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How to Play Magic: the Gathering

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Magic: the Gathering is one of the most intricate and rewarding gaming experiences there is. Unfortunately, that means it's also very complicated. Here is a quick primer to get you acquainted with the very, very basics. MTG Comprehensive Rules: http://magic.wizards.com/en/game-info/gameplay/rules-and-formats/rules Stalk me on Twooter: https://twitter.com/ExPoint140 Get cool stuff on Patroon: https://www.patreon.com/explanationpoint
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Angel H. (1 year ago)
As a Magic judge i have to say you explained the game better than most people do, explaning a little the "logic" behind the game and some of the most common interactions. And thank you for making clear that Llanowar elves doesnt fetch forest from your deck to the battlefield.
Miguel Dias (28 days ago)
i couldnt make ti to half video, too complicated :/
Thedeadjoker666 (4 months ago)
When I first started playing I thought the lands where in the mana pool. I read "add one mana to your mana pool" as "create a token land." I had so much lands in the end haha.
animating magic (5 months ago)
He talks a little too fast for me
Kyubey (6 months ago)
kid582120 Sorry if you've already heard the answer. In that situation, X is constantly being checked. The moment a creature enters or leaves the graveyard, X updates instantly.
kid582120 (7 months ago)
Luka Stefanovic the defending creature just dies however if you're 5/5 attacking creature has trample then that would mean the remaining damage would continue on to the player and would be like you said one damage would go to the Defender killing it and four damage would continue onto the player. But remember you are never attacking a creature you're always attacking the player or a planeswalker unless and ability or spell says otherwise
hammatron (2 hours ago)
Does the mana pool unfill imbetween turns
V Hinatsu (13 hours ago)
i'm so glad this video made me friends with Reid Duke
Dirty Dusclops (1 day ago)
awesome tutorial. the art on fertile ground is amazing
so fun !
Bielokie (1 day ago)
Cunt is a sort of rhyme to month.
Waggoner Family (1 day ago)
this must have took forever to edit
Xx_swag_ Dinkster_xX (2 days ago)
I’ve played for three years and I watched the whole video😂
Petrichor screen (2 days ago)
And i thought duel monsters was complicated...
Ally Tyson (3 days ago)
Jace sucks
Jake Glasgow (3 days ago)
This video got. A like in less than two minutes of the video
Joeffrey Zano (3 days ago)
tlof19 (4 days ago)
"...and your army of wurms deals 245 damage to Nicol Bolas." Omg
waaurufu (4 days ago)
You discard extra cards in your hand in the cleanup? Thank you for letting this Magic newbie know.
Alejandro Hernandez (4 days ago)
Almost 20 years as a MTG player and this was the best and funnier explanation I ever seen, GZ.
Jacob (4 days ago)
I'd like to see you do this tutorial thing for Force Of Will or Cardfight Vanguard. You're pretty funny and concise.
Mango Straw (5 days ago)
my brain doesn't work.
Nick Ruocco (5 days ago)
Decide who goes first through a Yu Gi Oh tournament. Lol
hammatron (5 days ago)
What happens if you play counterspell on a counterspell
hammatron (2 days ago)
+Cthulhu thanks
Cthulhu (2 days ago)
hammatron The original counterspell would be countered and would have no effect
tobias nn (5 days ago)
All the references ...its *magical* that i understood them all
ThatOne AsianCuber (5 days ago)
WataMote reference, amirite?
Hunter Thorne (6 days ago)
high level yugioh gets really tricky with card rules, but this is just insane
Matej ??? (6 days ago)
*U N L E S S Y O U D O N T*
Amuro Ray (8 days ago)
...I need an official instruction manual.
Jeb The Pleb (8 days ago)
I’ve been needing a healthy dose of bakugo getting his ass handed to him. Wasn’t excepting him to get fucked via card game
AJ Gallego (9 days ago)
Well... certainly interesting and great animation and vid editing
i8u2manytimes (9 days ago)
Sorry, but yugioh is more confusing than magic, I know this cause I play yugioh with my uni friends and half the time we forget how link summoning, pendulum summoning and synchro summoning works
i8u2manytimes (2 days ago)
I soft stopped at pendulum then hard stopped at link untill needlefibre comes out
i8u2manytimes (2 days ago)
What times do pendulum monsters go to the grave and when do they go to the extra deck
i8u2manytimes (2 days ago)
+Tyger Franklin ok, explain pendulum and link zone and how to get your monsters on both link zones
Tyger Franklin (2 days ago)
I am so lost trying to play this yet I'm a good at Yu gi oh, I think yu gi oh has a more entertaining gameplay yet is easier to understand
Jacob Booher (10 days ago)
The juxtaposition of storm crow and chimney imp next to lightining bolt, goyf, siege rhino, and harmonize was hilarious.
