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Dear Girl

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"Dear girl, you will be believed." "Dear Girl, Often times, we women, start to rise Then certain people devise a plan to disenfranchise Whether it’s our bodies or rights entice us with movements unite us through persecution make it seem like it’s alright Dear girl, open your eyes we have come so far, it’s easy to resign we’ve got equality but public policy shows the contrary honestly and it’s mostly seen as a victimless crime no surprise, since we perpetuate r*** culture separate locker room talk and that one audio tape that’s great i get 78 cents to a man’s dollar while black and latino women get even smaller What should every girl know? You are not some puppet in a puppet show f*** the status quo and the photoshopped photos expose the double standards, the hypocrisy, the hate it is never too late This is the moment of girls taking the reigns It is Times Up It is Me Too It is everyone from me to you Who has spoken or stayed silent but strong It is Emma Gonzalez and Lena Waithe From dodging bullets and dodging hate Christine Blasey Ford and every survivor that speaks only to be met with intimidation, investigation, and disbelief Dear girl, You will be believed If not by senate floors and investigators We will hear you We will see you We will stand with you Dear girl, You are heard from the survivor 3,000 miles away or the one next door You are heard Justice will not always prevail But we will continue to fight tooth and nail You are heard So that our sisters and daughters will never be asked rather harassed whether they wanted it, regretted, or just forgot Believe me, no one forgot Dear Everyone, This moment is a movement for every girl to reclaiming her place, win every race For everyone out there, listen in The system is in demolition, grab ahold of your voice It’s time to make a choice to believe survivors to pay us all the same to give women of color equal access and opportunity to care about the safety of trans girls every day make the choice to change the climate make the choice to not be silent this is not the day of the girl this is the future of girls" Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/68448 Special thanks to Aija Mayrock! @AijaMayrock Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedviolet GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeed.com https://www.buzzfeed.com/videos https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo https://www.youtube.com/asis https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet https://www.youtube.com/perolike https://www.youtube.com/ladylike BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! To see behind-the-scenes & more, follow us on Instagram @buzzfeedvideo http://bit.ly/2JRRkKU Love BuzzFeed? Get the merch! BUY NOW: https://goo.gl/gQKF8m EXTERNAL CREDITS Aija Mayrock @AijaMayrock + Kathrine Mendoza
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Text Comments (3061)
Prophet Muhammad (1 hour ago)
EzBrent (6 hours ago)
wage gap = fake news and illegal
BagUhChipz (7 hours ago)
Hey it happens to guys too. I'm not saying that girls don't but this shouldn't just be aimed at women. Oh and BuzzFeed sucks
TorpedoKiller 4023 (9 hours ago)
Buzzfeed: “Dear boy.. sit down and shut up.”
caramelbabe (9 hours ago)
Instant chills
Sadae Campbell (10 hours ago)
This comments are disappointing
NPC #1984 (12 hours ago)
This is good programming #menbadwomengood
Richard Lardbutt (17 hours ago)
Me: Presumption of innocence? Buzzfeed: Nope
Bhavya Jha (20 hours ago)
Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Camila Cabello ?
annabelle bowden (23 hours ago)
this is honestly so good
Suzanne Noel (1 day ago)
Oh bravo, bravo!!!! So basically what you all are NOT saying is do onto others as you would have them do onto you. Do you think turning the table on the male species would make things better for females? NO, all you'll be doing is repeating the same mistakes as the males. God, why the HELL did you continue making life after the animals!?!? We might be your image, but we definitely DO NOT have your spirit. This is MY rant against this stupidity be played out by the pseudo-feminists.
Spac3Wolf (1 day ago)
This video is full of liberal agendas
D'Najah (1 day ago)
Lily Kellar (1 day ago)
Mr. sqidwadurd (1 day ago)
Feminist BS
try hard (1 day ago)
Like usally dislike and leave
Benson Emery (1 day ago)
Please say that again, I didn’t hear you say that any allegation should be believed, cuz that is what you basically just said
King Julian (1 day ago)
Yeah whatever, shut your trap and be humbled you're not living in Afghanistan.
Born Unicorn (1 day ago)
I'd like to see boyinaband sing this
Rhif Yute (1 day ago)
2:00 Really? Listen, men built civilization. The majority of what women love and enjoy in today’s society, was created by MEN. If every man said I’m not going back to work. No, I don’t want sex or anything from women. How many races do you think most (not all) women would really win. Not just given a trophy for participation. Better yet, let a war break out. I wonder what women might claim to be their “rightful place” when we’re all getting shot at.
