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Today's topic is once again dating and I'll share with you the ten things mainland Chinese guys have said to me that's just not cool :D BEST CHINA VPN: https://www.linkev.com/?a_aid=lenaaround SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5524360 SKYPE ME ABOUT CHINA: http://lenaaround.com/skype-me/ If you want to go to China then this is the company I used the first time! (PROMO CODE LENA50 FOR 50$USD OFF THE PROGRAM FEE): http://www.immerqi.com 50$ OFF CHINESEPOD ANNUAL - PROMO CODE LINGLINGPOD: https://chinesepod.com/pricing/annual/?affid=995610 BOOK ME AS A TOUR GUIDE IN BEIJING: https://www.showaround.com/locals/9739122 LINGLING NEWSLETTER: http://eepurl.com/cLbDY1 Enjoy! Have a fjong (good) day! Lingling ABOUT LINGLING: I'm a Danish girl crazy in love with China. Lingling is my Chinese nickname/alterego who is always up for talking about love in China, travel in China and life in China x Please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! Stalk me or let's be friends on social media: Website: http://lenaaround.com Instagram: lenaaround (https://www.instagram.com/lenaaround/) Facebook: lenaaround (https://www.facebook.com/lenaaround/) Snapchat: lenaaaroundx Business mail: info(at)lenaaround(dot)com If you've reached this far, I dare you to leave a comment with your opinion! :D
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Text Comments (163)
Yongsheng Chen (1 month ago)
You are so cute
Didi Prangsak (2 months ago)
I just know about your channel recently. One thing I love about you is that despite all those negative things you've seen online or in the media, you still chose to embrace the Chinese culture ♥ Thank you. 😇
Su Z (5 months ago)
I totally feel you :) the lack of confidence is just like all the Danes like to ask me why do I choose to come to Denmark.. nobody from other countries asked me why I came to their countries.. Danes also need to be more confident :) don't always think Denmark is a small country...
William Wang (7 months ago)
Weight wise, I think you are just fine by any standard.. Just saying.. Well, within reason is how I would put it precisely.
Jack Ma (7 months ago)
I gotta say I really like this video. In this video, a lot of things were mentioned about western girls' mindset, which is vitally important for Chinese to mingle with caucasian girls. Pretty cool video and looking forward to more stunning videos.Thanks, Ling Ling! All the best to you in China!
Josie B. (8 months ago)
I met a chinese guy and he said his friends said I would be perfect if I lost weight. You gave me the courage to block him on wechat.
arkorful kwaansa (8 months ago)
Hahahahahhahah. Spot on! Chinese guys are very reserved probably because of their culture
Bernard Tan (9 months ago)
Just accept the fact that east is not west that way all is fine. We don't tell westerners to be like asians it's offensive.
Spf CONCEPT (9 months ago)
@1:36 omg hahahahahajajaja that laugh!! You got me rolling hahahahahajajaja. That's good shit!
Spf CONCEPT (9 months ago)
11:03 uh不. Wow you are Chinesed or wut. lok
Spf CONCEPT (9 months ago)
@10:28 hahahahahajajaja a little 胖. I love that! Hahahahaha
FeniX Gu (9 months ago)
Homework done. like your video, enjoy yur stay in China
Lenaaround (9 months ago)
+FeniX Gu thanks :)
C Sun (9 months ago)
To propose in two months? that's not even typical for Chinese who date another Chinese..... Job is an important thing for us, so we get used to this idea, no good job no girlfriend. lol Strong steady handshake may be too "aggressive" in Chinese culture, as we dont get used to that much of body contacts. Fancy expensive restaurants: one of the reasons I am still single. sigh and lol. No money for that. I don't see foreign guys as superiors. But I understand why some think so: they just have so many advantages in China. Let's say, going to some restaurant or bars, foreign guys do not need to pay entrance fees, and girls no need either. but Chinese men have to pay. I call such a thing "racism". And I refuse to go to any such restaurants or bars in China. I am not a inferior race to anyone, especially it's in my hometown. Ask bra size? I only know one guy who did this once, and everyone else think his EQ is low. The guy who ask you that? That's not polite for us either.
C Sun (9 months ago)
that's not really a proposal. but thats a way to try to figure out if a girl is thinking of marriage in the long term. though I would still say, a few weeks is not typical.
