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DRESS CODED: Targeted By The School System

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Text Comments (4587)
Vampiri o (2 days ago)
Finland doesn't have dress codes but when you are in first or second grade the teachers make sure you have enough clothes while it's winter😁
Zea Grimm (13 days ago)
i have a BTS sweatshirt, and it says "bulletproof boyscouts" in korean on the back, and if the teachers translated it, i could get in trouble because of the word "bullet"
Ayano Nakamura (4 days ago)
Zea Grimm BTS, Armyyy 👏💜
Anna Krekr (15 days ago)
Spencer Reid (24 days ago)
I got dresscoded because the principal (female) could see my armpits
Spencer Reid (1 day ago)
+SquipedHamilfam Chandler Right?? I looove armpits so much mmm 😂😂😂
Oh yes because nothing is as sexy as an armpit -_-
Neve Blumenthal (29 days ago)
Lyric Noneyabusiness (2 days ago)
Spencer Reid (25 days ago)
They just don't want to be reminded
Vesna Vodeb (1 month ago)
We don't even have dress code.Thank God.I'm from Slovenia
rawr_its_an_emo XD :3 (1 month ago)
Why did this get age restricted I don't see anything bad in it
KatyGamerGurl 10 ;3 (1 month ago)
It was probably the boob scene.
Haley Walczak (1 month ago)
rawr_its_an_emo XD :3 same I cant watch it either
British Alien Potato (1 month ago)
My school is so bad with dress coding. My best friend had a baggier sweatshirt on and our vice principle told her that she can’t wear that sweatshirt
KatyGamerGurl 10 ;3 (1 month ago)
+British Alien Potato That school makes no sense. If the sweatshirt was baggy it shouldn't show her breasts that much.
British Alien Potato (1 month ago)
KatyGamerGurl 10 ;3 IDK... they say because we are developing and they don’t want boys to go crazy over girls but idk if that’s true
KatyGamerGurl 10 ;3 (1 month ago)
But... Why?
Lizzi fuller (1 month ago)
I went into a new school and the dress code is legit the BEST. we can wear almost anything we want. Just nothing to do with crimes/drugs/swearing or showing WAY too much skin.
Dream Catcher (1 month ago)
Hold on, why tf is this video age restricted?!
Haley Walczak (1 month ago)
Dream Catcher ikr
X.x. JJ x.X (1 month ago)
Louisiana you forget you ID DETENTION!! you are tardy to class once you get DETENTION
Katie Marie (1 month ago)
All these Americans complain about their dress code meanwhile I have to boil in an all black ugly ass uniform we’re if we show our ankles we get a dt and god forbid we take our jumpers off because we are boiling to death honestly Hate my school
kristen burke (1 month ago)
Canada (at least the part I live in) doesn't have strict dress codes as long as you aren't naked it's okay
Ellyse Newman (1 month ago)
kristen burke ah, i live in canada and my schools dress code is STRONGLY inforced, 4 fingers, fingertips, no see through shirts or pants, no cleavage, and no cropped tops or "bad logos"
Silent Rose (1 month ago)
thts why muslim women wear abaya
Unicorn Alien (1 month ago)
Unicorn Alien (1 month ago)
Unicorn Alien (1 month ago)
+emo yeemo teemo yeppp
emo yeemo teemo (1 month ago)
+Unicorn Alien yep
Unicorn Alien (1 month ago)
+emo yeemo teemo I just realized how creepy I sounded haha
emo yeemo teemo (1 month ago)
+Unicorn Alien if you want
emo yeemo teemo (1 month ago)
+Unicorn Alien suuurrre
Unicorn Alien (1 month ago)
Same for the MCR shirt.
