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The Try Guys Crash Cars Into Each Other // Presented by The Grand Tour

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The Try Guys design and destroy cars and crash them into one another in their first demolition derby! Presented by Amazon Prime's The Grand Tour. Now Streaming on Amazon Prime. Stream new episodes Friday. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily!
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Text Comments (6735)
DogsAre Dogs (7 days ago)
He kinda looks like the guy from The song Youngblood the guy with the black leather jacket
Jessané Cacti (14 days ago)
Ned just frustrates me. They said " DO NOT HIT THE DOOR ON PURPOSE" and Ned was just being a huge DICK
Louise Murphy (16 days ago)
12:51 *..shook..*
Justine Nobert (18 days ago)
“We’re going to triple team your wife”
Nevaeh DeBruler (19 days ago)
Zach’s car looks like Penelope’s car off Reck it Ralph
Hoexygon X (20 days ago)
Billy eilish bury a friend comes to mind
I got offended when they wanted to triple team Ned for talking about his wife what's the issue about talking about someone you love
Jay (21 days ago)
The Try Guys make me love America with a passion again - despite the 'president' that you have in 2019... California here I come.
Namira Khairani (21 days ago)
keith face is literally everywherr
Namira Khairani (21 days ago)
50% decorating
Chapolee (23 days ago)
I like Keith's helmet
miss pufferfish (28 days ago)
Is this video in the other dimension
Frisbee 'n' Cookies (29 days ago)
I can hear Zach's car screaming "Kill me" with that vomit inducing decoration.🤣
Allan Bautista (1 month ago)
Play HQ please,in your video ;)
Lauren Cook (1 month ago)
I want them to do Try Guys try fursuiting.. 😂 Make fun of me all you want, it needs to be done. *It needs to.* Honestly, I bet Eugene would frickin love that.
saule t. sofija (1 month ago)
Begining Eugene: A shity shity loser End Eugene: I’m glad that I lost
Victoria Martinez (1 month ago)
That splits Eugene did turned me on 😂
Tatiana Anghel (1 month ago)
Donna is lady in italian
Allora Bell (1 month ago)
This is how I rank the the try guys. 1. Zach 2. Eugene 3. Keith 4. Ned Sorry Ned you just get to mad
KATELYN SUMMAR (1 month ago)
“I had so much fun trying to legitimately murder my friends” - Eugene Ummmm....psychopath who?
why did ned want to kill keith when they were walking with their uniform thing idk
Midnight hour (1 month ago)
Keith's car is the best lmao
Megan Owens (1 month ago)
“Please stop this line of joke making” 😂😂😂
Bethany Brakebill (1 month ago)
Eugene you are so dark in this one 😂 "I enjoyed trying to kill my friends" omg but i would so love to do this with my friends too...and try to kill them as Eugene said 😂
David’s Weird (1 month ago)
4:45 Ned hit zach
2:08 Me when answering a math question
2:41 That's what she said
Areeya Intaraha (1 month ago)
" Do not hit the driver door on PURPOSE"
Keira Regan (1 month ago)
Guy: "I love the signature" What I think Eugene probably actually said: "Thanks" What I heard Eugene say: "Sex" I listened again, he said what I heard Guy: I love the signature Eugene: Sex
Keira Regan (1 month ago)
Does anyone else both love Eugene's outfit, and wonder what the hell it is (I haven't seen the whole video yet but if he changes outfit, I mean the one at the start)
michelle foster (1 month ago)
Eugene should have won best appearance in my opinion
J Fee (1 month ago)
Okay Ned I hate your car
Todoroki Shoto (1 month ago)
I hate America and I live here! :)
Lily Hillman (1 month ago)
One of my favorite videos 😘
Sydney Roberts (1 month ago)
Ashley Boyle (1 month ago)
"i just cant wait to ram my friends!!"
adryy b. (1 month ago)
5:57 , ahh i loveee keith 💀
fatima zara (1 month ago)
I laughed so hard at 11:14
WolfandDogs (1 month ago)
That must if hurt
Nataly Baldes (1 month ago)
2:11 😂🤣 zack
BasicMe (1 month ago)
i wouldn't be surprised if keith let one of them use his car
reaksmei 1 Neang (1 month ago)
E car looks like a power ranger
Izaro Okazaki (1 month ago)
12:33 eugene smiling like that even tho he lost. so cute
I thought that Eugene should have won Best decorated or Mad Dog Eugene was CRAZY 😐
I’ve seen a demolition derby and The cars I’ve seen ARE AMAZING 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jaime M (1 month ago)
it’s meow or never 🐱
KBbandtees (1 month ago)
“I accidentally hit a parked car once” I thought I was the only one
Madison Blumer (1 month ago)
I have noticed that zack is so childish 😂
Charity Murray (1 month ago)
I love that Zach's car had googly eyes and a tail "for balance."
sally dale (1 month ago)
Every time I saw Zach's car I DIED
Keith - His face and blue checkers Zach - Cuteness Eugene - Darkness Ned - His wife Perfect
colin gibson (1 month ago)
They’re all wearing button down shirt except for Eugene, who’s wearing a leather jacket.
