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Stripping Woman Naked: Police & Government Deny Charges

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Stripping of Woman Naked - male cops gang up and essentially rape women in their custody. They forcefully pin down handcuffed females and help strip women until all their clothes are off, as the victims beg, scream, and fight for their life. The male police officers watch and video tape their abuse of the fully nude girls, and then leave the tortured girls naked for up to six hours in the cells of Sheriff Swanson's Stark County jail in Ohio, USA. The woman in the video is Hope Steffey. Imagine if it was you, your wife, your daughter, or your mother getting forcefully stripped after calling the police for help! It has now been discovered that at least 128 women between 1999 and 2007 were strip-searched, forced to remove their clothing or placed on suicide watch or homicide watch or "naked detention" at Sheriff Swanson's jail. http://www.wkyc.com/news/local/news_article.aspx?storyid=109037 Deputies responsible in video: Kristin Fenstemaker, Laura Rodgers, Tony Gayles, Richard T. Gurlea Jr., Andrea Mays and Brian Michaels. These deputy criminals are now suing the WKYC news station that stood up and exposed their crimes and torture to the public. http://www.cantonrep.com/archive/x309570834/Deputies-sue-TV-station-over-reports-about-woman-stripped-naked Support Hope Steffey and demand justice: Governor Strickland (614) 466-3555, Fax: (614) 466-9354 http://www.governor.ohio.gov/Contact/tabid/153/Default.aspx Senator Voinovich (800) 205-6446, Fax: (216) 522-7097 http://voinovich.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Contact.ContactForm Senator Brown (202) 224-2315, Fax: (202) 228-6321 http://brown.senate.gov/contact/ Congressman Boccieri (330) 489-4414, Fax: (330) 489-4448 http://boccieri.house.gov/contact/index.shtml U.S. Attorney General Holder, (202) 353-1555 http://www.usdoj.gov/contact-us.html Ohio Attorney General Cordray, (877) 244-6446 http://www.ag4ohio.gov/Public/details.aspx?s=222 Stark County Sheriff, (330) 430-3800, [email protected] http://www.sheriff.co.stark.oh.us Sheriff Timothy A. Swanson denies all charges and asked fellow government employee, Attorney General Marc Dann, to investigate, however, later Dann was forced to resign after an unrelated sex scandal and numerous sexual harassment claims against him. Special prosecutors then failed to even interview the victim before presenting the case to a grand jury. How many cases are investigated without interviewing the victim? So far five women have come forward with similar cases of abuse at this Stark County jail, including one that was a victim of a sexual assault while employed at an Ohio medium security prison. The woman in the video, Hope Steffey, tried to hold Sheriff Swenson, who happened to get elected President of the Sheriff's Association in Ohio for 2008, and his fellow police officers responsible for their actions, but the sheriff denies all allegations and the government was able to convince a grand jury to drop all criminal charges against them without even interviewing the victim. Marc Dann, the Attorney General of Ohio, who was supposed to handle the investigation, recently resigned after being caught in a sex scandal. "The special prosecutors in the Hope Steffey case said Thursday that there was no strip search and no criminal wrongdoing by the Stark County sheriff's deputies." Hope Steffey originally had the police called for help after being assaulted. When police saw the ID of Steffey's dead sister, which Steffey keeps with her in remembrance, they confiscated it and refused to return it. When Steffey became upset, the police threw her to the ground, chipped her tooth, and arrested her for "disorderly conduct," and resisting arrest. Suspiciously, the arresting officer had turned off his dash camera, which is supposed to be on. The police have also 'lost' the video or claimed that the hand-held video camera that you can see filming in the other Youtube video was not working - yet you can clearly see the camera working in the security camera footage. After the police got Hope to jail, one of the questions they asked her is if she had ever been suicidal. When Hope replied with, "now or ever," the police immediately decided she was a suicide threat and that she needed to have all her clothes stripped off, including her underwear, panties and bra, exposing her bare naked ass, breasts, and vagina in front of the male officers while they forcefully grabbed her naked body and pinned her down. After they were done with her, they left her naked for six hours.
