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In today's video I am talking to Jessica about her and her Chinese husband's love story #amwf BEST CHINA VPN: https://www.linkev.com/?a_aid=lenaaround SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5524360 SKYPE ME ABOUT CHINA: http://lenaaround.com/skype-me/ BOOK ME AS A TOUR GUIDE IN BEIJING: https://www.showaround.com/locals/9739122 LINGLING NEWSLETTER: http://eepurl.com/cLbDY1 Enjoy! Have a fjong (good) day! Lingling ABOUT LINGLING: I'm a Danish girl crazy in love with China. Lingling is my Chinese nickname/alterego who is always up for talking about love in China, travel in China and life in China x Please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! Stalk me or let's be friends on social media: Website: http://lenaaround.com Instagram: lenaaround (https://www.instagram.com/lenaaround/) Facebook: lenaaround (https://www.facebook.com/lenaaround/) Snapchat: lenaaaroundx Business mail: info(at)lenaaround(dot)com If you've reached this far, I dare you to leave a comment with your opinion! :D
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Laura Cioroianu (3 days ago)
I've tried to keep in touch with many Asian men online but no one of them was serious and they disappeared after a while. These days not so many people want to do sacrifices. I was disappointed every time unfortunately. Such a nice love story! Something similar like this I want too <3 !!! I wish you the best of luck always <3
Holly Z (10 days ago)
Lucky girl........
Allen Lyngdoh (10 days ago)
Tall and handsome isn't that what all girls want??
Nasir Mahmood (13 days ago)
Please make a video about medical colleges in kashgar south china thankyou
Darleen M.Igesumal (1 month ago)
Awww What a beautiful story!😍😍
Didi Prangsak (2 months ago)
I know I'm late but CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🎊 🎊 😊
blurunner1 (2 months ago)
Both girls are so pretty!
Anaf Zahin (2 months ago)
Really nice story be happy guys
czarina rematado (3 months ago)
I am almost into your style. But the apple of my eye is working here in Philippines. We met in a dating site named Tantan. Invited me to have lunch but he couldnt look at my eye. I felt so weird, and unattractive. But after our date, he messaged me in wechat, telling he really dont know how to communicate. Anyway, we're anticipating second date so soon. I hope he will be a little bit confident this time.
Original Chinaman (5 months ago)
Damn 河南郑州。where are i am from
Perry potato (5 months ago)
I love this story 😄
This is a sweet story, even considering the "stalkery" stuff :p This is why I love having Lena on here, to get a sincere perspective from the women's side. I love seeing this side of China.
Yongsheng Chen (5 months ago)
That’s so cute. I’m happy for them!
Sweet somuch
李昆仑 (6 months ago)
Great video ,enjoyed that
The Batman (6 months ago)
This is just more proof that Asian guys are accepted by western girls for relationships. Good.
Donald Phillips (6 months ago)
Great story!
Lucia Alexandra (7 months ago)
This story literally is so cutee💖💖
Tina Mcgee (7 months ago)
I love your story about y'all
kuepandan (7 months ago)
Wonderful story
Nda Nax (8 months ago)
I love mixbaby
mqdad armstrong (8 months ago)
can you make a tutorial about the website career china,i clicked on your link and sign up for the website but i dont know what to do next ????
Gardenia Trading Corp (8 months ago)
Best wishes. Greetings from Canada
Sand Yang (8 months ago)
That’s a cute story ❤️
YQ J (8 months ago)
Good story!
Sean Yin (8 months ago)
Klose_11 (8 months ago)
Too beautiful
Eric Tan (8 months ago)
J Antonio Valdez (8 months ago)
You are such a brave female.
女皇菜 (8 months ago)
arkorful kwaansa (8 months ago)
😻😻😻😻. Love birds. The gentlemen really won the lady's heart and it was worth the risk quitting his job?