Michael Mantion (1 day ago)
No one cares about your logical and intelligent ideas. but serious
Jerry Walker (2 days ago)
Dear girl, Get in touch with reality rather than regurgitating untrue rubbish that you have read on line.
akram (2 days ago)
Fu** you and your girls
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
I concur and I'm a woman. Feminazis are ruining our society.
David Thomas (2 days ago)
That's the weirdest kitchen I've ever seen...where's the appliances...
That's Just My View (2 days ago)
cringe.....P.S. Evidence trumps believability.
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
LOL fancy meeting you here... Did you see Free To Speak did a video, "Dear Boy"?
Chris Hudson (2 days ago)
Let that BuzzFeed propaganda flow girl!
Isa Valdez-Smith (2 days ago)
Antisocial Artist (2 days ago)
This made me cry.
Coltman 18 (2 days ago)
More lgbtq community members are hurt or killed a year than women, but you guys do matter, and this is a very valid point
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
By Muslims who they are told to protect and protest for. That's pretty fucked up, no??
Jade :P (2 days ago)
giving me some mega Lin-Manuel Miranda vibes. i love this.
Michael Mantion (1 day ago)
Im sorry, get better soon.
Jhon Harvey (2 days ago)
Where's dear boy
Analytical Chick (1 day ago)
Check out "Free To Speak"'s video that I linked above.
Michael Mantion (1 day ago)
you want them to produce more crap????
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
coconut water (2 days ago)
Is this ironic? she sounds like she’s parodying inspirational videos
Rosebud (2 days ago)
Dear boy, Do not feel that you are unworthy of respect and emotion. Do not feel as if your rights are being shoved under the rug, because you ARE valid. The uprise of women doesn’t mean the downfall of men. You are human too. We all are.
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
Free To Speak actually did a video "Dear Boy" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fk5Bj5PVYFE
Pleşu Cristina (2 days ago)
I was literally watching the author one "what it's like to be a girl"
BTS holic5 (2 days ago)
I can feel the pain in her voice.
The One (2 days ago)
YAY gender EQUALITY, we should treat all genders the same. OK then dont expect us to pay for dates, share the same toilet i don't see why we should split toilets that's segregation isn't it?
hi lol (2 days ago)
*D E E R G U R L*
Ya Yi (2 days ago)
With deep voice, and face... I think to Dua Lipa 😆
Serendipity Studios (2 days ago)
Women have been hushed to stat silent for years, and have came out about harassment for years. It's only NOW that it gets in the news because men deny it. Yes, men may get harassed as well but it's much more dangerous to women because their bodies are sexualized and they are underestimated in what they can do. Along with that, they don't have equal pay. So that is what true feminism is.
Sir Type-alot3 (1 day ago)
+Serendipity Studios Ahhh like the Logic Less Women that complain about Men "Sexualizing Them" when they post Nude/Near Nude Pics on web sites like Instagram.
Serendipity Studios (1 day ago)
+Sir Type-alot3 What I mean is that plenty of people over hundreds of years have seen the image of their breasts and hips, and their differently shaped body than men, and used it as a form of judgement and beauty. With that said, the amount of women sexually harrased were harassed due to their bodies. True feminism is about being equal, and decreasing the amount of woman sexually harrassed. Not some logicless women saying ridiculous things backing it up with feminism and hating men. Feminism is NOT about hating men. It is just a fight for equality, similar to the motive of the civil rights movement except with gender.
Sir Type-alot3 (1 day ago)
Do you mean the same way Women are "Sexualized" On Instagram?
STOP/RESET (2 days ago)
Man it would be nice if Western women realized that they are the single most protected and privileged class in the history of the world and stop acting like 12yo anxious teens.
Michael Mantion (1 day ago)
LoL OMG how do I subscribe to your comments. You know the nazi moderators will be deleting your comments when they read it.
STOP/RESET (2 days ago)
I came here from a general hatred of Buzzfeed. Wait, I still have subs?
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
I concur. I'm actually subbed to you. So funny that there are some channels I sub in the comments here. Did you come here from Free To Speak like I did?
Peasinthefreezer (3 days ago)
I think she’s trying to begin the revolution...
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
This revolution?
