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Drunk Driving Teen Causes Accident Involving Over 14 People

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Part 1: Breanna Mitchell, Hollie Boyles, Shelby Boyles and Brian Jennings died in the crash caused by Ethan Couch.
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brian emmons (9 hours ago)
What a dumbfuck i hope any one of u reading this will give this fucker what he deserves if you ever see this piece of shit
ROC ROC (17 hours ago)
If this was a minority kid, automatic jail time....this story makes me sick! Shame in the judge!
Pashflow (18 hours ago)
I only counted 13 people
F X (1 day ago)
The psychologist was a joke
Dylan Zane (2 days ago)
So some dumb ass teenager made the stupid decision to drink underage and drive while in that state and 14 innocent people had to pay for it ? He deserves the death penalty for killing 4 innocent people. It's his fault for making the stupid decision to drink and drive
Dylan Zane (2 days ago)
I think that all drunk drivers should get the worst punishment possible because they are one of the biggest causes of death
Luca Azeri (2 days ago)
he must be skinned alive, son of a whore
Jonnera Renee (2 days ago)
Justice, JUSTICE AND JUSTICE for this man family!!! He deserves JAIL TIME!!!! This pissed me off.
The Spider-Man (2 days ago)
So a rich white kids can kill people and get away free while a poor misunderstood black kid got through to jails for years for something he didn't commit?
NFiltr8Red (2 days ago)
If that was a minority. He’s facing death row. This kid is dead regardless, in jail or when he gets out. People have no sympathy for spoiled rich kids
Caskit Endefer (2 days ago)
because the Kid is a minor, (14 yrs) he is seen as unable to claim consent over his actions. Since the law identifies minors as unable to give consent to consequences, the parents are held responsible for what the minor has done. So even when a 14 yr old decides to drink and get behind the wheel, parents are blamed. Since the teen got behind the wheel, the consequence is "at-risk of injury to others due to lack of judgment" and this accident involved multiple victims, death count etc (these charges would be thrown at a grown drunk adult without any hesitation. But yet minors who commit the same actions would be declared " incompetent or dont know any better" The blame on parents would be viable with the under age driving and elegal consumption at the age below the age to drink. HOWEVER. The teens actions to getting in the care and leaving the house to joy ride in a far away location from home would or should be considered as his responsibility. TL:DR: the parents need to be held responsible for keeping an eye on the kid And since the kid caused multiple deaths he should have charges on his record.
Caskit Endefer (2 days ago)
*(16yrs) my bad
si afilia (3 days ago)
I want him to Life in prison pretty pleaseeee
bomara66 (3 days ago)
I don't know how the parents of the victims cope; they're better people than I am. I would do wrong things.
Getta Petta (3 days ago)
I can’t bear to watch this bullshit. If you need some comic relief look at Jim Jeffries talk about trophy hunting.
Matt tsiawd (3 days ago)
wait I'm confused. did he take off from the scene after the wreck or
Paw X Paw (4 days ago)
This is beyond abhorrent, what a total arsehole.. That reconstruction made me feel ill. The shear devastation this little bastard has caused.. I know all about death. I lost both parents, I have lost pets I loved dearly and I have passed over and got resuscitated more than once... but one thing I will never understand is what force brings us back and manages to get us to be able to cope with such loss? No religious comments please.. All the victims were doing was standing chatting and or maybe saying goodbye to each other for the evening within the safe boundaries of their property off road.. I hope as the drunk driver lived so near to the victims that this wasn't targeted or deliberate?
Sith Lord (5 minutes ago)
He deserves to be set on fire and allowed to burn to death.
Love Bauer (5 days ago)
the perk side of subconscious racism in our “justice” system
Lonelysad Wildbeast69 (5 days ago)
Latinos driving without driver license or insurance get months in jail and their vehicles impounded WTF 4 lives lost because of a f**ing rich kid doesn't know what's good and what's wrong shame on the white rich people privilege
Liam-Man 72 (5 days ago)
I watched this documentary about Ethan Couch in my modern humanities class.
Debbie Phillips (5 days ago)
Kill his damm stupid ass have him tied to a tree hit him at 60 MPH cut him in half shoot Mon and dad raised his weak killer ass die kill hole sorry ass family nobody gives a damm about y'all hang them all let them rot
nomar mar (5 days ago)
for people that are complaining about white and black. let us not focus on one race and help the youth with no discrimination. when a child is white and is let off manslaughter by car accident and DUI you should try to address the problem in the judicial system. this kid is a symptom of a bigger problem. just watch out for your communities and in the end hopefully it all adds up and improves all communities around the states
Michael C. (6 days ago)
aFfLuEnZa my ass. Just give the kid life in prison
Katy Wingo (6 days ago)
His entitled ass deserved life.
