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Old Man taking Alcohol DUI Test

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a drunk old man got cought by the police and was given the Alcohol test. look what he did with the device. he is totally wasted
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Text Comments (37)
8JoF (4 months ago)
You're a hero of the Internet, old drunk man !
Andrew Glassman (8 months ago)
I understood the one phrase my Croatian friend taught me "idi u pičku materinu!". (Don't say that to your mom.)
korvstopparen (2 years ago)
did he make it?
SolidDoc (1 year ago)
Passed with flying colors. In Russia If you can still drink, means you're not drunk
MadWifey (3 years ago)
Cant get enough!!!
mrAwsome284 (4 years ago)
sodappoin stream
Sarah Smith (4 years ago)
Teddy T (4 years ago)
I love how funny the police find it. So rare in England you find one with a sense of humour.
roguexxrenegade (2 months ago)
Miki Seius Oh fuck off. White people are shot by police at a higher rate than black people. That’s an objective fact. Look up the statistics.
Miki Seius (4 months ago)
Ill assume you are white, since you are still alive.
edwin valerio (1 year ago)
Teddy T Come to USA. We have the most sarcastic sons of btches here. ' Been on that situation twice!
Steven Kellis (5 years ago)
This is a good indication of something going on if the driver thinks the breathalyzer is just another drink.
Kommander Kappa (2 months ago)
Go suck fat dicks
bubaj31 (5 years ago)
i be like come on dude i give you a ride home
pacxam11 (5 years ago)
adan alvarez (5 years ago)
shahbaz mohammed (5 years ago)
eurogq (5 years ago)
its serbia
ApexeR (6 years ago)
hahahahaha, only in Serbia :)
Hadi (6 years ago)
@maespip LMFAOOOOOOO thats even worse !! XD bahahahahhaha
Robin Ejlerot (7 years ago)
In Russia you don't fool the AlcoTest. It fools you!
Bengo (9 months ago)
Its Serbia,not Russia
riveratrackrunner (7 years ago)
fuckin legend!!!!
Zhihveli (7 years ago)
@MYNZATU Serbian!
Stanislav Mynzatu (7 years ago)
Muahahahahah, Russ or ucranian?
Bengo (9 months ago)
Tyler Barker (7 years ago)
I wish that was my grandpa
I'm TheSteadyCamel (7 years ago)
maespip (8 years ago)
He is saying, why you gave me an empty bottle? ;-) LMAO!!
FinnishHalford (8 years ago)
This is just heartwarming.
Sienna Mari (8 years ago)
OoMASEoO (8 years ago)
this is SO great LMAO
mad mac (8 years ago)
born in usa, no1 ever taught me how to spell it i only know from speaking it. soo. da ti ebam majkata, peder ni eden. mi se chini ti si shiptar? ili greek.
Five Year Waitlist (9 years ago)
old man is cool as hell
jeremy h (9 years ago)
now that shit is funny lol
mad mac (9 years ago)
serbian or do they just have a skopcki accent? sorry i speak macedonian but im not from over there.
rebelrulez1022 (9 years ago)

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