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The Crush clip (1993)

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Cary Elwes sneaks into his landlord's house to investigate the teenage daughter who has a very bad obsession with him. Alicia Silverstone's film debut.
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Subhankar Ghosh (2 days ago)
Her smile is like,come and get me lol
Leonardo Tinoco (20 days ago)
Yo quiero ver ese video pero en español por favorsito
anupam das (21 days ago)
How many times over the years, whenever I get lost in the suggestion of YouTube, I come n see my north star... N I can say it was not his hands at first which opened the closet after having a good glance at her...
Gerardo Jackson (19 days ago)
Wish I was with her naked
Marcus Guerrero (22 days ago)
Pause 2:41
tharun Yotuber 2005 (25 days ago)
3.32 wiw
Mukesh Sharma (1 month ago)
Red rose pleases
Mohit Kumar (1 month ago)
Ma ki chut tumhari bosdiko , 2 min. Tk bina baat ki bakchodi faila rkhi hai @
Shea Bradley (1 month ago)
Yeet Bitch (1 month ago)
AIJAK NC Debbarma (1 month ago)
He should masturbate by seeing her hot boobs
Mary Murray (1 month ago)
what the f**k those that man have any sense at all
Tashi queen (2 months ago)
what's her name?
The Sammy One (2 months ago)
asoskfk (2 months ago)
The horny ppl in the comments lmao
Nanak Singh (2 months ago)
Greg Penn (2 months ago)
MAHESHWAR GOSWAMI (2 months ago)
I like her gaand
Jon Patch (2 months ago)
Bery hot movie. I wish they still made movies like this.
Priyam Basak (2 months ago)
Super sexy
heroshy heroshy (2 months ago)
seks you and 1 girls seks give me
John Stover (2 months ago)
She was so damn hot as a teenager then just got weird looking over the years. I love when women don't get plastic surgery.
Guna GP (2 months ago)
Bharani Kumar (2 months ago)
If u r mobile hack or not u find it simple...u seen unseen website and go search from society...
Gàmé Master (2 months ago)
Real American brothel
greatguy200 (2 months ago)
My friend lives in Vancouver and has seen Alicia Silverstone during filming this movie.  Sadly, he forgot his camera to have a picture taken with her.  At least he said Hi Alicia.  She smiled at him.  Oh well.
Blob B (2 months ago)
Don't get in that closet he will still get you!
Joe Morrow (2 months ago)
That was me at 17
Zaid Khan (2 months ago)
When she came out from bathroom she wear underwear. & then she remove the shirt only unfortunately underwear is gone automatically 🤔
Amr Adel (2 months ago)
هي أخته ولا اي
Greg W (2 months ago)
Rated G for good grief
AMIR KING (2 months ago)
No 💔💔💨
Eiphory (2 months ago)
To be continued
thang truong (2 months ago)
Adil Hasseb (2 months ago)
Gossip Entertainment (2 months ago)
Amazing clip. Loved it. Watch my channel, Hot Models are waiting for you.
بوووووويه يكتل هذا
فلم سـ..... ه̷̷َـَْـُذآ لْـۆ شنو؟؟ 😆😆😆😆😆
اذا انت عربي خلي لايك
كحل العين (2 months ago)
Huzsein Darpo (2 months ago)
Android game :v (2 months ago)
2:40 rikolino
Sami Hossain (2 months ago)
Aubrey T. Copeland (2 months ago)
Nice butt.
Anil Kumar (2 months ago)
my 6205962593
Anil Kumar (2 months ago)
Kendale Kyle (2 months ago)
His dumbass walk into her room & watch her from inside the closet.
Specter187 (2 months ago)
A gorgeous girl with a twisted mind :/
She Irung (2 months ago)
صافيه دافيه (2 months ago)
الرجل الأنيق (2 months ago)
منو داخلة هنا وتضرب
Anthony Ware (2 months ago)
So why did the Dred Pirate Roberts go into her room?
Shref shref (2 months ago)
مفيش امرأة عربية لعلاقة سرية صداقة
Shref shref (2 months ago)
مفيش امرأة عربية لعلاقة سرية صداقة
Don Massive (2 months ago)
Her lips are so fucking kissable I could never get enough
Nikita Dcruze (3 months ago)
Men will be men.
Zaid Khan (2 months ago)
Ryt dear. R u active on instagram
Mohammad Izzudin (3 months ago)
I like you girl beautiful i love you and i single young man and i malaysia ho you
Pipit S (3 months ago)
Fionah layne Velardo (3 months ago)
I love
Che vato maniaco😄😄😄👊 but you go kiddo
mcjhay Rafa (3 months ago)
سفير الحب (3 months ago)
خدرت عليها 😍
Ajay pal malik official (3 months ago)
M Fawzy Lee (3 months ago)
Hot girls blonde
PESHAWAR (3 months ago)
bow Duke (1 month ago)
How sex
Mohammed Ansari (2 months ago)
Mohd Imran (2 months ago)
Afftg Ghgjj (2 months ago)
Leon Rifki White (3 months ago)
Can you upload the full movie please?
Nick Amsen (3 months ago)
I want her to get fully naycid and citing her bub and her Bunin
r2kaka tv (3 months ago)
Zaid Khan (2 months ago)
Are you active on instagram. I'm from India
Lary Sisson (3 months ago)
DEEPANKAR SINGH (3 months ago)
Please don't posts these types of clips
whitehairz (3 months ago)
Brings back memories.. now searching Alicia S...on xsite. 😂✌
BrotherTree1 (3 months ago)
Mmm sexy...
Mary Rose Moreno (3 months ago)
She makes me horny 💦😂
Zaid Khan (2 months ago)
Then give ur instagram account address.
When there was "white americans" Jajajajajajajja... and now, there's only brunette latins and blacks. jajjjajajajajajja... USA has gone to the bullshit!
KASHIF Hyder (3 months ago)
She was too hot n sexy
Victor Cajilog (3 months ago)
Alicia silverstone sexy
Victor Cajilog (3 months ago)
Alicia silverstone
Andrew Jackson (3 months ago)
Hate movies just pure shit.
s (3 months ago)
*ख़यालातों के बदलने से भी निकलता है, नया दिन,* *सिर्फ़ सूरज के चमकने से ही, सवेरा नहीं होता....!!!
Mary J. Lawler (3 months ago)
very attractive
Zaid Khan (2 months ago)
Where's u from. I'm am from India
beautiful angel (3 months ago)
Call me now need boy
khanz zaa (3 months ago)
live sex
Pedo phile Muhammad (3 months ago)
These will be the rewards for the pious Muslims men in Jennah.
Techno Demic (3 months ago)
Where is Cary lately? I haven't seen him in anything for a long, long time.
Joe Cat (3 months ago)
So cartoonish
vijay sharma (3 months ago)
Very nice
Ravi kumar (3 months ago)
And he jerked 10 times that day 😊
Tozmo M (3 months ago)
He’s hot as fuck.
Frank Pohl (3 months ago)
He is thinking wish I had my cell phone.
Pooja Khan (3 months ago)
Fuck so hot
Usama Shah Music (3 months ago)
Who came here to see boobs?
Sandya (3 months ago)
I need sex
MrTimeless101 (3 months ago)
How come she hasn’t screamed “#metoo” yet.
Xavier singla (3 months ago)
I love Alicea silerstone.
sui dhaga (3 months ago)
Funk me hard boy's come
Aryan Sharma (3 months ago)
I m indian live in Europe janu 😊😊
Aryan Sharma (3 months ago)
sui dhaga jaan number bolo appna how can I fuck u honey
imbrawler dubz (3 months ago)
The Virgin clip (1993)

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