Keechip Sub gmail (10 days ago)
Omg i respect how much effort went into this video thank you so much you actually really helped me progress in magic ur the best lol
MTGMaster (12 days ago)
This is by far the best MTG tutorial out there (well, maybe after the official one for Starter 2000 ^^)
Igor Freitas (12 days ago)
Hikaru_nyan555 (12 days ago)
Julian Barbieri (13 days ago)
I enjoyed the example with 40 wurms beating the everliving crap out of Nicol Bolas
Stephen Cardoza (13 days ago)
Like if you already knew how to play, but you still find this video super amusing!
Renato Corvaro (14 days ago)
Wait when did there be a green rarity I'm confused
The CookieMeister (15 days ago)
8 fucking bears, meet 35 wurms.
The CookieMeister (15 days ago)
Wait, green?
Jayster (15 days ago)
How the hell did I play this game so easily
Morpheye Labs (16 days ago)
I can't believe how many cards they showcase here that I have, and I've only played for half a year.
Mous3 (16 days ago)
"Lick the top card of your library for luck" So that's what I've been missing.
Gordon Brown (16 days ago)
Did he rip a card up?!? :P
maple syrup (16 days ago)
The hamilton parody at the end of the video.........................................................is amazing
Frosty dog11 (16 days ago)
Even if I've been playing for 2+ years, this was entertaining to watch and taught a couple things I missed
HXAPÉWiZZ (17 days ago)
i use this video to get started with magic. thanks
Arctic Pix (17 days ago)
I just showed this to my friend that wants to learn the game and I think I made their brain not be there
Rope Wrangler (17 days ago)
"By now you should have about 400 cards and not be sure where most of them came from" Most realist thing I've ever heard
AlterationA (18 days ago)
Instructions unclear. Somehow I uninstalled Hearthstone. What the fuck.
HerlingExplainsMath (18 days ago)
Amazing video, one small criticism. At 10:20ish, you say that counterspell goes to the graveyard and don't mention that countering a spell also makes it go to the graveyard. The spell is gone from the stack by the time that counterspell is put into your graveyard.
aliastheabnormal (19 days ago)
After watching this video i'm amazed that Yugioh players actually dare to bitch about Link monsters.
GuitarrAssassin (19 days ago)
Question. If you have a counterspell, why'd you cast lightning bolt on the bear in the first place?
Brandon Atwood (15 days ago)
Oh I see. It seems you didn't understand the game state he was presenting. The bears was already in play. No longer a spell. The giant growth only targets creatures. The bear would have had to have been already been no longer a spell and now a creature for both the giant growth and the lightning bolt to be able to target it. Neither the lightning bolt nor the giant growth could target creature spells.
GuitarrAssassin (15 days ago)
Creatures are still spells so long as it's on the stack. Once it leaves the stack, it becomes a permanent. Then you need spells such as Murder or Unsummon in order to remove it from the battlefield.
Brandon Atwood (15 days ago)
GuitarrAssassin counter spells don't interact with creatures, only spells. Lightning bolt can interact with creatures.
cereal gamer27 (20 days ago)
Also thats how you ask for help at the end rigjt there
cereal gamer27 (20 days ago)
Easiness level Pokemon- super easy Yugioh- moderate (my favoritel Magic- wtf is happening
Sonicun (20 days ago)
10:20 do I also have to rip my opponent’s card when I counter it?
Dit Is Dylan (18 days ago)
Its a joke obviously 😂
Alfie Penfold (21 days ago)
Ben Linton (21 days ago)
Ha lol
The BG9 (22 days ago)
"Unless you don't" the most important rule.
Fullmetal Xeno (1 day ago)
"But your life is below zero!" *laughs in Lich's Mastery*
Kevinfornape (23 days ago)
That song at the end was cringy as fuck and I loved it
Greatest Ever (23 days ago)
I stole my friends Omniscience card... He still doesn't know where it's at...
Collisto Gaming (23 days ago)
After playing MTG for about 4 months, I’ve decided to learn how to play MTG.
Jack Stuart (24 days ago)
What I have learned from this is make a deck with only squirrels
nagato Pein (8 days ago)
And dont fight wurm propaganda, seems super effective on indoctrinating squirrel hoards =P
morgan 2015morgan12 (25 days ago)
Have you play yu gi oh
imperium 107 (25 days ago)
Great, but can you do one for yugioh now?
Noah Harbaugh (25 days ago)
When u said Pokemon u had a digimon as well as Pokemon
HM Zheep (25 days ago)
Kalamer Ruki (25 days ago)
You forgot one crucial set of words to add after every single rule you said... Unless stated otherwise, because there is so much in Magic that will just completely get rid of entire steps and turns, or even add turns, or just make it so things that should happen just straight-up don't happen, like any sort of damage
rbnigls (25 days ago)
thanks for the help
PieMan3259 (26 days ago)
Wait, so with the one squirrel vs the one wurm, does the negative 6 damage left over from the squirrel go to the enemy or...?
