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Alicia Domenica surprise performance for Venus pole dancing

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Surprise performance celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Venus pole dancing
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Text Comments (559)
Lorely Florentino (16 hours ago)
Stick my dick up that pussy
musa vi (1 day ago)
Marilza Vieira (1 day ago)
Falem em português por favor 😠😤
Aline Kozlovski (1 day ago)
Linda gostosa maravilhosa
Surendran Nanjan (2 days ago)
The right boy like the girl butt
Sinead Enriquez (2 days ago)
Eww!what is with the outfit!
Lord Voldemort (2 days ago)
Lisa Bolton (3 days ago)
the white girls looks clueless😂
Severina Frazao (3 days ago)
nossa que gata
suhong sng (4 days ago)
They look like boy
А не позаниматся нам сексом улица Чехова дом 19
TÜK EFE (4 days ago)
Omg sex
I peed my pants :D
Sonia Matos Feliz (5 days ago)
The Windows fosmoli
Maite Jps (6 days ago)
Wlsodxoxkrodkdk Doemro
metro 5 Kylie1234 (6 days ago)
I wish that would happen to me
Lilia Quispe (6 days ago)
Te amo
Mannag Arnel (7 days ago)
Marlena Kamińska (7 days ago)
madi marie (8 days ago)
The guy on the left would not STOP staring and i got wet thinking about his boner
Ellen Rocha (8 days ago)
O mai gode
Zaina Ali (8 days ago)
I need the guy on the rights number 😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍
Maria clara Aquino (9 days ago)
Qui legal besteira
reed girl keily (9 days ago)
Do more og thease
Zemog Doge (9 days ago)
Woman: Is It Out? Doctor: Its Ready! Woman: What Is It? Doctor: No Silly Its DIGORNIO! Woman: *Her Face: ;-;*
Jerlin Peralta (10 days ago)
Juste Zvankauskaite (10 days ago)
Hot hot hot hot ahhhhhhhh
Iris Batista (12 days ago)
Nossa que Lixo só têm Puta
Jonathan White (12 days ago)
The men just looked at the girls like "PIZZA!!!!!!!☺" lol
Sigan asiendo más videos de esto el sex
Se me paro el pico
ivan rondina (13 days ago)
whats his name who got the boner?
Alicornios Dt (13 days ago)
😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰 waht mi infancia wey
Cielo Zavala Luna (13 days ago)
Nadies a echo con migo
Lex MadJau (14 days ago)
I want to dance on a boys lap sooo bad
Thomas Collier (14 days ago)
That was a good eye raping
Jess Smith (15 days ago)
The one in the tight was copping her friend and that is wrong completely like if you agree
Jess Smith (15 days ago)
Good job
Grace Burkes (16 days ago)
Im a girl i wanna dance on boys to
Mencanta el sexo
Miguel plox (16 days ago)
steven gamer101 (17 days ago)
:-P :-P
steven gamer101 (17 days ago)
zydrune zydrune (18 days ago)
Кто русски ???
Fifi Sibanda (19 days ago)
wtf is the white gal doing
hajra bibi (19 days ago)
your so sexy why dont you do it naked💏💏💏
Cody Pells (21 days ago)
White girl got no rhythm
más. mejor. qe. le. meta. su. pene. a. la. mujer
melisa Melisa (23 days ago)
🖕 fake
ariadna buontempo (23 days ago)
Quien quiera que le chupe el pene deme su numero
Linda McClure (23 days ago)
u guys are ugly and inapropeyate
Kally Smith (24 days ago)
Same i want to dance on some boys
Dereka Davenport (29 days ago)
I feel so sorry for the man's
CRISTINA CARRERA (1 month ago)
Vai se a mãe deles vê kkk
Amanda Beauty (1 month ago)
amazing hot dance,,,,,but I could do that much more better
The KinG (1 month ago)
Destiny Begaye (1 month ago)
Those to guys probably have a wife and those girl are going to say it's over like if you agree.
Jessica Riedy (6 days ago)
Jessica Riedy (6 days ago)
HiBaby girl
Jessica Riedy (6 days ago)
Destiny Begaye girls
Amanda Beauty (1 month ago)
Que gostoso
Broken Doorbell (1 month ago)
And that, kids, is how I met your mother.
DANNA GRAVINA (1 month ago)
MØTTŒ (1 month ago)
Umn sluts
Destiny Maiaire (1 month ago)
Amanda Beauty (1 month ago)
Teeva Dion (1 month ago)
Amanda Beauty (1 month ago)
yes yes yes
Mia Arenas (1 month ago)
NOT SEXY enough
Alicia Alicia (1 month ago)
Meu nome é alicia tambem
Andrew Boyer (1 month ago)
I want to do that
Not Jo (1 month ago)
3:19 😱🤤
Que girls
fun kids tv (1 month ago)
I hate the girl on the right
Laura Real (1 month ago)
What is she the tall one is hot I want learn to dance like her info not 6ft but 5"11
The left is hot, the right had skill
Vincent Ecleo (1 month ago)
ummmmmm i'm Venus
hunSunset heary (1 month ago)
1:17 - 1:23 left doesn't know
wolf super gaming (1 month ago)
So sexy 💞
Izzie (1 month ago)
Pole dancers gotta quit making me question my sexuality
Izzie (1 month ago)
The white girlfriend looked so lost it was embarrassing lmao. Just watch the black chick. She’s got some serious skill.
miyrem karabeşek (1 month ago)
Divine Rayne (1 month ago)
Aazass.z Wwslaslz Z.lzZLa
Gostoso delicioso
Eliane Moraes (2 months ago)
Dylan Lewandowski (2 months ago)
Pj 101 squad (2 months ago)
The girl on the right I want her body
Ylana Di maggio (2 months ago)
Selim oyunda (2 months ago)
Carmina Manalastas (2 months ago)
eddy c'est du gaming (2 months ago)
Truc sexy 😘😘😘
eddy c'est du gaming (2 months ago)
Tracey Kapua (2 months ago)
dean jones (2 months ago)
Mel Camp (2 months ago)
Do that on me
cami zorzini (2 months ago)

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