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Dear Girl

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"Dear girl, you will be believed." "Dear Girl, Often times, we women, start to rise Then certain people devise a plan to disenfranchise Whether it’s our bodies or rights entice us with movements unite us through persecution make it seem like it’s alright Dear girl, open your eyes we have come so far, it’s easy to resign we’ve got equality but public policy shows the contrary honestly and it’s mostly seen as a victimless crime no surprise, since we perpetuate r*** culture separate locker room talk and that one audio tape that’s great i get 78 cents to a man’s dollar while black and latino women get even smaller What should every girl know? You are not some puppet in a puppet show f*** the status quo and the photoshopped photos expose the double standards, the hypocrisy, the hate it is never too late This is the moment of girls taking the reigns It is Times Up It is Me Too It is everyone from me to you Who has spoken or stayed silent but strong It is Emma Gonzalez and Lena Waithe From dodging bullets and dodging hate Christine Blasey Ford and every survivor that speaks only to be met with intimidation, investigation, and disbelief Dear girl, You will be believed If not by senate floors and investigators We will hear you We will see you We will stand with you Dear girl, You are heard from the survivor 3,000 miles away or the one next door You are heard Justice will not always prevail But we will continue to fight tooth and nail You are heard So that our sisters and daughters will never be asked rather harassed whether they wanted it, regretted, or just forgot Believe me, no one forgot Dear Everyone, This moment is a movement for every girl to reclaiming her place, win every race For everyone out there, listen in The system is in demolition, grab ahold of your voice It’s time to make a choice to believe survivors to pay us all the same to give women of color equal access and opportunity to care about the safety of trans girls every day make the choice to change the climate make the choice to not be silent this is not the day of the girl this is the future of girls" Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/68448 Special thanks to Aija Mayrock! @AijaMayrock Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedviolet GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeed.com https://www.buzzfeed.com/videos https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo https://www.youtube.com/asis https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet https://www.youtube.com/perolike https://www.youtube.com/ladylike BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! To see behind-the-scenes & more, follow us on Instagram @buzzfeedvideo http://bit.ly/2JRRkKU Love BuzzFeed? Get the merch! BUY NOW: https://goo.gl/gQKF8m EXTERNAL CREDITS Aija Mayrock @AijaMayrock + Kathrine Mendoza
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Text Comments (4163)
Basmaa Mostafa (1 day ago)
What's her name???
Nanabear Casey (1 day ago)
This is on my birthday I’m crying
Serenity Wells (3 days ago)
I feel like a lot of these type of things are sexist like saying women are the only ones going through things, but men go through things too
Who the hell let this bish out of the kitchen?!?!
Why are u trying to say that boys are abusing women and that women have no rights.... totally reject this messege
Cave Bear (4 days ago)
I'm amazed this video even got a single like, how can anyone like this? what's this world coming to when even videos like these can be liked?
Vivvy (4 days ago)
I feel so embarrassed for this autistic woman trying to rap or something. I'd put a bag over my head if I made a video like this.
Dear girl Not all men are serial rapists
The Psychiatrist (4 days ago)
We apologize, that woman in the video is our cringey mental patient who escaped from the asylum. We are taking her back now, hopefully she didn't freak you all out way too much.
Dream ! (5 days ago)
Wage gap because of vagina
I saw that to
Alex Causton (5 days ago)
Urgh, at least learn how to rap, use facts not myths this is all BS
Anna Sofia (5 days ago)
Can somebody please explain what she’s trying to say I’m so confused
Edith Schröder (6 days ago)
Edith Schröder but it’s true
Shinigami Kitsune (6 days ago)
I'm a woman, and I blow the whistle of BS
apple white (8 days ago)
I love this message but why do they only make videos like this for us girl's and not for boys
Aqeel Sader (12 days ago)
Dear my ass
Josephine Perez (13 days ago)
Who seriously didn’t choose thumbs up and put thumbs down instead👊
Mimi Do (14 days ago)
2:19 do you mean "to believe survi *voors* "
HADES (16 days ago)
Yea no as soon as i heard about the wage gap i disliked
Yes No (16 days ago)
This proves that Men > Women
noria boutaiba (19 days ago)
she's not wrong
Viola Tisato (21 days ago)
Sad. To the all girls dislike thid video. So sad.
