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Drunk Driving Teen Causes Accident Involving Over 14 People

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Part 1: Breanna Mitchell, Hollie Boyles, Shelby Boyles and Brian Jennings died in the crash caused by Ethan Couch.
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Brooke Yeley (12 minutes ago)
I live in Burleson. And let me tell you, we're NOT proud about this. While at the time I didn't live in Burleson, I lived in Justin. And I didn't know this bastard, personally. I know people who do. And wow! He. Is. Hated. I am even very good friend's with one of the Deputy's who walked him down. He was absolutely livid at the hearing of the outcome. All of us people here in the Metroplex are. Fuck you, Ethan Couch! FUCK. YOU. 🤬😠🖕 And some of these people look so familiar to me. Shelby did, the Youth Pastor did, Shelby's Dad, and the Youth Pastor's Wife do. It's VERY possible I've met them or have seen them somewhere like shopping. I use to before I moved to Justin, use to live in Crowley. Which is literally the next city over. Shelby's Dad looks VERY FAMILIAR tho. It's possible I've seen him at my local Walmart or Kroger's.
suspicious Package (1 hour ago)
If god was real he would of saved all of them fuck out my face with that god bull shit 🖕🏻🖕🏻
Axel Smith (7 hours ago)
This comment section is making me lose faith in humanity. "I hope the kid dies in a car crash in the future". "I hope the kid gets murdered", "I hope the kid as well as his parents get executed by a firing squad", etc etc. How evil of you people to say these things. All I can do is sit back in disbelief knowing that this is the mindset my fellow humans have.
Francesca Smith (1 day ago)
A little over 10 years ago my older sister's friend and her soon to be sister ( they parents were going to get married ) were sitting at a red light going to a friend's when an illegal immigrant who was drunk slammed/crashed into the back of them and killed them. They were just 16 and 17 years old. This kid deserves to be in prison for life. I feel truly sad for the families. These victims didn't deserve to die especially like this, to a stupid kid with no conscience and doesn't seem care about who he hurts or kills. If only we could switch them so they were back with their loved ones.
Johnny Mustang (2 days ago)
bruh, that kid hairline though
Nodrodsky (2 days ago)
Utter bullshit.Drinking and driving, killing 4 people.Go to prison you little shit.
Kevin Dragonbringer (3 days ago)
if you see this piece of shit on the streets, kick his funking ass, rich kids need a good ash whooping every once in a while
Prairie Viking (3 days ago)
Why hasn’t anyone taken the kid out yet? Some vigilante justice would be appropriate. The same goes for the judge!
People = Shit
Young Prix (4 days ago)
lol i live in burleson texas
Ashley Ihde (4 days ago)
All these poor people because of this little punk
wtfmetro wheel (4 days ago)
I wonder if someone is going to one up this kid???
Mouse Life (5 days ago)
thas1227 (5 days ago)
Its pretty interesting because if this was a mass shooting that had killed these people this kid would have been jailed and sent to death row, but because he was in a motor vehicle it gets treated different.
Axel Smith (7 hours ago)
Absolutely. Do you think this kid is as evil as a mass shooter? This kid was negligent, no doubt about that whatsoever. But negligence is not necessarily evil. You think someone who unintentionally kills 14 people deserves the same punishment as someone who intentionally kills 14 people? Are you kidding me?
elyb (5 days ago)
A teenager has no business behind the wheel of a deadly weapon and it is the adults fault that he is allowed to do it. It is not the kids fault it is our stupid society that lets this go on. The statistics show that they are dangerous because their brains aren't ready for it. So quit bitching about the kid and hold the adults responsible.
reyanime (22 hours ago)
Uhm..no. Teens know right from wrong. He chose to get into the vehicle and drive drunk. This little shit deserves to be put away.
marquis finley (5 days ago)
To Brian’s wife. Don’t blame God. Blame that 16yr old gang member Ethan Couch
ichisuke ryu (7 days ago)
If im one of those family member of the victim. I DONT FUCKING CARE EVEN IF I END UP IN JAIL. I will make him suffer, slow agony until his dying breathe. Justice will be serve in all the victim.
Alexis Garcia (7 days ago)
He literally killed 4 people, KILLEDDDDDDDDDDDDD FOUR PEOPLE. Trash ass family and trash ass justice.
magg c (8 days ago)
Where's part 2 ??
Abram Garcia (8 days ago)
Kid needs to go to prison I don’t care how he was raised broke or not this fuckin pissed me off society has Changed a lot we give his ass a freebie send his ass to jail like I said let those who died Rest In Peace and those that lost a loved one sleep peacefully as well
Leon (8 days ago)
That boy should be executed
Black Jesus (9 days ago)
This is why rich privilege is the only real privilege that exists. No matter your sexuality, skin color, whatever. If you are rich, you can get away with anything 99% of the time.