Dustin Murakami (6 days ago)
and one last thing all the victims were white so trying to say this is white privilege is idiotic money talks
Dustin Murakami (6 days ago)
For the idiots it’s not about race it’s about money. Jussie just had 16 felonies dropped despite the evidence. Cardi B just admitted to raping and robbing men after drugging them and nothing happen. Snoop dog killed a man and boom nothing. John Jones another black man multiple dui and drug charges and gets probation every time. Michael Jackson rapes multiple kids nothing happens not about race all about money and power
Raynika Cox (6 days ago)
don brassco (6 days ago)
Ace High (7 days ago)
Enablers kill us.
Felicia Romero (7 days ago)
So tragic and disgusting! How can these rich &[email protected];! Look in the mirror every morning?
lorenzo rodriguez (7 days ago)
Who says white privilege doesn't exist in America...
Mireya Monjaras (8 days ago)
This guy looks like the devil himself... Freaky as hell. Justice in America.... helped him even MORE being rich.
Cathy Garcia (8 days ago)
CatherineMac93 (8 days ago)
I bet he didn't feel an ounce of guilt for what he did! He took those wonderful people. Murdered them and then tried to make it look like it wasn't his fault. Please! How could you even live with yourself knowing you are responsible for so much loss and pain and misery?!
ferhattje (8 days ago)
He had a big house big cars big wallet. The only thing lacking was a big brain.
Linda Thrall (9 days ago)
aaron stelmach (9 days ago)
Feel so bad for that eric guy...
Ashleigh Marie (9 days ago)
This pisses me off so much. you SHOULD be in jail no matter if you are "rich" poor" or any other shit like that YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED. Who cares what he had? people every fucking day Cancer/Flu/Cold/Diabetes/ETC ARE ARRESTED ON A DAILY DASIS. AFFLUENZA IS NO FUCKING EXCUSE FIRE THAT JUDGE!
The Big F U (9 days ago)
Blacks are the worst racist So racist are blacks...they must appoligize
Indrid Cold (10 days ago)
Someone please tell me this guy is in prison getting his ass kicked daily
N C (11 days ago)
Kill him
Jammin Dragon (12 days ago)
I’m surprised no ones shot the kid yet
liz c (12 days ago)
White privilege +money talks
Jmaxboom (12 days ago)
Yeah like I could claim that affluenza caused my nephew to get three DUIs, almost kill someone, and act a fool until his mid-twenties. No! He deserved all of the jail time he got. And he is now a successful human being. It took him years to get a job because of his felony dui / strike three. He is a kid with privilege, and money, and no one in our family was going to let him get away with that. Hardest thing we've ever done. But the truth is, he had to find the bottom ,serve his time (Three yreas), get dedicated to sobriety and live with the consequences. This story is so infuriating because they could have done their son some good. Rehabilitation is possible. And he could help someone else at some point. But affluenza kid seems to be from crazy parents, I blame them as much as him.
Noobmaster69 (12 days ago)
Alcohol kills
Ana Garcia (13 days ago)
Oh shitttt i remember when this happened !! I was a sophomore in Highschool, and I remember we use to make fun of our history teacher because we considered him privileged and after this happened he sat us down and told us the difference between being raised rich with privilege and being raised with a family who is well off and with the values of hard work,
martin martin (14 days ago)
Ethan Switzerland maybe New Zealand you’ll be aight
amanda paladino (14 days ago)
He still should be put in jail affluenza has nothing to deal with this at all
Sebastian Royal (15 days ago)
That kid is ugly af
Christina Spasaro (15 days ago)
Wtf. Bad parents, disgusting boy, this makes me sick. This boy should take consiquences for what he did.
HELLO WORLD (15 days ago)
bad genetics, disgusting family.
Emily C (16 days ago)
Those are not middle class homes 🏠
Brian Henkel (17 days ago)
This piece of shit needs to be executed. This is the most disgusting display of justice in America. The parents should be executed as well.
Diana Ruiz (18 days ago)
This is so messed up wtf
Nikki (19 days ago)
Please change "accident" to dui crash. Accidents are unpredictable.
David Thayer (21 days ago)
Those parents need to lose all their money
Zaltic (24 days ago)
I wanna run over that stupid motherfucker
Noah Sharp (24 days ago)
I lived on that road and it is still not the same.
Lee Wardle (26 days ago)
The best legal system that money can buy.
Ab!gale Luxee (26 days ago)
Wtf, no wonder people kill people, I would blast that kid and thro his ass in a ditch
Omedchazak613 (28 days ago)
His mommy and daddy payed off people to keep him out of jail... They are just as guilty as their son!
Aleesha Rose (28 days ago)
you're telling me he killed multiple people and served no time, yet I've seen black people get sentenced to prison for 10-20 years for possession of marijuana? white privilege at its best.
Omedchazak613 (28 days ago)
The legal system is such a joke!!!