Golden Eagle (1 month ago)
it turned out fine anyway
Chinita Doll (8 months ago)
Thank you so much for sharing your personal story ! I was very surprised and what he did left me at an aweee ! So happy for the both of you ! 💕
michael uscmktggroup (8 months ago)
nice couple
Xingmeng Liu (8 months ago)
It is awkward watching you call yourself lingling in front of an American. Lingling is a slur to mock Chinese people in America.
Abdul Majeed (9 months ago)
nice love story congratulation
Zhen Lin CHN (9 months ago)
Jessica doesn't look like American, she looks like the Eastern European, so pretty. In fact, Lena and Jessica you both are very beautiful :D
Lenaaround (9 months ago)
Haha I think she's way too tall to be Eastern European :p
Mingo R2D2 (9 months ago)
Semar Manganov (9 months ago)
Ling Ling = 0 0
Bryony L (9 months ago)
What a cute couple and sweet story, as an English girl dating a Chinese guy it's always nice when I see other couples like us (although my bf is way shorter lmao)
Lenaaround (9 months ago)
+Bryony A i love their story as well x
Y Liu (9 months ago)
Modern network love story!
Surajin europe (9 months ago)
Wow beautiful story.
Lenaaround (9 months ago)
+Surajin europe it is indeed
Dingkai Bai (10 months ago)
Have you tied to put your videos on the Bilibili?
po u (10 months ago)
能收获一个北京男很幸福啊 classic!
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+Dou Cui 哈哈
Vincent Lee (10 months ago)
这个jessica 性格挺好的
HK City of China (10 months ago)
Ur husband so handsome!!!!
Neil McFall (10 months ago)
Shin Kai Tan (10 months ago)
Your husband must be rich
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+Shin Kai Tan we call it love
Fashe Yoshioka (10 months ago)
i hope i can find me whit girl comming soon 😌
Fashe Yoshioka (10 months ago)
Lenaaround Help me then to find a white girl ^*^
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+Fashe Yoshioka if you're thinking like that it probably won't happen
ToiYeuYAHWEH (10 months ago)
Living in china? Stay away from the tap water, be careful of the chinese food and try not to breathe in those polluted chinese air. Good luck!!!
Tommy Lei Nyo (9 months ago)
Did i judge others or Vietnamese? I said YOU and only you, it make no sense but you understand it hahaha. You need to wake up if DRPK fire a missile over Japan and mighty US and it allies do nothing than this tell you something. Do you think im Chinese? Hahaha youre really dumb.
ToiYeuYAHWEH (9 months ago)
So you wrote this STUPID sentence which makes NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER ("OMG can you get anymore dumber i through Vietnamese a smart?") and you DARE judge others for intelligence? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! As for fighting in the Pacific Ocean, just wait when the anti-chinese Allies make you chinese THIEVES pay for your crimes. It will be WWII on steroids!!
Tommy Lei Nyo (9 months ago)
Of course youre rat who comment on people YT vlogs.
Tommy Lei Nyo (9 months ago)
OMG can you get anymore dumber i through Vietnamese a smart? But i guess it only you. Trolls can be anyone or differ nationality you have to be smart than this LOL. I told youre a disgusting human being check your blood again and remember dont use chop sticks. Of course youre racist and anti Chinese prick if youre tough what you have said 'I fight fire with fire' i suggest you should protest in South China Sea island and see how tough youre i bet you would cry like a little girl.
ToiYeuYAHWEH (9 months ago)
Also, I don't give a rat's behind what you believe about me.
Awesome 😘
ThePunisher (10 months ago)
Best wish to you! Bai Tou Dao Lao!
