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Drunk Driving Teen Causes Accident Involving Over 14 People

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Part 1: Breanna Mitchell, Hollie Boyles, Shelby Boyles and Brian Jennings died in the crash caused by Ethan Couch.
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Kuma Shabazz (3 hours ago)
This is one of the reasons why you have all of these white males shooting up public places because of the American system
Julius Martini (9 hours ago)
Everyones saying he deserves hell yet I bet if no one was on that road yall wouldnt have cares yet he still wouldve made the same mistake.
Boom I Gotcha (15 hours ago)
Faith=Irrational belief and false hope. Prayer=pointless and does not work. It's sad that so many people in this world put all of their hope in to a fairy tale belief system that has zero proof to back it up. Our world would be so much better off with sane rational belief systems that involve critical thinking. It's sad enough that these people had to experience the loss of loved ones, but add in the fact that now they have to deal with the thoughts and feelings of why God would let this happen or why he did not answer their prayers is just so unnecessary. Stop teaching and spreading this nonsense. It's an old outdated belief system that has no factual basis nor merit.
I smoke 98% pure dabs and drive better than all the stupid fs texting and shoveling Starbucks down their throat but if I was caught(not even hitting someone)I would be facing 15k in fines and jail time and then this kid who shouldn't be drinking or even driving at that time of night hits and kills 4 ppl barely gets any time.....what the fuck
Rob Montgomery (1 day ago)
this is why i unapologetically support the death penalty
Mr. Enderman9402937 (1 day ago)
I hope the drunk teen and all his drunk friends will be locked up for ever
098 (1 day ago)
Are their last names couch? or am i mishearing
Tri (1 day ago)
Someone (teen) please run over the kid amd his parents. Have a bottle in the car so after you kill them drink it and claim dui
fightmeirl (1 day ago)
this fuck was released from jail in april.
delavalmilker (2 days ago)
The Couch family ---Dad, Mom, and Son---are best described as "white trash with money".
Quat Chusayin (2 days ago)
@9:12 - "God wouldn't do that to me" This is the type of selfish ignorance that makes me and many people detest religion. You are nothing lady, nothing in this universe. Learn that before you try and bend the words of the bible to fit your needs. There is a huge obvious reason why your little "God wouldn't do that to me" narrative didn't hold up. Your creator does not give a fuck about your feelings or how many times you went to church. Stupid fucking lady, blinded by religion even after this incident thrust the truth RIGHT into her face.
DrummerJacob (2 days ago)
Fuck your couch.
Buddha GetEm (2 days ago)
Why am I crying in the club rn?
EY 19 (2 days ago)
Damm that boy is ugly
Fuck Tristian (2 days ago)
*Shows huge 2 story houses* 2:00
Brandon Mullen (3 days ago)
So many racist people.
YoungCheasy (3 days ago)
Doesn’t matter this kid will be shit on whenever people notice him
Cccustoms 90 (3 days ago)
This is why when I seen a drunk driver we followed him till the cops got there
Itz Precise (3 days ago)
Wow that judge is corrupt
my guy Couch over here looks like an eraser
juan kokk (3 days ago)
He should have gotten a life sentence
Batwoman (3 days ago)
American Justice system is a joke. public should just go crazy all together with strikes maybe then the law can change and actually be fair.. rich ppl always get away with everything
DOE Motorsports (3 days ago)
Okay so if he's not responible because of his parents, why don't his parents go to prison?
Animal Lover (3 days ago)
This was probably the worst accident I have ever seen. That Ethan Couch got off with probation was a travesty of justice! Had he come from a regular middle or lower class family, his punishment would have been much worse. Like my late husband would have said, money talks and bullshit walks. The fact that Ethan Couch gave everyone his name and said that because his dad was wealthy, everybody would get off if they were in trouble said it all. He had no empathy for the deaths and severe injuries that he caused, and no remorse. He is a sociopath and psychopath who took no responsibility for his actions and their consequences. I'm terrified of the adult who he will become! He's been and will most likely to be a continued threat to society!
Erik Landon (3 days ago)
Totally irrelevant but this has to be the ugliest motherfucker ive ever seen jesus christ
Mike Hunt (3 days ago)
Does this mean if you come from a broken home with no parents in poverty and no rules you don’t know any better either?