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Kendrick Reed (1 month ago)
Hope somebody kill they wick ass kids and all no mercy on the white man
Kendrick Reed (1 month ago)
Wick ass fucking nation Yah going to get all of them this Babylon Americans are wick
Sermens (7 months ago)
remember,if it was my woman,u will be already death,if u touch my woman u will regret it so fucking bad
Charile Patton (1 year ago)
the horror the horror the young lady arrested over nothing duputy you are nothing but a messager boy corrupt cops at thier best plain and simple
Master of Zero (2 years ago)
This is why the people hate bullie psychopaths cops I hope they burn in hell
Arrisian Overloard (2 years ago)
That fucking bald headed brain dead cop needs to be smashed within an inch of his life and I would love the opportunity to do it. By the time I will have finished with him, however long it took,  he would seek other employment and be a changed man.
Rob H. (3 years ago)
May those police go to hell and get raped by demons.
Steven Gibson (3 years ago)
ya the police should leave her alone
Steven Gibson (3 years ago)
God damn it i am 12. I hate school lockers and police
Billy Frost (3 years ago)
Report the fuckin idiot cops that abuse the hope all get fuckin killed
mike fuson (4 years ago)
this was a gang rape. now see why so many hates cops
Jerry Jones (4 years ago)
These brutal sadists enjoy theri work that's why the work as cops.
Paulo Santos. (4 years ago)
Que horror! despiu a moça à força na frente do policial?
George Littlejohn (4 years ago)
Obviously two thirds of "the box system" have deliberately failed. As those sworn to be responsible are only interested in cover-up, saving their own skin, and slowly increasing their power.
nathenism (4 years ago)
north korea aint got nuthin on the USA evil empire.
It's interesting to see how the public reacts to these damning charges brought against these police officials.
Ricky Hunter (4 years ago)
@ sammerlin1 Male pólice officers have the right to frisk a females outer clothing for personal safety for weapons if he is the arresting officer and no female is available. He will then cuff her and wait for transfer to the station and a female to search properly. At the station, if no capable female is available, males can only restrain her and wait for a female to answer the call and return to station to do the search. A male can not even be in view for the proceedure. If so it is a violation of dignity and rape of modesty. There are laws for this and all pólice proceedures....but power breeds corruption and a dont give a fuck attitude to laws by pólice.
Commadore2011 (4 years ago)
Strange how this is a sexual assault, yet the muslim men stripped naked in guantanamo and photographed wasn't ?
I read all the replies on here. I feel that's a great youtube video. My bro would like to become astounding with chicks. He began to understand a shit load from a website called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The help and advice with regards to seducing women at nightclubs in the emails via that website helped get got him his 1st lays in around 4 long yrs. I got pissed though seeing that I heard them all.
ajanover55 (5 years ago)
Real smart guy. You're a real charmer.
David Smith (5 years ago)
They should have put a gag in that Lady's mouth.
David Smith (5 years ago)
I wonder if She is that loud during sex with Her husband? I can only imagine what She sounds like during orgasm.
chrismay1a (5 years ago)
all this goes on while they know they are on camera, imagine the shit they do when they know there are no cameras rolling on them or in the room... fuck this is a messed up world
Scandilicious (5 years ago)
Sexual assault?? Come on people!! There's nothing SEXUAL about what is going on here! Just because the person ends up naked doesn't mean it's a sexual thing. "Male cops gang up and essentially rape women in their custody"... uhmmm no!! Enough of the drama and sensationalizing!
ajanover55 (5 years ago)
What the hell does stripping someone have to do with suicide prevention?
Juan Domingo Peron (1 month ago)
Nothing. Its an overused excuse to strip people.
Nahid Hossain (5 years ago)
I've read through all the posts but I feel that it's a solid youtube video. My younger brother just wishes to become incredible with ladies. He was taught alot from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The help and advice relating to picking up girls through nightclubs in the emails coming from that website got got him his 1st sex in 3 long yrs. I became pissed though considering that I heard them all.
Fikret Ceferoglu (5 years ago)
Amit Agrawal (5 years ago)
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Dexter Haven (5 years ago)
Take off your clothes when asked, bitch. Don't be a prude.