Emma Tete (1 month ago)
honestly i get dresscoded for where tights like wtf and its not just america its also pretty bad in canada
Yellow. (1 month ago)
I kinda have the feeling that American schools are the only schools who actually have a dress code.I live in belguim,and I've seen girls wearring short skirts,ripped shorts and crop tops numerous times during summer.And no any teacher sended them home for "violating the dresscode".
dylan55846 (1 month ago)
To be honest if u don't look then u wouldn't notice PROBLEM SOLVED
Alisa Nyström (1 month ago)
My school in sweden does not have a dresscode
Khal the Witch (1 month ago)
basically, I'm sorry I have tits and human body parts, and I apologise that a males education is more important than mine. I didn't mean to distract them with my shoulders.
Keisha Medhekar (1 month ago)
What is wrong with striped shirts?!??
That one taco dude (1 month ago)
I wore ripped jeans that had large holes at my knees and small tears at my thighs but you couldn't see the skin to my thighs because it had those lines within the tips and I got dresscoded and was forced to wear hot leggings under my jeans in the summer :T
chloelol (1 month ago)
They send people home if we have shreds that don't show skin like if u have patched jeans the will send u home
Allison 123 (1 month ago)
I got dresscoded for wearing a skirt that went to mid Thigh and they still made me change , because there were boys in there , and I'm like wow big fella , no boys event look at me anyway so you can get rekt
crazE Angelina (1 month ago)
KrayKray Insane (2 months ago)
how is this age restricted
TheNightmareLook (2 months ago)
KrayKray Insane I don’t know ;-;
Jose Gomez (2 months ago)
KrayKray Insane because YouTube is the new Reich lol 😂 😂
Kylie Mccoy (2 months ago)
I'm sorry but the girl at 4:07 shouldn't be mad, there is no way that should be allowed 💀💀💀
Angelzz is alive (1 month ago)
Yeah as MY opinion i would agree not for the top but for the skirt it looks a little wierd with the top mayby some shorts or leggins would maje it better
Kylie Mccoy (2 months ago)
Ketami Kijo also I wasn't enforcing anything, I stated MY opinion. Didn't know I wasn't allowed to Lmao..
Kylie Mccoy (2 months ago)
Ketami Kijo he literally said he wouldn't suggest wearing that in the video, she doesn't look fantastic, and we both know you Do not think that
Ketami Kijo (2 months ago)
so your one of the people Onision mentioned who would like to enforce there opinions and beliefs on to others. And I didn't realize the stomach was so much of a sexualized area as to make someone a "hoe" for showing off how fantastic they look I think the outfit is kinda cute fyi
CHAYSE MUELLER (2 months ago)
If any teacher tells a student to be dress coded for their breasts I'd be like "why dafq are you looking at my tits?"btw I'm not a chick so I wouldn't know
Deadly Darling (2 months ago)
CHAYSE MUELLER we wish it were that easy xD
moshimonsters 82 (2 months ago)
Mcr shirt? Green Day shirts? Twenty øne Piløts shirt? Jesus christ!! Let people wear band shirts!
Autumnz _Artz (2 months ago)
Because YouTube is sexist and thinks shoulders are inappropriate
shurml (2 months ago)
Why is this age restricted?
Rollz kkk (2 months ago)
shurml Because we should all be ashamed of our bodies. At least, that's what dresscodes say! *Insert fake ass smile here*
black flower (2 months ago)
Evelyn Potter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Evelyn Potter (2 months ago)
shurml because it shows shoulders
Why can’t I where jeans with holes in them unless the holes are 3 inches above the knee I don’t see the big deal unless you can’t see my underwear through the holes like are thighs to distracting it’s not like I’m wearing bootie shorts
Autumn Stewart what?
Autumnz _Artz (2 months ago)
Nobody likes me I’m lonely I spent make sense you can wear shorts shorter than that
Emma Ruppenthal (2 months ago)
Why am I not age restricted when I'm 9
That one Girl (2 months ago)
.. they can not show shoulder, thighs , bras ... BUT THE CAS SHIRT IS TO FAR!
Markus (2 months ago)
Jesus Christ. YouTube got offended by it, too.
