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Lee Jun Ki's Long History Of Dating Rumors

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Lee Jun Ki's Long History Of Dating Rumors source: kdramastars.com ------------------------------------------------- THANK YOU for your watching → SUBSCRIBE my channel for more videos: https://goo.gl/IyuAyR → Like fanpage to update hot news: https://www.facebook.com/topkoreannews/ ------------------------------------------------- Maybe you like these videos : TOP 10 Korean Actresses in Their First Drama Vs Now 2016 : https://goo.gl/RwDBdK TOP 10 K-Dramas you must watch right now : https://goo.gl/1QAZmW 15 Fun facts about JI CHANG WOOK maybe you didn't know : https://goo.gl/oKXoUA 5 FACTS ABOUT KIM YOO JUNG YOU SHOULD KNOW : https://goo.gl/xTXdW1 Five Fun Facts About Park Bo Gum maybe you didn't know : https://goo.gl/bj24XP Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo || Behind The Scene Of Moon Lovers | Funny Scene | Sweet Moment : https://goo.gl/QT5JOH TOP 15 Korean actors who've talked about first love : https://goo.gl/iLBK88 Korea Drama Awards 2016: Complete list of winners : https://goo.gl/cBLWmP TOP 10 non-Korean beauties of K-Pop : https://goo.gl/ILBpbC TOP 10 Child Actors Who Grew Up Before Our Eyes : http://goo.gl/tlhYgu TOP 10 Korean Celebrities with Painful Family Histories : http://goo.gl/WqeHsx 9 Korean celebrities who married their fans : http://goo.gl/U3hPP7 TOP 7 Korean Celebs Who Could Have Become Olympic Stars : http://goo.gl/FYnSKv TOP 10 Richest Korean Pop Stars In The Entertainment : https://goo.gl/4PmA9c TOP 10 Korean movies that will make you bawl like a baby [Must watch] : https://goo.gl/Cw1NqI TOP 10 HOTTEST CELEBRITY KOREAN COUPLES IN 2016 : https://goo.gl/8bSov3 TOP 15 K-pop idols who have proven themselves as talented actors : https://goo.gl/0kbtkq TOP 9 Gorgeous on-screen couples we envied so far this year : https://goo.gl/K8nwlk TOP 12 Asian celebrity couples who tied the knot in 2015 : https://goo.gl/6JRMMQ TOP 10 Korean drama characters we’d date in a heartbeat : https://goo.gl/wn63Wt TOP 13 Korean- drama costars who dated in real life : https://goo.gl/5vIHVf TOP 10 Korean Female Idols - The prettiest visual members of all time : https://goo.gl/xEjDaq Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses Without Plastic Surgery : https://goo.gl/lTgrsr TOP 10 Korean actresses who are married to chaebols in real life : https://goo.gl/Q8CiGz Song Hye Kyo Vs. Kim Tae Hee : Who Will Win The Ratings? : https://goo.gl/pKvFno
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Text Comments (288)
Camille remoreras (9 days ago)
maybe you can date LISA of blackpink? can't wait hahaha
sun moon (2 months ago)
i think he is waiting for me...
Joan Pamplona (2 months ago)
He is waiting for IU
Wild Crystal Playz (4 months ago)
him and IU are gonna be a great couple though....😢😢😢 sad la...
EQUINOX Spandan (4 months ago)
Lee Jung kee and IU.
Helen Iribhogbe (4 months ago)
it is not nice to talk about other people
rina mahfudhotin (4 months ago)
almost 35. ahjusshi, wae?? I know, find good people and pretty heart is not easy, but you must find a partner life. saranghae☺
K T (4 months ago)
*In Moon Lovers Hae Soo couldn't recognise her love for Wang So (4th prince) but* *eventually she fell for him, I WANT SAME TO BE HAPPENED WITH THEM IN REAL LIFE* 🤣😀💖 Although I would be jealous af🙄😂😉
K T (4 months ago)
LJK you must be kidding me!!! 😲 you're romantic scenes are off???? Your romantic scenes with Hae Soo in Moon Lovers made me crazy 😍🤣😂
danadilor (3 months ago)
Of course he was kidding
serena Myler (4 months ago)
What's the title of the music
TT (4 months ago)
He should date IU
Constellation 85 (5 months ago)
3:57 - I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute! 🙌
ritchel gallano (5 months ago)
He is one of a kind full of respect,..very good person,wish u find someone caring and loving wife in the future..wish u all the best😍😍😍😘😘😘
danadilor (5 months ago)
Rumors will be always but the fans are very selfish and want to control the private life of their idols. That's why is better for him to keep secret this part of his life . My wish for him is to be happy
aida adoptante (5 months ago)
Dont Forget IU always remember her Joonki .... hoping someday you will be together👍❤❤❤
Marilyn Mondragon (6 months ago)
Saranghae lejungi😍😍😘😗😙😚
Millz Mountane (6 months ago)
plz oppa I thk u should reconsider u make a good match with iu
Bhear Hanna (6 months ago)
I love you oppw
Ecel Palad (6 months ago)
Turns out he dated Jeon Hyebin hahahahaha
Não sabia que o Lee Joon e isto tudo ator cantor dançarino e ainda por cima um gato😍😍😍😍😍
judha cariquez (8 months ago)
I wanted iu for him😍😍😍
Maria Marques (8 months ago)
Bertha Diaz (8 months ago)
Grasias tan hermoso que es ola que este asi como ahora o se abra casado ya con u a hermosa coreanita besos y saludos desde santigo de chile los amo me encanta ver a los coreanos mad que todo motivan sus canciones y sus bales bay
Moroccan EXOL (8 months ago)
Jun ki for IU plzz 🙏🙏🙏
reizyryl (8 months ago)
I dont think that Dara and LJG will ever happen in the future... I just got to know that since last year. 😭
gaillee erichsen (9 months ago)
i am going to add a word or two, my son is now 59 and he is single ,never married,no children but is he funny?? oh hell no!!