Juan Domingo Peron (1 month ago)
Those pigs should line up to be executed if ordered.
spark plug (5 years ago)
No doubt, its set up this way to get brother harassing brother so we harm one another and help create chaos. Meanwhile the real perpetrators have openly stole the nations wealth. The only answer is resist, and strengthen your family, friends and neighbors with knowledge and stick together. individuals will fail but groups can make real change. Wake up people our kids will be homeless!
killpretty812 (5 years ago)
This video gave me the sickest feeling to my stomach ever, & I'm very desensitized to this type of real life horror due to all the horror & explicit movies and videos I've watched since childhood. I know there are always two sides to a story, fact or fabrication, but seriously recorded video evidence in the jail cell of the emotional scarring of a innocent defenseless woman( they obviously made that clear) who more than likely isn't a known criminal let alone ever gotten a traffic violation.
Destroyer of Worlds (5 years ago)
After removing the panties, a male officer performed a cavity check... with his dick.
sujith divarathna (5 years ago)
That was fantastic content. I'm here simply because my best friend quickly became unbelievable with women. He went from zero to hero. He pretended he failed to notice. He finally came clean on Friday. He revealed he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you'll find it... He is on a date right now with a beautiful girl... Where are the best of these movies online?
Ward Kendall (5 years ago)
Was this supposed to make me horny?
Tracy Lim San San (5 years ago)
which is why I lost all respect to policemen... no matter how good they may seem. Imagine she paying taxes which is used to pay the policemens salary and yet they mistreated her with this
Hulk Mania (5 years ago)
Poor lady
LionsDen YT (5 years ago)
this is sick
amfindog (5 years ago)
is she going to hang herself eith under wear stupid government
amfindog (5 years ago)
democracy peoples rights, women rights lol this is worst than india and china and they always says india n china no human rights fix you own country first USA
cathydoves (2 years ago)
Well said!!!! I am still in shock after watching this video three times! I even teared up because what they (the men) were doing reminded me of gang rape ~ Do you understand what I mean? Like when a group of men start raping a woman by first snatching off her clothes! I hope her and her husband were able to sue that police/sheriff's department. That was degrading for sure!
'HOPE 'STEFFEY?IM HOPE[name game]I WAS ARRESTED,NO CRIME NO RIGHTS,ANY WOMAN WITH A BODY THEY WANT TO SEE IS ALWAYS "BAD' IF THE WOMAN DoESNT STRIP BEFORE MEN&engage in sex acts with eighter sex guards.i didnt 'share' my body with them.they wanted to liberated ME{ive been a femminist all my life]no record.it was done not because id done a crime,but to plegerise my writing,I WAS ALSO TORTURED[STILL AM]ITS RAPE LOCK THE VIOLATORS UP INSTEAD OF PAYING THEM TAX PAYER MONEY TO BE SADDISTIC PERVERTS!
MrDavfit (6 years ago)
Cops do what they want.... where do they get the Power ...The Public... its way pass time we absolutely take it back and put theses animals behind Bars where they belong...
jevs87 (6 years ago)
stripped because she may have been suicidal? is she going to hang herself with her bra??
cathydoves (2 years ago)
She could do that! However, I sure hope they came up with a better way to deal with females in jail. Because, that right there looked like the early stages of rape! Emotionally, that must have been what it was like for her; I'm sure of it!
Grenherb (6 years ago)
anyone and everyone in america is stuck with this so if your a american then this is your country and you have no way of getting away from it because your own government will slit your throat before they let there own people get power.. have fun with your police state
Ja (6 years ago)
yep, I was saw the same observations in society, not that everyone is in the category, but for the most that are bald seem to have a vulgar and intimidating persona', certainly not the "fashionable" type or "easy going"
TheAbsoluteZ33RO (6 years ago)
What a bunch of F**cking assholes
asimjan786 (6 years ago)
super power full of democracy father of human rights and of course rights of women welcome to UNITED STATES OF AMERICA hahahhaha.
MrWtfchuck (6 years ago)
Shes pretty and they wanted to see her.. those sick twisted motherfuckers that would strip a screaming woman and get off on it then lie.. and say the camera work.. give each cop 20 years and the senior officer 30 years.
