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Best Seed Catalogs of 2013 for Home Gardeners

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares his favorite seed catalogs for 2013. John will share his opinions on starting seeds vs buying plant starts for new gardeners. During this video you will learn if you should only purchase organically grown seeds and difference between hybrid and open pollinated plants and which John prefers. Finally John will give a thumbs up or thumbs down to each seed catalog and finally John will share his favorite 6 seed catalogs of 2013. Some special discounts: 1. Baker Creek Seeds http://www.rareseeds.com use discount code growingyourgreens for 15% off your order total until 4/27 2. Johnny's Select Seeds http://www.johnnyseeds.com use coupon 13-1014 for FREE SHIPPING - ANY SIZE ORDER or use coupon 13-1052 for $10 off a purchase of $30 or more. These coupons are available for a limited time. 3. Gardeners Supply Catalog http://www.gardeners.com $6 off $25 or more use coupon xxxx1572 or $20 off any order over $80 xxxx0370 These coupons are available for a limited time.
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Text Comments (97)
glenda brekke (2 months ago)
John I am looking for mint plants, can't find them anywhere I look I don't want to start from seed
AlwaysSkeptical Forever (10 months ago)
You rock John. Grow veggies every year and loved the vid.
human Mcperson (1 year ago)
Garden 4 Life (1 year ago)
Hi John, I just came across this video from 2013. Agree with the Baker Creek catalog! That's where I ordered all of my tomato seeds from this year. But you may want to take another look at the Natural Gardening Company catalog. I found their seeds to be reasonably priced plus they have FREE shipping on ALL order over $35 which is a very low amount compared to other companies. I ordered several seeds from them this year including the Suyo Long Cucumber which was $2.75 for 30 seeds and they arrived quickly and with FREE shipping. I also called to ask a question about some seeds and they personally answered the phone. No Call Center Robots!
rohan marsh (2 years ago)
Thank you very much John, I live in Jamaica and this information will serve me really well
Skram Blitz (2 years ago)
GMO's aren't bad for you please do some research before you say something about it. I'm not trying to be mean but I don't want you to be wrong.
Jacob Gomez (3 years ago)
can I have seeds
laurice galletta (3 years ago)
Hey John, great you went through all those catalogs but I was wondering if you ever ordered from "fast-growing trees"?
Zhijun Chen (3 years ago)
Very informative video
Kale Girl (3 years ago)
"Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides...which may lead to suicide." Lol...
Andrew Dahl (3 years ago)
"We now have a large set of data, both experimental and observational, showing that genetically modified feed is safe and nutritionally equivalent to non-GMO feed. There does not appear to be any health risk to the animals, and it is even less likely that there could be any health effect on humans who eat those animals. In order to maintain the position that GMOs are not adequately tested, or that they are harmful or risky, you have to either highly selectively cherry pick a few outliers of low scientific quality, or you have to simply deny the science."
Kathryn Belcher (3 years ago)
30 years and hundreds of thousands of people is a really flawed way of deciding what is adequate evidence.  There is not 30 years of research on each individual crop, nor is there hundreds of thousands people in each crop evaluation.  In fact I found a list of over 300+ GMO crops which means GMO crops seem to have smaller trials than medication.  I'm not wrong to look at all the evidence and lack of long term studies and say we don't know whether they are safe or not.  It took us 24 to question the safety of fen-phen and another 3 years to pull it off the market.  30 years is not a long time when evaluating the long-term consequences of a product.  Especially when we are now discovering our food and lifestyle choices can have multi-generational effects.
Andrew Dahl (3 years ago)
Not sure whether you're for or against GMOs by that statement, but you're wrong regardless. I think 30 years of research involving hundreds of thousands of people is pretty good evidence that GMOs are fine.
Kathryn Belcher (3 years ago)
Andrew, You don't have to cherry pick to come to that conclusion.  There is not a large set of data.  They may be FDA approved, but that process doesn't require extensive testing.  In fact current research into genetics shows that food habits can have effects that show up generations later.  GMO's neither have the history nor the types of testing that can show such long term effects.  Our knowledge of how food effects us is limited and lately there has been new research that has us questioning some of the core concepts behind how we see nutrition.  . 
Andrew Dahl (3 years ago)
GMOs are not harmful and I really don't understand your basis for believing that they are. http://www.forbes.com/sites/jonentine/2014/09/17/the-debate-about-gmo-safety-is-over-thanks-to-a-new-trillion-meal-study/
Lum (4 years ago)
Gmos are great.
Elizabeth Monacelli (4 years ago)
"Throw the baby out with the bath water"????????
beth beckett (4 years ago)
Hi John, new gardner, thanks to you. I germinate every seed I get my hands on. you're inspiring, thank you, from beth, in So Fla.
spanishchica2 (4 years ago)
John, also check out horizon herbs. They have a wide variety of vegetables, some fruits and medicinal herbs as well. They have some hard to find varieties and I have been quite pleased with them.
