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15 Things Men Wear That Women LOVE

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These are the things men wear that turn women on! ► FREE Confidence Cheat Sheet: https://attractioninsights.com/confidence-cheat-sheet/yt/lj/things-men-wear-irresistible ►►►Want us to personally take you out and show you how to meet women? Learn more here: https://attractioninsights.com/training ► See the boot camp schedule here: https://daygametraining.com/training-schedule/ Representative bias means that you only have a few moments to create that first impression. Why not make that moment a HUGE TURN ON? In today's Wing Girl Wisdom, celebrity Men's wear stylist Lindsay tells you the 15 Things Men Wear That Women Find Irresistible! A girl can tell a lot about you with what you wear. And if you've hands down got it all working out for you, approaching her would be a breeze! We all know if you look good, you'll feel more confident to finally get that girl you've always wanted. Lindsay will show you the top things men wear that turn women on. She's knows the latest trends in mens wear. The most popular clothing and apparel. Even small things like your pocket square or the tie you wear can turn her on. Get started with wearing your best. The power to turn her on even BEFORE you talk to her is something you'd want to use wisely. Lindsay shows you: ► The top 15 Things Men Wear That Women Find Irresistible. ► Simple tweaks that can improve your outfit and have her turned on at first sight! ► How to look good on different occasions and how to gain the confidence to talk to her by wearing your best outfit. ► The best fashion tips that make you irresistible to women! #TheAttractiveMan #WingGirl #menswear The Attractive Man is an international dating company famous for teaching “Deep Authentic Attraction.” It was founded by Matt Artisan and since has trained men in the art of attraction in over 40 different countries around the world. ################################################################################################### MORE FROM THE ATTRACTIVE MAN Subscribe to The Attractive Man YouTube channel here: ► https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theattractiveman1 PLAYLISTS TO HELP IMPROVE YOUR DATING LIFE: How To Talk To Girls ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwxWdbKfbjojUujXJBEe5ghH Mindset and Inner Game ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?asdlist=PL81KCO2IOpwwJPmg5yUKmAf7-hlklj9IH Infield Approaches ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwxy9S_wdH6lkKG4JdtnrlwK How To Be Charismatic ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyqQsjWYl6Lq1CvAmjoXHOL Advanced Dating Tips ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyu9AuzX1fGZRjFppTCqC43 Advanced Demonstrations ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyrwmn5UsZSYehnMHHP_Nmo Texting & Phone Tips ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyVK7GFWXJvtSKOnBYXSFgl ################################################################################################### Visit our website at http://theattractiveman.com/ Want more dates? Take a boot camp with us: ► https://attractioninsights.com/bootcamps Want 1-on-1 private coaching? Then click here: ► https://attractioninsights.com/coaching
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The Attractive Man (3 months ago)
What did YOU wear that caught a girl's attention? ► FREE Confidence Cheat Sheet: https://attractioninsights.com/confidence-cheat-sheet/yt/lj/things-men-wear-irresistible ►►► Want us to personally take you out and show you how to meet women? Get a FREE Consultation: https://attractioninsights.com/training ► See the boot camp schedule here: https://daygametraining.com/training-schedule/
David Gray (15 days ago)
I wore a sport coat, nice shirt, jeans. I got more than a few compliments. All from the woman I was with.
peaceforgaelandscot (16 days ago)
Audi r8
Alexander Smith (22 days ago)
Alexander Smith (22 days ago)
Marcus Ulpius Traianus (22 days ago)
And you have fun of Trajan, well i sugest you to learn a little bit of him because he was a true and great leader, not like the one we have today worldwide...
Adam Burton (8 hours ago)
Would a penis ring work? 😐
Luis Cornejo (11 hours ago)
The day I have to be told what to wear to attract a woman, is the day I cease to be a man...handkerchiefs, scarfs, skinny ties, thin watches, and pointy shoes, WTF!!!!
Mitchell Rose (22 hours ago)
Big full pockets...
Sourav Banerjee (1 day ago)
Thanks sweetie
Mathias T.W.P (1 day ago)
Straight to Hell Gods - Expedition with neckties, they are the male hijab (or thin high heels for that matter). They are nothing short of corporate strangulation, and forcing men to wear them is like forcing women to wear heels.
Darron Miller (1 day ago)
Make sure u have a pocket on your Hanes t shirt, nice leather belt, blue jeans and boots. Works every time. If u need more than that, you don't need that woman!!! More than likely she is very unappreciative
The Attractive Man (1 day ago)
Thanks for the comment!