Nicky Hernandez (21 days ago)
I LOVE her
fatimah anwaar (20 days ago)
"You are not some puppet in a puppet show" That hit me really hard especially when she said "Expose the Double Standards the Hypocrisy The Hate" this is what we feminists actually fight for
Leeno A (22 days ago)
I love this generation's women.
fatimah anwaar (22 days ago)
Me too
Anime Lover (22 days ago)
I love Aija Mayrock.❤
mimi bean (24 days ago)
I cry
Leslie Tincher (27 days ago)
Harshita Malik (28 days ago)
I love her confidence
fatimah anwaar (22 days ago)
Me too
Adam Kretzmann (29 days ago)
Instagram comments are so different to Youtube ones lol
fatimah anwaar (29 days ago)
Sexist boys: Go back to the kitchen and go make me a sandwich Me: Go back to Planet Mars and STARVE!!!
fatimah anwaar (21 days ago)
these gender stereotypes should go away forever! because Not all women want to have kids but if they make that choice people think there's something wrong with them giving birth is not an obligation that nature gave to women you expect them to be housewives rather than having jobs and you make jokes about feminism and act like a complete misogynistic prick with no life at all!!
we are lost (21 days ago)
+fatimah anwaar you will learn that men are men and women are women. A woman needs to know her place and its not in front or beside the man, Its behind him, so he can lead her and the family properly, while she nurtures the children
fatimah anwaar (22 days ago)
well because these jokes are sexist misogynistic and offensive
we are lost (22 days ago)
+fatimah anwaar lol you really hate jokes
Jonathan Entwistle (30 days ago)
10 out of 10 for passion, 0 out of 10 for content..
Chloe _ (30 days ago)
The wage gap is not about women and men who do the same job. It's the fact that a woman in the U.S who works full time still makes _on average_ 78% of what a man working full time does. Employers do not have the right to factor in maternity leave and taking time to "care for the children" because I know this is a really foreign concept and hard for some of you to understand but *not all women want to have kids and those who do can still work full time time.* Wow. Crazy. I know. Maternity leave should be factored when the time becomes appropriate, meaning when the female employee decides to get pregnant. You may say women have lower paying jobs but what are you going to say when the young generation of girls graduate and all rush to get jobs in engineering because they are being taught that they are equal to boys? Will they even be hired? Job discrimination on the basis of gender does exist after all. Or maybe they will be hired and still make less. We shall see. And do women choose those low paying jobs or is that all they can get?
fatimah anwaar (16 days ago)
it's a shame that women are obligated just to be housewives and have children and people make jokes about it
Chloe _ (30 days ago)
To all the conservatives out there, she said we need to protect trans girls. You would say those girls are still boys. So wouldn't _you_ say she is saying to protect boys? Oh, but I thought you said this was an attack on men?
Chloe _ (30 days ago)
1:07 "Emma González...dodging bullets" That hit me hard.
Leslie Tincher (1 month ago)
Blatant lies perpetuated by the mainstream media industrial complex. Be good little sheep. Go back to sleep.
Brianna Klein (1 month ago)
I want this as a mad rap song
we are lost (23 days ago)
Dont bash rap like that....
Cassandra Lauziere (1 month ago)
This is so inspirational ❤️
we are lost (23 days ago)
To what? A potato?
fatimah anwaar (29 days ago)
and Anti feminists act like assholes in the comment section
Maria Ventura (1 month ago)
Beautiful and breathtaking
fatimah anwaar (29 days ago)
Đào Lê (1 month ago)
fatimah anwaar (26 days ago)
you are the one who's being delusional and butthurt because you don't know what feminism actually is! it's only about equality not superiority!!
