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Wind Turbine Crane

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http://www.ansoncranes.com ANSON wind turbine crane is a special crane used for wind turbine maintenance, it has advantages of automatic climbing, flexible maintenance, etc. To learn more information, please check our official website. We are a prominent crane supplier in China, manufacturing superior wind turbine crane and other types of cranes.
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Beno Jaya (2 months ago)
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yagle hoole (5 months ago)
Ha. Quite an ingenious invention. But I'm inclined to think the technology will be applied to areas other than wind turbines, whose towering tubes are too week to withstand the gripping pressure. But, if buttressing legs are incrementally added to the "spider's" body, then the grips won't have to be so tight to avoid crushing the windmill's tube. ...
Robert McDonnold (5 months ago)
To bad they couldn't show the actual crane instead of a computer model. It would seem that the vertical column would be crushed. The position of the crane would seem to be off balance. Good idea, but not quite.
Ben Tucker (1 year ago)
yea right there is no way that fiberglass tube is going to handle the stress and load this crane is going to exert on the sides of the wind turbine, it will crush.
Ste Da (8 months ago)
Mr. Clueless, what do mean by "sides of the wind turbine"? The tower? Wind turbine TOWERS are made of steel (and/or rarely concrete), but never fiber glass.

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