Brian Henderson (5 years ago)
Thanks John!  My wife is going to love you with the 5 or 6 new seed catalog coming my way!  A couple of notes on my favorites...I primarily order from Seed Savers, Southern Exchange and Bountiful Garden.  I've communicated with all 3 of these and they have all been very responsive and helpful.  I try to support Southern Exchange mostly just because I live in the SE so it is closer to my climate.  Bountiful Gardens has not only seeds but also innoculents and good information on the culture of each seed.  Seed Savers is my favorite, mainly because they are located very close to where I grew up in NE Iowa, but you can also visit the farm, seed test plots and apple/grape orchard (browsing all along the way) and take a pretty hike on their property.  I have found Seed Savers to have VERY HIGH quality of seeds (90+% germ rate on everything I have bought from them).
Vivian Varble (5 years ago)
LOVE your videos! Thanks for devoting so much of yourself for the benefit of others. I'm glad I watched this vid, lots of great info and now I'm armed with many options for my seeds. <3
Maureen leary (5 years ago)
I haven't begun planting yet . can when I move. how do you save your seeds? when does a plant go to seed? can u store seeds in plastic ziplock bags or are there paper ones available? thanks
jpreciouspearl (5 years ago)
I am new at this. A city girl who moved a month ago to the country. I have been a raw vegan since 1995 but now I will like to start gardening and growing my own food. I have no idea how to do this. But I have a question what about buying like starter kits that are out there for those like me that are clueless to start with something. Do you recommend that?
HobiRM_S Sunshine (5 years ago)
I'm just getting around to watching this video. I love your videos & have learned so much! I just ordered from Bakers Creek Seeds a few days ago. Glad to see they get your vote of approval!!! :)
Rob H (5 years ago)
I just ordered a boat-load of catalogues...
Great video! thank you for sharing!
yosoyspartacus (5 years ago)
Thanks so much for sharing! I'm looking for seeds now and this was awesome! I already had 2 of the companies that you mentioned on my list, but you have coupon codes! And there were a few that I couldn't find, I'll check out your other recommendations.
Roxyie Curone (5 years ago)
Wow! Great video!! I've only heard of Burpee and Jung! So glad you made this video!
alzathoth (5 years ago)
too bad most of these catalogs have a charge to be shipped to Canada.
Kim Swanson (5 years ago)
I wish there was a tv garden channel. I would watch your show like candy.
vicarioustube (5 years ago)
I only use them to wrap fish/meat to bake or BBQ them in.
Info Eye (5 years ago)
John, a snail has crawled into the tube on my grow-ums container! Help! How do I get him out of there?
John C (5 years ago)
where can I get a good tree seed catalog for evergreens? also can you recommend a good fast growing evergreen for privacy? Thanks for all your time and effort in your videos taught me a lot thanks!
dsstroyer (5 years ago)
Thanks, buying a large order from rareseeds coupon works great
string11 (5 years ago)
How do you know that the seeds you buy are not from Monsanto or one of the smaller seed companies they own?
vidme131 (5 years ago)
Just found Bountiful Gardens! Is that the #1?
vidme131 (5 years ago)
What's the name of the #1 catalogue??? *banafer* gardens????
KhaoticKim (5 years ago)
darcyvuqua (5 years ago)
I love your vids :)
wealthy king (5 years ago)
Thanks john for taking time to share your thoughts and this great wealth of info.
MischievousKittie (5 years ago)
I also recommend seedlibrary org. Its rom the Hudson valley seed library. Seed savrs is still my favorite
jennifer baker (5 years ago)
Thank you for this John!!!!!!!!!!!
yvonne herschberger (5 years ago)
Hello John soooo much appreciate your videos! So encouraging. However on one of your videos I saw you eating fresh leaves in your garden with your wonderful dip, but please wash them first even though you havent sprayed. I had parasites one time in my intestines, so if an insect lays eggs on your veges, and you cant see them, they can attach to your intestinal wall and feed. I was so sick. About 9 of them came out dead with tenacles attached to them which was attached to my intestinal walls.
Maria Teresita Tan (5 years ago)
Hello John, I just ordered some seeds and hope it will be a success for me like yours. I love gardening and in the past, I have some good ones pertaining to vegetables, flowers and fruit trees back in Hawaii. We just retired here in Melbourne, FL and bought a house with a big backyard that we are planning to have everything from veggies, flowers and tropical fruits. As my Mom always tell us since we are little, eat vegetables to make any health problems go away:). Again, thanks for all the video
Mindy L. (5 years ago)
No offense intended as I LOVE your videos John, however, if we buy seeds from Johnny's, we are supporting Monsanto. Monsanto owns Semini's and Johnny's buys from Semini's.