Charley Combe (3 days ago)
Well us women/girls have to go through more, we get told we are the weak ones, we are just the toy in a man's life. We have to fight to vote, to work equally. These things are only a little percentage of things. And yes I do know that men go through this too but so many people are sexist against girls. We can't be a mechanic without being judged. It sucks how disrespected us women are.
Michael Mantion (1 day ago)
You are weak because you choose to be weak and the world allows it. A hundred years ago women were strong.
Amsiekins (3 days ago)
Beautiful! Thank you!
Br1kn (3 days ago)
Dear Boy release date *when feminists stop* ( nEVeR ) false accusations! it hurts bro!
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
Free To Speak did a "Dear Boy" video https://youtu.be/Fk5Bj5PVYFE
*its just one of those days*
Aesthic (3 days ago)
Is This a rap? LMFAO
Michael Mantion (1 day ago)
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
It's a poor attempt at spoken word poetry.
rachelwhitehead212 (3 days ago)
y'all should have said this a long time ago.
The Best of The Best (3 days ago)
Ok everybody listen, yes men have been assaulted but men are usually more open about the fact that they have been raped or assaulted. This is not a gender issue it’s saying the 90% of girls who don’t say anything should tell somebody and get help. All those things like “Girls always blab their mouth!” They don’t, they are quiet about most of these issues and women are more being targeted because they are quiet. So, everybody saying stuff like “Men get assaulted, what about men?” Shame on you.
Hannah (3 days ago)
Jeez why so dramatic?
Justin Smith (3 days ago)
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
LOL. Free To Speak did a response video. You should watch her video https://youtu.be/Fk5Bj5PVYFE
SaraK (3 days ago)
Maria Estrada (3 days ago)
Ok so I NEVER swear but Damn !
Spolt (3 days ago)
Literally everything you said in this video has been disproved
Michael Mantion (1 day ago)
feminism is a disease that resists the reality that would cure it.
Andrew Beer (3 days ago)
How can a 17 million channel be so bigoted, biased and ignorant so consistently? Buzzfeed is the literal cancer of YouTube, spreading blatant lies and hate. Enough said
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
Not just BuzzTurd. Don't forget about HuffPoop, Democracy NOW dammit and Now this dammit.
Lalala .x3 (3 days ago)
Many women suffer just for being women and some men don't it know or don't want to accept that fact. Some men just hate women for being women... some women are scared of men... women fear being raped or go out at night alone. They're scared of walking home when it's dark. Men don't... some women have to give birth to the child of their raper. Some have to ask their husband to get a job. Some feel equal and respected but there's still some that don't. Respect them and show some compassion for those who suffer. For those who get raped. For those who get killed. They exist. Please don't laugh at their pain.
So many facts are wrong
Michael Mantion (1 day ago)
There were no "facts"
Chapstick Addict (3 days ago)
What about men who are victims?
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
The left's agenda is to grab anyone but straight cis white men into their net. I'm a white woman and don't find I get enough victim points on the left, so I'm on the right. This is gonna be their downfall... All those people who don't have enough victim points leaving the left. That's why the right is getting so many non-white straight men. They are squeezed out by the women and Muslims.
What is buzzfeed out of mony for lighting arrangement
Guys I think I found Princess ea..
Game On (3 days ago)
ThatOneGuy Games (3 days ago)
Nice throwback thursday video
- avn- (3 days ago)
Its sound like she is rapping
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
It's spoken word poetry... or at least it's trying to be.
Saloni Kangane (4 days ago)
Ice Mendoza (4 days ago)
Shes gonna be an amazing mother
Michael Mantion (1 day ago)
Said no one ever.
P Guid (4 days ago)
How do people find this enjoyable
Michael Mantion (1 day ago)
No one found it enjoyable. Its a train wreck that you just have to look at.
Admir Nedzibovic (4 days ago)
There is a kitchen for you
Zerthzy (4 days ago)
Why is this female trying to be the next MLK but for things that just aren’t true and have no point?
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
because she's indoctrinated.
John Catalano (4 days ago)
Ugh. “She’s so woke! YAASSS!” Stop virtue signaling
Tummy Yummy (4 days ago)
The way she’s talking is so cringy, there are so many grammatical errors in this video. Also , the wage gap does not exist.
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
It's not for equal jobs. Women choose lower paying professions.
Nitya (2 days ago)
Oh, cool, good for us, then. Equal pay!