Elizabeth R (9 months ago)
My Chinese husband never proposed but he did say some things like, 'if we got married would we get married in a church?" just a few weeks after meeting. And yes, we did end up getting married in a church. lol
Lenaaround (9 months ago)
+C Sun thank you for sharing your experience. Yes I call that racism too and it's unfair but hard to change. Haha he was a quite successful guy but who knows maybe a little slow haba
Chudong Li (9 months ago)
Chinese man in china lack the confidence
Chudong Li (9 months ago)
Asian people like talk about money its same everywhere! But i kinda dont know why i met a lot of canadian girls they like to stay with the guys cant even pay a diner at the restaurent!
Chudong Li (9 months ago)
Lenaaround haha yeah cultural shock! If here in canada i want to date a lady of course i would like to pay! And well dressed! Its a manner of gentleman
Lenaaround (9 months ago)
+Chudong Li we date guys we like not guys with money, that's probably why
Fan Yang (9 months ago)
David D`artagnan (10 months ago)
I found this topic is super interesting cuz most of these bullshits(sorry about my language) a chinese guy could have said to a western girl are just what a chinese girl want! I mean like, have a decent job and salary,pay for everything during a date, show off that you got money, houses or the other material goods, these are exactly the "chinese girls rules"(ironically the rules are often abandoned by chinese girls when they try to get a western boy). So on one hand, I feel really sorry for those stupid things a chinese guy could say to you western girls, on the other hand, I feel like these stupid things are exactly how the chinese guys have always been taught to impress a girl in China since a long time. what can i say, sad about that, but hope more and more chinese guys could awake and be released from those sick "chinese girls rules". peace~
David D`artagnan (10 months ago)
Lenaaround agree. anyway, wish you find your mr.right here in China!
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+David D`artagnan true some of them are exactly what the Chinese girls expect but I would say most of them are also just really weird :p
Chen Xin (10 months ago)
What is your bra size? lol Seriously, all these are understandable except the shaking hand. We believe shaking hand strongly is too aggressive especially with a girl. We think boys should be soft and gentle to girls.
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+Chen Xin haha interesting times in China for sure. Always another story haha
Takhe Opi (11 months ago)
You dont actually understand the psychology of chinese. It is not self confidence thing.
Takhe Opi (11 months ago)
Some of his behaviour is based on his culture and some are based on trend going on presently in the society. 1. If he talk about his money, it means : he thinks girls can be impressed by the wealth a person own as many girls are gold diggers. He may be thinking that why a western girl date a chinese guy who is cultural and racially very different without some vested interest. Normal perception towards western girls is that they are gold diggers. 2. When a chinese guys asks, why are you interested in chinese guy and not a white guy when you yourself is a white girl. It means: normally, every person prefers a life partner of his own race and culture and if somebody is doing out of box thing, most likely she/he has some bigger expectation than the person of his/her kind. 3. It is a cultural thing that when a chinese guy tries to approach a chinese girl for dating, he is expected to be decent in his behaviour/ approach and a not blah, blah ...guy. Normally, chinese girls like a decent guy for her partner. Blah, blah guy/over smart guys are considered playboy/empty box which is unwanted by chinese girl. So, it is all about cultural thing and it is not about superiority complex thing of white people, this thing is most misunderstood by westerners. In east Asian culture, a guests is treated with outmost nice and kindness. This kind of treatment is most misunderstood by white people. They think that asians are showing inferiority towards them i.e.white person. This is so..s****ng sick mentality/psychology of white people. It means that asian should treat them not like a guest but then white people are complain box. Oowch... this is so disgusting. 4. When a chinese guy approach a girl very confidently, it means that he doesnt expect anything from her/not expected to date him. It is just for friend. It does not matter him if he loses her. 5. Your understanding of chinese culture and pschology is very shallow. You wont be able to understand it from the surface unless you yourselves live in countryside for a very long time and involve yourselves in the social activites and be a part of their society. Just looking from outside, you wont be able to understand their culture. I think it is same for other cultures as well. 6. Approach method of asians and westerners are diametrically opposite. Asians start gently, slowly and cautiously whereas westerner approach with a loud mouth/ big bangs.
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+Takhe Opi please share your knowledge then
Binda Wang (11 months ago)
Gosh, that is so hilarious. I like your videos.