Đào Lê (26 days ago)
+fatimah anwaar nah I'm not one of those delusional butthurt feminists
fatimah anwaar (29 days ago)
you don't have to tell me your life story
Ship Queen (1 month ago)
My brother got annoyed by this and screamed SHUT UP WITH THE “DEAR GIRL” WOMAN!
Markonefifteen (1 month ago)
I’m sorry but these privileged girls in America have it easy and complain for nothing. Come to South America, face TRUE inequality for women. Complaining for nothing.
fatimah anwaar (1 month ago)
when i turn 20 years old I will promise to help those women and girls in those countries don't even talk like an anti feminist because even the most privileged girls are judged by society with over protective parents stricter curfews and dress codes
Der Fuchs (1 month ago)
Ethan Lin (1 month ago)
Your “war” is lost.
This Particular Boi (1 month ago)
Interesting, never seen a kitchen so white. Where’s the oven? Table? Counter? Etc.
이혜재 (1 month ago)
Dear girl, stop acting like a victim.
Random Thoughts (29 days ago)
이혜재 dear person, it's not acting like a victim if they are a victim.
Maddie Cooper (1 month ago)
To the person also annoyed at the men disliking this video and mean comments dear girl you we will have a moment where we will finally be equal
Toxic Mars (1 month ago)
She should be a rapper or something
You are not a puppet in a puppet shoooow it sounds like she rapping and singing at the same time lmao but honestly she is rap-sing-talking about nonsense
Rose V (1 month ago)
Disabled workers get 63 cents for every dollar paid to able bodied worker. Where's the outrage over disabled people's wages? Where's the outrage over us dealing with ignorant bosses telling disabled workers that they're better off living off of assistance than making an actual living when they are capable of doing so?
Gisselle Martinez (1 month ago)
Nobody Knows (1 month ago)
Sandra Bozic (2 months ago)
Paying one gender more than the other is illegal right? If you don't work same hours of course you don't get the same amount buck tooth!
fatimah anwaar (15 days ago)
that's exactly the 75% of the male population but the other 25% of men and boys learn about consent and respecting women and girls and not sexualizing or objectifying them
Sandra Bozic (15 days ago)
+fatimah anwaar Not every guy thinks that but there are still some guys (not really in the west) that think that bull crap
fatimah anwaar (15 days ago)
it's a shame that women are considered inferior to men in this society
Sandra Bozic (15 days ago)
+fatimah anwaar Well idiots think that but explain where they are paid less
fatimah anwaar (16 days ago)
but women still get payed less than men because they are considered physically weak and less intelligent and that's really sexist
Matthew Matias (2 months ago)
Never seen something so hypocritical and inaccurate. Not impressed buzzfeed
Shrenk (2 months ago)
Zim/Ze/Zir/They/Their/it looks like Willem Dafoe
Memes (2 months ago)
The things she named near the end, well uh... she and the rest of women in America have already. So.... uh
Athul Paul (2 months ago)
White females complaining of their privileges
Yujiro Smith (2 months ago)
Cultural appropriation!!! Look at this not black lady, trying to do poetry like a black lady!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!
jazzley (2 months ago)
So many people seem to think feminisim is hating men and boys and wanting to shove them aside when feminisim is wanting just to be equal, not trying to push males down or trying to be " the dominant sex" not trying to "overthrow the world" just to be peaceful and have the same rights. To be believed and to support other girls and women. Every person's story should be heard, and we believe that anyone and everyone, not just females who are victims of hate crimes or assault should have justice, peacefully, should have the same rights and should be able to walk down their streets without being disturbed
fatimah anwaar (1 month ago)
but you were totally right about what feminists really are
jazzley (1 month ago)
+fatimah anwaar thank you mate! will do
fatimah anwaar (1 month ago)
if this comment gets a hate reply from a short minded anti feminist just delete it because every time i see long comments like that there's always an anti feminist complaining about it
Hannah Pegg (2 months ago)
Dear Lady,... I'm sorry that you've been fed these 'feminist' lies.
Random Thoughts (2 months ago)
Hannah Pegg some are true and some are false... I wish that there were not lies in this world.
