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Why Do People Hate PewDiePie?

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What is there to hate about PewDiePie? What is the truth about him? My songs are now on Apple Music! Search "Onision" :) ♥ Exclusive Videos For Onision Patrons: http://patreon.com/onision #PewDiePie #Comedy #Onision ♥ Onision Shirts: http://onision.spreadshirt.com ♥ Onision on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/onision/422119584 ♥ Onision Books: https://amzn.to/2Jx9EWP ♥ Buy Onision's Clothes: https://poshmark.com/closet/onisionshirts Streaming ♦ Onision on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/onision ♦ Onision's YouNow: http://younow.com/onision YouTube ♣ Onision's Comedy Channel: http://youtube.com/onision ♣ OnisionSpeaks: http://youtube.com/onisionspeaks ♣ UhOhBro: http://youtube.com/uhohbro Other Channels ♣ OnisionGames: http://youtube.com/onisiongames ♣ Laineybot: http://youtube.com/laineybot Social Media ♠ Instagram: http://instagram.com/onision ♠ Twitter: http://twitter.com/onision ♠ Facebook: http://facebook.com/onision ♠ Tumblr: http://onision.net Extra ☻ Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onision ☻ DA: https://onision.deviantart.com/ For more UhOhBro videos, just click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjJ-Fa-wlzg&list=UUf574zNwJnOr_1qdoT7tdGQ Thank you for liking, subscribing, commenting & being a member of my YouTube channel! #React #UhOhBro #Onision
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Text Comments (170)
Aly le renard BJ (10 days ago)
Still cloud chasing the King? 😂 And not an ounce of shame doing it. You're a damn piece of art. (The kind of art we don't bring back home from middle school cause we are ashamed of having to walk 3 blocks down the road with that monstrosity in our hands)
B Sylvester (3 months ago)
Marcus Collins (4 months ago)
I don't like pewdiepie because he doesn't make good content anymore
JM San Pedro (4 months ago)
People are so innocent and ignorant hhaha
JM San Pedro (4 months ago)
im happy watching both of you
Sht bleh (4 months ago)
You fucking idiot that's a British soldier uniform omg 😂😂
DarkCupid PaardenVideos! (4 months ago)
jesus union boy, youve sunken really low.. people dont hate pewdiepie. i dont think he couldve gotten to 78 million subscribers if they did. you on the other hand, its you people hate always creating unnecessary drama and talking bullshit.
Azfa Redza (4 months ago)
0 : 35 that's a british soldier uniform you dumbass
HootOwl 's (4 months ago)
Cringe gay
flaming hot cheetos (4 months ago)
Great, now make a video about why people hate you. It will probably be longer than two hours
Trojan _ (5 months ago)
Subscribe to Pewdiepie
Arlon Krasniqi (5 months ago)
Who hate pewdiepie kids and you dont be like that people hate T-Series & T-Gay not pewdiepie
MegaBaellchen (5 months ago)
totally not biased, framed and exaggerated, bro. /sarcasm
•EverybodyGetsHigh• (5 months ago)
I want to torture you until you lose your sanity
Gaming with Kyler (6 months ago)
Hmmmm I never knew people hated pewdiepie, he's the most popular youtuber 😑😑😑😑
Daddy Nermal (6 months ago)
Oops. Looks like I dropped some salt in the comment section. Please stand by while I clean it up.
Melina Wild (6 months ago)
nearly subscribed you but now... nope guess i changed my mind :0 thank god i realized it
Nameless .p (6 months ago)
the title is pretty ironic
manxmaniac (6 months ago)
What's the use of hate on this video when google knows the answer.
summer roses (6 months ago)
Do “why people hate onision” next
Julie (7 months ago)
"you only entertain mf kids" at least he's entertaining i sat through this entire video thinking this is 3 minutes of my life ide never get back I COULD BE WATCHING PEW DIE PIE.
Julie (7 months ago)
you're actually dumb bro
Sara Regine Hansen (7 months ago)
You are cool
Jeditard (7 months ago)
A swing and a miss!
(7 months ago)
Why does this have more likes than dislikes?😂
kerryanne28 (7 months ago)
I enjoy your videos 9/10 you seem to try to look at things from multiple angles. God help the trump voters if you did a video on him 🤣🤣🤣
Cooter Marie (7 months ago)
When you have 2 mil subs, resort to clickbaiting Pewdiepie.. and only manage to pull in 11k views. Give it up, dude, this is sad.
niet mijn naam (7 months ago)
This video should be called "why I hate pewdiepie" because most people don't.