10bbuck (6 years ago)
This is not realy news is it???? Because if it is those cops are probly just perverts who were just dressed as cops and wanted to see a fully naked women and video tape it to watch it like a millon times
2XXRATED4U (6 years ago)
nespokesman (6 years ago)
This is simple. It's obvious to me that the Police had to subdue her and that female officers couldn't get the job done alone hence why they filmed the procedure Just because you scream and holler doesn't automatically make you right. There is no sexual assault there. Policing is a tough job and the thing about the internet is that all these little assholes will come to cuss out the Police after watching a 2 minute edited video but if they barely break a nail they run straight into a station.
Juan Domingo Peron (1 month ago)
I say these cops deserve to have everything they own seized than they should be lined up against a wall and shot.
BlurryFeds (6 years ago)
Suicide searches don't need fucking cameras, assholes!
Erico Chizzy (6 years ago)
Fuck these cock sucking pigs!!
Enrique Sanchez (6 years ago)
fuck those asshole police officers, fucking pigs!
Bekah (6 years ago)
Wait I don't get it?! What are they doing? What is a strip search? Someone answer please
Supe (6 years ago)
I have been to usa couple of times for bussiness and i found it pretty boring and people were dumb and life was too regulated. In my opinion, USA is a bureaucracy, not a real democracy and folk are just poor puppets. Thanks for the advice though, not going to usa unless it is necessary.
mrbobbarker (6 years ago)
The bigger picture here is the same as always COPS do whatever they feel like doing. They are protected by the "boys" club.
Supe (6 years ago)
@TheRobin3212 you are a typical idiot. My sister can have too much glass of wine here in my country and yet she wont receive the same threatment. People underestimate usa and americans because of retards like you. you give a bad name to your country.
Supe (6 years ago)
What is more scaring is there are still dummy americans claiming what police did was right and they can undress a criminal like that. NOPE , you cannot do that shit in E.U. This is wrong. How would you feel if your sister was drunk and she was out of control ( Human nature, it may happen) and a few dog looking officers were fully undressing her and that was caught in camera and all country watched that! Shame on those who insist police has done the right thing.
Supe (6 years ago)
I am shocked... Poor women.. I am a male with hard stomach and even it was hard for me to watch whole video. These officers has to be prosecuted. A man cannot handle a women like that. He has no right to see her fully naked. Disgusting.. states still has alot of way to learn real democracy.
Liberty Patriot (6 years ago)
@StrawberryAphrodite1 The government tried to claim it was for her own protection because they said she might be 'suicidal.' But it's still supposed to be females anyway, so then the government claimed that even though males were holding her down they didn't technically remove any of her clothes. As you point out, what's really going on is a sexual assault and anyone watching the video can clearly see that. Government is spiraling out of control, we need to defend liberty.
StrawberryAphrodite420 (6 years ago)
I thought it was illegal for a male cop to strip search a woman, it has to be a female officer. This goes way beyond that. How is this not completely illegal?
Ho Chi Minh (6 years ago)
My deepest sympathy goes to Mrs. Steffey and her husband. I'm sure this has been a nightmare for them. I sincerely hope they can survive the trauma of what these animals did to her. We need more people like Maurice Clemmons and Lovelle Mixon.
LocalSuperCenter (7 years ago)
None compliant? Ill remember that if I ever want to take any woman's cloths off by force...even law enforcement should not be allowed to rape by legal means,..maybe if you treated people with respect they would not act like wild animals when confronted by law enforcement...
Keith Golden (7 years ago)
i saw TWO FEMALE police officers doing the stripping, so why are just the men involved? why are the men the only ones being accused and reviled?
Shirwin Schnell (11 months ago)
if you look closely the male officer on the right removes her panties
Kevin Heil (7 years ago)
@beckyholt she was white...why would you compare this to a racial situation? she was non-compliant with police directives, and this happens every day with crazy men and women.....and yes it will happen to you to if you freak out and refuse to follow police directives. it is easy for idiots like you who have never had to deal with hostile civilians to sit back and write insane commentaries when you have no direct experience or perspective. You Moron.
Shirwin Schnell (11 months ago)
kevin , you must be a cop ya ? lol
MusicMoviesGames (7 years ago)
she lives in my hometown!
AnnieLennox1954 (7 years ago)
Female cop showin' out for the male cop. How could those female cops do that to her? And where's NWA when you need them?
bammbamm12 (7 years ago)
@schoomzer - Agreed.
schoomzer (7 years ago)
@bammbamm12 Many Americans DID NOT go along with the torture of prisoners in Abu Ghraib. Injustice did not happen after Abu Ghraib. It preceded Abu Ghraib. Why do some people think that only certain populations are victims of injustice???? Get educated and get real!!
