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Nightcore - This Love This Hate [HD]

747 ratings | 81893 views
We don't own the pic nor song Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ulmadms-Jayzero/435049243287349?fref=ts Picture is somewhere in here(post link if you found it): http://s1281.photobucket.com/user/ULmadMS/library/?sort=3&page=1 Original Artist: Hollywood Undead Song: title or pic...
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Text Comments (42)
Nickolas Buczek (1 month ago)
Sounds like teen Titans
DeLLanD[o] (1 year ago)
şunu dinleyen 1 tane türk varmı
Deniz Akbayır (3 months ago)
Var. Orijinaline göre çok kötü ama
airiard203 (1 year ago)
You did a excellent job
олен (1 year ago)
this is the only nightcore i have ever liked .~.
Triggerino Kripperino (1 year ago)
What the fuck is this shit?
Jacob heyman (1 year ago)
This photo is just so amazing. the song just fills me with energy!
Overdrose (2 years ago)
anime ?
Kristóf Németh (2 years ago)
Academy Ahri in glasses?
Eric (2 years ago)
Raa7 (2 years ago)
too fast.
pikkisful (2 years ago)
this is just raping the original song...
Bryce Tanith (7 months ago)
Kyuu Stormsoul so true
+Pewdie Pie Ben😍
Pewdie Pie (2 years ago)
+VenomBats yea and Hollywood undead is the best ever and nightcore
Kyuu Stormsoul (2 years ago)
you don't have to like it and if you can't say anything good about it, keep that shit in your mouth thank you
ULmadM5 (2 years ago)
Alex Wales (2 years ago)
Fucking rip off bullshit this is not creative it's just plagiarism
The Daily Carhop (2 years ago)
Alex Wales it does have to be rip off and if u dont like it like this,why did u choose to click on this a start crap,this person is only making nightcore,maybe u can fucking stop your shit because the thing u should be bitching about right now is the election tommarow night to see whos president,and maybe u should go listen to regular music if your just going to be a bitch about nightcore,everyone gets sick of your shit so maybe u should A.click off this vid and off of every nightcore or B.dont be a bitch about nightcore,u just dont understand kid
Alex Wales (2 years ago)
Hollywood Undead are one of my favourite bands, that's why I'm pissed that they're ruining and leeching off of the work of talented people, anyone could 'nightcore' 10 songs in an hour easy peasy, yet writing and recording a real song takes time and talent, also who's the "communist faggot", me or the brittle snake?
Anarchy FoolZ (2 years ago)
Damn Straight
Anarchy FoolZ (2 years ago)
The Daily Carhop (2 years ago)
He also put his citations so no its not plagiarism
Deadly S (2 years ago)
AquaZ (2 years ago)
what anime is this if there is one
Rugal Final (1 year ago)
AquaZ : Monogatari series
VehementTempest (2 years ago)
look up monogatari and u should be able to find it
AquaZ (2 years ago)
i really like this song in nightcore
Nicolas dp (3 years ago)
H.U. <3<3(total fanboy)
Tropa deEliteGames (1 year ago)
H.U <3 totaly fan-tastic
VampyrRose (2 years ago)
Same <3 (Total fanlunitic)
Akumu Hio (2 years ago)
Sad Doggo H. U. <3<3 (total fanKawaiiPotatoe)
Sad Doggo (2 years ago)
H.U. <3<3 (total fandoggo)
Anarchy FoolZ (2 years ago)
H.U. <3<3 (totally fancat)
onlyarandomusername (3 years ago)
Monogatari series...
Densie More (3 years ago)
To me heart brack Is hate and lov to me
trinity sowers (10 months ago)
AIRAW (4 years ago)
Ich mags einfach ! ^_^  Und Bakemonogatari passt perfekt dazu :D
Chikara (4 years ago)
Pic: http://s1281.photobucket.com/user/ULmadMS/media/ncthislovethishate_zpsde09d46f.jpg.html?sort=3&o=461

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