Andy T (1 day ago)
1. Pocket square is useless. So.... nope 2. Ties are for funerals and weddings, so... nope 3. Sweaters went out with Cosby. So... Rape? 4. Layers work great for working outdoors, like real men do. So .... layers are mandatory.
Tom Newham (1 day ago)
How about a Merino wool sweater, not only are they warm, natural and soft.
atrain 34007 (2 days ago)
The people that liked this video are beta males who have no clue and women. This advice is pure bullshit. Pocket squares? lol
The Gorn (2 days ago)
I layer a polo shirt with another polo shirt. I always want to be 2 popped collars cool
Sans Decorum (4 days ago)
As if anyone cares. Was never looking to attract gold diggers anyway.
Brent Baker (4 days ago)
Wear what you feel comfortable in. This chick just want you to wear expensive clothes so gold diggers can find you easier .
Kevin Sanchez (4 days ago)
This video was made for white people just get gains and wear a tank then you will be good
surfallday (4 days ago)
Mommy Jeans are a turn on. Yeah baby!
idk wtf am I doing watching this shit
brentrich16 (10 days ago)
I feel like a tie and pocket square isn't really appropriate for a first date type scenario
April Nicole Willliams (10 days ago)
every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man(except lesbians)
OmniscientlyMe (10 days ago)
Sweaters, Layering, Long sleeves, Jackets, Suits...I'm half Scandinavian and cooked alive is not the kind of hot I want to be.
The Attractive Man (9 days ago)
Thanks for the comment!
lidko Helis (10 days ago)
i am a man and i am the prize ..and you woman ..you need my sperm and my money ...try to win it .
Ltvn1968 (10 days ago)
Pink Bermuda shorts with striped knee socks, a plaid shirt and a wool stocking cap and white gloves? Gets em every time!
The Attractive Man (9 days ago)
Thanks for the comment!
AL spezial (11 days ago)
real woman use ion engines!
ryalex20 (11 days ago)
The one thing a woman wants you to wear: a condom.
O (11 days ago)
Mark that under who gives a shit.
Kenneth (11 days ago)
All I got from this is that every woman needs a gay friend to go shopping with.
The Attractive Man (9 days ago)
Thanks for the comment!
The Attractive Man (10 days ago)
Thanks for the comment!
Fred Flinstone (11 days ago)
Why would i take advise from a woman that doesnt know how to dress like a lady?
Aaron Hartje (11 days ago)
Why is it that every video like this forgets to put the word "gay" in front of "Man/Men" in the title? It gets confusing.
Aaron Hartje (11 days ago)
1) Skinny ties are for the same sort of "man" as skinny jeans. 2) Don't try that "casual" short-sleeve button-up with a classy gal, at least when you're first dating her. Save the frat-boy bullshit for the low-hanging fruit you get in college and just after. 3) More than one spray of cologne and you'll smell like a man-whore or playground basketball player. One spritz/drop on a pulse point and spread. 4) Leather jackets went out a decade ago and bomber jackets are for posers. 5) The footwear worn to a 5-star restaurant doesn't matter if the person wearing the flip-flops is the one picking up the bill. If a date shows up wearing them, you had to already have a pretty good idea what the guy was like before you agreed to go out with him. 6) Chelsea boots: See item No. 1. Nothing masculine about that boot. 7) Prints: Stay away from them if you're not a child, gay or - similarly - a hipster/millennial. 8) French tuck: Makes you look like you just got done scratching your balls. 9) Tailored suit = $$$$$ to women. That's why you should get one, even if you don't have the cash. You don't need 5-star money when you have a great suit. You just need condom money.
Aaron Hartje (11 days ago)
No. 1: A money belt. No. 2: Platform shoes made of diamonds
Joseph Carroll (12 days ago)
this girl is ironically doing the one thing guys cant stand..yap.yap.yap.yap.yap.shoes!!! yap.yap.yap.yap!
HUNdAntae (12 days ago)
I normally wear biker boots, chinos, printed tees or buttonups and biker leather jacket. Also i kave a thing for redheads so Lindsey hit me up!
jim P. (12 days ago)
Rich C (12 days ago)
Great info except the French Tuck. Looks like a nerd who can't keep his clothes on correctly.
Ur DAD (12 days ago)
Get ripped - Conclusion
The Attractive Man (12 days ago)
Thanks for the comment!
John Bennsin (13 days ago)
The women were I live would laugh at you if you wear this crap.
MrKockNoker (13 days ago)
*Sponsored by Chinos.*
Noogey Roadrocks (15 days ago)
what if a guy wears t-shirt, pants, and flip flop but he gets out of an expensive sports car?