JIGPUFF (7 years ago)
This was a sick, twisted, sadistic "intervention" that clearly crossed a fundamental line of human decency. There should be no men in the room, just as there should be no women in the room when this happens to men (it happens to men ALL THE TIME). However, "equal employment" opportunity laws ensure that women are presnt for the cross-gender humiliation of male inmates, and on more rare occasions, men are present when female inmates are humiliated this way. It disgusting and wrong.
Zemo999 (7 years ago)
@beckyholt Why was it necessary for her to take her clothes off at all?" It wasn't. All their pathetic excuses are just LIES. The laughter at the end of the strip video & the video of them in the hall laughing afterwards pretty much tells the REAL REASON she was attacked. In fact even their OWN REPORTS say that she was attacked because she turned her head while the were trying to book her. In other words it was just to humiliate, degrade, & punish her..PERIOD! Any other excuse is just a LIE!
Ablahou (7 years ago)
TheBoyishness (7 years ago)
@Zemo999 well done sir, very well. this is the best way to help people. Salutations.
Ben Dover (7 years ago)
If I was one of the cops I'd finger her pussy
disposablefreedom (7 years ago)
I will kill an officer or officers if this ever happens 2 me. I will and I promise this! If this happens 2 me I don't care if I have 2 wait until I get out of jail and stalk them 2 correct this type of injustice with thier lives I will I can promise that..If I feel this way then I know thier are others out there that feel the same way. If I had 2 spend the rest of my life I prison due to my actions I would sleep fine knowing I did the right thing. This deserves a death sentence.
Shirwin Schnell (11 months ago)
i will do the same if a male cop ever touches my wife in this way or my daughter !!!
Redflametrow (7 years ago)
A straight jacket and a gag in a padded room would be the appropriate option. If someone wants to kill themselves, they can still: break their neck, slit their throat, bite their tongue, pound their head against the wall and more. I fail to see how getting a person naked would actually stop them from committing suicide. So if they just changed that to protocol, there wouldn't be reason to believe the actions of the officers are somewhat questionable.
tyrania pt (7 years ago)
eu matava os todos
Zemo999 (7 years ago)
@carlingskie2 Tried to get a hold of the Judge in this case to open the files, no response from them yet. Also trying to find out WHY the FBI helped cover this up, just got a reply that someone is looking into this, but haven't heard from the investigator yet. Called Stark County Sheriff's office to ask if they are still having men strip women naked, the sheriff's bitch of a secretary, Carrie, hung up on me....again.... That's all so far...
cathydoves (2 years ago)
What became of this case? Do you know? That poor lady, those men manhandled her and had the nerve to touch her panties! Ugh!!!! If men did that to a woman in the public they'd do time behind bars!
Zemo999 (7 years ago)
Stark County Sheriff's Office 330-430-3800 Stark County Jail Vivianne Whalen Duffrin Director of Human Resources 330-430-3867 extension # 3867 Stark County Prosecutor John D. Ferrero (330) 451-7897 Office of the Attorney General (614) 466-4320 Special Prosecutions Ohio Attorney General Paul Scarsella 614-644-0729 Correctional Healthcare Group Jonathan Stump 330-454-6766 Extension # 3824
Carlofatx (7 years ago)
@sammerlin1 Any updates?
vinnie anthony (7 years ago)
State sponsored sexual assault, and the taxpayer is force to flip the bill for their misconduct.
babba b (7 years ago)
If you willingly won't go to jail for taking justice in your own hands...you won't get it.
TheEodtch (7 years ago)
@sammerlin1 Nope it doesn't show hand in her anus. The video shows the cops did nothing wrong.
TheEodtch (7 years ago)
@sammerlin1 That web site shows that they didn't abuse her. Thanks.
Zemo999 (7 years ago)
BTW this video says the prosecutors never interviewed Steffey because she wanted her lawyer there, but what the news does NOT tell you is that these same prosecutors had NO TROUBLE interviewing the cops with their lawyers present!! Starting to see which way the wind blows yet?? These cops & prosecutors are scum...
