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Nicki Minaj - Barbie Dreams

1311128 ratings | 95940981 views
Barbie Dreams (Official Video) Stream / Download Album “Queen” Here: https://nickiminaj.lnk.to/queenYD Connect with Nicki: https://www.instagram.com/nickiminaj https://twitter.com/NICKIMINAJ https://www.facebook.com/nickiminaj/ https://www.mypinkfriday.com/ Video Director: Hype Williams Video Producers: Hype Williams & Keith Brown Video Editor: Eric Hughes for HW Worldwide Music video by Nicki Minaj performing Barbie Dreams. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records http://vevo.ly/aB1cvS
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Text Comments (125570)
Tóth Franciska (36 minutes ago)
All I can hear is "pussy", "nigga", "shit" and "fuck".
Queezy Queez (2 hours ago)
Fuck all Barbie's Y'all trash AF
Bagas 26 (3 hours ago)
But she will married
Famke Freckles (4 hours ago)
Sick rhymes. Sick flow. Sick burns.
Amar Dhar (4 hours ago)
We need 100m ya'll ❤
Shanea's Corner (5 hours ago)
Love this 90s Hip Hop beat decided to right something to it, check out my Island Girl Dreams cover of Barbie Dreams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDcwGJUmPkE
Hong A (6 hours ago)
I grew up listening to like Disney, Madonna, now this is crazy 😂😂
PulseSenseii (7 hours ago)
I cant believe I just got that she said no type like Jimmy and swae lee
Luiz Felipe (9 hours ago)
Luiz Felipe (9 hours ago)
Hi,it’s Chloe ho (9 hours ago)
Who’s here after seeing super women’s parody?
LJ Marzula (10 hours ago)
I don't mean to be a pig, but oink oink, she looks fine as fuck dancing around and jumping in them fine ass outfits.
osswald rivers (11 hours ago)
she gassed tf outta all of us damn bih lmao
Empress Nessa (12 hours ago)
10000 subs no videos (12 hours ago)
Ur fat af stop posting plz bitch
Eunhae Lee (11 hours ago)
Bruh who hurt you
Brittni Carter (13 hours ago)
She killed this shit! 😍😍
MaKhia MaJesty (13 hours ago)
Me performing at all of my exes funerals💀💀💀
Darrien pennington (15 hours ago)
Good morning Beloved
Dorian Mukuna (17 hours ago)
She tried to copy 50 cent how to rob
C M (17 hours ago)
0:29 when you got a crook in ya neck & the mf act like it don’t wanna leave ! 😂😂😂💯
RaenOB Bettelyoun (20 hours ago)
NM Is better than Cardi B
Joe Swanson (1 day ago)
My friend said he would pass her I think he might be gay
keon (11 hours ago)
Maybe he like real ass
Marisa Bruhh (1 day ago)
🤤🤤🤤she’s so fine & talented
mochi pudding (1 day ago)
She cosplayed F.F...
Did she rhyme special ed with special ed...?
Mohamed Ghoneem (1 day ago)
Me very love you 😍♥️😍
Sonakshi bitua (1 day ago)
So close to hundred milli
Money Jass (1 day ago)
Sharra Reagan (1 day ago)
nicki is bad ass the queen
The Den (1 day ago)
Comment if u know where this instrumental really comes from
Daniel Budik (1 day ago)
Michael Jackson's asshole?
Daddy Pig (1 day ago)
Is it just me or is there an "oof" in the background at 3:23 ?
Silver Lopez (1 day ago)
Kevin James (1 day ago)
love u
Kevin James (1 day ago)
Sheck z (1 day ago)
BARBZ let's get this video to 100 million views before it hits a year of release!!! We have a little under two months! 👸
Maylen Vallejos (1 day ago)
Kal El (1 day ago)
This isn't music, this is garbage
Csikja Martin (1 day ago)
i saw maybe 2 week ago, this video have 97 million views and now 95 how??
keon (11 hours ago)
They always taking her views
Jada Jenkins (1 day ago)
3:39 the end of Barbie Dreams
Местный (1 day ago)
Вот же у неё срака ЗДОРОВАЯ, наверняка срёт стремительно!
Mark Knuckles (1 day ago)
Did she just say big o hell naw nicki keep taking lil kims line she wack
Brody King (1 day ago)
"R.I.P TO B.I.G"....you do realize this is Biggies beat right? She was giving recognition to him.
A (1 day ago)
New music is just old classics with some porn..the original song by The Notorious B.I.G.!!!