The end is near (15 days ago)
Pretty sad state of affairs that we need to give advice for couples to attract one another.
The Attractive Man (15 days ago)
Thanks for the comment!
Edward Alexander (16 days ago)
This is the worst advice I've ever heard. This shit is ridiculous lmao I'm literally laughing right now
Dennis Kissane (16 days ago)
What about pvc or latex
The Attractive Man (15 days ago)
Thanks for the comment!
Ban Theet (17 days ago)
Marion St Joan much better than this girl
Ban Theet (17 days ago)
Bullshit, I can wear whatever I want to wear. Not to attract anyone attention. Just hide in plain sight.
sei la (19 days ago)
Yo I live in a tropical country, u want me to look good or smell good?
thomas rhodes (19 days ago)
Why does this sickly thing think she is appealing to me or men?
The Attractive Man (19 days ago)
I recommend sending Matt an email about your issue [email protected]
james bond (20 days ago)
Gentlemen , stay away from high fashion. Dress consirvitive, clean , and organized .
Sapphire Wanderer (20 days ago)
*goes to casual party wearing a handmade suit* Yup, this is gonna be juuuuuust enough to get a drool or two. *High 5's himself *
Sapphire Wanderer (20 days ago)
So... I have to wear everything i hate to wear (except for red and cologne) for women to look at me... Nah... Not worth the uncomfortability of a fuckin' tie or a button-up shirt.
ThatCampingOwl (20 days ago)
Quality video, great work! But if I may - invest in high quality audio equipment, it's worth it, trust me.
Nathan Slijkhuis (20 days ago)
And a lot of women question why the divorce rate is so high. It’s because they go for looks now a day, and not for the personality of a person. Science speaks for it selfs
AL spezial (11 days ago)
its also not necessary today to stay together to survive nowadays.
wilsjane (11 days ago)
That is why most lasting relationships start in the workplace or an environment where you both see each other in your true colors.
AlphaMav3rickGaming (20 days ago)
I’m perfectly comfortable in my joggers and long drop T-shirt thank you very much
Sam (20 days ago)
But isn’t it If you’re attractive, you’re attractive without these and If you’re ugly, you’re ugly with these?
Zigalko don Verven (20 days ago)
We don't have shoe repairs and the only tailors are for rental suits. So straight buttoned shirts and slim jackets are our best options. If you got wide big feet like me, you have only 3 shoe options and they're not in the basketball-sneakers aisle.
The 14th Doctor (20 days ago)
I’m not interested in dating.... I’m just here to learn how to steal my bro’s girls to piss him off 😎
Frank W (20 days ago)
MGTOW..... Who gives a rat's ass
Will Graves (20 days ago)
Shit, if I had the cash to buy a rainbow wardrobe of leather jackets, I wouldn’t have any problem with women and my self confidence
Clifford Driver (20 days ago)
Establish your persona, you can be naked from that point!. In other words none of this matters, show up as a man, not just a male that won't be good enough, that's how you get the attention of all women.
Karol Stopinski (20 days ago)
There are just 2 basic rules to be attractive to women. #1 dont be ugly. #2 dont have a monobrow. You`re welcome :)
infowolf1 (21 days ago)
I'm not crazy about most of that stuff.
alan prowse (21 days ago)
What men actually dress like this, certainly not celebrities? I'd like to see some of the celebrities that take her advice and dress this way. Males celebrities usually dress extremely casually and No man wears runway clothes, or clothes from fashion magazines. For crying out loud lady, if I took your advice, my wife would be questioning my sexuality.
Ash the Viking (21 days ago)
Fuck this girl. Stupid as fuck. Js
Patti Funk (21 days ago)
I started to turn gay as soon as she began talking.
BodaciousWickerman (21 days ago)
Basically, Suit Up!
Deni Cnex (21 days ago)
Long sleeve button ups look kind of shit on me alone tbh. they need to be layered unless I wont wear it. But layering it I love
David Korotine (22 days ago)
why do women think that we are dressing for them..?
Danny Hampton (22 days ago)
I think I'm gonna stick to $22 Dickies grey jeans a few pairs of $12 grey cargo shorts and solid color t-shirts that come in a pack of 4-5 for $10.
Angelo Siracusa (22 days ago)
the women described here no man wants
stone tooth (22 days ago)
Next you will tell men to wear a man bun. This video should be called what to wear to attract gold diggers
Daniel Burford (23 days ago)
dang girl, you are beautiful.
Daniel Burford (22 days ago)
+The Attractive Man Hey great work I'm learning a lot.
The Attractive Man (22 days ago)
Thanks for the comment!