Calvin Liang (11 months ago)
I had girls asking me about houses, cars etc. I am a pureblood Chinese, but still ... sh*t, we have it hard ...
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+Calvin Liang 压力 for sure
raymond chow (11 months ago)
u r sweet lookg..i like yr cheerful personality..wsh i hv gf like u
Faxi Cheema (11 months ago)
They are not dating material.stinks worst than my shit
Chen Jiaxi (1 year ago)
Vincent Lee (1 year ago)
the dating rules ,culture are different here in china, keep going , I like your video
viboulk (1 year ago)
I love the way you present in this video, it's lovely.
Bobby Chen (1 year ago)
There are terms people in China use for socially-awkward or socially-inept, or otherwise uncultured individuals; 乡巴佬 ("xiangbalao" aka bumpkin), and暴发户 ("baofahu" aka noveau-riche) ... China has a lot of really good-looking boys and girls, whom fit into these categories, and it seems as if the Chinese government actively takes initiatives to rectify these issues... this video gives me the impression that Danish women, whom I hardly have ever met in life so far, are much less materialistic than most American women, but are more easily offended by size suggestions ... bra size for sexy lingerie
songkan thatsaphone (1 year ago)
Lea Johnson (1 year ago)
Gotta agree with u on alot of these points hahah.
Afifa (1 year ago)
i wanna date zhang yixing.
Ya Terpsichore (1 year ago)
Confidence is never a merit in Chinese culture. I've never heard any of girls around me said they like confident guys (and so am I.) Their common answers toward a guy is tall. And we girls don't want to be called sexy, ...even a primary girl dislike sexy word haha. Cute is way more better for describing a girl. Being asked for the weight is quite normal 😂 Your friends might ask you even when they first meet you. Maybe that's the way that they are showing they really notice you 😂
cosynpa Pan (1 year ago)
Very helpful advice, thank you.
Annie Evie (1 year ago)
Also with the weight thing I personally actually think it is important. Maybe it's not important to know the exact number, but it's important to know if someone is healthy or not before you date them, i.e. If you start dating someone who is obese or overweight and they are still gaining weight or they are generally unhealthy, it can end up being a big source of stress in the future since of course if you care about someone you don't want to see them suffer the health problems that can come along with the extra weight. Personally I find it annoying how in the West it's like this unspoken rule not to mention someones weight or question their eating habits. Like sure you don't wanna hurt their self-esteem, but it's also important to make sure their bad habits don't lead to health issues that could potentially (and often do) ruin people's lives. idk but this is just a personal opinion.
Annie Evie (1 year ago)
Yeah thats true XD
Annie Evie (1 year ago)
Haha if someone asked me anything awkward like my bra size or weight I'd just be like ....."我听不懂" XD
Ban ghany (1 year ago)
I just now see your videos you are so lovely 😍😘😍
wei luo (1 year ago)
Why not try some Chinese guys who understand western culture, or pretty international. Otherwise, you might be stuck in Chinese style dating which will not meet your needing. You can always find more open-mind and international people in those eastern big cities in China, like Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing etc. People from middle and western China usually will be more traditional. After living in Nanjing for more than a decade, I find my way of doing and thinking is quite different compared to what my relatives do in Hunan province. Anyway, China is huge. Just go for it. I hope you enjoy your life in China.
Fan Di (1 year ago)
I hate showoff, focus on money, and ask about Jin
黄秋云 (1 year ago)
you are so cute
COco Yo yo (1 year ago)
Sounds like you come to China and want Chinese men to change their culture their norms to fit your taste and inject them in to a Chinese boy's body to satisfy your interest. Basically a Chinese guy with Foreign personality and customs.
Didi Prangsak (2 months ago)
someone's jealous 😂
Henry Ruan (9 months ago)
But I am afraid his point is this looks more like a cultural imposition and assimilation
Bobby Chen (1 year ago)
If the man/woman in question is desirable, but is uncultured either because he/she is either "乡巴佬" or "暴发户", then he/she can and should receive a little personal cultural revolution
Annie Evie (1 year ago)
I understand what you mean but tbh I think it depends on how you interpret the video. Because of the title I kind of took it as "if I could give advice to Chinese guys who want to date foreign women, then these are the ten things I'd tell them not to say", but if you interpret the video as her complaining about ten things people say to her but she doesn't like then yeah I can see where you coming from.