RachelAnnHinson (7 months ago)
66M subscribers - and counting 😆
Lena TheHyena (7 months ago)
Felix is way better than you'll ever be.
Potzkiex 24 (7 months ago)
"RA-PE"? You dont know how to read that? If he only entertain kids, you dont care, make your own business.hes only trolling in all of his video, but he said he is tired of trying so hard so he did changing his content, he is only trolling dude. but now t series will take the position of pewds i know ya all happy,because "uhh yes, pewDIEpie is no longer king of yt, ts
Owl (7 months ago)
People don’t hate pewdiepie lol
Jiji (7 months ago)
They don’t,
Actual Corgi (7 months ago)
All that hate in the comments actually is just so funny
jessica almondjoy (7 months ago)
Answer: they don't.
Alana Corbella (7 months ago)
no one hates PewDiePie, tf are you talking about?
Keep on rapping in your videos. its actually sounds kinda good
Caitlyn Ela (7 months ago)
It seems as if people commented without watching the video? Onision didn't mention anything bad about him.
Maja Kosa (7 months ago)
Why are the raps low-key fire?
attem (7 months ago)
ur so sad lol and u used to be good
Shannon De Wit (7 months ago)
When you try your best but you don't succeed
Christopher Morkel. (7 months ago)
Yup, greg at it again, being a dick to get views. This dude isn't even on Pewdiepies radar. Greg you need to focus on your own content before you judge others ;)
Instant Crush (7 months ago)
people don't hate pewdiepie, they hate you
Amoon (7 months ago)
I do believe people hate you more tho.
Ayberch (7 months ago)
The feminist bit lmaooo
Autumn Jones (7 months ago)
I hate his content now, it's no longer gaming, videos barely last more than 10 min, the content isn't original
DoloEarth (7 months ago)
you should be an actor
Winky Pinky (7 months ago)
They don’t... he has almost 67 million subscribers
Bettie Davis (7 months ago)
lol I love him, I can't say everything he says I really understand or am interested in. But I think people just people to hate people who have more of anything be it subscribers, money or any for that matter and just want a reason to rant. That's just my opinion.
Lozzybum93 (7 months ago)
You should do a video on why do people hate onision
Meme Thot (7 months ago)
You really need those views huh
LivyWeird (7 months ago)
Oh jeez. This just seems like a video about why people shouldn't hate PewDiePie... Like "Why Do People Hate PewDiePie?" as in "Why Would You Hate a Fellow Hilarious YouTuber?" Everyone's just tryin' to be funny
KeepinItGorgeous (7 months ago)
"Why do people hate pewdiepie?" Easy. The same reason why people hate you. You two say and do things that are considered jokes and people get offended. Now find another topic for a video.
guys guys guys all of these hate comments ARE NOT helping anything. unneeded. so go watch a pewdiepie video if you're not a fan of this guy.
lantern flame (7 months ago)
Graciela Lagraba (7 months ago)
we don't hate him, i was subscribed for 5 years until i saw this. no one goes after pewdiepie and gets away w it gdmn
Emigrate1c (7 months ago)
Umm actually everyone hates you
Hipster Viking (7 months ago)
Trick question. We don't
Dr4 Disrespect (7 months ago)
I love PewDiePie 💖
whataboutism (7 months ago)
I was just ear 'rapped' at the end.
Adia Salem (7 months ago)
Greg hon... What are you doing? The difference between Jeffree fans, Felix fans, and your audience, is that _they_ share a collective *enjoyment* of something. As creators, they share what they like (whether it's music, makeup, games, or memes) and people who also enjoy those things stick around for their perspective, and what they add to these topics. It's easier for fans to get over their mistakes, because overall they still add more positivity to our lives, then negativity. I've watched your videos for the better part of a decade. I think probably the biggest reason you don't get as dedicated of a fan base as other creators, is because the only things you seem to get genuinely passionate about are gossip and hate. Even if you get brief attention from people that are also into those things, they're just going to leave as soon as you say something they disagree with. Try to find something positive to share with the world. The hate gets boring (especially when it's not very well researched/old news).
