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Vault Of Secrets | 9 Secrets Codes | Geometry Dash

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Vaut Of Secrets | 9 Secrets Codes | Geometry Dash Instagram ~ Dashtygd MUSIC : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYLwHK6SDro By Sirius Music END MUSIC : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdvGjC5TcTk Thk 😉
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Text Comments (373)
DashTY (2 months ago)
SwapSans909 (10 days ago)
you just copied this vid!
rayquago (2 months ago)
650k :ooooo this is how mafia work x)
Scorpion Hellfire (5 months ago)
How dare you tell my secrets!
DashTY (1 year ago)
The Palm Juice 93 😆
Ale Perez sanchez (1 day ago)
New suscriptor
Ryan Wolff (10 days ago)
There’s only 8
When you said according to your numbers I Thort,,,,,, fuck
BlueKirby F (16 days ago)
None of the icons is ones from codes (Thumbnail)
drei zurc (22 days ago)
Cali Xiang (29 days ago)
OctoCube Brain Power Thechickenisonfire The Challenge Gimmethecolor 27 Cod3breaker
GabiPro2 (20 days ago)
Unicorn Gaming (21 days ago)
OctoCube Brain Power Thechickenisonfire TheChallenge Gimmethecolor 27 Cod3breaker
MusaPlayz (23 days ago)
Cali Xiang nice
Carlos Murillo (29 days ago)
That secrets are toooo easy
Dark Obsidian (30 days ago)
I already watched this but I need todo it on my other ipad
Jonhatan Gasca_Torres (1 month ago)
Cod3breaker is confusing i dont get it
Yong Re Mow (28 days ago)
The number was changing too fast
Awesomer Ian (1 month ago)
Seven Thechickensonfire Gimmiethecolor 27 Cod3breaker
Awesomer Ian (1 month ago)
Octocube I did brainpower
Ghen Baucan (1 month ago)
Octotube did not work in my geometry dash
Andy Nguyen (1 month ago)
Ghen Baucan it does
X CharMoon (1 month ago)
How the freak do you make a code
Manni Man77 (1 month ago)
How many colours do I need? I put in what he said but it didn't work
Cleofe Veniles (1 month ago)
If you go to the vault in the settings type sparky if your done he will idmit that glubfub is the code to get the vault in the thing where you build levels and thats how i got the second coin
Cabezon Plays (1 month ago)
patata blanca :v (1 month ago)
Nooooooo the chicken :"v
Thanks you DashTY
Guys if yo type 5 u get one
Jaylen Canty (1 month ago)
Get ur click bating thumbnail as out of here
Kommunism (1 month ago)
Copied thumbnail
Hunter Trueblood (1 month ago)
Numbers were wrong
Immortal_Boy (1 month ago)
ChunkyFingers GD (1 month ago)
Who else noticed that is iPhone keyboard keys were out of place?
gimmethecolor did not work
Ennyabel Grullon (3 hours ago)
Maybe because you don’t know how to spell??
Ahmad Abou Bakr (1 month ago)
27 didn't give me anything
GabiPro2 (20 days ago)
You have to type number of your stars
Saraluv109 (2 months ago)
The 27 DIDT work on me
Saraluv109 (16 days ago)
Thank you
GabiPro2 (20 days ago)
You have to type number of your stars
TheReflex Time (2 months ago)
I got 149 it's not there -_-
DashTY (2 months ago)
Random number
Science Kat (2 months ago)
Jarediscool R/ (2 months ago)
You forgot lenny
Alma Sigua (2 months ago)
How to get this code
Gracias me funcionaron todas
dawid k (2 months ago)
the one where he typed in 27 its the number of stars you have
metal blue (2 months ago)
Lenny otro código
TheRealAgentollo No.2 (2 months ago)
It's not letting me do 27. Why?
Wolf Lover18 [EGG BOI] (2 months ago)
Flazemo (2 months ago)
I got cod3breaker right...
LA LA (2 months ago)
You missed this secret: 1. Keep talking to vault of secrets until he mentions you stealing spooky's (the other vault keeper) coin. 2. Now go to spooky and keep talking until he tells you the other keeper's name "glubfub" 3.return to Glubfub and type "Glubfub". done
FHN gmng (2 months ago)
Marsh Mello (2 months ago)
The 27 is the number of your stars
Gaminglogic 16 (3 months ago)
I don’t get the last one
AdriftSkies GD (3 months ago)
“9 secret geometry dash”
BucketBoy (3 months ago)
27 won’t work for me at all. ;-;
DashTY (3 months ago)
Add your stars number
neopest version 2 (3 months ago)
What is seven
GD Drama (3 months ago)
You have to beat the challenge first to do the next code?
The challenge
Brain power
LinkGamer70 Gameplays (3 months ago)
Thumbnail? You feel a strange deja vu
Poadon Gd (20 days ago)
Wth that doesnt make sense!
