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Today on SneakerTalk we review the Adidas Tubular Doom Sock! You can buy these below: Canada - http://bit.ly/2iIWblM USA - http://bit.ly/2gYLWt3 ENTER MY FREE BAPE GIVEAWAY - http://bit.ly/FreeBapeKenshiSTalk Use code SneakerTalk for 10% off Bape and Supreme at https://www.kenshi.ca/ IG - http://instagram.com/sneakertalkca Vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmj0ISewa6APW0fy2GTBmCvjQObD86S7B Twitter - https://twitter.com/sneakertalkca Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/sneakertalkca Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/sneakertalkCA Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/charliedubnut Merch and Free Wallpapers! - https://sneakertalk.ca/ Disclaimer - Some links used are affiliate links where I make a small % commission on clicks and/or sales on the products mentioned. You can support the channel a bit by checking the links out or buying any of the pieces! I'll never endorse or recommend something unless I truly mess with the product.
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Text Comments (144)
Basand (5 months ago)
When I wear these with my black socks and joggers, people come up to me and ask if I’m wearing balenciagas 💀
PedTheBossYT (5 months ago)
Dem cheap yeezys
LIL CL0UDY (5 months ago)
Where to get thiose pants
harsha vardhan (5 months ago)
Whats its cost in india
SneakerTalk (5 months ago)
No idea man sry
ツUsman (5 months ago)
I'm bout to cop these shoes, they 🔥
Sage69 (6 months ago)
Nice vid! These look nice!
Harambe (6 months ago)
Straight up fire! Cop fo sure
PANDA (7 months ago)
I have them cop them yesterday
ToJoos (8 months ago)
nice eyebrows XDDD
SneakerTalk (8 months ago)
Zack S (8 months ago)
I copped !! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
KungFuKenny (8 months ago)
These ones with sock are better imo
Jason Chen (9 months ago)
how to lace them?
Void Conqueror (8 months ago)
Pretty easy, just get a clear top view photo and follow through, i assume your talkin about the og lace pattern not lace styling
Hey dude, Im about to cop these tomorrow ay footlocker. Would you say these shoes stand out of all the shoes that would be used in a typical high school? Do these shoes stand out in a crowd? Oh and will they last a while if I use them once in a while in the sun? Please and thankyou!!
Stuart Taylor (10 months ago)
I have the tan ones
Amir Abdullah (10 months ago)
They need insoles , it’s kinda hard to my feet. I have the mixed black and orange.
GatoDeFat (11 months ago)
anyone else have a prob that the bottom part is getting worn way too fast
mr kim (11 months ago)
well since it sock material does it tear easily? the surface i wonder if its durable
mr kim (11 months ago)
SneakerTalk thanks!
SneakerTalk (11 months ago)
No it doesnt, primeknit isnt sock material. Very durable shoe
Thejmp187 (1 year ago)
These give some height but doesnt go to wear u point at on the shoe lol i have the shoes so i know but still a decent increase none the less
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
dope ahahha
Tommy Lakasi (1 year ago)
found these on footlocker sale for 110 CAD, should i get them or stlt nmd r1 sale 150 CAD?
Alphantym (1 year ago)
I ordered one and sued the shoe company... because they didn't include the *sock*
Minh Phạm (1 year ago)
how do you lace this shoe ?
Jakebro015 (1 year ago)
They look like yeezy 350 v2
Dawid Smyła (1 year ago)
From which side?
Meitsi o Messis (1 year ago)
I have these shoes and i love them! and its so good on foot
Hector Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I coped these for $40 bucks Marshalls. 🔥😎
APEX PRDTR (1 month ago)
I did for 30
Dario Boni (4 months ago)
Jayden G (1 year ago)
It's a cop because I have the olive and the Grey tubular doom sock pk
Andreas Kandanoleon (1 year ago)
Would you recommend them to an already tall person?
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Andreas Kandanoleon ya ahah
call me mottherr_ (1 year ago)
Got them and love them
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+esi labah nice!!!
MMN Nutz (1 year ago)
These shoes are 100 cad on footlocker.ca
Hooded Hamster (1 year ago)
my sister came home with these and I was like "Damn why didn't you get me a pair!?" 😂
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Hooded Hamster ahahha
Shiro (1 year ago)
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Shiro 😎😎
Needs Zeebs (1 year ago)
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Needs Zeebs ahaha ty
Elijah Moua (1 year ago)
My friend ruined them with a ugly color way
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Elijah Moua damn
Carlos Frias (1 year ago)
I like how these shoes were made
Carlos Frias (1 year ago)
keep up the great videos
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Carlos Frias ty fam
Carlos Frias (1 year ago)
those are lit I would want to cop them
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Carlos Frias 🔥🔥
AVASSI (1 year ago)
You should visit the Philippines you will be disgusted by the amount of fakebeasts Here
Shadow StruckT (1 year ago)
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+AVASXI oh goshh
AVASSI (1 year ago)
SneakerTalk And they flex it like its the real thing
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+AVASXI loloo
Mufffinto p (1 year ago)
Those jeans are🔥 we’re did you get them ?