Random Thoughts (2 months ago)
This is my opinion, read if you want. I have a voice. Therefore I have opinions I don't care if everyone is against me. We are not equal Not at all. Races don't matter They're sexual identity doesn't matter Nothing matters We are human We all have a voice Even if we can't use it We are all allowed to say our mind. For some you can yell and you won't be heard We need to be heard Paid equally We have families too We have bills. 300$ won't cover 4 people. It will get you food and water But you still have to save up for health care A house Clothing Equality matters not just to women but to people everywhere A trans gender is being bullied because she's different A black person got arrested because they were black A bi person was shot for being gay A group of coloured people were being beaten for they're race People are dying at our feet They are different So are we We are all different in our appearance Weather were twins triplets or quadruplets We are different. We shouldn't be treated differently If we were all treated differently they would have to have over 7 billion ways To disiplin us. Don't just listen to what the voice has to say Feel what it has to say Understand it If you don't keep replaying it Every voice has a story. Every story has a point where you don't understand. Keep reading and you will. We need to keep reading Reading about equality and gun control for the places they are legal Reading for less murders and suicides A perfect book has a happy ending. The world is an open book We are the characters. All over horrible things are happening. We want to stop reading But there are good characters who try to change This book might end short and have a bad ending Or if we turn things around, we could have a happy ending. We all fight for something in this book, weather it be equality or gay pride Maybe your fighting against climate change or your leaders choices. If you are reading this, fight for a good thing not a bad one. If you are reading this now thank you❤️❤️ Please...
fatimah anwaar (1 month ago)
it's in the Top comments
Random Thoughts (1 month ago)
fatimah anwaar that's horrible! No one should be disrespected for they're opinion. I'll look for it!
fatimah anwaar (1 month ago)
+Random Thoughts you're welcome! on the video titled "the truth about being a girl" i wrote a comment about what real feminism is a month ago you have to reply to my comment it had 2 horrible users writing negative replies to it
Random Thoughts (1 month ago)
fatimah anwaar TYSM
fatimah anwaar (1 month ago)
I LOVE THIS COMMENT!! you are so much better than those anti feminist assholes! :)
Ayla Hus (2 months ago)
Who thinks about money, she's not talking about money,dumbasses
Zora Adams (2 months ago)
She's like the white female version of Prince Ea
Brett Kavanaugh (2 months ago)
No U
sarcasticflowerbud (2 months ago)
it's kinda sad that the like to dislike ratio is high 😭 come on toucans we can dislike some more
Parineeti D (2 months ago)
tbh buzzfeed probably bought the likes... they are honestly that desparate
Olivia Lewis (2 months ago)
oouu, um have any of us ever considered the possibility of just like not caring so much about gender? I mean clearly it’s on the top of everyone’s priority lists so we have to clear that up before any major worldwide problem right? Or maybe global warming and climate change are a little more important because, if we continue to wreck our planet, there will be no girl/guys men/women to ague about:)
Mohit Jain (2 months ago)
Dear Everyone, *Please Dislike*
taz24787 (2 months ago)
The worst part is ... there's ppl believing this crap.
Real_Liberal#1947 (2 months ago)
Wahmen are victims! They can't do anything for themselves! They need rescuing!
Parineeti D (2 months ago)
+Random Thoughts It's a pewdiepie reference calm down
Real_Liberal#1947 (2 months ago)
+Random Thoughts I shall save you all!
Random Thoughts (2 months ago)
Real_Liberal#1947 women don't need rescuing we need to be heard.
Max Brown (2 months ago)
believe only women , so much for equality
Bharuni (2 months ago)
Love u so much ajia Ur so confident I wanna learn from you
Monkey Ass HD (2 months ago)
+Random Thoughts Her opinion are rotten and irrational. I'm trying to help her you evil monster.
Parineeti D (2 months ago)
Learn what?
Random Thoughts (2 months ago)
The Danish Realist do yourself a favour and and shut your mouth. She is allowed to have an opinion. Open your eyes not everyone has to agree with you!