Charmaine Cutamora (9 months ago)
Korean actors always denied that they are not in relation ship no time to date.. I think they only what it to be private.. Hope you will marreid soon your age is good enough yo settle down.. Love u Lee joon GI. Be happy and find the girl you really love
해수Hae soo (10 months ago)
seriously love him...😍 i just hope that he'll b with iu in the end..😘
Bertha Diaz (11 months ago)
Tan bello este actor leen jun.kis
Jodi Cardenas SJ (11 months ago)
When i saw him with the other girls and NOT IU i get a bit mad or really mad...
Ayin Torres (1 year ago)
Check their IG both of Lee Jun ki and IU. Something fishy about their relationship. Hopefully they dating
He needs to regain a few lbs...
Cathy Cook (1 year ago)
I hope he meets someone he can truly love, and be truly loved back, one day.
aziya zsarang (1 year ago)
I like him but he caught lying , he is dating that first girl in the video now they broke up
J Bang (1 year ago)
he said no girlfriend 😂😂😂does it mean he can have a boyfriend 😘😂😂😂😂😂
Megha Shrestha (1 year ago)
what on world did I just read?! his romantic scenes are not off at all they actually make me swoon so hard
Svetlana Rezanowa (1 year ago)
He is an ideal actor, a divinely charming man ❤️💘❤️ I hope he will meet a decent girl and with a good heart - like himself 😍😍😍 Be happy my joy!❤️❤️ Thank you for video 🙏😊
lulu luanne (1 year ago)
Time to date man, how old are you? It's not normal for a healthy red blooded man not to want to be with a woman long before the age this guy is.
AJ Lopez (1 year ago)
He is in a relationship with Jeon Hye Bin.
Melodee M Oliveria (1 year ago)
I'll be so happy if dates and find someone to love
Bỉ Ngạn Hoa (1 year ago)
Bài hát là gì đấy
Genevie vicente (1 year ago)
ill be very happy if he date me ahahahhahhahahhaha
ciaq769 (1 year ago)
To this day I still cannot finish watch Scarlet Heart. My heart still hurts.
untilwemeetagain2010 (1 year ago)
Well, if he wasn't so good at romantic in scenes, people wouldn't believe them, so that's why we love SHR so much. I am going to have to watch the other ones. I love him in glasses. <3 He was lying, but I feel bad for them that they get hounded constantly. He's just naturally sweet and open as a person it seems.
ILAH AZAM (1 year ago)
so,date with IU~
Eva Fonda (1 year ago)
So sad... I really want Lee Joon Gi for IU. I thought you will find Hae Soo in the other world then why you find another woman. IU is single now... 😭😭😭 but I want you to be happy prince Lee Joon Gi
Mitch Hyndes (1 year ago)
Eva Fonda they're not yet married, so iu has still a chance hehe..
Oppa lee jun ki and UI are a great couple to be hope they will date soon.. wishing for a season 2 of scarlet heart 😢😢 #oppawangso #ladyhaesoo 👌👌
shane gal (1 year ago)
Hope he find a right girl already.... He's missing a lot of kisses $ hugs...
Maria Terrado (1 year ago)
He is so handsome with beautiful IU
vkd12 Deseo (1 year ago)
jing a. (1 year ago)
all is rumor nothing is true... yea he is 34 still single no gf at all. i maybe he is guy
leontia76 (1 year ago)
such a lie.  he kept lying.  can he just be honest no matter what for people who cares about him?
chingu (1 year ago)
LOL this onterview was in 2012 i think? when he was released from military i think this was interview when he turned 30. you can find it in youtube you cannot apply a 2012 interview in 2016 hahhaa. i think he was honest though because it was 2012. anyway something about his current relationship sounds wrong or fishy
BUNNY Hunnie TS (1 year ago)
I think that if he dated IU I'll have a great happy life!