COco Yo yo (1 year ago)
Honestly what you've described you want are foreign born Chinese.
Xiao Dong Li (1 year ago)
Here from ADVChina.
Jason Wu (1 year ago)
Great video! However, it is understandable that he would ask you why you are interested because it is so rare. A black woman would ask me every time the same question for the same reason. Well good luck with you!
Jason Wu (1 year ago)
Zhenyu Zhou (1 year ago)
Good points! Like your videos, funny and most are pretty correct! Good luck with your life in China!
zheng zhu (1 year ago)
thanks it is helpful
Persona Nongrata (1 year ago)
I am half Asian/White. Never dated an Asian woman. P.S.-Love me some curves.
Rosario Gonzalez (1 year ago)
LOL OMG that was so funny !!! Mainland chinese guys you all have homework !!! LOL
niubilabahani (1 year ago)
u r so funny
Ying Chen (1 year ago)
I think this is more like "10 things chinese guys shouldn't say when dating ANY girls" hahahaha... especially the showing off part... love your videos~~
Britt Marin (1 year ago)
What are the characters for curvy? I'm really interested. 谢谢!
H. L. (1 year ago)
better: 丰腴 fēngyú
Happy Camper (1 year ago)
The money thing is pretty true. It's because a lot of Chinese women or Asian women are golddiggers. They are very materialistic. They require men to have money, a car, and a house to be qualified to date them. As a result, many Chinese men have grown this kind of mindset that women wouldn't like them if they don't have money. Why do you think so many Chinese women are dating western men? It's because they assume that western men have a lot of money to give them a good life. I personally think Chinese women are the worst creatures in the world.
Happy Camper (1 year ago)
And you know what? Instead of having a good life married to foreigners, a lot of them have to work to provide those loser guys lol Those Chinese women didn't realize that skin color was NOT equivalent to money or a good life. So I have seen so many in the States who end up realizing that their husbands are the bottom of the barrel in the States who couldn't find a wife so they had to go to China to get a wife and bring them back for housekeeping, cooking and sex lol
powder77777 (1 year ago)
that's soo funny
Jiajun Zou (1 year ago)
My cousin sister actually told me that you are not going to get any Chinese girl if you don't do, bla bla bla like the expensive restaurant, car, house, you mentioned, it is almost like a cultural thing. I totally agree with you, it makes relationship look like buying and selling, and a lot of Chinese girls such as in 非诚勿扰 they asked those questions too. I hope all foreign girls are like you. :)
Annie Evie (1 year ago)
I think most foreign girls are like her.
Jiajun Zou (1 year ago)
wow, Lena is a great resource
Fantastic observations! Im a US citizen that works with almost all Chinese and Malaysian born people. We definitely have these conversations as they learn to live here in the US.
Yang Xu (1 year ago)
Cant believe I found you channel a few days ago and now see you were in my hometown. Hope you had a great time.
Amy Lim (1 year ago)
Love your confidence 😊😁
Tenzin (1 year ago)
Som mann i Norden med kinesisk bakgrunn, kan jeg dessverre si at det er mye sant i det du sier. I fastland-Kina ansees disse temaene naturlige og ufarlige (jobb, skulle ha tilbydd en bedre restaurant etc.), men meget ubehagelige i vesten. Tror det ikke er vondt nevnt det de sier og spør (kan ikke si om de personlige spørsmålene). Å kunne se fra andres indre er kunsten til deres indre. Janteloven har sine gode og dårlige sider. Materialistisk tankegang har også sine positive og negative sider. Til lykke.
Annie Evie (1 year ago)
I assume it's Danish since Lena is actually from Denmark herself?
Tenzin (1 year ago)
Lenaaround. Totally agree with you. Nice videos.
Eagle Rocky Mountain (1 year ago)
Lenaaround is this Danish, Swedish or Norwegian?
Li Yao (1 year ago)
You are so cute!
Shawn-yu Law (1 year ago)
Came from ADVChina. Wish I could find this video earlier! I am from a small town in China, and I have never seen any western girl before age 19. Right now I have been living in a small town in the Midwest in U.S. for five years. I hit 7 out of 10 things on your list in the past five years. I still remember that how mad my date was when I told her don't eat that ice cream because that will make you gain weight! I kinda learned my lesson in the hard way. Very nice video, I will keep following up.
