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This Stripper is So Sexy It's Illegal (All-Nighter)

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Text Comments (1284)
delcidkidv (3 months ago)
I'm so confused.
Bunny Nibbles (4 months ago)
Remember when college Himaru was so bad..... it still is but.... back then it was worse
Nehil R G (5 months ago)
Who here knows the stripper as Asher Milstone?
Zittosaurus 1998 (7 months ago)
The actor who plays the stripper really is hot
ZETANNA (7 months ago)
this scares me
The Halliwell (7 months ago)
I would.
twilight grace (7 months ago)
Asher..... Omg 😂😂😂
TheMonsterGroovy (7 months ago)
Where was the funny part?
Mega Metagross (7 months ago)
Who is the stripper, asking for a friend.
Ben17ism (7 months ago)
Well .... I knew Asher had a sadistic nature somewhere deep down in him
XxGalaxy RozezZ (7 months ago)
All of the men in the group were converted after seeing Bennett
Kevin Lomacks (8 months ago)
WTF! The guys are so excited for the stripper,they were drooling all over that floor,those girls don't stand a chance.
Fine Dining & Breathing (8 months ago)
solid sketch, bad title
Andres Sycamore (8 months ago)
João Eduardo Lira (8 months ago)
Can someone put the Instagram of the cute long Haired Japanese like guy on the video???
AhmedTaj (8 months ago)
is that asher from HTGAWM !!!
Amadeo B (8 months ago)
Disappointed! I was hoping to see him in speedos or a thong.
eggy (8 months ago)
Im fan from HTGAWM sorry
yea someone (8 months ago)
Oh look it's Asher.
KJB 145 (8 months ago)
Omg is this the guy from Orange is the New Black? 🤣
99% comments talking about the cop from Orange is the New Black 1% unoriginal comments like this one
Ariana Navarro (8 months ago)
Second CO/stripper from OITNB 😂
PastaSam (8 months ago)
Why does that guy look like Lester?
KP바비 KJ (8 months ago)
He can put me to prison
howaboutnot? (9 months ago)
I was thinking is that Bennett from orange is the new black? Oh my God yes!
I am Groot (9 months ago)
How to get away with a murder .. anyone ??
N. Tonks (9 months ago)
Who are these people
Jessica Venables (9 months ago)
The striper is the cute guy from orange is the new black
Daauwe Van huizen (9 months ago)
Its bennet from orange is the new black. Or that guy from how to get away with murder
Olivia (9 months ago)
Oooh Asher ;)
cassi j judkins (9 months ago)
That cop stripper is so funny on how to get away with murder
watersticks (9 months ago)
.sorry is that Asher
k_y (9 months ago)
Goddamn, that officer is hot!! 👌👌
Farah Toghan (9 months ago)
Asher/ Bennett I can’t
Sigourney van der laan (9 months ago)
He is from orange is the new black
77 34 (9 months ago)
I clicked because I was like "Isn't that Bennett?" and it is... idk how to feel
Cam A (9 months ago)
Bennet looking thicc
Bon Bon (9 months ago)
I don't know what the fcuk you're all talking about
S V D (9 months ago)
Didnt get it at all!!!!!
Margaret Thatcher (10 months ago)
Derpy Jazza (10 months ago)
I don’t think that’s a stripper
hacker poop (10 months ago)
poor daya...
Lucas Layton (10 months ago)
That single hump phone was on point
Infinity man (10 months ago)
So thats why he left daya. I get him a lot. Better this than a baby.
cody baggett (10 months ago)
Never thought I'd want to actually be brutalized by a cop, but goddamn.
ur mom gai (10 months ago)
Wait is that the guy from orange is the new black
California Dreems (10 months ago)
How did that spray get into the eyes of the people with glasses?
phresh (10 months ago)
gah daym he so thicc
Music Person (10 months ago)
Why would 3 straight males be so excited for a male stripper? 😁
Nemo Koning (10 months ago)
This one is awesome.
Michaela Richtrova (10 months ago)
Is that the guy from oitnb?
Music Person (10 months ago)
Alankar Joey (10 months ago)
This Stripper is So Sexy It's Illegal...for real tho
Recubs (10 months ago)
The stripper is part of how to get away with murder? Right?
Maksil Lorenzo (10 months ago)
Do another all nighter!!!!! Pls
Caleb Leiper (10 months ago)
I’m so confused yet entertained at the same time
Feyzan Naeem (10 months ago)
Call Annalise asher is in trouble... again.
crazzi-j north (10 months ago)
He’s not that sexy lol
Akira Hagiya (10 months ago)
This is weirdly topical
XROSSplayXINO (10 months ago)
"Sam, can't you see we're Ti-Ti?" Cutest shit ever. Now work! XD
Eo W (10 months ago)
If only Grant had been there
Vinidu Geevaratne (10 months ago)
Sam has glasses how did he feel the pepper spray?
Perla Favela (10 months ago)
Is that Matt McGorry? Is that the wokest bae of 2015?
Tom Haflinger (10 months ago)
Hey, his leg grew back!
Maia (10 months ago)
Hey he's from how to get away with murder lol
Toxic taco (10 months ago)
Being honest i wish their was a video if that dude actually stripping
Tem-sama (10 months ago)
Concluesion.....They all have a kink
Derek Beatty (11 months ago)
Anyone gonna question why laity just had like a glass bottle of milk
Chesterson Jack (1 year ago)
Look how readily Trapp just took off his ring.... Good news for me then. Looks like I’m gonna have to start abusing the unfair leeway given to officers of the law ;)
Timothy Hughes (1 year ago)
Is anyone race's
Memo Memo (1 year ago)
I wonder how many phones has CH broke during shooting now...
Reid Morris (1 year ago)
This is just police brutality- right.
Mazequax (1 year ago)
Omg I didnt know who the stripper was by the time the vid came out 😂
What a Loser (1 year ago)
Two legs
Secretelover12 (1 year ago)
it's that dude!!
Does anyone knows that guys name?
Aerial Equus (1 year ago)
"oh his leg came back"
My kind of stripper!
Yingdi Han (1 year ago)
Wow was this before he lost a leg or did he magically grew it back??? it looks so real
Bianca Santa Maria (1 year ago)
I'm SUUPER ty ty.....😪
Reaça girondino (1 year ago)
Matt is so sexy
Marquita Parham (1 year ago)
Emily Wagner (1 year ago)
🔥🔥😉😘❤ yes!
Dasiy Potterhead (1 year ago)
Matt mcgory😍😍😍😍
Cap N Bred (1 year ago)
Thats hilarius!
carys jones (1 year ago)
No Chill nadia (1 year ago)
Dirty Banana (1 year ago)
This was fucking stupid
iFlex YT (1 year ago)
Isn't that officer from the really straight guy video
tetrulz jam (1 year ago)
So he left Dayanara and their son, job at Litchfield and and made his uniform to stripper wear? How degrading.
Alisha Benn (1 year ago)
I like his dick if I could
__spencer__ (1 year ago)
I love this because of everyone's enthusiasm
Ana Ramos (1 year ago)
A. H. (1 year ago)
He's Bennett from Orange is the New Black!!!
Chicken Permission (1 year ago)
Lenny Honney (1 year ago)
XVI 19 (1 year ago)
wait isn't that the guy that's in how to get away with murder?
Miya 4 ever (1 year ago)
Bruce lee (1 year ago)
Whaat the Ffkk!! With the guys getting all crazy with the dude!!! ...So fckin gay!!
That stripper from Orange is new black and H T G A W murder?
Tate Winter (1 year ago)
This is soooo fuckrd up

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