Brandon Atwood (15 days ago)
PieMan3259 No it doesn't. Unless it does. ( if the creature has an ability called "Trample", for example.)
ross godd (27 days ago)
You tour a magic card, instant dislike.
What’s this about free sample cards? What are they?
Chris Gould (27 days ago)
Unless you play storm. DONT PLAY STORM. 😂
No Fun Intended (27 days ago)
hi. we just played a multinational yugioh tournament purely to decide who goes first in a grassroots local game store single set 1v1 modern magic the gathering game. I went first. It was exhilarating I also lost that game. But still. I went first.
Isaiah Quantz (28 days ago)
This is a beautiful video. "Unless you don't" is the best line in the video.
Victor Braz (28 days ago)
Magic is the most complicated? Clearly never played Battle Scenes
Jacob Despain (29 days ago)
That was . . . . Amazing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
thedanath (30 days ago)
You forgot the other other type of mana which inst relevant unless it is, Phyrexian Mana
ノア (1 month ago)
I see many people that have watched this video already knew how to play MTG, but still enjoyed it because editing and narration are fucking hilarious. Great job helping new players! Welcome poor soon-to-be-broke souls!
Bigode (1 month ago)
I said 'what?' so many times throughout this video that I was wondering​ if Samuel Jackson would show up at my room shouting “Say what again!”.
Mega (1 month ago)
what a dork
Darkune (1 month ago)
most complicated card game, Id argue thats yugioh
Z file Not found (1 month ago)
This actually helped me a lot wow.
Soviet Toaster (1 month ago)
Haven't played the game in a long time, so thanks for providing an entertaining alternative to scrolling through a wiki for the better part of a hour.
Bloodgaze (1 month ago)
I still fucking love this video. Spouting so much truth. Nostalgic.
Dino Slayer (1 month ago)
I've only ever collected magic I've never known how to play and now I do
KefkeWren (1 month ago)
Your explanation of the Mana Pool is factually inaccurate.
Robert Eckert (1 month ago)
This opened more questions than it closed
Lucas Steele (1 month ago)
Most rare is green set symbol???
Keith Dorn (1 month ago)
Great end rap I love me some Hamilton
matthew squires (1 month ago)
This has to be the single most amazingly funny as hell way anyone has explained magic. Ive been playing it for a few years and even i learned something new lmfao as for llanowar elves who actually thought you got a forest from youre deck. It says tap for green mana not search library for any forest lol. And thanx for explaining rotation. 6 out of my 9 commander decks have to go bye bye now lol
5LS (1 month ago)
I think I have to start licking the top of my deck for luck...
Ya boi Metal head (1 month ago)
I've played this game for 5 years and still watches this
AceofBlades X (1 month ago)
Funnest part of Magic is that it makes you learn its rules only to give you the thrill of being able to break them with cards. Most empowering thing ever is when you do something you've never been able to do in Magic because a powerful card allows you to do so. Anyone else remember the first time they saw an alternate win condition card? Mind blown. Anyone remember the first time they saw a card that says "You can't lose the game"? Underwear soiled. This game taught me to think like a novice lawyer, looking for the minuscule verbal loopholes and carefully scanning text for hidden benefits and negatives.
Fullmetal Xeno (1 day ago)
I remember seeing platinum angel for the first time and thinking "holy shit, how can a card like this even exist?". I'm currently experiencing the unbridled euphoria of running thousand year storm in standard, cackling like a madman every time it manages to work. Discovering alternative win conditions exist outside of fat green beaters trampling each other into submission is probably the most enlightening part of moving to magic from something like yu-gi-oh. But I'm a Johnny, so I live by the jank and die by the jank.
Malcolm Payne (1 month ago)
Sure, they're just cards, but they're *C O O L* cards.
Elizabeth Vangelder (1 month ago)
I LOVE THIS....I can't teach for shit and I'm trying to learn myself so all I gotta say is THANK YOU
17:53 It's not
Jordan Deagan (1 month ago)
So accurate, this is what I will use from now on to introduce new people to MTG
Generic Gaming (1 month ago)
My God you made the explanation of RULES FUN! your a bloody hero sir.
Shoople gaming (1 month ago)
Wtf is the green rarity ? I have never seen a green rarity
Corgi Lord (1 month ago)
Best fucking rap scene i've ever seen.
EmeraldRhymes G (1 month ago)
Thnx this helped I watched this and the official how to play video and I think I understand and can now play with my friends
Michael Dickman (1 month ago)

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