Brie Brie (1 year ago)
i love you and your videos so much Lena!! 💕💕
Hahaha, now I need to find a date just so I can try out that "bra size" question. Priceless :)
Wayne Coolidge (1 year ago)
Following you from ADVChina, great to know that there are more tubers on China's Culture. :)
Dimitri Del Corral (1 year ago)
hahahaha, too much to ask, it´s like planting an apple tree and expect pears because you like pears, Janteloven does not apply in China, and if Chinese Girls want all that showing off and material stuff, the chinese guys WILL DO JUST THAT; you won´t expect the whole 1.1 billion people country change because you don´t like it right?? men... helt og lykke i Kina.-
Elizabeth R (9 months ago)
It's not about asking them to change, it's about telling them that if their goal is to date a western woman, then should know that these things aren't going to get a positive reaction. However, any western woman who's been around China for a while will know what to expect and can understand. But even understanding what is normal in China, hearing constant references to weight and size is hard is hard on us.
Eagle Rocky Mountain (1 year ago)
Lenaaround what is Jante Law, or Janteloven?
The Donestre (1 year ago)
Top tip for Chinese guys trying to date western girls from a western guy - DON'T FRICKIN BOTHER! The juice isn't worth the squeeze with western girls! You will go through more sh*t than it's worth!
MEV 3D Vision (1 year ago)
White women are bad for marriage, because they cheat on their husband frequently.
MEV 3D Vision (1 year ago)
NO, you are too lovely. I cannot stay from you. You give off positivity most of the time, and I like that.
VR Show (1 year ago)
Cheating isn't a racial trait...every gender/race can cheat.
Timeless D (1 year ago)
That is what media, unfortunately, portrays especially with the 50% divorce rates in US.
Someone Else (1 year ago)
Someone Else (1 year ago)
My friend who's 21 is just starting to date, and my other long time friend who's 40 she waited till she was 32 before marriage because she wanted the right guy... He turned out to be a physically and verbally abusive guy who probably cheats on her. Even though he met all of these Chinese standards for a good guy I.E. alot of money, apartments, and cars. And in the event of a divorce the man takes all... It seems like it's already been ingrained in their minds from an early age that once u get rich and older it's normal to go cheat.
Someone Else (1 year ago)
Hey Lena my friend told me young Chinese men from china are all turning into playboys now n days is that true?
Someone Else (1 year ago)
She sure was :D
Greg Ward (1 year ago)
watched you spot on ADVChina. stopping by to check your channel
Ronald C Krause Jr (1 year ago)
What does the tattoo state on her right wrist area?
Hu Jiaming (1 year ago)
And how tall are you exactly as a Danish girl???
Tien Trinh (1 year ago)
Lenaaround what?
Hu Jiaming (1 year ago)
Oh I think it should be 168 cm or 1.68 m^_^
Hu Jiaming (1 year ago)
Ok that's not bad.
Hu Jiaming (1 year ago)
Very interesting video!!!
Misha Yang (1 year ago)
Jag kom från ADVChina och har Prenumererat! Bra video!!!
anna the bee (1 year ago)
i still remember when my korean boyfriend kept asking me why i decided to date him, a korean guy, instead of finding someone from my country.... like..... dude maybe because i liked you as a person and that's all i care about??? it can be a bit annoying, i agree!
anna the bee (1 year ago)
Lenaaround exactly!