Monkey Ass HD (2 months ago)
Do yourself a favor and stop listening to buzzfeed.
npc (2 months ago)
Hipity hopity woman are property
Miguelangel Martinez (3 months ago)
Shut up about the wage gap. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 brought equal pay for both men and women and abolished wage disparity based on sex. Please do your research or at least GOOGLE it.
Crazy Joe (3 months ago)
White Gold (3 months ago)
I'm not sure why anyone would make this video. Its claims have been debunked for a long time.
TheProphetPepe (3 months ago)
“Christine Blakey Ford met with intimidation and investigation” so you’re telling me that when a woman accuses a man of RAPING her they’re just not supposed to investigation and take her word as the only truth.
hunting master (3 months ago)
Blasi Ford was a liar her stories had a lot of inconsistencies in them and a few weeks after the trial all the women who accused Brett Cavanaugh of raping her said they made the whole story up for attention and you should only believe survivors when they can prove their survivors
Karla (3 months ago)
Dear white girl
Trenton Riddle (3 months ago)
delete this garbage.
Random Thoughts (2 months ago)
Trenton Riddle why would you want to delete your channel?
Liam Mackenzie (3 months ago)
She finna be Eminem with that flow lol
Straight Melon (2 months ago)
r u insulting Eminem
fluffo doggo (3 months ago)
Only came for the comments
Potato Squid (3 months ago)
You know the wage gap is based on the amount of women and men make all together not how much more men make than a women within the same job.
Unde Cringe (3 months ago)
This....this is cancer.
Literature IsBeautiful (3 months ago)
just wondered what type of recitation this is
M (3 months ago)
M (2 months ago)
+Random Thoughts I don't have one🤣 weird flex, dude
Random Thoughts (2 months ago)
M why are you describing your channel?
George PALEIT (3 months ago)
Do you know why Dr. Ford's case wasn't believed? Because there wasn't evidence. All her "witnesses" weren't there. Her ex wrote about the lies she spouted about lie detectors. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.
Gui mon (3 months ago)
Pretty on the outside, but her mind is diseased. Snap out of it Aija. They have taught you to be unhappy. They have taught you to be angry.
Gui mon (3 months ago)
Bren l (3 months ago)
Most of the people commenting disagree with the video, yet there's 15k likes and 5k dislikes.... 🤔
pinguinskull (3 months ago)
Buzzfeed bots presumably
nem mate (3 months ago)
uhhh, the cringe...
nem mate (2 months ago)
+Random Thoughts glad you had the time to check it ;) you must be really butthurt to dig through a video collection i made for my friends years ago. I am pretty sure your videography is spotless.
Random Thoughts (2 months ago)
nem mate stop describing your channel!
Lacrosse King (3 months ago)
Does anybody actually believe this
cartohead (3 months ago)
Only feminists believe it. Normal people recognize this as total horseshit.
Dasher Ink (3 months ago)
Wait, Why does this video have more Likes than Dislikes?This video is SOOOOOO False!
Nathan Stroud (3 months ago)
**throws virtual tomato**
Random Thoughts (2 months ago)
Nathan Stroud *the virtual tomato is glued to a boomerang and slammed right back into your face*
DUKE (3 months ago)
you have alot of feelings but do you have any facts???
pinguinskull (3 months ago)
That's going to hurt her feelings...keep it up
Jcaps77 (3 months ago)
Kavanaugh definitely probably did it, but, this video is still ridiculous.
Straight Melon (2 months ago)
“Definitely” “Probably” make up ur mind
Lil Shapiro (3 months ago)
When the only thing you have going for you is the way you talk and in that fashion you couldn’t even get that right
Samuel Cho (3 months ago)
what did I expect from Buzzfeed (cough) I meant retardville.
Samuel Cho (3 months ago)
"Dear boy" or someone fighting for a man - said no one EVER!
Samuel Cho (3 months ago)
fight fake and non-existant "sexism" *with* sexism. btw, I just came here to dislike the video. I'm baffled on how many people believe this by just looking at the likes to dislike ratio.
Vladimir Halupka (3 months ago)
I don't know...i'd hit that...

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