hours ago)
I'm sorry but sofie won
Zoe Jackson (7 hours ago)
Round 1: sofie Round 2:kylie Round 3: sofie Round 4:sofie Round 5: kylie Love u guys u were great
Fabiana Franyutti (7 hours ago)
Matt won
Summer Anne (7 hours ago)
Teddy Ghir (7 hours ago)
Sofia Dossi is the winner🏆
Ella M Locke (7 hours ago)
9:48 "You forgot the ball." *throws ball*
aileen pham (7 hours ago)
Sofie dossi
Play Store (7 hours ago)
the girl's win😘😘😘😘😘😄😄😄😄😄😄
blanca correale (8 hours ago)
at @9.29 he sounded so rude
Artgirl 48 (8 hours ago)
Campbell Wiley (8 hours ago)
Eva 3456786 (8 hours ago)
OMG I hope I can be as good as Kylie someday
Cuauhtemoc Mendez (8 hours ago)
Sofie woooooon evri thing
Stalker Stalks (8 hours ago)
This one was really not to forced like more relax
Layne Edwards (8 hours ago)
Sophie Dossie all the way
SoulKittenGaming (8 hours ago)
Dossi rules
Morgan Findley (9 hours ago)
Sofie won them all!
Jessica Sigala (9 hours ago)
Sofie is my mood when she threw the ball at them i was dead😂😂😂
Brenna Beemma (9 hours ago)
Soffie dose was the best
chanel cerna (9 hours ago)
Jonas Smith (9 hours ago)
s offie was the Best.
Christian Osorio (9 hours ago)
Raegan Veller (9 hours ago)
Anyone else shiver uncontrollably when eating ice cream?
Beth Hickam (9 hours ago)
Sofia all the way
Lexi Jones (9 hours ago)
Soph Time (9 hours ago)
Sofie dossi
It’s Me ACE (9 hours ago)
Sub= for sub trust me I gotchu 😊 Comment done when you subbed
LPS GangsterGirl (9 hours ago)
Geonnuh Latray (10 hours ago)
EllaBella_CC (10 hours ago)
1. Sofie
MISHELCY BONNET (10 hours ago)
1.) Sofie 2.) Matt 3.) Kylie 4.) Sofie 5.) Kylie
Makenna Gonko (10 hours ago)
Sofies swimsuit tan 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kawaii Fox’s Squishies (10 hours ago)
It will always be Sophie dossi
Evelyn Pederson (10 hours ago)
Kylie is absolutely stunning I think she won
Jacky (10 hours ago)
Kylie was just so gorgeous in all of them
glitter flash (10 hours ago)
Bizarre Sisters (10 hours ago)
Anyone else see Sophie’s yoga ball pick on instagram
Hi Papi (10 hours ago)
Sofie one
Candelaria Pedro (10 hours ago)
Round 1 soffi dossi
SaiAishwaryaa Sathish (11 hours ago)
At 12:43 you can see the girl with the Why Don't We Hoodie......
Angel Hxze (11 hours ago)
Lmao now I’m just binging these since the most recent one with the dares.
Gra Ce (11 hours ago)
Shajuan Hargis (11 hours ago)
The best one with Sofie dossi 😍
Shajuan Hargis (11 hours ago)
The best wheel with Sofie dossi
Taylor Satepeahtaw (11 hours ago)
Sofie all of them
penguin_person #1 (11 hours ago)
I think Sofie dossie won all of them lol
Izzie Rose (11 hours ago)
Sofie dossi has a spine because if she didn’t she’d be dropping down all over the place
Eve Ramirez (11 hours ago)
Sofie won she is the best I'm flexible but not like her
Malarie Edwards (11 hours ago)
Sofie dossi
Norma Rodezno (12 hours ago)
Sofie wonnn
Kyra Raine (12 hours ago)
For all of them Sofie
Brooke Z (12 hours ago)
sofhie!!!!!! duh like she was having so much fun and it showed in her photos.
angel Najera (12 hours ago)
sofi dose is the beast
Eve Johnson (12 hours ago)
Sophie won by far
JUJU Kassab (12 hours ago)
I do not like you guy fuck you

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