Kazy SSS (1 year ago)
I'm here! hahaha
Mirta Wurch (1 year ago)
otra vez quiero comentarles que nos da mucha pena como se lo está castigando. aca en latinoamerica lo adoramos y creemos que se merece ser feliz con la pareja que el elija ojala puedan entender sus sentimientos. lo deseamos de todo corazón. una persona como el que nos da todo que es tan buen actor y tan buen cantante se merece lo mejor. de aquí tan lejos sufrimos con el. ojala se solucione pronto todo esto. Oppa Saranghe 💗 💗 💗 Cariños de Argentina
Lovely Verdacio (1 year ago)
he's dating the first girl linked to him. GAME OVER. 😂 came back to this hahahahaha
Paula kreinberg (1 year ago)
but he IS dating hye bin!!! Game over!
Sovon Sor (1 year ago)
So regret he with this woman , not similar .
Sanjukta Mitra (1 year ago)
season 2 plz
christine lu (1 year ago)
i am the "one" you are waiting, my lee jun ki!!! <3 <3 ;)
Vilma Alilaya (1 year ago)
song hye kyo have you a movie or kdrama.
Vilma Alilaya (1 year ago)
please Lee jun ki,both of you song hye kyo have a nice kdrama tundem.. nice age cup.
cristy matadling (1 year ago)
I love him na his so hot ha ha ha a ha scarlet heart 😍😍😍😍😍😍
bae lyn (1 year ago)
his dont need to date anyone bcoz I'm here 😂😂 mygod I give all of u junki lol😂 just wait dear I'm all your😂😂👌✌
TripleXXX788 (1 year ago)
If you watched his guesting at the variety show "MBC Golden Fishery" back at 2008...he said he always answered since his debut that HE IS NOT DATING EVEN IF HE WAS...he also said that he dates but he doesn't want it to be let known to the public unless it was already serious and heading in to marriage...but sadly he said that it often doesn't lead to anything serious because he was either too busy to continue to build the relationship into something more and doesn't call back often or was not the "romantic type"...he even said at that time HE OFTEN OPT OR PREFERRED TO DATE SOMEONE WHO ISN'T A CELEBRITY AND THAT HE DID DATE NON-CELEB PEOPLE ...because it will be too frantic or chaotic because of the BUZZ it will cause with people considering it a SCANDAL...just look at the BOA incident LOL ....i'm not sure if that's still the case until now..he did say he wanted to try a public relationship back in 2014..but the key word there is TRY lol...I just saw the vid of that show in FB lol..give it a watch if ever and you'll know more about him and his struggles not just his his dating life lol...
seoh jisub (1 year ago)
that only shows how great actor he is cause viewers can feel how he delivered his action..my favorite part is face and eye expression.thats why i keep on watching him.he is really good in delivering thats why people think he is dating yet absolutely not.
Alice (1 year ago)
Lol, every time he makes a movie He has to be suspected of dating the main female role. It's kinda sad he haven't found anyone close to his heart yet, he's almost 34 or smth like that. Guess it happens when you're more beautiful than most females xD Wish him very best and I'm thankfull for his hard work, it's a pleasure to look at him in movies. Hope he will be fully happy someday <3
Roni Matias (1 year ago)
Closeness and chemistry in dramas are certainly not the basis for a good relationship. Lee Joon Ki is a good catch for women so several are hoping he would choose one soon but he remains an elusive bachelor. He deserves someone according to his standards and his stature in the entertainment industry.
Kat andy (1 year ago)
He would be better with not in the acting business. So there is no competition of egos. His career is very demanding and he needs a person who can be there for him in all ways. it's not that hard to love someone and be devoted him. The hard thing is finding a person who is faithful, sincere, honest and true. He deserves that and all of his fans should pray for that person to come along and be by his side.💑😍
RosalieMaryRose (1 year ago)
I'm sure he dated before. In an interview he used to say "I feel so sorry for those are more 30 and haven't known what is love yet". He's just a very private person when it comes to his personal life.
Jgp Park (1 year ago)
He's waiting for me...hehehe
An Ne (1 year ago)
Jeon hye bin's eyes is so big it's scary. Doesn't look normal
Diana Buenafe (1 year ago)
kya 34 na cya wla pa cya gf now looks oppa
hinam khan (1 year ago)
moon lover is best drama
hinam khan (1 year ago)
Salam Lee jun ke
SudHa Tandukar (1 year ago)
Age is just a number so date me ... ♥
adelulu (1 year ago)
just like my idol park shin hye!i hope they will have a project together.
