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Someones Stripping Naked: Popcorn Strip Challenge! Caution: Nudity!!!

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Someones Getting Naked: Popcorn Strip Challenge Popcorn In The Mouth Naked Strip Challenge! Watch our boys as they struggle to catch all that popcorn in their mouths. No matter what SOMEONES GETTING NAKED!!! Andrew Christian Male Models Uriel Ramirez Austin Watie Jorge Orlando Who can get those trousers off first? Watch and find out! Shot & Directed By: Erica Dorsey Edited By: Gabriel Haze Make sure you follow us all over the web! http://www.andrewchristian.com http://www.facebook.com/andrewchristianinc https://twitter.com/andrewchristian http://andrewchristian.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (57)
clownteez 2018 (2 months ago)
I want to see naked bodies
Finn MacClanathan (3 months ago)
Best friend name is Andrew cristian
Poliana Miranda (3 months ago)
Fas1000000Deses eu faço mais 100.000 desses obrigado
Charles Hauber (6 months ago)
Ashlyn Blain (7 months ago)
You should not cover your privet with something
Jahmari Lanquedoc (9 months ago)
I love your videos
Jack Mari (10 months ago)
I can't watch it dood
spookym123 (11 months ago)
Does the person that wrote the title of this video actually know what "naked" is?
Reece King (11 months ago)
The middle one looks like he is already horny before the vid even started.c
Larry Motionless (1 year ago)
Just show yalls dick men without censore👿
Hulaimata Jalloh (1 year ago)
Larry Motionless
Hulaimata Jalloh (1 year ago)
Jesse New (1 year ago)
Jesse New (1 year ago)
Winston Greaves (1 year ago)
I Love You Jorge Austin Uriel
Winston Greaves (1 year ago)
You Guys Are All Hot
John Walters (1 year ago)
they're not that hot
jason (1 year ago)
Yall are gay
Keep the hat there
Amar Kozlicic (1 year ago)
Ayden Young (2 years ago)
GameADDICTIONS 23 (2 years ago)
fuck and cum now
Dizzy (2 years ago)
dis is gay
skylar grey (2 years ago)
Wow the shade
Khenzi Rose Boutique (2 years ago)
Camron Cordell (2 years ago)
the guy on the left and middle
Camron Cordell (2 years ago)
omg their chests
Camron Cordell (2 years ago)
omg their chests
Omie Thehomie (2 years ago)
He probably wanted to lose the last round
Omie Thehomie (2 years ago)
Jc Li (2 years ago)
why covered. should not be covered so many big dicks!!
WoodlandCO (2 years ago)
Caution Nudity? WTF? Let's see it.
Richie Bustamante (2 years ago)
Uriel Ramirez is cute on Instagram, but not in person..also he's VERY VERY FEMININE ..what a turn off :(
Malcolm Tedtaotao (2 years ago)
False advertisement lol, uncensored lol
James Dilligas (2 years ago)
That guy on the right...😍
James Dilligas (2 years ago)
+Andrew Christian everything about Uriel is on point
Andrew Christian (2 years ago)
His name is Uriel Ramirez:)
Ron K (2 years ago)
This was so cute. I love it!!
Mad Santos (2 years ago)
They dont get real naked. we cant see anything...
Sebastian Stormborn (2 years ago)
Two latinos and a white man...that never happens on pornhub
Sebastian Stormborn (2 years ago)
Oh so THIS is where Orlando went to....Now if only Pianka can have the same gig...
rolodic33 (2 years ago)
AC have done it again, , , giving us another great hot challenge , , , Good Post! ! ! !
David Betancur Pino (2 years ago)
Okay, you need to upload an uncensored version of this video like right now
Poliana Miranda (3 months ago)
+Andrew Christian Cara eu amo você eu queria te dizer que você é o cara mais legal do mundo faz mais vídeos legais desse para mim tá você é muito doido daí eu quero que você faça mais por favor que aí eu ser seu colega
Poliana Miranda (3 months ago)
Mr. Brown's crazy life (5 months ago)
David Betancur Pino you right they're sexy
Floyd Elgario (7 months ago)
You can see it in there channel
Jasmine Vidal (1 year ago)
Andrew Christian Why
marcuz8624 (2 years ago)
I love these kind of challenge!
Randy 415 (2 years ago)
I loved that alot those boys were very hot mmmmm :)
Loud Packs (2 years ago)
Lol I was like what my name is uriel ramirez too😅😅
Evan Esparza (2 years ago)
I really thought they were going to make a video about the Orlando shootings!
Ryan Smitley (2 years ago)
Evan Espa
rolodic33 (2 years ago)
AC gave a good tribute to the Orlando shooting on their website, , , I know because I wear their clothing

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