Eden Eating (5 years ago)
BTW - I love this channel!!! Quick question...I planted about 5 varieties of heirloom seeds about 3-4 weeks ago and I haven´t seen the beginnings of anything yet. Nothing has sprouted up. However, the wild peruvian tomato seeds I got while in the jungle there were planted the same time and are doing nicely. Did I do something wrong with the heirlooms or are my seeds bad? Thanks John.
GLFH (5 years ago)
So the camera man is a woman. Nice work! Mazel Tov on growing your own salad. Keep Kohler Looking Good!!!
Sandra O. (5 years ago)
Lol... I stay with John in Las Vegas silly :P I films his las vegas and southern cali stuff. I just think its funny when John says n00b in the video... reminds me of my gaming days! But also I am still a n00b sauce at gardening though :P But I am learning! Just started my first seeds here :) Dandelion, basil, Purslane, Malabar spinach and Bolivian cucumbers :)
GLFH (5 years ago)
Girl trying to mack you, Kohler. Put down the catalog and send her a pack of seeds. ;-* Go for it, Son!!!
LovelessWedny (5 years ago)
Botanical Interests also has a beautiful catalog. They have heirlooms, organics and all are no gmo.
kam175 (5 years ago)
How about Burpees?
rzashida (5 years ago)
Your plants look beautiful and healthy.
Sandra O. (5 years ago)
<------------ n00b sauce :P
ElectronicTech1999 (5 years ago)
Did you ever try Ebay for seeds? They have a lot of suppliers with cheaper shipping charges.
Michael Wang (5 years ago)
as well as many other seed companies as well.
Michael Wang (5 years ago)
you can save on paper, and download the Osborne seed catalog PDF directly from their web site.
Don't Drink The Water (5 years ago)
Hey John, what do you think about vermiculite? Do you suggest using 1 part compost, 1 part peat moss and 1 part vermiculite? The vermiculite seems to cost a lot of money. Is it worth the cost? I heard it breaks down in a couple years anyway. Thanks and really enjoy your videos.
DA Bessire (5 years ago)
FYI rare seeds Dot Com Or baker Creek seeds , out of 2013 catalogs all requests will be processed in 2014. Y
Joe Feser (5 years ago)
Johnny's seeds also sells Monsanto owned seeds. I do not purchase from them if I can avoid it.
NW CHICAGO SUBURBS (5 years ago)
Can't order Fedco by email. Only call by phone or by mail.
anthonymurray001 (5 years ago)
John, Thank you for the Purple Tree Collards!
ambo1728 (5 years ago)
good choice, thank you so much for all your vids
bogipepper (5 years ago)
I couldn't find strawberry spinach in this years Baker Creek catalog, but it is on the web site. I started some at new years from "Parks Seed" and they are still tiny. I just wanted to thank you for your seed finds on your south Florida trip.
IndoorOrganicGarden (5 years ago)
Great tips! Thanks for the video, John!
john doe (5 years ago)
What do you think about guns? John? Do you own one?
SuperVt100 (5 years ago)
Be really nice if you could list the catalog that you like and why..
P4nikStudios (5 years ago)
Been waiting on this one for weeks.. Thanks!!
Vi McShannon (5 years ago)
I've ordered fruit trees and shrubs from Gurneys the last couple years. I compared the prices with two other seed catalogs. Same price but 50% off the gurneys. And they grew great! Have some coming this year as well.
AeroMECH808 (5 years ago)
Got some Trinidad scorpion pepper also the chocolate ones from JohnySeeds last week and planted them... :D
Dylan Josselin (5 years ago)
got the top 5 catalogs ordered. bakers is out of stock unless you want to pay shipping.
gardengnome765 (5 years ago)
Ordered from Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds this year. I received my order in about a week and all my seeds planted have germinated. Trying out "Chocolate Peppers" in this years garden. Can't wait to see how they taste! I love this catalog and will definitely be ordering from them again!
William Shawver (5 years ago)
Try starting seeds in damp paper towels inside an open plastic sandwich bag. In most cases they will germinate in 1-3 days. Transplants into containers is an easy process.
ameer whitmyer (5 years ago)
thanks for another great vid. I will be trying several of these. could not believe you didn't have High Mowing seed company on your list they have been my go to for years. Nice catalog with sprouting seeds, micro greens, heirlooms , exotics and strong hybrids as well. Check them out great small company in VT.
vegangal53 (5 years ago)
Thank you John! The top 6 are in my bookmarks.
Logan McLemore (5 years ago)
I don't mean to get in your buisness and I am not trying to be mean to you john but damian del rey don't say anything bad on the garden videos growingyourgreens post because he said he does not like people saying bad stuff probably like sucks because they will kick you off their channel I just don't want you to get kicked off. No fence john.