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+ThePunisher I'll send it to my friend :)
Alana Delia (10 months ago)
Great story!! It was very interesting and gives me some inspiration that my foreign relationship will work out
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+Alana Delia I wish you all the best 😁
G Y (10 months ago)
很棒的访问 Great visit
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+2 Y 谢谢!访问的翻译就是interview 😊
kimi Mon (10 months ago)
The glasses girl are preety
gungdeoka putih (10 months ago)
I like your video. I will like better if you are showing more videos, not just your faces make me feel watching a boring lecture in the class room . Thanks
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+gungdeoka putih haha you think my videos are like boring lectures? Luckily, you don't have to watch them if you're afraid of falling asleep 😂 happy you like them apart from that though
sky lee (10 months ago)
the girl is pretty
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+sky lee she is indeed
恰恰阿卡 (10 months ago)
S SK (10 months ago)
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+黑又黑火红红 哈哈 她是北京媳妇。我不知道啊,哈哈
Shawn Chan (10 months ago)
lizhi YE (6 months ago)
yu li (9 months ago)
Peter C 你很可耻
Shawn Chan (10 months ago)
What if a white man and a Chinese girl?
魏振雄 (10 months ago)
Lenaaround hahaha coz white guys alsway come naughty in asia country hahaha...
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+魏振雄 yes it's much more common to see Chinese girls with white guys
魏振雄 (10 months ago)
Peter C western man chinese girl are normal dy i guess...chinese guy with western girl not so much ppl☺
Cjango Freeman (10 months ago)
I believe they will have beautiful kids. Unofficially, I think if the ethnicity is on the male side with a white woman, the kids are more attractive than if the ethnicity is on the Asian wife.
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+Cjango Freeman that's an interesting way of thinking. I don't agree :)
G Liu (10 months ago)
He comes from a wealthy family tho. Him being a native Beijinger, I'm willing to bet he and his family owns several properties. money talks.
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+Jason Len lol they're married already. I've got to say that if she was manipulating him, she's doing a pretty dang good job 😂😂😂
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+Jason Len interesting analysis! Very wrong though haha 😂😂 they're happily in love and he doesn't own a range of properties anywhere 😁
Sally Xu (10 months ago)
Jessica tell me if you are working at a Radio station cos i think I recognized your voice! You are a sweet person! :)
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+Sally Xu haha she is 😂😂
Nehemaih Gary (10 months ago)
sound cool💕👌
Addson Zhang (10 months ago)
God bless you
Grace Feng (10 months ago)
Lovely girl and lovely story!
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
I agree :)
schchen2000 (10 months ago)
Have you ever, at any point, felt bothered by his persistence on pursuing you?
justnicely (10 months ago)
Good luck, Jessica!
loveofpeace (10 months ago)
congratulation The a very good thing. Chinese man take care of their wife on the other the westerners man 50/50 and in fact many western man want women to take care of them. how sad.
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+loveofpeace I think that depends on who you meet :)
Patricia Howell Cassity (10 months ago)
Love the love story. Would love to hear from husband.
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+Patricia Howell will try to interview some of the guys as well. Just harder to talk them into it :)
Frederik Rasmussen (10 months ago)
Haha good story. It's nice to know that there are some AMWF couples out there, I don't think Ive seen more than 10 when walking around in China.
Europe nam (6 months ago)
Frederik Rasmussen so much respect for you bro usually a white man will leave some negative comments about these kinds of amwf videos, as an asian man and i think amwf is just like wmaf as long as they love each other we shouldn't judge people's choices cuz everyone is different
123 123 (10 months ago)
How lovely!! I am lucky to hear this story! Wish you guys happiness and love!
Happy Camper (10 months ago)
LINGLING, so happy to see that you constantly promote this type of relationship.
Dara Deng (10 months ago)
Very cute story. Tell Jessica when they have the wedding ceremony, remember to give their 媒婆 a big red bag haha ; )
Lenaaround (10 months ago)
+Dara Deng haha I will 😀
Mèo Tôm (10 months ago)
Frank Techguy (11 months ago)
Very Romantic!!! Thanks for sharing your video.