Lucy manson (7 months ago)
"Death to all juice" ~onision 😂😂😂🖤
Kyle Ryan (7 months ago)
Ghoul 11 (7 months ago)
They don’t hate him
Keisha Sutherland (7 months ago)
“Why do people not watch these ‘why do people’ videos anymore”
Melisa Atak (7 months ago)
Your rap at the end was fire holy s*** I'd buy your mixtape
Camille Harris (7 months ago)
No people hate you
Ebby Rosemarie (7 months ago)
Ppl hate him because he big and successful ppl like to hate him
Ballsack Bones (7 months ago)
You should do a why people hate onision video and make it 5 hours long
Jebus274 (7 months ago)
Get over criticizing people more successful than you just because you're butthurt. It's seriously just sad and pathetic at this point.
Ave ver the 3rd (7 months ago)
Cus he's gay
LifeSmackCo (7 months ago)
kinda desperate attempt for views
Winter Dream (7 months ago)
*sees title* They don't.
Blast Kidd (7 months ago)
i did't get it I'm 9+12 years old
Captain Levi (7 months ago)
How many dislikes you want
Geo (7 months ago)
So many triggered pewdiepie fans in the comments....i have to laugh
ExxKun (7 months ago)
Greg is better than him tbh. I’m not a super fan of Greg but Greg’s personality is more relatable than a screaming edgelord 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Nick Gurr (7 months ago)
That's why PewDiePie's videos get millions of views while onision's videos barely get 10k views
yvaah tosh (7 months ago)
i think you're switching here some things up dude...
Eej Tolentino (7 months ago)
How to get million views? "Dis y ppl h8 pudipie"
Atzya O' (7 months ago)
IDK but I know why someone might hate onisin
Rhett lama (7 months ago)
Onision is a pretty bad person
Rhett lama (7 months ago)
I don't get people who hate pewdiepie he's pretty funny
RonnieDarkness (7 months ago)
I honestly never was fan of PewDiePie but I don't hate him too . But the rap was gold 😂😂
Top FBI agent (7 months ago)
You remind me of the rich dude who owns the Honey business in The Bee Movie
*Ethereal Wolf (7 months ago)
if yall really watched the video onision was joking
ignacio meteors (7 months ago)
Lucky Games (7 months ago)
people dont hate pewdiepie lol they hate you
Pink Rey (7 months ago)
let him make this desperate video about the most popular youtuber. those extra clicks will help him pay rent
Twix the Mouse (7 months ago)
I’m sorry but I hv to unsubscribe. Pewdiepie is better then u I’m sorry. I’ll miss ur vids except for ones like these.
Josh Park (7 months ago)
Why do people hate onision . Oh.
Grracie (7 months ago)
Why do people hate you? Hang on, that one's not as hard to answer.
Typical LoudParrot (5 months ago)
Jim Pickens Dear Leader !!! What are you doing in the slums of YouTube?? I am sorry, I questioned you! *goes to stand in corner* _Repeats NEVER question Dear Leader 300 times_ EDIT: *SUBSCRIBE to PEWDIEPIE*
Jim Pickens (7 months ago)
There's too many reasons to hate on him, I dont even need to name them
Nightingale (7 months ago)
Next video - Why do we want Onision to kill himself?
j'aime les Seins (7 months ago)
Ahh the old classic begging for attention thats cute goodluck lol
Stikibits (7 months ago)
I don't even know who he is, so pretty hard to hate him.
:3 (7 months ago)
They don't.
Kian Lynch (7 months ago)
You’re literally both doing the same thing, just differently and one has actually achieved success from it.
Chaak-kun (7 months ago)
Actually people do like PewDiePie. I don't get this video lol
Aly le renard BJ (10 days ago)
The Onion needs his annual clicks. In doubt: cloud chase a bigger YouTuber 👌👍
Crystal Isacunt (7 months ago)
He's not going to acknowledge you exist so just stop embarrassing yourself.
Freelance opportunist (7 months ago)
They don't hate pewdiepie.... They hate you
Gustavo. G (7 months ago)
legend says this comment WON'T get pinned. let's see if it's fullfiled.
Deanki Nguyen (7 months ago)
...when you come at Pewdiepie hoping to get some attention from him or his following to get leftover views your dumb stank ass ain't getting on yo own merits cause you suck."
Randi (7 months ago)
Lol, you pushed this one, Greg.

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