S Ann (5 years ago)
I wanted to mention Bill because not very many people think they can grow these kind of subtrops. A macadamia tree, avocado tree, suebelle sapote, banana patch w/TONS of banana bunches (very tasty) citrus trees, a mature pawpaw tree (that I was so lucky to get some fruit from!), a garden patch of course, berries, etc. I couldn't believe how many exotic trees he had! I think he even had a cherimoya. Let me know if you want his contact. You'd be amazed with how he has everything put! I was!!
S Ann (5 years ago)
That would be great if you did a video with Bill M. in Fremont. He has tons of edibles in his yard, and he does permaculture. I got some things from him that he was selling before like bananas, macadamia nuts & sapote. Do you know him?
Julsinmaine101 (5 years ago)
Good video with lots of information that I use..:)Thanks man!
eyeYQ2 (5 years ago)
I LOVE Johnny's! I have bought from them for about 20 years or so. Always been very happy with them, and their catalogs is like a wealth of very great info. Kind of pricy, but a very reputable company out of Maine. Pine Tree Seeds out of Maine is cheaper, and fantastic company. Done business with them for over 20 years too. The State of Maine does NOT allow ANY GMO crops to be grown in that State!!
Vikram Raval (5 years ago)
when you feel they are long... transplant them deep in to plastic cups gives them more support. i have problems growing sunflowers seeds indoors cuz they grow so fast and thats what i do ....i have to transplant them few times before i plant em outside
civildisorder44 (5 years ago)
i heard johnnys got caught using GMO,s....
TheNNOODDLLEE (5 years ago)
I absolutely LOVE all the links you post under your videos. Thank you so much for your wonderful training videos ,and for doing the foot work of putting these links together for us as well as the coupons. Much, MUCH appreciated!
redirises (5 years ago)
i find it easier to start plants outside. when i started my seeds inside this year the plants I got little starters that are really long spindly and end up breaking with even the gentlest watering. when i start them in the ground that doesn't happen.
Emily BH (5 years ago)
Thanks John. The info is fantastic. Just to let everyone know thought that that Baker Creek Order form doesn't allow you to put in any "discount code". So there doesn't seem to be a way to obtain the 15% discount (unless I was supposed to click on the "add gift card" options. Also they are out of their 2013 catalog unless you want to pay for shipping. (I wonder if I'll get one since I ordered something.)
DustyWiyrick (5 years ago)
Irish-eyes organic garden seeds. irisheyesgardenseeds,com
DustyWiyrick (5 years ago)
Irisheyes garden seeds has organic atomic purple and mass other rare- organic seeds.
rolazrei (5 years ago)
A correction on the definitions given for open pollination vs. hybrid: Open is pollination with an unknown pollen donor; hybrid is pollination with a known donor. Plants basically *never* breed 100% true, in fact, no organism does unless they are scientifically cloned. Hybrids will however generally lose their specific genetic profile the F1 generation was bred for, while Opens didn't start with a chosen profile so there's nothing to lose.
groovesme (5 years ago)
I didn't get a lot of those catalogs after I ordered them a few months ago. But Bountiful, Territorial, Baker Creek, and Kitazawa arrived pretty quickly.
TheTampaChik (5 years ago)
Baker Creek Seeds is the best...they sell a lot of hard-to-find melon varieties.
A Girl Has No Name (5 years ago)
A few of those I have from your 2011 review but I will be adding a few more thanks to this years Catalog Showdown!
Robert Drake (5 years ago)
BTW, only one company gives catalogs to people outside the US (I';m in Canada).
Robert Drake (5 years ago)
I'm only seeing three seed companies listed.
P Peskey (5 years ago)
I buy all of my seeds and bulbs from Vesey's Seeds. They have the best quality products I've ever used. I highly recommend you try them!
Cathy (5 years ago)
I'm a newbie and I started a couple of plants this year from seeds, my seedlings are doing quite great. I must be awesome. Nah, I just watched a lot of videos and read some stuff. :) Thank you for your videos and for the time you invest in making them.
rainbowsalads (5 years ago)
Tamar organics has a great online catalogue in the UK. .
NorthCarolinaGardene (5 years ago)
Use some shade definitely in the desert. Drip irrigation or soaker hoses are a must, bury them under heavy mulch. You can shade with shade cloth sold everywhere. Cut your light transmission from 40-55% once the fruit has set. If they are open pollination varieties, you can pollinate them easily with an electric toothbrush. There are videos here on Youtube to show you how to use an electric toothbrush to pollinate. I have one on my channel.
christschool (5 years ago)
I'm in zone 7b. Started some of my seeds back in early January. Probably should have started in March. All under metal halides now, but running out of space because the plants are so large now.

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