Mark Chompuming (23 days ago)
Thank you very much
Clark Video Studio (23 days ago)
Sounds like this was recorded with a potato
Andy Benevides (23 days ago)
Ok, so dress according to the type of woman you want to attract. ..."All women die for a well tailored suite"? Yah, maybe if you're attending a special event. Other than that you'd look like a weirdo.
John King (23 days ago)
Great presentation
abhitechie (23 days ago)
She is cute
Robert Hayes (23 days ago)
Thanks for getting me more confident. The thought of getting several different colored leather jackets and some tailored chinos has me running away if I ever see you coming. Yup, it's not going to be me. Whew! What a relief.
Ich war's nicht (23 days ago)
The guy in the first picture is wearing a german uniform over his button down shirt and we as german soldiers hate when people wear uniform and civil clothing at the same time. It may seem cool to you, but it's respectles towards the brave people that died while doing there duty in that very uniform...
mike dee (24 days ago)
Thanks...subbed I am ghosting, and find your advice invaluable in making myself invisible to women and people in general. I keep my 15yo truck in good shape, dont own a suit, earth colors, painter's jeans, a pair of house shoes and a pair of outside shoes...I wash clothes in rainwater and dry them on the line so that they have a nice patina of lint on them.. bathe once a week wether I need it or not....I find that the only women that express any interest in me are over 60 and so overweight that they need a walker....I tell those girls that I am an anti-social mama's boy..... ....works like a charm, but I am always on the lookout for new methods...
W. C. Orielly (24 days ago)
Lady... You are a strait up CUNT!! Your pretentious and WAAAyyyy to hung up on appearance... and THAT makes you a CUNT!! have a nice day🙏
philomelodia (24 days ago)
No way in hell I'm spending my hard-earned money on tailoring a T-shirt. That's just silly! All the rest of the stuff in here, I like and will try. But, tailor a T-shirt? Serious vanity score on the self-absorbed meter. Honestly, I'm just not that desperate.
Wayne Fox (25 days ago)
Note to the presenter: Men don't care what you're wearing.... Now I've just saved you thousands in keep changing your outfit every two days
Wayne Fox (25 days ago)
If a woman asks me about my watch, i automatically think, either she's a watch expert, or a gold digger looking at whatever material items you've got on show. Tip. Just hire a upmarket car for a day, & you'll have her mesmorised for years 🙄 Or else just move on to someone who isn't so materialistic and gold digging. Quite a hard task to find in the western world though...
minibus1351 (25 days ago)
Thin skinny ties are so 2015. What you really want is a medium width tie.
Quentin Alexandre (26 days ago)
"One of the trends right now is the skinny tie". Sorry but you're about 20 years late.
alonzo calvillo (26 days ago)
This is just her opinion.You can hear different things depending on the woman.So I don’t care what she says it’s all b.s.
Hard Stuck Silver (26 days ago)
Red's the best color so why you in black?
Maro Maro (27 days ago)
You forgot one thing, cardigans. That's a big one!!
Mike 369 (27 days ago)
I'm fat 🤔
The Attractive Man (27 days ago)
I recommend sending Matt an email about your issue [email protected]
BassReevesUrbanGunClub (27 days ago)
What about urban clothing
TheRazorTS (27 days ago)
1. look rich 2. act rich 3. be rich
Infertile Piggy (27 days ago)
what type of potato did you use to record the audio??
Front Kick (27 days ago)
I love women, every man should own one!
Snake Plissken (28 days ago)
I really want to get a chic-cool-guy look.
Arturo Blaze (28 days ago)
Damn ugly outfits and most advice seems to be aimed for fit flat stomach body type ..She seems to be purely superficial .
Miguel2013 (28 days ago)
shut up virgin. don't tell me what to wear to do, but here I have my advise to mans and womans linda. Be the best you can be. you're teaching us how to act. that's not been a being of light!
erge 99 (28 days ago)
yeaaaah, 1 problem tho, im short on the kaching
Adrian M (28 days ago)
Can any women confirm if any of this is true?
Neil Fox (28 days ago)
any tips for a really thin guy? I have trouble finding well-sized shirts because I'm in between men's sizes and boy's.
jukebox 752 (28 days ago)
just be yourself dress the way you want..don't start changing your outfits in hopes to find love
Richard Nguyen (28 days ago)
What brand is the red jacket at 6m28s? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dru8LUR9ZAk&t=6m28s
Front Kick (28 days ago)
If your good looking and stay in shape females are plentiful. Clothes don’t matter if you have money.
G Kelly (28 days ago)
What kind of GQ bullshit is this advice?

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