حمدي مفيد (9 days ago)
It is very difficult to lose... a mother or a little brother or anyone dear to your heart because of the fact that someone was just having fun nothing else ... I did not find a more convincing solution than what is applied in Islamic law.
RPGFreak901 (9 days ago)
"Affluenza" isn't even a real word!
Takingout thetrash (10 days ago)
White privilege 101... God bless america. It's good to be white
mike sharkey (10 days ago)
What great Christian's they are
AverageLuke (10 days ago)
What does it mean to "play chicken" ??
gshcg (10 days ago)
AverageLuke so you know when a chicken crosses the road and everyone tries to dodge it, trying not to hit it? yes he tried that but with humans and other cars
QQurious mQQe (10 days ago)
A Rich, Ugly... looking Family... get them, where it HURTS... in their RICH POCKETS. PS: ...RIP😑... 🌈🕊... to those affected, by this DUMB💩s actions, as well as his... Sorry A💤💤💤 parents... 🙏😑
huzar237 (13 days ago)
The judge who let him off should be behind bars
TA Equinox (14 days ago)
Bruh this kids a piece of shit. Just his name pisses me off he doesn’t deserve to live after what he did.
TA Equinox (14 days ago)
Like this is so fucked. It breaks my heart.
Ricey Ryan (14 days ago)
If this kid isn’t in prison for life I swear the world is corrupt
Crystal Carter (14 days ago)
Dawson Fayard (14 days ago)
I don’t care what race or gender you are but I hate spoiled rich cunts
memetastic kylie (14 days ago)
this made me cry... those poor families affected... that killer needs to be in jail...
Foreign Lifestyle (14 days ago)
WTF, HE UGLY AF LOL HAHAHAHAH, wtf HE IS UGLY AF what the actual fuck bitch suck my cock edit: i swear he got bullied in school and did this shit, ugly ass fuck face
Gunnar Marr (15 days ago)
The one parnet who lost his wife and shit boy that man is strong af! Tragic story all around
Kaine Parker (15 days ago)
kid should go to jail
Ayme Beth (15 days ago)
Fucking psycho
Shawn Evans (15 days ago)
Selvester Smith3 (16 days ago)
If only he just smoke weed
alex power (17 days ago)
Stupid kid
Brenda Morales (17 days ago)
If you’re a pastor. You shouldn’t be saying, “oh my god.”
Michael sorooshian (17 days ago)
imagine the dads life now
MyMomsButthole (17 days ago)
If he was black he would have got life
Mackenzie cooper (17 days ago)
Fucking rich kids. Sickening.
Pavan Patel (17 days ago)
What god?
Yawning Pheonix (17 days ago)
The people need to rise up and hang this kid from a streetlight next to the so-called "judge" who let him go!
Wasted Babe (19 days ago)
mason jokinen (20 days ago)
Yeah pray that will make everybody less dead.
MentelMonky25 (20 days ago)
Omg god won’t do anything when your hit by a f350 dumbass
RedRedMane (20 days ago)
The family obviously managed to get themselves out of the trailer park and into a fine ass home, but they are STILL ignorant trailer trash, who's "awesome boy" could do no wrong!!! Psychopathy is clearly an inherited trait. Sad. I'm sure that the young bastard STILL holds his head proud and high!!! It's all the victim's faults for "BEING THERE" when he came speeding along!!! That's how psychopaths think. "If you hadn't been STUPID enough to BE THERE ..... IN MY WAY!!! .... when I happened to come speeding along, .... "
Trust No One (21 days ago)
Ethan Couch has the face only a mother could love.....
Gavin Kesselring (22 days ago)
That judge should go to hell and I hop he stays there and rots in pain as for the kid and parents, they should have pins and needles shoved under all of their nails an their eyes the n pounded in with a hammer. God bless all those killed.
Some Dude (22 days ago)
If you cant drink and drive, dont do it
Baby NOOB (23 days ago)
Lucifer Morningstar would have own this kid in cour
Russell Reddy (23 days ago)
Wow not a day in jail wtf??? Corrupt justice ever
Kris Hammer (23 days ago)
Hope this kid ends up doing life in prison . Death penalty sounds pretty good too
Justin Copple (24 days ago)
Negligent parenting at its best destroyed many lives and killed 4 people.
Kirt Wood (24 days ago)
If you drink and drive and kill people you should do life in prison fucking goofs get off to easy maybe u should plow down the drunks family and make them watch see the pain they caused
KingKushPush (26 days ago)
Same thing happend to me. 2 years ago I went clubbing on a Friday night and left my sexy celica gts parked on the street beside my house(legal where I live) At around 1 am i got a call from my parents that my car was hit. Ubered home and my car was smashed. If I was inside, my neck would have Vd been snapped. It was destroyed. And down the road was a car with a 17 year old kid in it. Still vomiting from his drinks earlier from the night. Supposedly he attempted to get away but his car was just to wrecked to drive.