Tummy Yummy (2 days ago)
+Nitya ^^ there's been a law that pasted YEARS ago. It is illegal for men to get paid more than women. So therefore, the wage gap is false and is just a silly "cry for help" thing feminists do to make them seem "oppressed"
Nitya (2 days ago)
As far as I know, women only make 78% of what men make, even if they're doing the exact same job. But, I might be wrong
Tummy Yummy (4 days ago)
Can’t tell if she’s singing or talking.
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
It's Spoken Word poetry, or at least it's trying to be.
Ed Farage (4 days ago)
wow i didn't know i could cringe this hard thanks buzzfeed
Champ austobosto (4 days ago)
I identify as a garbage can.
Halapecia shaniqua (4 days ago)
"WoMaN, yOu ShAlL bE bElIeVeD" I thought feminists believed in equality, NVM lol.
Mary Dominguez (4 days ago)
I wish everyone in my school can hear this.
Michael Mantion (1 day ago)
wow that's mean.
B.B. Boppa (4 days ago)
Name one right that males have over women
Emilija Jekic (4 days ago)
Why aren’t there more views on this?! There is such a powerful message behind this and more people should see this
Michael Mantion (1 day ago)
Oh just you wait.... This is a giant pile of horse crap that can't be ignored.
jensiboykes (4 days ago)
Such bs
Mikayla's life (4 days ago)
*She’s back*
h i (4 days ago)
I've watched this so many times it's so inspiring
Chimmy (4 days ago)
I feel like this video was heavily inspired by a short animation called “There’s a Man in the Woods.” You can find it on YouTube if you look it up.
Sophia Rivera (4 days ago)
she lowkey looks like lia Marie Johnson
Claire Johnson (4 days ago)
It is a tragedy that 3.4K have given this a "thumbs down". What can they possibly mean? What can they object to in this video?
Sonic Hedgehog (4 days ago)
Is it rapping or singing?
M00SEKNUCKLE (4 days ago)
Fake and gay
Little Binch (4 days ago)
Arianna CAT (4 days ago)
To all people asking for a dear big video and saying that it is sexist how the video is just about girls and our problems, I just want to remind you that this video was dedicated and created specifically for the international girls' day so it's pretty obvious that it will talk about girls... Anyway yes we all are aware of the fact that boys do have problems and have to face a lot of things too! It obviously would be good to make another video about it too
Khalid Amin (4 days ago)
A note. The 0.77 or 0.78 wage gap ( last I checked) is calculated by taking total amount made by women divided by total amount made by men. When someone says that for the SAME amount and effort of work Woman get lest because of this specific. value that is mathematically inaccurate. The wage gap exists because woman usualy have low level jobs While men have high level jobs. Companies usualy do this because they think the woman might have to leave for maternity or might have a family and quit. Also I want to make clear that I'm not saying woman and men are paid equally for the same job because in some places they are not. I'm simply pointing out that this value isn't an accurate point in this speech. ( also I hope I didn't offend anyone, I'm just making the facts clear)
Toastio (4 days ago)
- The gender that ate the forbidden fruit
Ankita Shrestha (4 days ago)
I wonder when "stereotypes" will end.
so many things that she said is just some feminist lies
SmallJessamine (4 days ago)
wow all the men getting hurt by this video... you don't understand that the concept is not "only women get raped and harassed" or that men don't have to fight toxic masculinity. It's talking about all we have to endure as women in this world and this day and age and it's still a problem many of us deal with on a daily basis.
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
YeetERmOb TØP (4 days ago)
Sounds like she’s rapping
princess s (4 days ago)
Noooooooo they took the funny captons off 😥😭
bader alqallaf (4 days ago)
Umm hello there is a global problem when men and transgender people get molested and raped so you should make a dear boy
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
Someone else made a "Dear Boy" https://youtu.be/Fk5Bj5PVYFE
Kavya Thukral (4 days ago)
I shared it with litterally everyone i was in touch of
Kavya Thukral (4 days ago)
The best one buzz feed had made and will make this is the best of them all
Saito (4 days ago)
It's sad that this women is used for to manipulate young girls by false facts.
Hussain iqbal (4 days ago)
Kavanaugh was innocent, get over it
Analytical Chick (2 days ago)
They did the same thing to Clarence Thomas, too. That was back when I was in HS. I watched some of those hearings and I saw through their BS even then.
aw man The captions change
LoLM3ist3r (4 days ago)
To believe evidence*
Basil (4 days ago)
The wage gap doesn't exist, please stop dividing people by our sex.

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