Saltsyra (2 months ago)
*sorry, this content is age restricted* Oh the irony
X xGobbanx X (3 months ago)
Ryan Sole (3 months ago)
Why is it age restricted??
Luhan's flute kink (3 months ago)
We don't have dress code in Sweden so I'm good
Emma Ruppenthal (2 months ago)
Your lucky
Cliffoconda lovez Cal (3 months ago)
I hate school codes
Katie Marie (1 month ago)
Cliffoconda lovez Cal I hate uniforms
ezylemon (3 months ago)
Dudes at my school wear their pants to their thighs which is okay, but my friend got told off by a teacher for showing her shoulders, because that makes sense 😑
Blaise 2067 (3 months ago)
Supposedly, Title IX banned sexual discrimination. Yet we still have dress codes that disproportionately targets and punishes girls more than boys.
juliannasvlogs1 (2 months ago)
Exactly because here is a boys dress code:No sagging of pants/shorts tank tops have to be a width of three or more fingers and no pajama stuff... Girls dress code:No showing shoulders no wearing anything above the knee can't wear tights/leggings can't reveal thighs/ too much skin no bra straps are to be shown can't show too much cleavage. Both:No sleep wear Like what the crud school why u no like girls ???
Rosa Russo (3 months ago)
When you mocked Castiel lmao 😂
Treka Double (3 months ago)
I personally understand why some of them were dresscoded (cat ears, nun t shirt for example). For the cat ears, for me it's like hats, you're not supposed to keep your hat on inside the school so just take it off
bubblegum (29 days ago)
except hats are banned because they "hide your identity". cat ears are not like hats at all.
rosie posie (2 months ago)
Treka Double it doesn't cover your whole head though, it's like a headband. Are girls not allowed to wear headbands now???
Kelli Mays (3 months ago)
Sunny Vickery (3 months ago)
My boyfriend is from Norway and he can validate that they don't have dress codes lmao
X xGobbanx X (3 months ago)
I am from norway:)
Manca Omersa (3 months ago)
In Slovenia we don't have any dress codes, but there are two teachers who would call police because of showing ONE SHOULDER!!!
Sky is FiNe (3 months ago)
My new school honestly doesn't care. Just dont show your literal ass cheeks. Cleavage doesn't really matter to them.
Manca Omersa (3 months ago)
Sky is FiNe Same...
King Kayla (3 months ago)
Why am I age restricted when I’m 17
Emma Ruppenthal (2 months ago)
+caitlin skye prob cause some "swearing"
Emma Ruppenthal (2 months ago)
I'm 9 and I'm not age restricted
King Kayla (2 months ago)
caitlin skye I just wanted to watch the video 😩this sucks
caitlin skye (2 months ago)
King Kayla for some reason, you have to be 18, but if it was really that bad it wouldn't be on YouTube. Literally there is nothing bad in this video.
Ashly Kurchock Jaquez (3 months ago)
At my school it all depends on the teacher, most teachers don't care, its mainly the older ones. But in the middle school you can get in trouble for wearing leggings. The high school is so much better regarding clothing.
Blaise 2067 (3 months ago)
Leggings are normal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krMjP0QNtSg
Okay Okay (3 months ago)
Why the fuck was this age restricted?
Bea Rose (3 months ago)
None of these clothes are even bad
Sarah Lane (3 months ago)
My school doses not let you wear coats or jackets in class
Okay Okay (3 months ago)
Sarah Lane So they worry about too much skin and then they tell you not to cover up?