Tim D (26 days ago)
Execute that prick
James C (26 days ago)
If you're drinking. Just don't drive.
Dark Matter (27 days ago)
All these ignorant sheep salty in the comments mad because they don’t have money and power like him
elliot winn (27 days ago)
Fuck the media for portraying him the way they did. Doesn’t matter he’s rich they need to get the judge looked at not demonize people who aren’t a minority. He committed a crime that’s why he should be prosecuted
Tyler Bryce (29 days ago)
As someone who has been fortunate enough to grow up in wealth. Fuck this kid.
Tyrone James (29 days ago)
If only god was real 🤣🤣🤣
Trapaholic Dubstepper (29 days ago)
I love it how they keep mentioning "God" and "Praying" but those people are dead.
yolo (30 days ago)
GOD im so pissed this kid got off on some bs shit sounds about WHITE
Adrian Denila (30 days ago)
Another idiot spoiled rich kid. with a stupid brain!
twotwentyswift (1 month ago)
This is what happens when you have a liberal judge who believes everyone is a victim of society and that their crimes aren't their fault.
Keegan Gidley (1 month ago)
he got away with it because he’s rich, not white.
Kulpy Kulptington (1 month ago)
Imagine linking this to racism is any form
Esteban Gomez (1 month ago)
Fucking rich kids
C5 YT (1 month ago)
Just because he is rich and white smh??
Uh Swav (1 month ago)
Incredible how he got away with it , i cannot believe even his parents would allow him to get away wirh it, disgusting
crookie moon (1 month ago)
I really wish he got 500-900 years in prison
Aaron Pisani (1 month ago)
I would like to drive a semi over his head. Piece of trash killed so many people all because this dumbass decided to drive drunk
John Smif (1 month ago)
God wouldn't do that to me she says...umm we all die lady what are you talking about.as long as he is saved by the blood.under HIS eye.
glen johnson (1 month ago)
should have been put to death. if he would have killed a family member of mine i would have give him death regardless of what the judge gave him. then the good people in America could have been paying my room and board for what little life i have left.
Emmalee Huley (1 month ago)
He only got 2 years in prison bc he was underage my teacher new everything bc one of her students were in the back of the truck he was one of the teens
Emmalee Huley (1 month ago)
Omg my teacher had a student who was in her class who was in the back of the truck and when they crashed she said that her daughter now visits the dude who was in the back and all he can do is now blink omg I thought my teacher was lying guess not
Joshua Davies (1 month ago)
Don’t drink and drive or else you’re gonna get arrested and charged
Michael Redfeet (1 month ago)
If God is real why?? Would he take the poeple you love??
Jennifer Yee (1 month ago)
He should be in jail!!!!
CameronBurrisTV (1 month ago)
how did the people who got hit not see or hear a big red truck going 70 mph tho???
XxCherryT21xX (1 month ago)
Affluenza my ass! Next, you're going to tell me the tooth fairy is real. Pff…..
XxCherryT21xX (1 month ago)
2:01 Interviewer: "What kind of people live here?" Man: "Probably just the good, average, middleclass, hard-working folks" 2:20 Me: "This is average middleclass?????"
Jerrell Warren (1 month ago)
White privilege
Ganji (1 month ago)
If i found out my kid did this. Put him in jail as long as you want
Steve Vannoy (1 month ago)
to this day the judge should be held accountable for letting him off... he ruined these lives
Lil Syrup (1 month ago)
Who believes in god in 2019? Yall niggas ridiculous
DiviNe Cl0udZ (1 month ago)
I actually want to see the pictures uncensored
Pj Helu (1 month ago)
Ugly rat looking bitct
TREVOR SMITH (1 month ago)
It's amazing how they come up with "terms" that didn't exist years ago. And what money can buy...no jail time!! Is this justice??
APECK618 (1 month ago)
But weed is illegal
Eagle (1 month ago)
I wish this motherfucker can fucking die in the most painful way
MillionDollarDream (1 month ago)
white people as a whole do not get treated the same in the eye of the court compared to ppl of color, no one could ever convince me they get treated the same, But I do think that this is not anything to do with race, just the fact of this guy having money and paying off the court. Also not about him being a spoiled brat. Just a rich kid with access to money.
Farah Nasser (1 month ago)
This guy got 10 year probabtion for killing multiple people. Then after a few years a picture surfaced of him drinking again and then he and his mom went on the run. They both got caught. Plus I don’t believe in this affluenza defense. Just because your parents are rich and don’t say no to you doesn’t mean you get to go do whatever you want.
john english (1 month ago)
fuckin hate Whoopi shitberg
Tigerguy 101 (1 month ago)
Underage drinking, driving under the influence and murder of four people and not a single minute of jail time?! No wonder this country is screwed. So he got off with four counts of murder (yes I say murder because this was preventable) and two other felonies while a black guy gets years for walking down the street minding their own business

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