TheEodtch (7 years ago)
@sammerlin1 I don't care how much they paid her. She didn't deserve a dime. No one fondled her in this video. Hope she got a couple days in jail at least.
Zemo999 (7 years ago)
@highway955 QUOTE "if this were a black lady being stripped by police how much sympathy would there be on youtube?" I have one posted, Sheila Lozada was also maced & stripped naked by male & females. And it was complete bullshit, same as this woman!! The reason they took this to a grand jury was so that the public could never find out what kind of scam investigation this REALLY was. Also they didn't want anyone to see Steffey's deposition that dispute's a lot of the sheriff's LIES!
TheEodtch (7 years ago)
@TheEodtch I disagree. Everyone should have equal treatment under the law. When you do a crime then fight the cops you shouldn't get to chose who your jailer is. Hell if it was me I would request women to strip me down in that case. For one thing there may not have been enough women officers available to control her.
ugle99 (7 years ago)
@TheEodtch I agree. However the cops did a seriouse mistake when male cops were present, there is no excuse for that.
highway955 (7 years ago)
@uradouchbagg the comments are warranted dude. if this were a black lady being stripped by police how much sympathy would there be on youtube? i guarantee the comments would be along the lines of "nasty crack-head baby momma", "go back to africa", n*gg**s commit the most crimes crap.
beckyholt (7 years ago)
If a black guy did this stuff to a white woman under any other circumstances he would be in prison with his friend Bubba. Why was it necessary for her to take her clothes off at all? She was under arrest for shouting and causing a disturbance why would that require the removal of her clothes? Who would want to do that job except members of the TSA Nazi police squads and them? Why is it necessary to have men involved that at least should be against policy. Coming to an airport near you soon v TSA
TheEodtch (7 years ago)
I hope my wife wouldn't do what this girl did to get arrested. When dumb ass people get arrested for dumb ass things then act like dumb asses they souldn't be aloud to sew the state because cops had to do what they had to do. This medea agency is all but lieing. As far as rape you are a fing joke.
Zemo999 (7 years ago)
@postaltraining Yeah there were 5 other women that came forward in this case to claim the same abuses as Steffey. But there was SO MUCH of this story that was NEVER reported in the news. I would have to write a book to get it all in. The part I didn't get is WHY all these agencies helped to cover this up. The only thing I found was that Swanson lets the cops use these videos for "training". So I have to wonder just how many of them get copies to "study". Looks like one big PORN ring to me...
Mystic Logos (7 years ago)
The truth is, deserve has nothing to do with it, whatever happened happened. Instead of dwelling on the past, seek the truth. Go to Truthcontest(dot)com and click on The Present. Read what it says to learn the truth
mermer1229 (7 years ago)
I hope they all rot in hell. First stripping a woman naked, then not taking responsibility. Shame on them....it's disgusting.
JIGPUFF (7 years ago)
This is not an isolated incident. Across the country huge payouts are awarded like toostie rolls at a pinata factory. Consistently, the nimrod sherifs publicly state, ever so carefully and clearly, that they are admitting nothing wrong. They are careful to point out that they did nothing illegal.....but then they agree to huge payouts. why? Thought for the day: If a sheriff is moving his lips, he is probably lying.
JIGPUFF (7 years ago)
What happened to Hope was horrible. But, this sort of thing happens to males and black females ALL THE TIME. I am outraged at how this was handled, and how Hope was forced to undergo this abuse, but I can't help but imagine the countless young men and minorities that endure these "interventions" in the U.S. "correctional" system every day - without public outrage. Without huge pay-outs.
JIGPUFF (7 years ago)
Some things I don't quite understand: 1) Why are these "suicide watch" interventions (a.k.a., suicide-inducing humiliations) conducted with cross-gender participation? Why? Is that simply done out of fear of cross-gender lawsuits on the equal employment opportunity front? 2) If these "correctional" nimrods continuously avoid prosecution - legal justice - then why do the County's and Townships continually pay out large sums to "settle?"
Cassandra Oh (7 years ago)
i live in ohio.... and this is the first i'm hearing of this. the lesson here? don't call the police.
bammbamm12 (7 years ago)
It's Abu Ghraib. You guys went along with torture of prisoners. How long did you think it would take to bring it on home?

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