Drake Zacker (1 year ago)
I ship dara to lee jun ki. Daralee pls make it happen
Patricia Mendoza (1 year ago)
ajussi i'm right here willing to date you hahahahahaha more love LJK!!💝💝😝😝
1Cor.13 Love (1 year ago)
Nicely done! Thanks! He is one fine man, and knows how to work his charm......work, work, work it!!!!!🔥
Kau lh (1 year ago)
I will be very happy If he dates me, I'm that good person hahaha 😂😂
JULI 620 (2 years ago)
This guy is 34,guys let him date anyone he wants... ME
battab78 (2 years ago)
I think he should date his label mate, Moon Geung Young. They'll be lovely & beautiful couple. Since both of them very down to earth & humble.
Drama land (2 years ago)
i hope he will stay single till i go to korea and then fall in love with me 😂😂😍😍😍
Yantik Purwati (2 years ago)
dating with Park ha Sun....please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
RosalieMaryRose (1 year ago)
Yantik Purwati I think she's married
i love him <3
crazy mofo's (2 years ago)
i hope he will find the right girl
Thit Thit (2 years ago)
He is waiting for me.kyarrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!I love him so much.I will definitely sad if he get married:'(
xiaoxiao girl1 (2 years ago)
I think he's gay.... How can someone so handsome and successful not have dated before?!??
rain4325 (5 months ago)
xiaoxiao girl1, you may have a point, yes he does want to date and get married but that doesn’t necessarily mean to a lady?
hsquek2001 (2 years ago)
xiaoxiao girl1 of course he has dated before, he mentioned it in a talk show. He likes to keep his personal life private.
Aveen Muksan (2 years ago)
xiaoxiao girl1 no...he just want to keep it private
Eden Montevirgen (2 years ago)
Why not try to be friend with Park ShinHye or have pair in a tv drama in the future. Attention producers give them a try!
MikanxNatsumeLove (1 year ago)
yh i guess
Aveen Muksan (1 year ago)
+LeeJunKi SonYeJin well only the producers or director can choose I think..
MikanxNatsumeLove (1 year ago)
If son ye jin doesn't like older man as her ideal type and doesn't care what age,. I would ship son ye jin and lee jun ki. They're like 4 months apart. I always daydream about them two to be in a drama together.
Aveen Muksan (2 years ago)
Eden Montevirgen well let's just hope for that
Teisha Guillen (2 years ago)
his not dating anyone right now his focus on his career
ayem jen (1 year ago)
*cough* *cough* IU has a bf :/
Amanda Ramírez (1 year ago)
Cough cough .. Iu
rebelus6 (2 years ago)
I hope he meet someone good and marry :)
arconiz (2 years ago)
Go out with Dara Park!
But she is in love with GD. The problem is GD is a player
kawaii candy (4 months ago)
no no no no no he should stay with the iu do not talk about another woman else you will see;(
Drake Zacker (1 year ago)
arconiz suited for dara park and their face are similar. Age as well evrything. I love them both.
Rowena Dinsmore (2 years ago)
Poor kid. I Think he is so focused on his craft and earning lots of money. It will be hard for him to find time getting to know someone. He is so talented it will get harder to find Miss Right as he gets older.
Melinda Martinez (2 years ago)
I will just wait and pray 🙏 and hopefully LJG find his soulmate!! 💑.......
18Cheena18 (2 years ago)
Does the media or netizens have nothing better to do than create rumors? If he wants to date so what. Stop being so judge mental. I feel bad for these Korean actors/ actresses and singers. That's why a lot of them marry foreigners and move to other countries. No wonder some of them commit suicide. I'm sure this is no coincidence. I'm sure their companies are behind this. When they don't want to do something that they want them to they can easily pay someone or some people to create rumors.
Damaris González (2 years ago)
mee mee (2 years ago)
Are u waiting for me Oppa?? ♡♡ 준기 오빠 ♥ 잠시만 기다리세요 😜😝Lol ~~ Let me be Crazy :-D Love u xo much :-*
melanie atendido (2 years ago)
is it bad that i'm wishing IU doesn't have a boyfriend right now? :O :D :|
melanie atendido (1 year ago)
Fenny Nur Handayani (1 year ago)
read that article
Fenny Nur Handayani (1 year ago)
yes. http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=3029047
melanie atendido (1 year ago)
like really?
Fenny Nur Handayani (1 year ago)
she doesnt
4TheMJConnection (2 years ago)
Awh that is so sweet. It really is not easy to date in the entertainment industry. I hope he does find someone nice. You can tell he is just a nice, beautiful, gentle soul. I don't think he realizes just how sexy he is! either. Don't worry Lee, your romantic acting is definitely on point! If only I was younger!

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