Austin Walker (4 days ago)
How could there be God?
htaeD who knew (4 days ago)
Fuck testing your faith. This kid had no regard for anyone's life. He did what he wanted and how he wanted. This lead to a father losing his wife and daughter RIGHT outside his own house trying to help someone.....Jesus fucking Christ. Shits fucked.
TrýHÁrđ Cx (4 days ago)
Is that middle class in California? That house looks like a mantion.
KnD with Alpha (4 days ago)
Then again half you adults commenting need to realize he is only 14 I don’t think he fully understands what is happening obviously he knows what he did was wrong but I don’t think he fully processes it
James Maxwell (4 days ago)
They should get him drunk and let him drive on a old airstrip and die in a car crash Because he is terrible and left so many people with a dead family member or friend
The judge and the kid need to be shot
Markar Ori (5 days ago)
10:07 Final destination
Rosita (5 days ago)
They should of just killed this fucking idiot
Alex Munoz (5 days ago)
why is everyone being rude to the kid. if your rich you can do anything.
Mark James (5 days ago)
Someone should kidnap and castrate this jerk so he can't procreate.
teenaged godspeed (5 days ago)
disgusting son , black man sales weed and gets 5 years though
bjorn andersson (5 days ago)
I feel so bad for that poor man who lost his wife. Absolutely horrible, That boy driving the car may have not gotten a bad sentence but one day he will meet God.
Boop Doop (5 days ago)
What is affluenza
Will Riley (5 days ago)
Accidents happen. He got off easy but it was an accident so he shouldn't be locked up forever but I think a few years would be the right thing.
Plebian Media (5 days ago)
He’s clearly a psychopath. That trail of distraction wasn’t cause by drunk driving but by him wanting to kill people. I’m sorry but if he was drunk he wouldn’t have made it that far
Banana Nice Cream (5 days ago)
DUI should carry the death penalty.
TaPe_kake (5 days ago)
if he was black they would have had him publicly executed.
Country roads... taaake me home
Dakota Wilson (6 days ago)
Isn't that Texas whatever happened to the death penalty
Ali Rizvi (6 days ago)
i just want to scream WTF for hours after watching this......fuck this kid.....world is round if not today tomorrow its gonna come back to him
Ron Hahahaha (6 days ago)
Kill this kid
Pinhead Larry (6 days ago)
4 peoples lives isn't worth jail time tf
Pinhead Larry (6 days ago)
*over* 14 Wasn't it exactly 14?
Kevin R Maguire (6 days ago)
Good thing they were praying...psych.
K G (7 days ago)
This is not white privilege but rather Rich privilege. Poor white people go to jail when this happens but anyone rich whether white or black receives no jail time. Remember O. J. Simpson... Just like this kid... Rich and privileged
MissJoJo Quwinn (7 days ago)
Why do the people that cause these accidents like most of the time?
Lily's World (7 days ago)
Perfect reason why I despise rich people....they get away with everything 🙄😡😤
which one (7 days ago)
Diego Diaz (7 days ago)
I wanna fuck this kid up so bad .
Estevan Martinez (7 days ago)
We need to ban these white from America
jamaicasky (7 days ago)
entitled ... and eventually this Older Teen grown up... thinks he can still get away with it kid grows up becomes an adult.. .becomes a Cop and still thinks he can get away with it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6HvvPC2hL0
jamaicasky (7 days ago)
sadly maybe some in his circle of friends had been stopped before for same thing and were let go... they laugh about it feel invincible .... ya . and . and then this happens
Trey Kincaid (7 days ago)
I hope he chokes on his puke
Louie J (7 days ago)
Your all hateful humans, you need to learn how to forgive !
Mr. RIZZ (7 days ago)
Needs prison n to get beat down by the grieving families!✊
Krimson Beat (7 days ago)
Disgusting, how can you kill so many people and not pay at all in America? That poor man paid with the lives of his wife AND daughter, justice has not been served my friends.
Ray Vega (7 days ago)
Don't drink and drive!