Alexis Collins (3 months ago)
I have a crazy school uniform. I can't have too bright or dark nail polish and I can only have one earlobe piercing and we must have tasteful earrings that are a quarter big
I wrote this (3 months ago)
Man this got age restricted
Jazy's Official (3 months ago)
I wrote this right exactly
I wrote this (3 months ago)
Jazmei Perrin lol idek i've seen worse that hasent been age restricted
Jazy's Official (3 months ago)
I wrote this how tho like the fuck
XXXkullWolf (3 months ago)
Ok I think I know why they got dress coded cause well Cleavage, so much thighs, well some of these pictures do prove a point, there is a time and place where you can show off your body like the pool or beach or just at home..yeah boys should learn to keep their dicks and their pants and girls should show some respect
Lily Films (1 month ago)
+Okay Okay thank you 👏🏻👏🏻
Okay Okay (3 months ago)
XXXkullWolf What the fuck is wrong with you? Girls body’s are natural, they weren’t meant for your fucked up head to sexualize. How the fuck do you think collarbones and shoulders are attractive? Woman’s boobs were meant to feed baby’s, not for you to say “ugh woman should be ReSpEcTfUl To MeN”. These men should learn self control.
Perla Jurado (3 months ago)
Our school has dress codes but our teachers don't care anymore.. our school is so huge that it doesn't matter. I wear whatever I want. And one teacher told me to pull up my dress so it would cover up my chest in the halls. But I pulled it back down cause it was really short and didn't cover much at the bottom
delicate butterfly (3 months ago)
How is this video age restricted?!! I've watched this millions of times, and there's nothing, absolutely nothing inappropriate about this video. The closest thing you could call inappropriate in this video is in some of the pictures the girl's are showing a little bit of skin. I can't actually f*cking believe this. Youtube, This is just so outrageous I can't explain it. WHAT IS FUCKING WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE WHO RUN GODDAMN YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!
Punk Chick (3 months ago)
If y’all are seriously sexualizing these school aged girls you need to fuckin get therapy. Most likely all of or most of these girls are underage which means you are sexualizing children. If you don’t see something wrong with that you need help. Women and girls ( being the most targeted ) should not have to dress any different because you cannot keep it in your pants. It is quite repulsive to think any different. Sexualizing anyone is not okay. People are not objects for you to target because you have a stick up your ass
Sp00ky. spells (3 months ago)
Natalia Rose Says the one with poor grammar.
Natalia Mathews (3 months ago)
pillsfor plato you can’t even fucking spell themselves so stfu asshole
Punk Chick (3 months ago)
pillsfor plato haha says you who also replied basically instantly 😂😂😂 I’m actually not a “keyboard warrior” I’ll fight someone in real life more than online. I enjoy it actually gives me pretty good entertainment when I’m not busy.
Sp00ky. spells (3 months ago)
Such wow, such a grade A keyboard warrior.
Punk Chick (3 months ago)
pillsfor plato I’m the pissy one? That’s hilarious, you couldn’t even come back at me with something to insult me it just made me laugh
Once Upon A Blink (3 months ago)
Apparently YouTube agrees with teachers on dress code because this is age restricted
Once Upon A Blink (3 months ago)
delicate butterfly exactly
delicate butterfly (3 months ago)
It's so f*cking outrageous. There's almost absolutely nothing inappropriate about this video. I don't understand why YouTube has to age restrict this, but there are other WAY more inappropriate videos on YouTube and those are not age restricted. I'm so upset because I've watched this loads of times.
Mason P (4 months ago)
I'm a guy and I have never been dress coded, the only time I see males get called out for their clothing is if they're wearing bandanas or have a hat on.
Shelby's Siren Cove (4 months ago)
Haha, I got dress coded for wearing a white shirt with lace on the elbows, because you are only allowed to wear the most boring of attire in sin city, That’s right the city Las Vegas, most commonly known as sin city, won’t let you show your fricken elbow. In MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!
Natali Larsen (4 months ago)
It's true tho, in Scandinavia dreccode are illegal, you can go to school in a bathingsoite and no-one would bat an eye. But it's realy cold here so fuck doing that lol.
Luhan's flute kink (3 months ago)
Natali Larsen IKR no one would care
Meghan Ackerman (4 months ago)
How is this restricted? I watched it before and there was nothing wrong with it. Youtube needs jesus
delicate butterfly (3 months ago)
I agree with you. All I'm saying is there has to be something wrong with the people who run YouTube. Because there are way more inappropriate videos on YouTube that aren't age restricted, but this is?!