Calvin Liang (11 months ago)
Such a lovely story. I've lived in the U.S for almost 10 years. Been dated Chinese and Korean. I decided to explore out of my circle cuz the past experience. Chinese girls care too much about house, money etc when it comes to dating a Chinese guy, and care less about that person. I understand that cuz I came from that culture myself, but it still hurts me. Interracial couples seem more willing to compromise and trying to understand each other according to those video I saw.
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+Calvin Liang definitely. When it comes to intercultural dating there are other concerns instead of. I think western girls ask for other thinks such as passion, understanding, respect etc. Personality is just more important because we can support ourselves financially. That's not what the relationship is about 😋
Tokyo Dollxo (11 months ago)
my boyfriend is Chinese, I am Japanese, we are both currently living in Canada :) I hope we get married someday haha, your love story was so nice!
战忽局临时工 (10 months ago)
Katsumi Ami your boyfriend very good
Shawn Chan (10 months ago)
魏振雄 (10 months ago)
hope your dream come true☺
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+Katsumi Ami yay a that's great! I wish you all the best 😁
hungry panda (11 months ago)
He should have gotton a Russian girl instead.
Hyperborean Colonialism (4 months ago)
Russian girls have a very racialist mentality. So, he would never have had the opportunity to.
魏振雄 (10 months ago)
he will only get the one where his heart going...that her lena...
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+real karma lol why?
Uv Htoo (11 months ago)
Asia guy like white girl not fat 300pound remember U are cute
YoshiPeach Mario (11 months ago)
quit his job, left home and stayed halfway round the world for a month, all for someone that might not have worked out? What a risk. Of course it paid off!
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+YoshiPeach Mario it's a cute story though :)
Yunlong Jiang (11 months ago)
So lovely and nice
Ingrid P (11 months ago)
11:00 I guess pure Chinese babies are not as pretty as the ones with European features...in some countries they call it improving the race...I’ll leave it up to you to figure what that means
Jesterleigh (11 months ago)
This is a great story but, yeah, this kinda thing could not have happened in America because the girl would've filed for a restraining order on the guy, haha. Jessica seems like such a lovely person and I wish her health and happiness with her hubby.
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+Jesterleigh I know, different cultures different ways of dating and doing :p
Hans News (11 months ago)
You are both ugly - hideous
魏振雄 (10 months ago)
Hans News you crazy...
Edward Huynh (10 months ago)
Hans News, you’re describing yourself, racist loser.
Micheal Yu (11 months ago)
Hans News You are so mean
Jack Yin (11 months ago)
祝你们幸福,来自北京的对于单身狗的暴击。欢迎你们来天津玩。 a romantic story ,i am in zhengzhou now.my hometown is Tianjin.it is not far from Beijing.Tianjin welcome you!
Jack Yin (11 months ago)
Lenaaround no problem.没问题
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+Jack Yin 下次去天津就找你做我们的导游吧 哈哈
ZeroWolf (11 months ago)
This guy jumped through a bunch of hoops for this girl
KYS (1 month ago)
Golden Eagle god damn if me i gove up
Golden Eagle (1 month ago)
and after so many rejections too
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+ZeroWolf he did indeed
列龙 (11 months ago)
very pretty girl
Alina N (11 months ago)
aweeee do such stories still happen? i'm more and more into chinise guys lol congratulations to your friend for being such awesome girl and finding same amazing guy! xxx
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+Alina N haha I know right. They can be pretty dang amazing 😍😍
Valde // (11 months ago)
Wow, very interesting and old other videos too!! Lena, now It`s time to open a good dating side (Lena Cupid) ;) and Merry Christmas to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gardenia Trading Corp (8 months ago)
Lena, call it Easts meets West or vise versa... just a thought Enjoyed your video. Lovely story and thanks for sharing
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+Valde // have been thinking about opening something but not sure what it should be :)
WODE MAYA (11 months ago)
My 5th time of watching this video...Lena pls bring her back on your channel..
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+WODE MAYA haha I will do my best :D
Chen Chen (11 months ago)
Damn, I want a white wife
Phillip (11 months ago)
You should want someone right for you, regardless of her race.