DeLora Shepard (8 days ago)
This tragic accident was because of negligence and drinking and driving I think every school in America should use this video for educating
Aaron Baker (8 days ago)
if that was my family you hit and killed my loved ones he would be die your money could not save your life you could not buy your way out of this
Emma Burley (8 days ago)
What an elitist fucking little cunt! I apologise for my words but it sure sums up this monstrous little elitist cunt! His parents should go to jail/prison also for being fucking THE FUCKING WORST PARENTS EVER! Absolutely abhorrent!
Breaz Freind (8 days ago)
affluenza sounds like a flu to me
0 5 (8 days ago)
That kid has an extremely punchable face.
Nights Gaming : (8 days ago)
The kid that did this should be hanged!
Alex Ligero (8 days ago)
arrest the teenager he killed people!!!!
LeLe Love (8 days ago)
Ethan look Evil as Fuck and got away with murder! Money is evil just like some people! The judge need his Ass beat for allowing that boy to get away with murder. . DEVIL! He wasn't playing chicken... That boy was a DEMON.... HIS PARENTS FAILED HIM.... THUGS
Stolen Password (8 days ago)
Proof there is no god, nothing of value was lost the kid did the world a favor.
#1 guido (8 days ago)
He Dident do jail time look at that look in his eye that little demon rich brat bitch I would beat the piss out of him he needs a good beating clown of a kid
Greg M (8 days ago)
Child and his parents should be stripped of all wealth, and it should be distributed to the families of the slain bystanders. Sick.
LexusVIP 400 (9 days ago)
You can all shut up about the praying. If you've ever been in a traumatic incident, I guarantee you called upon your higher power also. Wether it be Allah, Jesus, your ancestors, your spirit guide, your innerself. Don't project hatred towards somebody because of their beliefs. It only proves how stupid, and ignorant you are. The smartest people I've met in the fields of science were also some of the dumbest assholes I've ever met. If you believe your truth is THE truth, you'll never be a Wiseman. There has never been a wiseman who claimed himself wise, so I say all that to say this. You *don't* know the absolute truth to this plane of existence. Bashing somebody over their beliefs is one of the most ignorant things a human can do. People have different coping mechanisms, so learn how to respect them.
Tyler Johnson (9 days ago)
That country road didn't take him home just to jail
Harry Cunth (9 days ago)
i am almost certain the the judge was paid off!
Michael Clark (9 days ago)
This is what happens when children are raised with no discipline and never being told no or held responsible for their actions. Drunk driving is attempted murder and if anyone dies it should be premeditated murder.
Dante Keller (10 days ago)
Hey mr.affluensa or what ever the fuck it was....take care of your self....because if i see you...you will die! Extremely slow, painful, and it will be recorded and send to your mom
Proxeii (10 days ago)
They should of prayed a little harder
Adapa (10 days ago)
Myke Myers (10 days ago)
I bet that worst parents ever status would make Casey Anthony laugh
Tyreek Murillo (10 days ago)
isn’t it great to be a rich white boy
I’m ashamed to share a name with this guy, my great uncle died because of drunk driving. I know his pain.
Cameron Downes (10 days ago)
No matter how much money you have if you do something like that you should serve prison time no matter what
Chris Angeles (11 days ago)
He looks like an inbred version of blonde hitler
Chris Angeles (11 days ago)
His face looks like a fucking couch
Zanny Boom (11 days ago)
to lose your wife AND daughter or ANYONE because of some dumb reckless drunk teen
SwagsonOnThaBeat (11 days ago)
Fuckin white people
Mober (11 days ago)
Y they fam so ugly
TexasNova (11 days ago)
Oh wow that was Ft Worth Texas. Very sad & prayers to the Families.
Adam UK (12 days ago)
that kid, and his retarded parents need to be lined up and shot. R.I.P to the people who died by them retards.
God works in mysterious ways, right?
Maria Little (12 days ago)
this isnt nice at all, properly raise your kids people !!!
Will Burkhart (12 days ago)
K Pugh (12 days ago)
Even I know to call a uber when I'm drunk
francisco4ben (12 days ago)
are you fucking kidding me he didn't so jail for killing so many people wtf this isn't ok they are not even that rich I mean if they was mulit millionaires I would understand the rich part but these mother fuckers are not that rich how did they get their kid out of jail like this
John Robichaud (12 days ago)
Chromic (12 days ago)
a bunch of dumbasses
Shelby (12 days ago)

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