MyrKnof (1 year ago)
Lækkert med en "dansk" kanal.. Så dig på ADVChina, så tænkte det kunne være nice at få den danske og kindelige vinkel på kina også.. subbed! Håber ikke du har noget imod lidt dansk i kommentarsporet :)
MyrKnof (1 year ago)
Det gode Aalborg :) Dig? (sært personlige spørgsmål vi er ude i her)
MyrKnof (1 year ago)
Følger bare med fra bette danmark, desværre :D
Nebula Xu (1 year ago)
Great video! Subscribed! (中国粉丝)
Kin (1 year ago)
AHAHA, I think you are totally right with all of them :D this is so typical mainland Chinese. The mentality is very well described. Especially the confidence part, show off part and money parts. I guess Chinese society and twisted trends in China have brainwashed guys in such a way, I guess nowadays Chinese just can't orientate themselves to a right value, it needs time for them to truely know about this world. It is on the process, i guess after a few decades , this kind of mentality will fade. So no wonder all this answer and question may make one shocked! If you put them in a foreign place for a while, i can assure that most of them won't act like that any more. :D
Rasmus Calner (1 year ago)
Hey Lena, just saw the video where Wincent and Laowhy86 interviewed you and that got me curious, how did you manage to get a work visa in China? I'm also Scandinavian (yey) but I looked into teaching English in China and it seems nowadays it's difficult to do for Europeans? I might be wrong though, curious to hear your answer. :)
Rasmus Calner (1 year ago)
Thanks for the great answer, appreciate it. :)
Şükru Mehmed (1 year ago)
Came from ADVChina. One question, how good do you have to be or what kind of education do you need to have to get a english teaching job in China?
James Bond (1 year ago)
I think they could be more diversed country, but without crime and terrorism.
Zichang Lin. lol white worship in China is disgusting
Şükru Mehmed (1 year ago)
Zichang Lin White face check but I am an engineering drop out.
Zichang Lin (1 year ago)
Şükru Mehmed Bachelor and a white face is the standard now.
Alvin (1 year ago)
Hello, I came from ADVchina to like and subbed
Emmanuel Agyapong (1 year ago)
ADVChina brought me here New Sub for you girl :)
Exploring With Larry (1 year ago)
hello i found you on C Milks and Winston s channel i commented liked and subscribed😎
frogz (1 year ago)
Gosh that made me laugh. Yes! When I was in China I experienced exactly the same situation. At first I thought am I being too sensitive to these questions. Then after a while I began to really hate being asked over, and over, and over again. Arggggh!!!
What's Up? (1 year ago)
Hair???? Makeup??? Contact Lenses??? Longer hair maybe ????
What's Up? (1 year ago)
ADV China me. New sub.💜
Mobliz (1 year ago)
Here from ADVChina!
Steven Kedda (1 year ago)
Nick Guy (1 year ago)
I remember you! You lift my spirit.
TheCitruskat (1 year ago)
Oh my gosh, the dead fish handshake. It's like they just hand you a dead fish. You're just holding it trying to figure out what to do with it.
iczerone2000 (1 year ago)
That was funny!! You made me crack up!! And I'm a Chinese guy!! 😂😂😂😂
Tao Su (1 year ago)
Well said!Exactly!
Jumping Kick (1 year ago)
Your ideal of dating a Chinese boy reminds me of an old song "Ich will einen Cowboy als Mann" (I want to marry a cowboy) It is 50 plus years old and the girl who sings it, Gitte Haenning, is also Danish With that said, do not let others (Chinese guys or otherwise) upset you...
LIU CHINA (1 year ago)
nikkietw (1 year ago)
我去過很多國家, 幾十個吧, 包含德國, 德國人是出了名的醜, 而且是公認的, 哈.... 在台灣, 有不少外國人, 但普遍印象不是那麼正面.. 男的是P, 女的是S, 這是我們對他們的觀感, 也不會想去認識他們, 這點和大陸不太一樣 最近有個叫CJAYRIDE的美國人, 在台灣的惡行被電視台拍起來, 引起公憤, 牠也是搞直播拼收視, 可是台灣可不是中國大陸 這個博主搭上的另二個混蛋, serpenza, 還有c-milk, 其實牠們都待過台灣.. 牠們在台灣都找一個加拿大垃圾叫M13, 這傢伙在台灣13年, 中文還不太會說...平常就騎個機車到處亂拍, 東批評西批評, 不過台灣人根本不鳥牠; 這二個在深圳的傢伙只是模仿M13 c-milk 最新題材, 玉林狗肉節.. 這二個傢伙再這樣亂搞下去, 總有一天會有人找牠們算帳.. 某幾個國家的白種男性, 特別喜歡惹事生非
Kin (1 year ago)
nikkietw 首先我專重你的論點, 但是如果你想真的比較一下, 出去外地走走也是好的。你認識很多德國人? 以一人代表全部人有點不公平。 但是, 不人身攻擊, 就已經好了。
nikkietw (1 year ago)
Kin 另外鈴鈴還算可愛了 如果是德國女人 超過30歲會變成男人 一個長的比一個大隻 會去找德國女人結婚的更少 因為德國人實在長很醜 你去看看梅克爾 再比一下習近平老婆 當然有人說兩人相愛無關種族 外貌 只看個性合不合 這種話叫政治正確的場面話 聽聽就好
Kin (1 year ago)
nikkietw, 審美觀不同沒有問題, 我也有不同審美觀, 但是不用在人家的版上說長得不優或发型都老土之類的東西, 如果我在你的板上說這樣的話, 你有什麼感受? 這其實算是人身攻擊。就算你真的要批評, 也可以提供建議!