Kiki Cruz (1 month ago)
Ned’s a gangsta! He rides for his wife and had to check his lil bro Zach when he broke the rules. I loved everything about this video 😂😂😂😂
Kyala Studs (2 months ago)
My dad and me love the grand tour and too me *their all hammonds*
12:21 I want to do this with my friends now wait! I have non
Aidan Wilson (2 months ago)
what the hell is eugene wearing
Kara Juhl (2 months ago)
The cat helmet on Zach. I just can't lmao
niko Vithoulkas (2 months ago)
The loser would be ned because he lost first
J Speedy (2 months ago)
I feel so bad for zack
Emerald Cobra (2 months ago)
Legit the one who asked for a clenex wipe won, how does that work
Cocokitty98 (2 months ago)
Ned's design is so boring Keith is best design
Anna River (2 months ago)
Keith's car reminds me of JoJo siwa's car
Greenfriend Gaming (2 months ago)
Did anyone else root for Zack
Marshmallow Fluff Weirdo (2 months ago)
Eugene would win a NASCAR race just because of how cute he is.
Jose Segarra (2 months ago)
Omg this is litterly my fav viedo
#Jeon # Yoongles# (2 months ago)
I love how Ned is so obsessed with his wife😂😂its so cute❤💜
Pomme YT (2 months ago)
I just love Kieth’s car.
Luna Blue (2 months ago)
If I was one of the try guys I would crash into Eugene’s car cause he’s tough I wanna see how tough he is!!!!!!
Amelia Perron (2 months ago)
“ you hIT MY DOOR”
Damian Ramos (2 months ago)
10:57 jesus christ its jason borne
SpeedyGD (2 months ago)
The face on Keith’s helmet could be a meme.
Erica Lilly (2 months ago)
“What up I’m Zach and this my whip. Meow Meow her name is Donna and she is purr-fect”
p0sthum4n (2 months ago)
That rad plaid wrecking machine is amazing.
Amia Brown (2 months ago)
Omg Ned smacked Zach
CLAW s (2 months ago)
legit the most autistic thing about americans is that they cant drive a manual
Timothy Petriyenko (2 months ago)
Kieth is a kiethicat
Connors Palace (2 months ago)
Wait, if his wife was called his wife, and he was standing on it, does that mean he was standing on his wife
Jeffrey Macesin (2 months ago)
Finally Eugene lost lol
Conner Farnsworth (2 months ago)
You look like a ninja and like you are about to kill someone or you just didi
Conner Farnsworth (2 months ago)
Eugene you look good in that car
Ms. Jiminie (2 months ago)
LOL Zack names his car after me :,)
Priscilla Briggs (2 months ago)
Eugene is my spirit animal
iiSammy _TheGreat (2 months ago)
Killing you friends on *"accident"*
omg you should listen to the wiggles to this lol
UnicornLover 18 (2 months ago)
IT IS OFFICIAL. Eugene Lee Yang is the human manifestation of Magnus Bane
Lynzie Ball (2 months ago)
Beautiful beautiful Keith
Adamcflurry (2 months ago)
Keith: they wont expect to be agressive so i will be Ned: THEY EXPECT TO BE AGRESSIVE SO IM NOT GOING TO BE Zach: heh cats Eugene: demon *but sparkly*
epic (2 months ago)
12:50 that one extra friend in your friend group
sunlight_ beam (2 months ago)
Basically bumper cars but with real cars
Naveah Rae (2 months ago)
“ I can’t wait to ram my friends” Keith 2016
Kpop x Kdrama (2 months ago)
So its basically like.. bumb cars😂
Flame Studios (2 months ago)
2:41 that's what she said
Maizitun MY (2 months ago)
Oh my gosh, Eugene didn't win anything. I am genuinely surprised
LimeLight Dolan (2 months ago)
Zach’s car is decorated like a 5 year old girl with a 7 year old girl attitude....
LimeLight Dolan (2 months ago)
Ned needs an award for “I bring my wife into everything”
Emily Deller (2 months ago)
I love Zach at 10:46 when he did the little hit/nudge it was cute and funny, I couldn't stop laughing at the cuteness 😂
NoneYa Business (2 months ago)
"we're gonna triple team arial" oml zack lmao
Improv Plus (2 months ago)
Hello. Read more
Improv Plus (2 months ago)
Hey! Read more
Improv Plus (2 months ago)
“I did not expect that much thrust” That’s what she said. Sorry. I had to.

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