Daniel Murphy (28 days ago)
And poor black kid is being gundown for walking in a rich neighborhood.
Daniel Murphy (28 days ago)
I remember that piece of shit. They called him Influenza.
Jaclyn C (28 days ago)
So a 22 year old girl was drunk driving killed a guy and his wifes unborn baby( couple same age as drunk driver) and gets 14 years. Wtf is this system
Jenna Ehret (29 days ago)
No one: Absolutely no one: Drunk Teen: kills 4 innocent people and crashes into cars Judge: oh you guys got money? Ok no jail time!
Gacha Ninis Lover (14 days ago)
Peoples with money: Normal, We are better Good peoples: ... Why no jail time?
kenna stout (29 days ago)
I didn't know people named Ethan could commit crimes. I stereotype people with that name as being crazy religious
Christian WTF (15 days ago)
Most religious people are usualy pedophiles or self righteous ads holes.
Kim Jong-un (1 month ago)
If the kid was black he wouldn't got shot by the paramedics
Jackson Hartman (1 month ago)
its weird
Jackson Hartman (1 month ago)
i used to have a truck like that then i flipped it into a tree with 8 people in it
Roger Dale McKinney (1 month ago)
Somebody needs to stomp the guts out of that little Rich Boy and the parents and the judge for letting him off
Katie W (1 month ago)
Okay so if he’s not in jail because “he doesn’t know right from wrong” because of his parents, why aren’t his parents serving time then? After all, it’s their fault not his apparently.
chris bangert (1 month ago)
Spoiled ass piece of shit kid and a piece of shit judge
Rosemarie Plant (1 month ago)
This creep looks inbred from generations.
max nichole (1 month ago)
I've watched this multiple times, and I'm watching this at one in the morning crying my eyes out.
Samuel J (1 month ago)
When would people learn stop driving drunk. This shit is disturbing he’ll live with the guilt of killing innocent people
Mary Caputo (1 month ago)
Trying to make sense (1 month ago)
Think of how many tens of thousands of people are going to be slaughtered by drunk drivers this year. Thanks ABC news for giving us 10 minutes of your time.
Trinity Harper (1 month ago)
Manslaughter... four dead and no jail time? You’re KIDDING me. The justice system is fucked.
Otaku Bryson (1 month ago)
Probably not the time or place, but I tell you what. That Ecoboost F150 Lariat is one hell of a truck.
Shakir (1 month ago)
Bitch ass white people fuck this pussy idc if u want to report me and I’m not talking about all white people but this dumbass white kid and his parents fuck him and his parents 🖕🏼 and this stupid judge really ur choosing weather to send him to jail I swear this man has to have been bribed 😪
Avery Santos (1 month ago)
Two words - civil suit
Shae Amor (1 month ago)
Jit look crazy
DeathSkull6698 (1 month ago)
We must pray to god, I know god wouldn’t do this. Well if god existed then the accident would happen at all. No accidents would happen. Instead of saying come here and pray how about you go check on bodies that may still be alive dumb Bitch
The Tea (1 month ago)
I hate the drunk guy with a passion,I hope he dies and suffers
Sultan (1 month ago)
This family might have a lot of money but they r low budget. All 3 of them r ugly on the outside and the inside. Even with money that cant change how ugly and despicable they r. Pitiful!
I hope that rich kid gets what he deserves and Rest In Peace and the innocent people god bless them
Lisa Kazar (1 month ago)
Crooked ass judge fukkkkkkk u
Scandalous.Opinions (1 month ago)
Black kids and Mexican kids sell weed and get YEARS IN JUVI. Why tf did this white privileged trash get away with murder.
syllo klown (1 month ago)
If it were me and I was at the scene oh god better fucking pray for the kid driving cuz it would be a slow and very painful death for him. I would have 10-15 min to torture the shit out of the kid before cops came. I believe an eye for a eye.
Simthandile Hudson (1 month ago)
Very sad!
aussie bluedog (1 month ago)
How come none of you gun slinging yanks haven't shot him yet?
fred scales (1 month ago)
Better to be rich and guilty then poor and innocent
AnthonyBe1337 (1 month ago)
The grim reaper was there that night.
Mitchell Klinedinst (1 month ago)
Why aren't any of these people sad?
Shelsieee yanez (1 month ago)
Jaden Blaine (1 month ago)
I get that people belive in god but belive me you can pray and pray but they wont be answered i prayed for days when i found out my dad had cancer i wanted him to make it but he died the next day
Kevin de Leon (1 month ago)
Find his address and wreck havoc
Sasha Benitez (1 month ago)
Yeah my father was killed when I was 16 on his motorcycle by a dude who ran a red light, had alcohol in his system, and did a hit a run. Turns out he is super rich and got of scott free. No jaim time. Lovely justice system.

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