nikkietw (1 year ago)
Kin 白種女人醜化亞洲男人的難聽話可多了 這個丹麥妹子不是這種人 我不在這多說
Marry Me (1 year ago)
Curvy is ok if not saying fat, big chubby? Dating coach
R X (1 year ago)
Those things u said about Chinese guys showing off their fancy gears of they own or how big of the houses and the marriage thing are THE exact things Chinese girls will feel impressed. Sadly it's very hard for the guys to get out of this cycle so it slowly becomes a thing. And for those who ask u private questions, it just means they don't know nor care to know anything about the west which means don't waste ur time on them.
yada Liu (1 year ago)
ahhhhhhhhh, it was a funny video.~ I am a Chinese girl and I am from Changsha, what you said I totally agree~~~ahhhhhhh
Adél Orosz (1 year ago)
these are so true hehe the comparison can really weigh you down
westhill sevenwolves (1 year ago)
I hate any predefined rules for a relationship. dating is private things, as long as the F + M have no problem, they can share any rare topic, any niche taste, any dissent hobbies. you are pro-liberal, pro-feminist pro-Jante-Law at first sight, but do you know love is blind , insane and crazy, its fuel of passion, its expedition to new world. when you turn ur dating to guided operation of check list or manual book, u have succumbed to the sloppy mediocrity designed by norm of society and ancestors, or circles. break shackles of establishment, brave girl, try those forbidden fruits, they will be sweet and addictive. before ur next dating, watch The [English Patient (1996) ] first.
Jeff Ling (1 year ago)
here I come
kamhong (1 year ago)
I can see your frustrations when it comes to dating Chinese guys . I am going to tell you something to cheer you up . As a Chinese guy , not your average typical Chinese guy though , I am going to tell you how I proposed to my Scottish/Irish girlfriend twenty years ago in 1995 . On one sunny afternoon we took the train from Glasgow to Helensburgh to have fish and chip lunch near the seaside and did some sightseeing and shopping , on the way back when we got back to Glasgow it was already near 7:00pm , so we decided to eat out in a Chinese restaurant , while we were looking at the menu I asked my girlfriend what would you like ...... beef , chicken , seafood , pork , etc .Then she said "chicken" . That suddenly gave me an idea proposing to her .I said " well , I am no Robert Redford and you are no spring chicken , let's get hitched ."Twenty two years later we are still happily together ...... married of course .Regarding the weight issue , I never questioned her going to Scottish Slimmer to try to lose weight , you see she needs to pay £5  everytime to get in  so I know she will definitely lose 5 pounds every week .Have a nice day .
Sorb (1 year ago)
This kind of thing always happens in relationships between people from distant cultures, but it's only in the beginning
Katrin Bchb (1 year ago)
Your jokes are killing me :D
Kin (1 year ago)
also funny when she is awkward laughing :D
Katrin Bchb (1 year ago)
Waited for that one! <3
solidarity kingbee (1 year ago)
funny pointing out in thinking of what's on chinese mind in general guys and what's on western girls mind particularly in dating. thank you so much :)
solidarity kingbee (1 year ago)
Lenaaround wishing the lenaaround being kept on stabilized with as many subscribers as it possible. ja yoe !!!
Passerby_X (1 year ago)
Ling Ling,a song for you.... https://youtu.be/KlhJM9ejXjE
Laowhy Jay (1 year ago)
Sorry to hear about you having so much trouble with some of the Chinese males there in the mainland 😞 #LenaaroundSwatterLife
Laowhy Jay (1 year ago)
Lenaaround That is wonderful to hear Lena ☺️ You deserve nothing less than that
Misbah Haroon Khan (1 year ago)

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