Chad Olson (4 months ago)
Norway represent 🌲💪
Rose ChimChim (4 months ago)
YouTube is great PS:it's sarcasm
leipä (4 months ago)
Wtf!? I've watched this video many times before so why is it suddenly age restricted🌚
_SimJay_ (4 months ago)
What? I’m restricted? I don’t even have my restrictions on? And I’m literally an adult?
Dori Ljubojević (4 months ago)
Why....why is this age restricted tho
Cream Whiz (4 months ago)
I'm pretty sure it targets girls more because boys don't wear short shorts, don't wear crop tops, don't wear skirts, and don't wear tights, anything like that. But I agree that it's kind of stupid they get sent home over like being able to see a bra under the shirt or tank tops.
Jacilyn Biswell (4 months ago)
I got in trouble for showing my stretch marks and I also got in trouble for wearing a “boys shirt” ( it was a unisex My Chemical Romance shirt) and then I got in trouble for wearing a flannel around my waist and then I was called a whore because this kid pulled my skirt up in the hall and I was wearing plain black Calvin Klein underwear so the principal said I was “wanting it to happen” because they were nice underwear and the boy who pulled up my skirt didn’t even get in trouble p.s. I was twelve when that happened and now I’m 13
Punk Chick (3 months ago)
Jacilyn Biswell take it to the news they can’t pull that shit: I’m a female and i was wearing short black shorts and a crop top and this guy touched me without my permission and the male faculty blew it off because the kid is on the spectrum yet he is in regular classes and it over 18 i am 16
AGFariy 5 (4 months ago)
Wolfs Quinn (4 months ago)
I am not allowed spaghetti straps or really anything thinner than 4 inches, no collar bone, and I better run if you even think of wearing a crop top or anything of the sort. Not joking my brother wears sagged pants everyday along with all his friends. Literally, they sag it so low that it reaches right under their butt. But noooo please go on about how dress codes are equal and that all people shouod be themselves!
*DeAth Is NeAr* (4 months ago)
Am I the only one who's school dress code doesn't aim for girls? The dress code is literally the same for both boys and girls and anyway girls have more options for clothing. Usually boys clothing doesn't show too much skin. Every time a girl complains about boys getting dressed coded, she's usually the one wearing booty shorts and his shorts go up to his knees (Which is appropriate for school). Girls are the ones who wear the overly revealing clothing. You barely see boys wearing revealing clothing in general. The only thing they should get in trouble for are sagging pants, tank tops, and incorporate t shirts.
Shelby's Siren Cove (4 months ago)
*DeAth Is NeAr* yeah but it is much harder to find clothes suited toward females that would adhere to the dress code of many schools, look at forever 21 or holister {I probably didn’t spell that right, I don’t shop there so I don’t know.} they sell almost exclusively short shorts and crop tops. Maybe schools should go to any of the really popular clothing store and what ever they sell there as normal attire should be acceptable in school.
Coty Whalen (4 months ago)
1:06 my best friend has that exact shirt, she got dress coded by a bitchy teacher and the principal told her to grow up in front of the whole class, it was hilarious 😂
Local Meme Dealer (4 months ago)
Wait, if we get dress coded for mcr shirts then i'm fucked
_ EdieMcCreadie _ (4 months ago)
3:52 She looks like Naomi from Corpse Party
LaurennnElizabeth (4 months ago)
I got dress coded bc of my Green Day shirt and my self harm scars showing
sweetheart (4 months ago)
notthatamazingfina lmao
notthatamazingfina (4 months ago)
LaurennnElizabeth happens when youre stupid enough to cut yourself
Lil- secret (5 months ago)
Ok i cant even wear a black under shirt under my uniform it has to be dark navy (basically black) oh and no hoodies if you wear a jumper it also has to be navy my school sucks dick
Lily Films (1 month ago)
Then dont follow the uniform dress code, point blank. Simple.
