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Creating Basic Ad Hoc Reports in Smart View

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Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud is now Narrative Reporting, a business process in EPM Cloud https://bit.ly/2NRMwsb In this tutorial you learn how to use ad-hoc analysis to create reports and analyze data in Smart View for Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud. Related Overview Tutorials: Overview: Using Smart View https://youtu.be/WUWOx7o7s9I Overview: What's New in Smart View https://youtu.be/FUQ_OhUFO8g Overview: Getting Started With Report Packages in Smart View for Office https://youtu.be/6DM7oOqvzws Overview: Submitting Data With Smart View https://youtu.be/OcXO_Zf4fEc Overview: Broadening Your Capabilities in Smart View With Extensions https://youtu.be/9r_7AFv4Lfk Overview: Leveraging EPM Cloud and On-Premise Data Using Smart View Connections https://youtu.be/uq02yzmudWA Related Tutorials: Setting Up Smart View https://youtu.be/dLgBMUMz3IU Authoring and Approving Microsoft PowerPoint-Based Doclets in Smart View https://youtu.be/GlooNtPU3L8 Authoring and Approving Microsoft Word-Based Doclets in Smart View https://youtu.be/57QBqUjUxvc Creating Advanced Ad Hoc Reports in Smart View https://youtu.be/O7S6oLua23I Reviewing Microsoft PowerPoint-Based Report Package Content in Smart View https://youtu.be/p4kkB3_9X-4 Reviewing Microsoft Word-Based Report Package Content in Smart View https://youtu.be/AafL5fJ-w8k Signing off on Microsoft PowerPoint-Based Report Packages in Smart View https://youtu.be/3k6q2ZHjhVo Signing Off on Microsoft Word-Based Report Packages in Smart View https://youtu.be/7jxTHWVxhng
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Text Comments (7)
Minshen Chen (3 months ago)
what the difference between this performance reporting add-in and essbase add-in? I see they have the same commands?
Rupesh Vaingankar (8 months ago)
Very nice Tutor
Oracle EPM Tutorials (8 months ago)
Thank you! We are glad you liked the video.
Hafsa Ahsan (10 months ago)
Hi this is useful. Can you please also do a similar video for Oracle TRCS? It will be extremely helpful if you can please cover things like moving dimensions from POV to the sheet and vice versa. Can you also cover things like RTA automation using Smart view in your video please?
Luiz Viola (1 year ago)
Hello, I'm looking for a way to automatize the launching of business rules. Is it possible to launch by VBA rules that have Run-time Prompts? How to input that information? I have tried HypListCalcScriptsEx and other functions of that group with no sucess...Thanks if you have any tips...
Bob Webb (1 year ago)
This is well done and to the point
Oracle EPM Tutorials (1 year ago)
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that you found the video useful.

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