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ENF Woman embarrassed of her bush after stripping

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A woman strips naked infront of her friends only to be embarrassed when they point out her thick bush ,she quickly covers herself up before her friend asked if she could take a picture of her nude with her thick bush
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Text Comments (12)
Paul Florez (26 days ago)
The bush is good!
Jack King (1 month ago)
Well show us the damn bush!
Chris Kimball (5 months ago)
That's Hillary Duff fosho
no name needed (8 months ago)
I liked girls with a hairy pussy
Red Daikini (1 year ago)
Do women really comment on one another's genitals in the locker room? o_O Cuz that sh*t don't fly in the gents...
Ryan Kirkpatrick (7 months ago)
in another lifetime pal
SpookeyClown (9 months ago)
Guys always made fun of my penis in the locker room.
Siska Bab (1 year ago)
female humor : " vagina this, vagina that, vagina anything"
tripleheshy (1 year ago)
A landing stip is what I liker. The full bush is the 70's lesbian, bra burning, we hate everything male look.
Paul Leckner (1 year ago)
Confirms the rumor that chicks check each other out!!
Jack King (1 month ago)
All chicks are lesbians.
Simon Jones (2 years ago)
source please?

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