Wooper Gaming (3 months ago)
...and notifications... ✌🏻
Marina Shamak (3 months ago)
GD Overall (3 months ago)
Secrets:9 no 8 me: cod3breaker harder!😔
[GD] Madlucas {FR} (3 months ago)
600 000 VUES ! 😆😆😆😅
Mentrix (3 months ago)
Starnumber doesnt work and the last too
Nayla Rexach Rivera (3 months ago)
The code “star number” is not what you put in. You put in the amount of stars you have to get the icon
Roly Tantoy (4 months ago)
Noooo! i lost the number! How do i repeat it a gen😡😡i hate my self!!!
GREEN HILL (4 months ago)
Oye es un insulto para mi no se puede ganar el icono de geométrical y el otro 1) el icono que pareze un vampiro se gana siendo master 2)el robot se gana pasando el geometrical 3)esa araña no existe y no se gana con los códigos >:(
Aquagreen Alshamari (4 months ago)
Guys if you don’t know what does the code seven do then it gives you a icon like finn
Chicky a chicken (4 months ago)
I did the cod3breaker but it dident work what do you get anyway when you do it
Anna Afonica (4 months ago)
eeeehhhmmm.... according numbers??? HEEEEEELP
Anna Afonica (4 months ago)
thank you!!
neo (4 months ago)
laipower games (5 months ago)
2:34 hooooooow
VIP TheAwesomeMC (2 months ago)
Really it’s easy...
alek (4 months ago)
laipower games You make whatever he makes and then you put together the results (numbers), so you will have a unique number, you write it in the vault of secrets and BAM. Magic.
Adnanmi (5 months ago)
The cod3breaker took me so much time to finally do
Scorpion Hellfire (5 months ago)
See you in your dreams (;<
Scorpion Hellfire (5 months ago)
How dare you tell my secrets!!!
Magnus (5 months ago)
Thanks so much lol
kejv 22 (5 months ago)
27 not working
DashTY (5 months ago)
kejv 22 you need to put your stars number ;) !
Zuker (5 months ago)
LeoDaBoi (5 months ago)
I don’t get the last one
Axee.582 (5 months ago)
So original u didn’t copy anyone’s vid
isiah kohle (6 months ago)
I tried typing in the gimmethecolor one but it didn't work
isiah kohle (5 months ago)
+Lord Gaming I know. I just typed in a typo
Maklap (6 months ago)
I got the uber hacker icon but it was pretty hard though. I did it on the 4th try. For those that don't get how to do it,here's how: You right down the 6 numbers he gives you,warning, the codes are always random so every code has a unique answer. After you have the 6 numbers down,in the order they are,that's how it's gonna be a-f. After that you subtract B-A,C-B,D-C,E-D and F-E . Put each answer from the first one to the end in order. The math is easy but you have to write the numbers down really fast. Double check your math so that you don't get it wrong. If you do this right,you'll get a new icon labeled Uber Hacker. I hope this helped you. Have a noice day :D
Exil3theEn3my (2 months ago)
Instead ill just get my mum phone and record my numbers then do the math with a calculator and redeem whatever it is
Maklap (3 months ago)
+Nayla Rexach Rivera np
Nayla Rexach Rivera (3 months ago)
Huh it’s really complicated but I think I’m pretty close to doing it right. Oh and now I get it. Before I didn’t understand a single word and now it makes way more sense. Thx again bro :D
Maklap (4 months ago)
+Rami Sabbagh Np
Rami Sabbagh (4 months ago)
+Maklap oh yeah, it did work Thanks man. I appreciate it
Bimster Roll (6 months ago)
i came here for Glubfub
JahTheDestroyer2 (6 months ago)
Typing in 27 nothing happens
Elec-TroS (6 months ago)
U So Dum
DashTY (6 months ago)
Your number of stars ;)
x Ludicrous x (6 months ago)
GhostlyBoii12 (7 months ago)
French keyboard
Mico Aniag (7 months ago)
Klikbeyt iz da besbeyt
Icychains O1 (7 months ago)
Can someone help me with god3breaker I am so confused on it
Maklap (6 months ago)
Look at my one of my comments
Kanz0I *-. -* (7 months ago)
I don't get it with that number
xxLemon Z (7 months ago)
What about after
IvickGamer12 (7 months ago)
Thx gg cod3breaker
Doge Doge (7 months ago)
[GD] Tylennol (7 months ago)
Diamonds lol
Chelsea Samantha (7 months ago)
whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rub rub! He made it so we has to do MATH
How Do You even Know!?
Choco_Melon (7 months ago)
If you write it down, cod3breaker is quite easy also good video
3SV Gaming (8 months ago)
3SV Gaming (8 months ago)
As Siri for Uber hacker
MG_ghs_ tv (8 months ago)
What is spider's code on the cover?
dark slayer 11 102 (8 months ago)
Click bait for top right you unlock it
ThatKidVinny YT (8 months ago)
I Typed The Numbers For Cod3Breaker But It Doesn't Do It
sneakdark AND FIRE (9 months ago)
This sucks. I dont now math

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