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+W Mufffintop W 🙏🏻🙏🏻 kollar clothing
Ma.Ly.Ch (1 year ago)
been bingewatching your vids since i found you earlier this week, bought a pair of adidas X_PLR in core black and grey. i didn't really care for sneakers before, but now i'm pretty hooked :3
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Marius Christensen ayyyy ty man! Welcome to the channel!
All Alone (1 year ago)
The black red ones are better and it’s not even close 🤷‍♂️😂😂😂
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+All Alone ahaha
Sara R (1 year ago)
i just git these yesterday lol
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Sara R ahah nice
Blue juice (1 year ago)
Yo sneakertalk do more Japan vlogs everybody likes them plz do more when u get the chance
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Blue juice more soon!
The Everything Bros (1 year ago)
The Everything Bros (1 year ago)
I would wanna see tgar
The Everything Bros (1 year ago)
Can you do a 2017 shoe collection bro
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+The Everything Bros maybe
Jericho Camacho (1 year ago)
I really have fell in love your videos. Simple but well made. :)
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Jericho Camacho ty homie!!!
It’s Me (1 year ago)
My grandpa has the core black ones. He is a cool grandpa
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Mems Are lif very cool grandpa lol
Ryan Kim (1 year ago)
Niceee i have the white primeknit ones theyre really nice
Sarah Lyon (9 months ago)
Are they durable?
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+EnchantingsTM nicee
Sheng. Z (1 year ago)
If only they had boost :(
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Sheng. Z ahaha maybe oneday
rhandy prawiro (1 year ago)
Having a dillema whether to cop or drop the maroon colorway of this model
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+rhandy prawiro both good options
FMaster6447 (1 year ago)
#NotificationGang Awesome review as always. Not sure if I would buy these bc of the design of the midsole but the rest is nice
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+FMaster6447 ty homie 🔥
Julia Kristina (1 year ago)
Classes are cancelled so imma watch this 😅😂
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Julia Kristina littt
Jaeger Xwing (1 year ago)
Uploading anymore of your Japan trip?
Jaeger Xwing (1 year ago)
SneakerTalk hypeeee😄👌
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Yahgur Xwing yes yes
lDab4VC (1 year ago)
Im not feeling them tbh
Fine Copy And Sign (1 year ago)
who's here before 100 views
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Fine Copy And Sign 👋👐👐
Teejay -_- (1 year ago)
Fire vid and fire vid quality fam
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Teejay -_- ty fam
Kapilan (1 year ago)
i got the Pk's last year and cut the cage off
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
nice! ahah
Matthew (1 year ago)
What size shoe you go for with the primeknit version?
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
true to size for PK versions imo
Matthew (1 year ago)
You can get the primeknit sesame is cheap on ASOS
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Matthew sweet
Neil Cruz (1 year ago)
clean af 🔥🔥🔥
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Neil Cruz 🔥🔥💪
Fabian Lira (1 year ago)
Love your vlogs ❤️❤️
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
ty Fabian!
joff dunno (1 year ago)
I want Japan vlogs😊
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+joff dunno more soon!
Daniel Lee (1 year ago)
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Daniel Lee gangg
Erik Torres (1 year ago)
Notification gang
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Erik Torres gangg
COOPER TV (1 year ago)
18th this is awesome!! So cool
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+CdubTV COM ahha
xsenda (1 year ago)
I like them a lot but the yellow on the laces are kind of weird but I like them.... And if anyone sees this could you check out my channel and maybe drop a sub I make sneaker/hypebeast content
Cursed_Hu4 (1 year ago)
In us they use primeknit
Cursed_Hu4 (1 year ago)
SneakerTalk wow you replied thanks and my tubulars have leather kinda material on the back tab
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
in canada to, there are versions with primeknit all over the world!
LaloLogic (1 year ago)
Great video!!(: notification squad 🙏🏼❤️
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+LaloLogic ty!
Mark Gadiana (1 year ago)
sup homeboy
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Mark Gadiana ayy
MOUSCi (1 year ago)
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Harry Mouscas gangg
Christine Bilas (1 year ago)
tubular doom sock without the sock
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
yee lmao
Nice shoes 😉😛🤘🏼
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Crybaby 4life ty
Sherwin (1 year ago)
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Sherwin Tadena 🙏🏻🙏🏻
HNK_Frosty (1 year ago)
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Xiozie ayy
Renato De Leon (1 year ago)
Xiozie nope ;)
Austin Miller (1 year ago)
Love this shoe!! 🔥🔥🔥
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
xsenda (1 year ago)
Notification gang gang gang
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
Jackson Hunter (1 year ago)
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+Jackson Hunter close
dexter tan (1 year ago)
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
+dexter tan 👌
Renato De Leon (1 year ago)
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
Renato De Leon (1 year ago)
First and love your vids
SneakerTalk (1 year ago)
ty homie

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