indy oord (5 months ago)
Here in the nederlands we can wear whatever we want the onely rule is dont go in your underwair and (not tho muts skin shown that means dont wear a low cut jeans whit a crop top that looks like your wairing a brah and for the boys dont go shirtles ) im delsectik so sorry for the spelling mistakes
BreadMaster 900 (5 months ago)
I dont have a problem with school uniforms... like i know private schools need money, so im okay with that... but public school dress codes good lord
Fancy Chinchilla (5 months ago)
I wore my wrench mask at school and they told me I looked like molester wtf
Demon monkey (5 months ago)
Siren Samshi welp
gay eden (5 months ago)
The school thought this video was too inappropriate So they age restricted it
MikaylaLee (5 months ago)
why the fuck is this video restricted smh
kim v (5 months ago)
At school I got dress-coded for wearing pants with holes 4 inches above the knee as well as the shirt it showed to much "cleavage" only because it was a crop top and it showed my collar bone
Chica Fazbear (5 months ago)
I almost got dress-coded for wearing a black tank top. it covered everything but my shoulders were ""distracting"". Even in Italy dress code sucks.
Kelly Carcie (5 months ago)
At my school I get dresscoded IF MY SOCKS DO NOT COVER MY ANKLES IM SORRY BUT ARE WE IN THE '20's ??? Oh not to mention MY PRINCIPAL AND ASSISTANT DEAN ARE WOMEN SO WHAT IS THIS DISCRIMINATION sorry I needed to let out my frustration
Emaleigh Coreyann (5 months ago)
I wish I would've seen this when it came out so i couldve posted my ex lol
Hamiltrash XD (5 months ago)
A teacher forced me to wear a sweater in gym class because you could see my bra strap in my tank top.
meme juice (5 months ago)
Wow this got age restricted
Nsj Grgf (5 months ago)
meme juice schilodit lioty goi hoți d lio c cubic ocne
thatsMeXxxx (5 months ago)
how was the last one too tight
ileaner ;3 (5 months ago)
make an asmr vid..
Luna's Life (5 months ago)
I got in trouble for wearing a hoodie when it was hot weather... It was spring and raining?!
Willow World Traveler (5 months ago)
When I'm a teacher, I will never force my students to listen to the dress code. It's fucking bs
Guin Buckley (5 months ago)
I got dress coded for my knee high socks saying that it "gives off the look" then the principal started nailing me about my tank top and my shorts. Yet I wear tank tops a lot xl
Jordan 🈯️ (5 months ago)
I got dress coded for wearing rip jeans.
Shelby's Siren Cove (4 months ago)
Jordan 🈯️ same my teacher said that the rips were to high, even though you couldn’t see anything through them soo, dress code is stupid and we all need to leave schools.
Zoe Marie (5 months ago)
4:12 nah fam that’s pushing the limits😂 it’s school, it isn’t the beach, and ik that it’s okay at the beach, but we’re teens, we really shouldn’t be wearing that to school lol
candy (5 months ago)
ikr sure my school allows a crop top at times but most of the time if ur stomach is showing u gotta cover it up. if that girl wore that to my school she'd ushered away and have to put on a gym uniform shirt. im a girl and even thats way too distracting to me
William Östberg (5 months ago)
Zoe Marie well, why are you allowed to wear it to the beach but not to school? I mean, I’m my country anyone could, and she’s definitely wearing enough clothes
Pa Ell (5 months ago)
3:34 this gave me shivers i can’t not laugh 😂
Samantha B (5 months ago)
My friend got dress coded for wearing a twenty one pilots shirt. Another got dresscoded for high heels and a knee length dress. I also got in trouble many times in 6th grade for wearing leggings.
Shelby Boyle (5 months ago)
3:40 really made me a little uncomfortable XD
ecstaticblues (3 months ago)
Shelby Boyle I have that skirt. At the risk of being “uptight” it isn’t appropriate for school

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