Live (1 day ago)
nasty song
Sydney Swan (2 days ago)
broo she really did desiigner like that
Uma Lily (2 days ago)
Niki serving looks for 5 minutes straight
Aqib Karchoo (2 days ago)
Nicki minaj's song is a source of soft porn
Malika D (2 days ago)
Trash 🤷🏻‍♀️🗑
Amilyon W (2 days ago)
Hey barbz🦄If you have Facebook and want to interact with fellow barbz join this nicki Minaj fan group where we celebrate all things Nick Minaj ✨ https://m.facebook.com/groups/1115137458677961?group_view_referrer=profile_browser
Mark Knuckles (2 days ago)
Wack ass song nicki please stop rapping what happened to her every since safaree left her her music sucks shes a hoe look at all the dudes name she mentions fucking hoe everything fake fake ass fake nose fake tits fake hips fake nails fake hair the bitch is a big ass barbie all plastic
Rosa Melano (2 days ago)
This is so art ♡
Jaye Kisses (2 days ago)
O hell nah...a Cardi ad before the video started😳😳😳
E Dub (2 days ago)
pig all she can say is pu$$y now, duh duh duh every damn song is to that same annoying cadence...........................tired! retire hoe
Sheila Jenkins (2 days ago)
Tierra Teske (2 days ago)
can I have just like two ounces of your confidence please thanks
Michael Sandoval (2 days ago)
Lmao. Humanity is going to look back at this crap & LAUGH! 😂
keon (11 hours ago)
Thanks for the view
Jeanette C (2 days ago)
Rip DJ Khalid 🤣
Theodore Villamizar (2 days ago)
RAFAELA MACHADO (2 days ago)
BR? 💜🇧🇷😜Amo
Natural Elements (2 days ago)
Anybody ever hear Lil Kim's "Dreams" ???
PUBG KI SUBG (2 days ago)
Nicki Minaj= Like Cardi B= Comment
Bhim Chettri (2 days ago)
Nice love you
Breanna Lee (3 days ago)
Damn she exsposed erbody😬😂⚡
Olivia Hallie (3 days ago)
She was literally put half of the lit rappers on blast
cOcOnUt hEad wHoOoO? (3 days ago)
4:50, TF WAS THAT “ckkkckkuu”
Selena walks J (3 days ago)
좋다~love it
Mami Victoria (3 days ago)
Sorry for that man who dissed I but he died so like he dissed all the woman now ur dissing all the men
Mami Victoria (3 days ago)
And Nicki stop dissing the men
Mami Victoria (3 days ago)
That doll with the colorful hair is 6ix9ine
T 11042018 (3 days ago)
This reminds me of Lil Kim's song called "Dreams of F**king in R&B".
T 11042018 (3 days ago)
@Joey rosa Thanks. Yes. You're right. I knew it was something familiar.
Joey rosa (3 days ago)
Actually it was biggie dreams then the girls did it after
Bork star (3 days ago)
my penis is so fuckin big
Delaney Wells (3 days ago)
Anaconda still better even tho it would be T R AS H now
Paris James (3 days ago)
This song is so iconic to bigggie 😩☝️😍
Ghhh bBB (3 days ago)
Lol 😂 wow instagram @bunniemeows
Numan Safi (3 days ago)
SHe literally had a different hair color in each second!!
Milo Bedford (3 days ago)
Can we all appreciate how this vid is exactly 5 minutes long?
Savannah James (3 days ago)
Lmao yesss
Deneisha Lewen (3 days ago)
Is it me alone noticing something wrong with her ass🤔🤔that ass don't look good at all she can't even show it. But love everything about the video👍🏾
Oana Oana (3 days ago)
Nicki minaj like Cardi B comment
Oluwagbenga Micheal (3 days ago)
Whatever you see nicki Minaj spit nicki Minaj wrote it
Nicki really makes me happy like ugh in love
THE SHADE!!!!!!! THE TEA!!!!! i love it
Carter Holiday (3 days ago)
Adam Makhlouf (3 days ago)
I hate you
Daniela Carro Lema (3 days ago)
El video es unnn poco cutre
OMAHll SING (3 days ago)
OMAHll SING (3 days ago)
On Donald On Dasher
OMAHll SING (3 days ago)
Halle Gallant (3 days ago)
Who agree's Nicki should do another diss track like this because this one is so good...the lyrics...bomb...I remember when I first heard this song I was lmao to hear how she dissed all this people...when I saw the DJ Khaled doll/puppet OMG my ever-ending LOL
يحيى محمد (4 days ago)
Fauk your mathar
B4Now (4 days ago)
Genius Artist and business woman much respect for her talent first and for all.
Andre Begay (4 days ago)
All that plastic she has no facial expressions 😮
Chunrong Zhu (4 days ago)
I like u so much!
Tae Nation (4 days ago)
Does anyone know the instrumental of the song she was rapping at the end
Saliturn (4 days ago)
its her own instrumental
Fab T (4 days ago)
_if he can't fuck 3 times a night peace_
hartsickdisciple (4 days ago)
Just another 30-something woman throwing shade at her numerous ex-lovers, while saying that she's now ready to "settle down and have kids." Never commit to a bitch who's been riding the cock carousel for decades. That used-up p-sleeve is ready to get retired, not married.
hartsickdisciple (3 days ago)
@Saliturn Most of them are her ex-lovers. It's not a secret. The amount of money she has is irrelevant. She's still just another 30-something woman who hoes around for decades, then wants someone to pay full price for her used-up self. It's sad.
Saliturn (4 days ago)
first of all its a joke and they are not her ex lovers. second she has $100M while ur living under a wood shack hating on her
Savage_ Kiddø Nas (4 days ago)
I love you so much cardio b
Savage_ Kiddø Nas (4 days ago)
Try some non famous guys Nicki. You would be surprised some times. 😜 Have a good one.

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