习惯就好 (11 months ago)
北京这么冷的天,你俩还能聊得这么火热......... 祝福你们,收获爱情
Xobile Bendruff (8 months ago)
我也一直在想 为什么不去室内录视频XD
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+习惯就好 也太冷了,录完第一个视频后就回商场因为外面太冷了!
powder77777 (11 months ago)
Seems like a stalker. Hehe
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+powder77777 or maybe very romantic :p
The Space Born (11 months ago)
So according to you: lighter skin, lighter hair, and bigger eyes equals being cute? Talk about a Eurocentric bias. And just for your information, Asian traits tend to be more dominant, so any future babies you might have will probably look more Asian. Just saying.
Ny'kratmuhn Me'ru (4 months ago)
I wanted to say something about that as well. Where I'm from, it's virtually taboo to even adumbrate one's preference for racial traits (particularly Caucasian ones), however subjective. Maybe there's some good reason for that if you subscribe as I do to the idea that much of today's racial inequalities are deeply reinforced by culture. As you probably know, modern China doesn't even have this dialectic; so far, they've only learned how to cry racism, however spuriously, when foreigners do something that offends them. Maybe these white girls have just been in China too long and their political correctness has gone native, to say nothing of getting showered by the Chinese people's idolatry for white ethnic features on a regular basis. You do also have to consider (and I know Lena doesn't mind this one bit :P) the fact that Lena is very much a full-blooded, loud-mouthed Dane. No apology is needed for that. One note I might offer on the ethnic features listed is that, anthropometrically, "bigger eyes" is not a property of whites compared to East Asians. East Asian women actually have very slightly greater distance between their upper and lower eyelids (palpebral fissure height) at neutral, which, combined with a smaller intercanthal length, makes their eyes objectively the more "round" in geometric terms. Western women's eyes mainly look "bigger" because of their higher and more defined supratarsal sulcus, often combined with more recessed eyes which creates natural shadow contributing to the centricity of the eyes. Finally, regarding your Mendelian references, you are incorrect as well. Most modern East Asian traits are very recently derived and not particularly "dominant" at all (if we allow for the outdated terminology). The complete absence of a supratarsal fold, for instance, is most often completely erased by even the slightest admixture, even from other East Asians, among whom this "monolid" phenotype only has a frequency of about 20-30%. The epicanthus medialis, on the other hand, does appear to be somewhat "dominant" at ~60%. The low nasal skeleton is also readily undone by the time the kid reaches adulthood. Broad faces I would assume to be a shared Upper Palaeolithic trait of East Asians and northern Europeans, yet even that appears to give way to the narrow faces of basal Eurasian when mixed.
The Space Born (11 months ago)
I think "exotic" would be the more appropriate word rather than "cute" which is a relative term. Hapa babies look exotic because they inherit a combination of both Asian and European traits. And sorry if I sounded kind of mean in my previous post, I wasn't trying to be mean, I just sort of misunderstood you a little bit there.
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+The Space Born I'm referring to Chinese beauty standards. I'm literally saying what every other Chinese auntie will tell us lol, not my own opinion. And yes, they will look more Asian. Have seen quite a few mixed babies..
yicozao (11 months ago)
Florzinha Rebi (11 months ago)
This is such a cute story!! I wish her a lot of happiness and health!^^
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+Florzinha Rebi me too and thank you for watching
jackonzz zhang (11 months ago)
Romantic love story, the question is how many children you're going to want? hahahahah
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+jackonzz zhang we'll see what they get haha, let them get married first
张纲 (11 months ago)
A really romantic story across 10,000 kilometers!
Marry Me (11 months ago)
Intro one American girlfriend to me!
Aaron (11 months ago)
Would like to meet a guy like that haha What a lovely story.
Irene Irene (10 months ago)
Lenaaround me too 💖
Lenaaround (11 months ago)
+Aaron haha I know, me too :D

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